I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I am normally following the rule of second crappest when I’m in the supermarket, I could easily spend twice as much as necessary just because I like how things look. I spent about THREE times as much as I should have done on smoked paprika recently just because I liked this tin:

Fentimans Drinks

It’s easily done isn’t it?

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In association with Crock-Pot

slow cooker crock pot rice pudding recipe

I’ve never owned any sort of slow cooker.

I’m surprised really, as you’d think it would be right up my street – chuck it all in on pot, minimum effort etc. I love all that. But no, it is only now at the ripe old age of 39 that I have popped my slow cooker cherry.

I now own a Crock-Pot. ( A Crock-Pot 4.7L Digital Countdown Slow Cooker to be precise.)

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was certainly something a little more complex than ‘plug it in, switch it on.’ I unpacked it, disposed sensibly of all the packaging, and got out the instruction booklet, ready to get to grips with the functionality.

‘Place the stoneware into the heating base,’ said the instructions, which caught me off guard straightaway as I wasn’t expected the dish to be so sturdy and wholesome. ‘Add your ingredients and cover with the lid. Plug in your Crock-Pot slow cooker.’

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Belle likes to play a game with me called ‘Would You Rather?’

‘Would you rather,’ she asks, ‘have a hand chopped off or a foot?’ She is jolly like that.

‘Which hand?’ I counter, because I’m pedantic.

‘Left,’ she says.

‘I’ll probably lose the hand then,’ I say. ‘But if it was two hands versus two feet then I’d sacrifice the feet.’

We have fun.


Weight Watchers set me a similar challenge recently. Would I rather spend a Friday night in cooking a chicken jambalaya from scratch, or popping a Weight Watchers chilled prepared chicken jambalaya in the oven while I chillaxed with a face mask and spot of Netflix?

(Can you guess which I might choose??)

Here I am talking a little bit about how I got on. This is the cheat’s version, for if you don’t have time to read the rest of the post because you haven’t discovered Weight Watchers meals in the chilled aisle, and you’re slaving away in the kitchen.

(Plus I’m in a face mask for some of it, which surely makes it worth watching if only for comedy value?)
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Peanut butter cookies – post in association with Salter Cook. Looking for a Salter discount code? Then read on!

I really enjoy a spot of baking. I find it relaxing – weighing out the ingredients, following the instructions and, of course, eating the mixture from the bowl with my hands.

(The best bit.)

Normally when I cook though it goes something like this:

  • Get all my ingredients out.
  • Okay, 100g of flour? Excellent.
  • Get to scales. How much flour was it again? Check in recipe.
  • Repeat for every ingredient.
  • Forget something crucial and don’t discover it until the end.
  • Every time I reach a new step, read through the whole recipe again to remember where I was.

It’s a bit of a kerfuffle.

What I really need is a helper. Someone to organise all my recipes for me, get the oven temperature sorted and tell the scales how much of everything I need so that I don’t have to remember. They could cross things off as I go through the recipe and then set a timer for me so I don’t get distracted looking at Instagram and burn my cookies.


The Salter Cook app, pro bluetooth kitchen scale and bluetooth cooking thermometer do ALL OF THOSE THINGS! It’s like they were listening, and designed a range of products just for me.

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Iceland the supermarket, not the country.

I’d say ‘unfortunately’, as I really do want to visit Iceland the country, but to be honest, I am such a massive fan of Christmas food that I was totally happy making my way to London in 30 degree heat last week in the name of brussel sprouts and custard filled Christmas puddings.

Iceland Christmas range


If you’ve ever worked in the MEDIA, (fancy), then you will know that Christmas in July is most definitely a THING. It’s when all the brands launch their Christmassy ranges, giving plenty of time for magazines and influential bloggers, like what I am, to talk about their stuff.

I arrived early, as I tend to, (I can’t bear lateness), and thought I’d be able to find a casual Starbucks near by to gather my thoughts and freshen up a bit after my very sweaty tube journey. As it turned out, the area wasn’t thronging with cafes by any stretch of the imagination, so by the time I arrived in the hallway full of Christmas trees, having wandered the streets for half an hour in a heat wave, I looked like I had been pulling a sleigh myself. 

Still, I styled it out – ‘just a summer glow darling!’ – and went up the stairs into a veritable Christmas food heaven. View Post

Post in association with Fanta.

Well hello there, long time no see!

That’s my fault, as I have been BUYING A HOUSE! My very own house, where I can put up wallpaper and have to be responsible for the boiler. Scary times.

In my mind I imagined that moving into my own house would mainly consist of me skipping happily from room to room, choosing exactly where I wanted to put my plants, but it turns out it’s a bit more complicated and dull than that so far, hence me being a bit quiet.

What better thing to do though when you are super busy than to casually cook three meals from scratch and create a video of it?? I know right? It’s the OBVIOUS thing to do, and I don’t know why more people don’t do it quite frankly, as it’s totally THE way to relax mid-move.

So before you do anything else, you MUST watch the video. I’ll tell you what it’s all about in a minute, but seriously, if you have ever moved house, take a minute to think of me and watch the whole thing as a sign of solidarity. It’s less than eight minutes, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing is it??

Okay, thank you. I will calm down now.

*deep breaths*

As you will have seen when you watched the video, which I KNOW you did, this post is part of a project with Fanta, celebrating the relaunch of Fanta Orange. Fanta has a sexy new spiral bottle shape – an industry first apparently – a new logo, and a new recipe, which means it now has a third less sugar, hence me being challenged to create family recipes with fewer calories.

I have to say too that it actually tastes really good. I like it.  View Post