I notice it most starkly when I go to London. There are people everywhere, rushing from one place to the next, and it’s like a sea of black and grey. Occasionally you walk past a woman in a pink coat and you think ‘yessss Queen slay!’

(I think that in my head in Bee’s voice.)

It’s so bloody miserable isn’t it? All these DRAB clothes, making everyone look DRAB. Come on guys! Spice things up a little bit!

red dress

I guess people are nervous about wearing colour. It’s not something that I’ve ever been worried about, but then in my family I am notoriously badly dressed. Having said that, there are definitely ways to wear colour without having to be too conspicuous.

To make the point, Joe Brown’s sent me some bits from their new spring/summer range, all on a red theme. Using these pieces, I came up with four ways to wear red and feel SUPER sassy: View Post

It is not all about the money but it is always good to have it. The more money person acquires, the more it is likable to chase it further. The cash won’t bring any happiness in life but it is sure to bring excitement and pleasure, which is almost the same.

In this article, the discussion is based on ways which you can follow to boost up your financial capability fast and easy. The problem with the money is so common and it has spread all over the world. Since the economy crisis wages on, it is required to be well informed and educated in order to keep your balance in check.

The hardest part in boosting financial capability is that the person’s behavior and lifestyle are also playing a huge role in it. If the person is irresponsible and spends the cash on things not meant for its financial status, it is most likely that the same one is going to bankrupt. There is a sentence which says “You cannot fill your real bank with money if your emotion bank is empty”. The meaning of this is that the emotions go first. Before stepping on a quest for riches make sure to adapt the daily life according to it. Don’t waste time on useless things and people, stay focused and grind hard.

3 Ways to Boost Finances

1. The good way to boost up the pockets with some extra money is to start an online part-time job as a freelancer. There are many pros of becoming one. The good thing is that there are great numbers of jobs to apply for. The person needs to be qualified for the applied job. The number one reason why this system of working is great is that it takes 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis. The person can adjust its schedule easy and fit the part-time job somewhere in between.

For this method it is required to have a bank account and use paypal services. Since the job is done on the internet, every time the job is finished and sent to the manager, the manager is going to put the cash on the given account which can be withdrawn later.

A perfect example for this method is a scholarship given out by the slot provider Slotozilla. The requirement for gaining the scholarship was to send the best marketing solutions. The one who comes up with the best idea wins 5 000$! All it takes is a little bit of marketing knowledge and a great dose of creativity.

In order of working on the internet, the applied person needs to know the English language. If the person meets this term, the next following step is easy. Since there are many jobs, it is just impossible not to find the fitting one.

2. Another creative way to make some extra cash to boost your finances is to take a part-time job but this time in reality. Everyone has heard of the Uber company that provides vehicles for taxi drives. Any person that possesses a registered car is able to apply for the taxi driver job. After the application, the Uber company registers your vehicle. The good thing about this is that the person makes its own working schedule. The more drives one makes, the more money is being earned.

If the Uber company operates in your current staying location and you need make some money on the side, this is a perfect way to do it. Reorganize the schedule and fit in this easy part job that sure makes some nice money.

3. Although there are many jobs on which you can apply both on internet and reality, the best way to boost your financial capability is the good money management. There are many options available when it comes to the management. By applying even couple of them this can save great amounts of cash. The good way to educate yourself on this topic is to search for the money management methods on the internet as there are many great sources such as blogs that can help.

  • The first step that has to be taken is to make a budget and stick to it. Keep a note on every bought item and other money-spending activities. You are going to be amazed on which category most of the budget falls off. Fix this and just watch the finances rise at the slow pace.
  • Make your expenses according to the incomes. Be aware of what you are buying and keep an eye on the prizes. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive thing.
  • Commit to money saving. The good way to relatively boost the finance capability is to save some earned money on the side. It is always good to have a private piggy bank. It is recommended to spend this money only in emergency cases.

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Did you ever do that thing when you were a teenager where you’d just stare at your face in the mirror, really close up, for ages and ages?

