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With so many fashion influencers all over the media, you may be confused about what your personal style should be. You are constantly asking yourself if you should follow the latest fashion trends or just wear something comfortable.

Before going further, let’s take a moment and think about style. What is style, and how does this concept fit in the fashion world?

Analyze Your Style

Simply put, style refers to a person’s specific way of expressing themselves. Your personal style is defined by your clothing, accessories, or hairstyle choices and how they put an outfit together.

Style does not have to follow the latest fashion trends. The way you express yourself in terms of appearance will not change once you find your personal style.

But how can you get the full personalized look that better suits your personality? We will give you some ideas on how you can turn your vision into reality.

Tips on How to Showcase Your Look Based on Your Personality

There aren’t many people who can say that the clothes they buy fit them perfectly. So, a first step in getting your personalized look is to have some of your clothes tailored. A good tailor will make sure your clothes fit your size, and they can also help you personalize your wardrobe. They can add different buttons or sew on a fashionable patch. There are many ways of changing the look of standard wardrobe items.

Personalize Your Clothing

Another great idea is to personalize your clothing by printing meaningful messages or interesting imagery. You can use your creativity and design cool images or patterns and have them printed on your sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, or even socks. Aside from getting a unique look, you can also gift your loved ones custom clothing.

Incorporate Jewelry

Many people like shiny, sparkling jewelry, so incorporating them into their look is only natural. Items like a sophisticated necklace or a simple pendant can say a lot about your personality. Play around with different rings on your fingers or wear the same combo every day. People will notice.

Get Some Awesome Accessories

If you don’t like wearing jewelry, you can still express yourself through other accessories. A funky bag or a personalized hat may put you in the spotlight. Colorful scarves or high-heel shoes are other wardrobe elements that may give you the personalized style you are aiming for. Do not be afraid to show people that you are a Disney fan or a posh girl.

Use Your Favorite Color

You may already have a favorite tint that looks great on you and resonates with your personality. This is your signature color, so you should incorporate it into your style. You can purchase handbags, scarves, and shoes in this color and mix them with your current wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing we should keep in mind when creating a personalized style is to remain true to ourselves. Of course, you can get inspired by your favorite idol’s style and incorporate elements of their look into your appearance. However, it is important to remain original. You don’t want to become a copy.

Lastly, the most important advice is to embrace uniqueness and originality. Make sure you always dress to impress yourself and not the others. Whatever you choose to wear, ensure it makes you happy and reflects your personality.



Do you remember back in January when I wrote about five things I wanted to do after lockdown?

No me neither to be honest, but one of them was apparently to go to the theatre, (which does sound like something I’d say), and I was reminded of it recently when I was invited to make the theatre dream come true with a trip to London to see The Prince of Egypt at the Dominion Theatre.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to see a proper musical, and needless to say I was excited. I was excited more generally too for going to London and doing fun things like having lunch in a restaurant in Covent Garden that I’d seen in a magazine. I wouldn’t want to live in London, but there is something magical about a day out there. I really felt that last weekend. People travel hundreds and thousands of miles to visit London, and here I am able to pop there for the day on the train. I really am very lucky.

It was particularly magical visiting at Christmas and getting to see all of the Christmas lights and soak up some ‘Christmas in the capital’ vibes with a trip to see The Prince of Egypt.

Here I am, posing for a not at all awkward selfie before the start of the show: View Post


Do you ever look around your house and daydream about what you’d change if you could?

I quite often find myself gazing at a wall and imagining the shelves I’d put there, or thinking about how wardrobes could revolutionise Belle’s bedroom. I normally get stuck at the ‘how do I make that happen?’ stage – I have the ideas, but no idea how to make them into the beautifully designed reality that they are in my head.

Luckily there are companies like Instrument around to help you turn your house design dreams into reality. Instrument furniture could be just what you need, so read on…

Instrument furniture

You wouldn’t think it to look at the fabulous wardrobes and bedroom furniture currently offered by Instrument, but the business began life nearly ten years ago in a single garage in east London. Instrument’s founder, Vidas, began by buying and selling second hand dining furniture, but his eye for quality and good design and his passion for great customer service helped him to grow the business into what it is today.

It’s a great story isn’t it? Things have come a long way since the garage, but while the Instrument team has grown, the emphasis on quality and service remains.

So why should you go to Instrument for your wardrobes and other bedroom furniture? One thing that sets Instrument apart is that they have their own team of people who deliver and assemble your wardrobes and other bedroom furniture for you. If you have ever spent a sad Sunday afternoon trying to assemble a flatpack wardrobe then you’ll know that this is a VERY big selling point!

