RECIPE: ‘Whatever’s in the fridge’ healthy mini frittatas

I don’t often do recipe posts just for the lols, but I was thinking about making mini frittatas for my breakfast and I just thought ‘sod it, I’m going to take some pictures as I go and WRITE THIS BABY UP.’

(I have been working at home for quite a long time now and the cracks are starting to show. Yesterday I played YouTube videos of background cafe noise to make it sound like I had friends and last night at a networking event I asked a man what his favourite vegetable is.)

These healthy mini frittatas are DA BOMB. I love them because they are super tasty and easy to make, you can change the recipe every time depending on what you have lying about, and they’re actually really good for you because they’re full of vegetables and eggs and wholesome things like that. (Note: I also put a load of cheese in mine, which you could leave out if you wanted, or use in moderation, or just PILE ON, depending on your mood.) You could even think about including a fantastic protein like tofu for a healthier frittata option. Did you know you can make your own tofu with just three basic ingredients? I didn’t but it looks so simple I may give it a go!

This recipe makes a dozen mini frittatas, and you can either eat them straightaway while they are warm, or pack them in lunchboxes or for picnics or whatnot. I expect they keep, but to be honest they’ve never lasted long enough in my house to test it.

How to make your own healthy mini frittatas

To make your own healthy mini frittatas, you will definitely need eggs. This is the one essential. Oh and a muffin or small cake tray with 12 muffin holes. I use four eggs for my mini frittata recipe.

Then have a look in the fridge or freezer for odds and ends of vegetables to add. Today I used:

  • A handful of frozen peas
  • A handful of frozen sweetcorn
  • One grated carrot
  • Seven baby plum tomatoes, chopped. (This isn’t just me being specific, I only had seven.)

Having something grated like a carrot or a courgette works well to hold the mini frittatas together. Peppers work well too, finely chopped onion maybe? You get the idea.

To make the mini frittata mixture, just beat the eggs in a large bowl, (I use one with a lip for easy pouring into the tray), season generously, and stir in all the prepped vegetables.

mini frittata recipe

Evenly distribute your mixture between the 12 greased muffin holes. Do grease the tray really well as you want your mini frittatas to just pop out effortlessly, like you’re Nigella, in silky pyjamas, just come down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to rustle up a snack.

(Nigella would definitely say ‘muffin holes’ whilst looking right at the camera.)

I find it best to leave the cheese until this stage so that each mini frittata gets a fair share, so now you can either sprinkle on some grated cheese, crumble a bit, or add a blob of cheese in the centre of each. I used a soft goats’ cheese, but blue cheese is yummy too.

mini frittata recipe

To cook, pop your mini frittatas into a preheated medium own. About 180 I guess, although it’s quite hard to tell exactly on my dial. Leave them in until they look like they are just starting to set. Keep in mind that the egg will carry on cooking for a bit once they come out. I left mine in today for 13 minutes, but I don’t normally time it. You can just look and KNOW.

They should look like a bit like this, although this is a couple of minutes after coming out, so in the oven they will probably look a bit puffier:

Then you can either eat them straight away, or leave them to cool. I find it works quite well to leave them in their muffin holes to cool, as then they firm up a bit more and are easier to handle. I doubt it really matters one way or the other.

Then eat them!


This morning I told myself I was only going to eat two, maybe three, and then I just kept accidentally eating another one until there were only five left, s you’ll probably need to keep an open mind at this stage.

Let me know if you make them and what you put in!

Healthy frittata recipe



  1. 13 September, 2018 / 2:41 pm

    These look and sound so tasty. They look perfect for snacking on. I think my girls would love them x

  2. Christine Hutchins
    13 September, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    I love a frittata – I make mine in a large enamel roasting dish. Funny your post appearing today as we had frittata this evening for tea. Mine tonight consisted of: onion, red, yellow and orange pepper, tinned sweetcorn, chopped cooked baby potatoes (left over from a previous meal), bacon, chorizo, and cheese. The mixture was 7 eggs, some semi skimmed milk, a small pot of single cream, salt and ground pepper. It has become a favourite in our house, and we end up eating a good sized portion of it. It’s a great way to use up leftovers!

  3. 14 September, 2018 / 1:45 pm

    Wow, I’ll try and make this for a weekday dinner once I think :D

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