It’s the kind of thing you have time for when you’re 15. It’s all measuring at that age isn’t it? How many friends do you have? How wide apart are your eyes? What’s the circumference of your calves?

(I had a disagreement with Belle the other night, who is 15 now, the same height as me, and about four stone lighter. She was insistent that she her thighs were just as chubby as mine. Even when I made her measure them and could show her that mine were EIGHT INCHES rounder than hers, she still seemed fairly cynical.)

At 39 I spend a lot less time staring at my face.

This is what it looks like:

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

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Post in association with NatWest

A couple of weeks ago I found myself sat alone at the bar of a members’ only club in London, sipping prosecco and feeling that heady mix of nervous and excited as I messaged my family WhatsApp group.

‘What are you doing in London?’ asked my sister Annabel.

‘I’m going to a speed dating session being run by NatWest to show how easily you can be emotionally vulnerable to online scams,’ I told her. ‘I was MADE for this.’

‘Do the other daters know,’ asked Annabel, ‘or is the assignment to go in and try and scam them?’

‘I think they have to scam ME,’ I said, ‘but I know there’s going to be ‘a twist’. A behavioural psychologist is going to be there. Maybe they just watch and laugh at how gullible I am??’

‘You’re going to get so scammed,’ she said.

‘I’m going to get scammed RIGHT UP,’ I agreed. ‘Hopefully someone will step in before I hand over any cash.’

tips to avoid being scammed

Because I wasn’t joking when I said I was made for this experiment. View Post

I had a day last week where I looked at the step counter on my phone and it said ‘789’.



789 steps. What’s the matter with me??

(Can I just say, in my defence, that I don’t have anything on my wrist, so it does only count steps I do whilst I have my phone on me and not things like walking into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, but still.)


I was about to say it because it’s winter – the cold etc – but then I checked myself, because it’s not really that at all, I’m just a lazy bones. I don’t play any sports, I do not RUN, (*shudders*), and unless it’s towards the packet of rich tea fingers on the floor by my chair then stretching doesn’t feature high on my list of activities either.

In fact, my own laziness was a big part of the motivation behind me getting an office a couple of years ago. When you work at home those 789 step days can become a common occurrence. At least now, (most days), I walk to my office and back. Unless it’s pouring with rain. Or I can think of another legitimate excuse.

But still. It’s a bit lame.

What’s especially lame is that once I’m actually out and walking, I really quite enjoy it. It’s a bit like the washing up – it STARES at you, taunting you, making you imagine how AWFUL it’s going to be, but it’s never as bad once you start.

I’m going to hit 40 in a few months though, and I really don’t want to become one of those middle aged ladies who groans getting in and out of chairs.

(‘Become’ – ha!)

So I have decided to take action.

It’s clearly not enough for me to HAVE a step counter, I need other people to SEE my step counter. I need to be shamed into taking action. I need to feel that competitive instinct – the one that doesn’t let small children beat me at SNAP.

(They don’t learn if you let them win.)

So I’ve downloaded the Sport Relief app.

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cauliflower hummus recipe

I seem to have become a bit obsessed lately with roasted cauliflower. Often when I’m pottering about in the mornings at the weekend, doing fun stuff like emptying the bins, I’ll chop up a cauliflower, pop it in the oven and then casually nibble a floret or two every time I go past.


(NB: an entire cauliflower is a bit much to eat all at once and can give you tummy ache.)

I just LOVE cauliflower so much though. If you ever want to impress me through the medium of roast dinner, then include a side of cauliflower cheese. That’s literally all you need to do.

When Breville got in touch recently then to ask if I fancied using the Breville Blend Active Accessory Pack to make my own hummus, I was like ‘Cauliflower? What?’ I had my roasting tray out before you could say ‘creamy cheese sauce’.

I’ve written before about the Breville Blend Active, when I came up with four unusual smoothie recipes, and the accessories pack works in combination with this to give you a whole load of extra features, including:

  • a compact food processor
  • a grinding mill
  • a whipping disc (ooer)
  • and a citrus juicer

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