Not only do you save on the stress of assembly, but you also have the reassurance of knowing that everything has been put together properly. Maybe your flatpack skills are top notch and this isn’t a worry for you, but if you’re anything like me then you normally end up with your furniture looking just a little off from the picture…

As well as having a huge range of wardrobes of different sizes, styles and designs, Instrument also has a Feefo ranking of 4.8/5 based on over 1,700 reviews, so you can be assured of great customer service.

Check out Instrument now and explore wardrobe and bedroom furniture options to help you create your dream home.


carpet cleaners

Are you in the process of buying the necessities to clean and maintain your carpet? Well, then there are lots of things that may come to your notice. You will find the latest equipment like carpet cleaners and even some effective solutions or liquids that help keep this surface clean and germ-free. But we suggest you take some time and think before you invest in these materials. Not all the products labelled as carpet cleaners are perfect for your surface. Some of these might be harmful and inappropriate too. So, buy these products only after careful consideration so that you can benefit from them.

What to look for when buying your carpet cleaners? 

Shiny and clean carpets can be the best thing in your house. But imagine if this beauty gets damaged because of some stains or improper cleaning methods? Well, you will feel frustrated. Why not think wisely before investing in cleaning agents so that this unfortunate thing does not happen at all? Want a guide on how to get your hands on the best carpet cleaners? Then keep reading:

Check for the specifications carefully when buying a machine

Nowadays you will find many carpet cleaning machines available at different stores. These ensure deep cleaning of the surface without much hassle and hard work. But before you buy such equipment, ensure to check some crucial specifications. Firstly, it should be suitable for your residential usage. Secondly, it should not be making a lot of noise that might disturb your neighbours or even elders in the house. Thirdly, the size of the machine is also a very vital thing to consider before buying it. If you don’t have enough space to store it, what will you do with such a large cleaning machine? Fourthly, you should purchase a carpet cleaning machine only if you have a lot of people in your house or the surface gets dirty very frequently. If not, then this is just an excess item in the place that might not be that useful to you.

For carpet cleaning agents – check the ingredients intently

You might be tempted to try all these carpet cleaning liquids and agents that guarantee a shining carpet with just one swipe. It is easy to understand that it is not exactly the truth. You have to chip in some efforts along with these carpet cleaning agents to get the best results out of them. But yes, when you buy them, ensure to check their quality. The brand which manufactures them, and so on. Even looking at the ingredients of these cleaners is a necessary thing to consider. You must not buy a carpet cleaning liquid that has harmful chemicals or acid in it. It not just harms your carpet but even affects your skin. You can even check Steamaster for the best carpet cleaning products. They have specialised carpet cleaning solutions that ensure maximum cleanliness and sparkling results with no harmful chemicals. 

The price range of the cleaners

Some of you only buy carpet cleaning solutions that are expensive. It is certainly not necessary. If they cost more, it does not always mean they will be the best. There are many carpet cleaning solutions and equipment which are very effective and fall within your budget as well. You just need to find such good cleaners and use them according to the information provided. 

The materials you use for carpet cleaning

If you don’t use advanced machineries like vacuum cleaners and steam carpet cleaners, then you might be using other manual stuff. This includes a duster and a wiper. Whatever materials you buy to clean your carpet, ensure that these do not have sharp edges and are designed specifically for carpet cleaning.

Most of us do not give much attention to carpet cleaning and use any material or cleaning agents that we get our hands on to deal with it. But remember, if you are following the above guidelines and use specifically carpet cleaning agents and machinery, then the result will be outstanding. Not only will your carpet look shiny at present, but it will stay intact for a long time in future.


I’ve been doing a lot of Christmas shopping this week, and by Christmas shopping I mean ‘looking at websites I like and buying myself treats with a few token gifts thrown in.’ To be honest I didn’t even bother throwing in the token gifts when I was shopping at Bookblock, I literally just bought myself six cocktail miniatures.

I was so taken with the Bookblock website, which sells all manner of delightful food and drink bits and gifts and really would be perfect for genuine Christmas shopping, that I got in touch and asked them if they’d like to do a little Instagram giveaway with me.

‘Sure!’ they said. ‘Let’s give away one of these Christmas cocktail sets!’

Christmas cocktail set

Fantastic. I got the competition up on Instagram. Here’s what I wrote… View Post


Stress can be considered an inevitable part of modern life. Whether it’s caused by work, school or relationships, stress is there to challenge us and help us grow stronger. Yet when stress becomes too much for our body to handle, it might cause health problems like high blood pressure or depression. That’s why it’s important to know how to control stress so that you can live a healthy life no matter what kind of pressure you face. It might not always be easy, but learning good coping strategies will certainly give you more chances than just waiting for the storm to pass away on its own. Here are 10 ways that may help you relax your mind and body:

  1. Listen To Music

Conducting a survey, it was found that about 80% of people turn to music for stress relief. Although there are many ways to use music in reducing your stress level, simply listening to music can do wonders when you feel too overwhelmed by work or personal problems. Choose the type of music that relaxes you most and make it part of your daily life. Listen while taking a shower in the morning or during your commute at the train station; whatever works best for you is fine.

  1. Go for Foot Massage

Foot massage is another excellent stress-relieving activity that can be done both at home or during a spa visit. It will relax your whole body and provide instant relief from stress. If you don’t like the idea of getting a professional foot massage, try doing it on your own feet with some help from family members or friends. Search “foot massage near me” in your preferred search engine to find local foot massage facilities.

  1. Exercise

Exercise does more than just keep our bodies fit. It also helps us deal with stress better because regular physical activity increases the production of endorphins (feel-good hormones). Not only will exercise increase productivity at work and mood levels in general, but it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Running exercise jog

  1. Practice Meditation

Meditation is a great stress management technique that everyone should learn. It will not only help you relax physically, but it will also enhance your emotional stability because meditation teaches you how to detach yourself from stressful thoughts. It’s very simple to practice this technique: find a quiet and comfortable spot where you can sit without being disturbed. Don’t let people talk to you; just sit and relax while breathing in and out very slowly.

  1. Professional Help

If you think your stress levels are too high even after trying stress management methods for a while, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. There are many types of professionals out there who will help you deal with stress better, so don’t feel embarrassed about reaching out to them – they are not mind readers! For example, if you have problems coping with work stress, you should talk to a career counsellor.

  1. Take a Break

People tend to think they can multitask and juggle several things simultaneously, but the truth is we aren’t as good as we believe we are. We can’t give our 100% attention to several tasks at once, and by trying to do so, there’s no way but down. So next time you feel overwhelmed with work or school, take a break – go for lunch outside your office, go home earlier than usual or switch off your computer for an hour before continuing your work. You’ll be surprised how much this slight change in routine will make it easier for you to concentrate on whatever remains of your day!

  1. Sleep Better

If you’re getting less than 7 hours of sleep every night, you are becoming part of the 75% of people whose lack of sleep affects their work. This can happen even without you noticing, making it very dangerous since most stress is caused by problems at work or school. So if possible, make an effort to spend more time sleeping (at least 8 hours) and notice how your mood improves.

How to sleep well in winter

  1. Eat Right

Everything you eat has a direct impact on your mental health. That’s why it is crucial to cut down on sugar and caffeine intake, which make you more irritable, and try to consume more omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. fish) and B vitamins (e.g. beans). These nutrients don’t only improve our mood but also help the proper functioning of brain chemicals that control stress levels.

  1. Talk to Friends and Family

Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with stress and what we need is someone who can listen and be supportive. So if you feel like you’re on the verge of a breakdown, it’s necessary to talk to someone about what you feel and let them know that there isn’t anything they can do to solve your problems. Make sure you choose the right person, though!

  1. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Yes, we know it might be easier said than done but avoiding drugs like tobacco and nicotine and alcohol is one of the best things you can do to control stress levels. Alcohol will make you feel like you’re relaxing when in fact, it is quite the opposite, and drugs are just another thing that messes with your mind and your brain, which you definitely don’t need if you want to solve stress-related problems.

As you can see, there are many effective ways to deal with stress if you use some common sense. Make sure you try some of these methods so you can reduce stress and enjoy a happier, healthier life.


Whether you are already running a small business or you are planning on jumping on the entrepreneurial bandwagon, one thing is for certain in this day and age – it needs to adopt a green model. It is not enough to have a great idea if that idea is not sustainable and it is not showing its support towards the already-existing green movements. Consumers are tired of businesses that damage the planet and they want to see innovative, eco-friendly start-ups that are interested in making things differently.

Sustainable business ideas

Eco-friendly Business Ideas

An eco-friendly business is one that demonstrates its commitment to the environment and the planet as a whole. Thankfully, there are plenty of sustainable business ideas across a variety of industries that can spark your interest. From selling local produce and creating green beauty products to getting involved in the solar panel or composting industries, your options are endless. So why not start working on your profitable future green business right now?

Most people who want to become entrepreneurs already know which area to focus on, but if you don’t, then there are plenty of areas that haven’t been explored to their full potential yet. One such area is upcycling. People consume products constantly and they are always on the hunt for new items. This is great news for businesses, but not such great news for the environment. This is where upcycling comes in handy because it takes care of unwanted items and gives them a purpose again.

However, it is not just this type of business that is successful. Let’s take a look at a very lucrative industry, with few overheads and that can scale quickly if done properly. The online sports betting industry has grown considerably in recent years, with many entrepreneurs shooting their shots in that direction. Because it is an online business, it saves a lot of energy and money, while giving you plenty of options to explore. You could tackle the eSports section or the growth of VR in sports. There are many ways to integrate relatively new areas in order to make your business more profitable and to ensure it sticks to your initial green guidelines.

green business ideas

Eco branding

Now, let’s move on to how you can grow that business in a sustainable manner. Eco Branding is a marketing approach that helps both business owners and consumers achieve their personal sustainable goals. Besides promoting your business, you should also inform your potential customers of the steps you are taking to ensure your practices are eco-friendly.

For example, you might choose to show your business’s focus on sustainability visually and make it part of your brand’s identity. You can do so through advertising, the logo, or the packaging you use. By doing this, businesses encourage their customers to follow the same ideas and to buy more sustainable goods and services. Moreover, eco-branding can be observed in a company’s partnerships and suppliers. Once you have decided to follow this path, you should start getting your business known through events and movements.

Green small businesses have never been more in demand, with businesses everywhere working towards achieving their sustainability goals. It is a major challenge to be part of this world, but it is also extremely satisfying, especially now when consumer behaviours are changing. There is a growing market for green products and services, so now is the perfect time to pursue your ideas.


In partnership with ATS Euromaster. All research and findings are my own.

Regular readers will know that car maintenance isn’t exactly one of my strong points. Remember when that warning light came on on my dashboard and I just put the satsuma in front of it until one day I tried to turn a corner and the steering wheel wouldn’t move?

*looks awkward*

Having a basic understanding of your car though, things like winter tyres and car safety in general, could save your life, so it’s important to feel confident when it comes to the basics. Winter especially is a dangerous time to be on the roads – road traffic accidents increase by 20% during the winter, and many of these accidents could be prevented by safe winter driving.

Winter is also apparently an excellent time of the year for me to be especially stupid about my car. It was a winter a few years ago when I decided that it would be an excellent idea to scrape the ice off my windscreen with the base of a tin of paint I happened to be collecting from the car boot.

I know, I’m an idiot, but it was so handy. It worked really well too, and it wasn’t until the next time it rained and suddenly the windscreen was a cobweb of tiny scratches that I started to realise the mistake I’d made.

Give me a break… I can write novels, make my own Jaffa cakes and pose naked in front of strangers, just not cars… nobody’s perfect right??

*changes subject quickly*

I was interested then to test our collective winter driving knowledge with the ATS Euromaster winter driving myth challenge. I shared 10 top driving myths on Instagram to see exactly how smart we all our when it comes to winter driving – over 250 people took part and let’s just say a C+ overall, room for improvement. I’ve shared the results below.

If you’re as old as me you will remember ATS very clear from their ‘SOS? ATS!’ TV ad, which I just found on YouTube and discovered is now thirty years old. Good grief. Whoever came up with it though was a genius because it’s stayed in my head this whole time.

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How to Get a Personal Loan in Australia if You're Unemployed

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the financial strain on thousands of families and individuals in Australia who lost their jobs and are still trying to get back up on their feet. With dry income streams and piling debt due to car repairs, college tuition, medical bills, and business overheads, the financial and emotional distress can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a solution that can bail you out, at least temporarily, subject to approval – an unemployment loan

We know what you’re thinking – why add more fuel to the fire? Getting a personal loan may not be the go-to choice for many people. However, it could be your only shot at avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure, or eviction and living to fight another day by taking care of mandatory expenses you can’t avoid even when you’re out of a job. 

However, just like another financial product or service, personal loans come with their sets of considerations to meet the eligibility requirement. However, the key to approval remains the same for every loan type – Persuade the lender that you can make the monthly payments regularly.

So, whether you’re unemployed by choice or unexpectedly, we’ll share how to get an unemployment loan in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements for Unemployment Loans

The following are the two most important factors lenders consider when evaluating unemployment loan applications apart from your credentials, previous job termination or experience letter, 90-day bank statement, and visa status (optional):

  • Strong Credit History

The first thing most lenders in Australia will check is your credit history and the pattern of your payments, especially late and missed ones. If they’re little or none, this is an indicator that you manage your debt responsibly. Many also check for negative events, such as foreclosures or bankruptcies. 

  • Credit Score

Most banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions typically set minimum credit score requirements for different types of loans. While you don’t need an excellent score to get approved, many lenders reserve their best loan offers (ones with lower fees and interest rates) for borrowers with exceptional scores. 

  • Income Streams

Even if you don’t have a job, the lenders need to know how you’ll be able to make your loan payments every month. The good news is that you can pay from other reliable income sources, such as Centrelink payments by the Australian government, as long as they’re sufficient to cover monthly expenses and the payments. Some income sources include:

  • Child care subsidy
  • Pension funds
  • Disability income
  • Family tax benefit
  • Parental leave pay
  • Single income family supplement
  • Dad and partner pay
  • Rental income
  • Public assistance
  • Spouse income, etc.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Personal Loan While Unemployed

Even if you’re employed with additional income streams, you should consider your ability to repay any loan as agreed. Missing just one payment can damage your credit report, so you can imagine the consequences of defaulting. Only consider an unemployment loan if you need to cover your expenses, and make sure that the amount doesn’t exceed what you need for necessities. If you quit your job to start a business, many lenders could either lower the loan amounts or expect full repayment in a shorter period on top of higher interest rates. 

Types of Loans Offered to Unemployed Applicants

Personal loans for unemployment are typically cheaper than other loans since most applicants don’t require huge amounts unless they’re running a business. Here are the three loan categories you can apply for:

  • Small Loans

These are loans under $2,000 with a repayment term of one year. They’re mostly unsecured, meaning you don’t need to put anything up as collateral.

  • Medium Loans

These are loans with amounts falling between $2,000 to $5,000 with a one-year tenure. They’re usually the go-to options for people who are looking for jobs and need to cover expenses for two to three months. 

  • Large Loans

These are loans with amounts above $5,000 that are typically paid back within two years. They’re usually taken by applicants starting or running a small business to maintain their cash flow. 

How to Apply for an Unemployment Loan in Australia

There are several ways for getting finance when you are unemployed in Australia. The most straightforward is to head to your bank or credit union to ask for a loan. However, most traditional financial institutions don’t work with high-risk applicants, especially if you’re unemployed with a bad credit history. However, there are several online services down under that can get you the amount you need. All you have to do is browse around for credible lenders in your area and fill out an online application form.

In most cases, you’ll have to select the amount you need and the repayment time and provide documents, such as proof of identity, bank statement, and contact information. Once your application is processed and approved, you will get confirmation from the company along with your contract and repayment terms. They will then ask for your bank details for the transfer to complete the loan process.

Final Thoughts

Personal loans for unemployed Australians can be a valuable tool to help them sail the financial storm and get everything together. They’re more difficult to secure but not impossible as long as you can prove that you’ll be able to pay back. So, whether you’re looking to pay for car insurance, medical bills, groceries, or home repairs while looking for a job or starting a business, make sure you analyze your circumstances to ensure whether getting an unemployment loan is the best decision for you. 


Adding wallpaper isn’t the only way to transform a space; there are plenty more possibilities. Wallpaper murals are becoming more popular among homeowners who wish to create an eye-catching feature wall. They may be utilised in both children’s and adults’ bathrooms and bedrooms because of the wide selection of designs available.

Murals are wonderful for the short term, but for a more long-term solution, wallpaper may be the best option for freshening up a space. Stick & peel kid’s room wallpaper mural is a wonderful choice if you need to beautify your home rapidly. Wallpaper is a simple and effective approach to creating a timeless design that will continue to look great for years to come.

Wallpaper mural

The significance of choosing the right wallpaper for a child’s room

Instead of painting or installing murals in transitional regions, it is preferable to utilise removable wallpaper. A child’s playroom may be transformed into a den, a home office, or even an additional bedroom in a matter of minutes. Saving time, money, and frustration by allowing oneself to swiftly add or delete a style that can be quickly updated or deleted is a huge time saver. The significance of a child’s room has expanded dramatically in recent years. Children at this age are more likely to spend more time alone in their rooms, both to play and to digest the events of the day that have occurred.

In terms of kid’s room wallpaper murals, they each have their preferences for the colours and patterns that they wish to include in their space. Boys and girls begin to develop different fashion preferences at this age, as opposed to those they had when they were younger. Among young girls are particularly popular princesses and animals such as cats, dogs, and horses. Young girls are especially fascinated by magical creatures such as unicorns, as well as fairy tale settings complete with castles. Safaris featuring zoo animals and pirate islands are also on the list of must-see attractions. It is normal for boys to show an interest in vehicles such as cars and aeroplanes, for example. In their leisure time, people like watching wild animal exhibitions, among other things.

Wallpaper mural is the easiest and quickest means of giving a space a new look in a hurry. There is no better or handier way to do it. Furthermore, with so many various patterns and colours to pick from, huge Collection inspired wallpaper has a style that will appeal to both parents and children. It comprises wallpaper designs that are both inspired by and meant for children of different ages.

Wallpaper mural

For children’s bedrooms, there are many options. Kids will thrive in an environment that is appropriate to their particular interests. Sports-themed toys for the sporty tots, lions, tigers, hammerhead sharks, and camels for the animal-loving younger kids, and an abundance of flowers and pastels for the young ones who aspire to live in a dream world. They are a huge collection of kid’s room wallpaper murals according to the preference of your kids. This will enable kids to improve their imagination and have a better peace and loving environment.

Here are a few suggestions for your kid’s bedroom and playroom. These wallpaper suggestions will give you the idea of how to select the wallpaper according to your kid’s preferences. When children are young, they have a very clear idea of how they want their room to look. This is especially true for boys. When selecting patterns and colours for their children’s bedroom wallpaper, parents should take into consideration factors such as the size and layout of the space, as well as the planned use(s) of the room. Such concepts are incomprehensible to a young child. Children’s bedrooms serve as a place to sleep as well as a place to play at this time, and this should be taken into mind when picking the most appropriate wall treatment.

  • Moon and star purple-themed wallpaper mural

That is a stunning kid’s room wallpaper mural of a beautiful tiger lying on the moon is an incredible purple starry night. They are suitable for use in children’s bedrooms and nurseries since they are soft and dreamy in their tones. This wallpaper should be placed on the wall next to your children’s bed so that you and your children may benefit from its relaxing impact.

Wallpaper mural

  • Cute animal band wallpaper mural

With this wallpaper mural, you may transform your home into a concert performance space. Beautiful and imaginative artwork portraying cuddly cute animals playing band in the deep space, this piece is comforting and would look well in a kid’s room or playroom. Amazing artwork with a spontaneous vibe, as well as a creative wall decoration that’s perfect for children and teenagers.

Wallpaper mural

  • Giant cartoon sleeping cat wallpaper mural

Please have a look at this adorable little cartoon cat sleeping. Bright and cheerful colours make it ideal for a child’s room or play area. To add a dash of colour and fun to their bedroom, hang this charming cat wallpaper on the wall next to their bed! This wallpaper is ideal for a kid’s bedroom as this wallpaper gives a comforting feel to anyone in the room.

Wallpaper mural

  • Funny and cute smiling sloth wallpaper mural

You may be sure that your children will like this sloth wallpaper art! This lovely cute cartoon smiling sloth print mural has a pink colour background and is excellent for all children’s rooms and infant nurseries, but is especially suitable for girls’ rooms. By hanging this sloth wall painting, you may provide joy and happiness to yourself and your children.

Wallpaper mural

  • Sleepy koala swan bed wallpaper mural

This kid’s room wallpaper mural, which features a lovely koala relaxing on the lake on its swan bed, is difficult to believe is the same as the previous one. They are suitable for use in children’s rooms and nurseries since the colours are soft, dreamy and soothing. Place this wallpaper on the wall next to your children’s bed to benefit from the comfortable atmosphere it generates for both of you and your children.

Wallpaper mural

  • Dog corgi wallpaper mural

If you’re searching for a unique way to decorate your house, this charming dog wallpaper mural will be a hit with both you and your children. This design, which has a light yellow background and an adorable corgi and bone pattern, will look excellent in any bedroom or children’s nursery or playroom area setting. By hanging this dog wallpaper mural on your wall, you and your children will be able to take pleasure in the pleasure and satisfaction that it provides.

Wallpaper mural

Wallpaper murals may reflect a child’s personality and interests

Decorating a child’s room with items that the child enjoys is a wonderful way to make her feel special and unique. Whatever your child’s hobbies are, whether they are robots or butterflies, there is a wallpaper for them. I highly suggest you include your child as much as possible in the decision-making process throughout the selection phase. Choosing a kid’s room wallpaper mural that reflects a person’s interests and passions might result in a strong point of view.

When it comes to wallpaper, there is no shortage of options to choose from. Shapes such as triangles and stars are excellent starting points for determining which shapes are preferred by your youngster. Using a large-scale repetition of a single shape, like this star wallpaper, may make a powerful statement while also providing opportunities for colour accents throughout the space. If your child isn’t interested in sticking to one colour or shape, don’t be afraid to alter things up. You may experiment with a broad range of shapes and colour palettes in new and interesting ways.

Wallpaper mural

It makes no difference if the wallpaper portrays a lovely forest or a starry night sky; it has the potential to transport you to another time and place. The recreation of favourite imaginary or nonfictional sites is an excellent approach to express your children’s personalities to others. Depending on your level of creativity, a kid’s room wallpaper mural may serve as a durable backdrop for everything from furniture to accessories and toys.

To make your wallpaper unique, use a large-scale design or a mural that includes life-size figures and objects. When preparing your budget for a significant pattern repetition, you should keep this in mind since replicating the design at every seam results in more waste. Take accurate measurements of your wall space to ensure that you have adequate room for a mural before you begin. Before making an order for a kid’s room wallpaper mural, it’s a good idea to double-check your measurements with your wallpaper hanger.

Guidance to keep in mind about cleaning wallpaper in kid’s rooms

Because of normal “wear and tear” and regular usage, children’s rooms are more susceptible to damage and spills than any other room in the home, including the rest of the house. It is crucial to consider the age of the child when determining whether or not to use washable wallpaper on the walls of the home.

Wallpaper mural

For children’s rooms, wash-resistant and scrub-resistant wallpapers are an ideal alternative to paint since little fingers smeared with baby food may want to study the hilarious figures on the walls or the bottle may end up on the wall instead of in the child’s mouth. Peel-and-stick wallpaper panels are simple to install since they don’t need any additional adhesive to adhere to the wall. Carefully peel back from a corner to easily remove panels from a wall or ceiling. There is absolutely nothing to clean up. No-fuss.

Repairing the harm in removable wallpaper designs will not cause any damage to the walls of your nursery, child’s room, or playroom when they are installed or removed from the walls. Removable wallpaper may be cleaned with a microfiber cloth immersed in water, according to the manufacturer instructions. It’s a place where everyone can feel secure. It is vital to maintain in your home, and in particular, your children’s bedroom, as clutter-free as possible. The non-toxic latex ink used in all removable wallpaper designs has no odour since it is non-toxic latex ink.

Creating the Perfect Theme for a Child’s Room

Creating a child’s room that was both youthful and fun, yet also sophisticated enough to develop gracefully with its tenant, was the goal assigned to the designers of these seven rooms. These children’s rooms are made to endure, thanks to the use of family heirlooms, creative storage solutions, and high-quality furniture.

Bright, eye-catching colours are simple to include in a child’s room since they elicit a feeling of playfulness. While a darker colour palette may seem more elegant and stylish in a dining room or powder room, however sometimes your child will not feel happy about it. To guarantee that you are selecting colours that will appeal to children, ask them what colours they like.

Wallpaper mural

Since it is so customizable, abstract wallpaper is a fantastic choice for a child’s room. The majority of the time, these wallpaper patterns seem to have been painted on a canvas by blending simple colour combinations. The abstract nature of a kid’s room wallpaper mural design may be used with other types of wallpaper, such as floral or brick. Abstract wallpaper has a particular look that distinguishes it from other forms of wall coverings.

The abstract arrangement of this pattern is the most attractive aspect of it since it is unique and interesting. The use of a gradient to showcase the colours in the design adds interest to the overall composition. Because the wallpaper has a lighter background colour, it may be utilised in a variety of settings. The lighter background colour brings emphasis to the wallpaper’s delicate but elegant pattern.

The process of bringing a galaxy far, far away into your home has never been easier thanks to this space wallpaper for kids, which is a terrific choice for Star Wars fans! To complete the aesthetic of your space-themed décor, this wallpaper is an absolute need. It is recommended that you use this wallpaper mural in a room with lots of natural light to avoid the place seeming gloomy and closed off. Bedrooms, playrooms, and media rooms, among other places, may benefit from the usage of this wallpaper mural, which acts as a focus point.


How to choose the right prom dress

Girls and proms go together like tea and crumpets, chocolate and raspberries, or cookies and milk! Prom is a rite of passage that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Whether it’s prom night, your prom after-party, prom formal, your prom fashion, or any other prom event you attend, there are rules regarding what to wear to a prom, so one must be aware of these primordial laws of fashion before attending his prom.

A prom is a formal event that most high school students or even college students look forward to because this is the time when they get to show off their prom dresses. With so many prom dress styles available today, it could be challenging for women to choose one prom dress from the vast array of choices. There are also different prom dress color options, but what’s best would depend on the skin tone and hair color.

A prom is a special event, so ladies might be looking for prom dresses that are unique and different from what they have worn in the past. There are always short prom dresses, long prom dresses, mermaid prom dresses, prom gowns, formal wear, and more to choose from. You can choose something classic or trendy depending on your style. Sure, you might have gone to prom before, but this time around, you want to stand out with something fashionable! We have some perfect prom dress suggestions just for you!

Choose Prom Dresses That Are Perfect For You

This prom season, prom dress styles would continue to evolve, and there might be a lot of prom dresses that look similar since the prom season is considered one of the most significant fashion events for women. It could be challenging to choose a prom dress because so many styles are available, including mermaid prom dresses, long prom dresses, short prom dresses, plus size prom dresses, burgundy prom dresses, and two-piece prom dresses. Women should find out which style looks best on their body type before going prom dress shopping.

In selecting a prom dress color, it’s best to ask which color complements her skin tone and hair color. Women should avoid wearing prom dresses in bright colors since it would only make them appear shorter than they are, which could be unflattering. There are prom dresses available in different shades of red, while other prom dresses could come in blue, green, and pink, among other colors. Women need to know what prom dress color looks best on their skin tone before buying a prom dress.

Choose a Prom Dress Color That Matches Your Personality

You can find many prom dresses in different colors and styles, but before you think about prom, find out the color that matches your personality type. If you’re a traditional person, then you should go for classic prom dresses with timeless appeal. If you want to feel like a princess, then choose an elegant prom dress in any color as long as it’s beautiful and fits your personality well.

If you’re feeling rebellious, then prom is the perfect opportunity to wear an edgy or funky prom dress that stands out from the crowd. One should also consider prom dress color options because prom dresses come in different prom dress colors. Prom dresses are available in blue prom dress colors, red prom dress colors, and pink prom dress colors.

Charts for Dresses in Various Colors

If a woman has fair skin, she should avoid wearing prom dresses in bright, bold prom dress colors like royal blue and emerald green since it would wash her out and make her look paler than she is. Women with this skin tone should focus on prom dresses with lighter shades like light pink or lemon yellow as they complement fair skin the most. Prom dresses in orange could also work for women with white or ivory-colored skin because these two shades compliment each other very well. For dark chocolate-colored skinned women, prom dresses in chocolate brown, burgundy, blueberry prom dress colors, and emerald green would look great.

Picking Prom Dresses for Teens: The Problem Addressed

Choosing prom dress dresses for teenagers could be difficult because there are various prom dress styles available today. If a teenager is attending prom this prom season, she should ask the person who’s accompanying her if he will wear tuxedo pants with his suit jacket to match her prom dress color to his prom suit color. For instance, if he’s wearing navy blue pants with an ivory-colored shirt under his suit jacket, then prom dress colors like red or pink prom dresses would complement his prom suit colors well. There are also lovely silver metallic shades that go well with darker suit shades. Prom dresses have evolved from formal frocks to an essential part of one’s prom fashion sense in prom season. Women must know which prom dress color complements their skin tone and hair color before going prom dress shopping so they would find it easier choosing a prom dress this prom season.


Prom dresses come in various styles and colors, so it can be challenging to decide on the perfect dress for prom night. As prom approaches, many girls will find that they want something special and unique for their big event; we hope this article helps with your decision! If you need any help deciding or like more information about our prom dresses, don’t hesitate to have a look at Ombreprom which is a high quality and budget friendly brand.

Since Prom season is fast approaching, many girls will find themselves needing to purchase new formal attire for their big night. If you are looking for something sweet & sophisticated, perhaps one of our formal cocktail dresses would do the trick? No matter what prom night brings, you should always feel confident; prom is supposed to be fun, after all! So go ahead, search around and find something that expresses your unique personality.



A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox and the next day I quit the job I’ve been doing for three days a week for the last year.

It wasn’t my boss saying something horrendous, she’s perfectly lovely, it was an email newsletter from writer Oliver Burkeman. In it he quoted the late American psychotherapist Sheldon Kopp:

‘You are free to do whatever you want. You need only face the consequences.’

I read and reread that quote several times, letting it sink in.

At first I felt a bit defensive about it to be honest, like I wanted to say ‘yeah that’s all very well, but I can’t possibly do x, y and z.’ It’s a symptom of the modern world that we’re fed a myth of being able to ‘have it all’. As women especially, we’re presented with this ludicrous idea that we can, and by implication we should, have a successful and fulfilling career AND be a fully present parent AND have some kind of side hustle making our own hand poured soy candles.

Being ‘free’ to do whatever you want can feel like a pressure to do everything at once and when you choose not to, or aren’t able to, it can feel like a failure.

That’s not what Kopp is saying though. He’s not saying you can do whatever you like and therefore you must, he’s just saying go for it if you like, just decide if it’s worth the consequences.

Alongside the myth of having it all of course goes the guilt, and it’s when the consequence of our actions is guilt that we so often feel crippled. How can we be ‘good’ people if we don’t put others first?

‘Oh of course my dream is a travel the world in a campervan, taking photographs of the local wildlife,’ says the mum of teenagers, ‘but I can’t possibly do that because the kids need me to support them through university.’

She could though.

(I said that in a excited but whispery voice, can you tell?)

The consequences might be many, but she could. It’s kind of crazy and wildly exciting when you actually start to think about all the things you could do or say or be if you were prepared to accept the consequences.

I’d been holding back on quitting my job specifically because I was afraid of the consequences. I felt a sense of obligation, (that guilt again), I was worried about my boss’s reaction, I didn’t want to feel like I had let anyone down – it was a lot of feelings that really say more about me and my overgrown sense of responsibility than about anything else.

After reading Oliver Burkeman’s email though, it suddenly felt so much clearer. It became a simple equation, (I like equations) – was the sum of the benefits worth more to me than the potential short term awkwardness? Of course it was. I handed in my notice.

The next time you find yourself wrangling internally over a decision that doesn’t immediately sit comfortably with you, or that causes pangs of guilt, just consider the consequences and ask yourself ‘is it worth it?’

If the answer is yes then to hell with the rest.


freedom of choice


Photo by Nathan McBride on Unsplash

Also I totally stole the subject line. Sorry Oliver Burkeman. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that.