During the last couple of weeks, while I’ve swung between a melancholic questioning of the meaning of life, looking nervously each way before getting out of the car at Tesco incase there are zombies lurking in the trolley park and, at my best, feeling a mild sense of calm as I sit quietly in a chair reading murder mysteries, there is one thing in which I have found solace – the words of Gwyneth Paltrow.


Have I buggery.

The woman is an absolute nightmare. Not content with trying to have us all believe that what we definitely need in our bathroom cabinets is some of her psychic vampire repellent protection mist or pubic hair fur oil, (both actual things), now she’s offering up her wisdom when it comes to dealing with coronavirus and social isolation. According to Gwyneth we’re just looking at this whole global pandemic all wrong. Rather than worrying about the potential deaths of millions of the people, the pressure on the NHS, the safety of our loved ones, or generally our own sanity, we should be seeing this time as an opportunity.

Of course! An opportunity! Why didn’t I see that? Perhaps it was hidden behind the mass grief, who knows.

Gwyneth reckons we should be using our time to ‘write a book, learn an instrument or a language or learn to code online, draw or paint.’

Okay, fine, I get that it’s a good thing if you can perhaps distract yourself a little from the myriad unknowns and crippling loneliness, but personally I’m finding that the easiest way to do this right now is by listening to old episodes of Just a Minute at a discreet volume, whilst eating Wotsits and staring out of the window. I’m working up to a jigsaw, but I’m not quite there yet.

This may change of course, I’m sure I’ll adjust to living under lockdown, but right now if I felt like I was expected to casually pick up a French horn for an hour or so every day then it might just to me over the edge.

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The evolution of Instagram over the last decade reflects the evolution of the entire social media landscape during this time. In the beginning, Instagram was a runaway success or a small startup in the Apps store. The platform seemed to have a chance to compete with established companies. But, the platform has grown significantly and everybody wants to have a presence there. People even buy Instagram followers https://howsociable.com/buy-instagram-followers/ to enhance their popularity on this platform.

But, since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been evolving. Instagram started as a photo-sharing app and by 2012, it was having more than 100,000 downloads every day.


During its infancy stage, the layout of this platform was simple. It had a basic feed for photos only. The feed showed the user’s name, photo, photo likes, and description. This is the same for the current Instagram feed.

The current and original layouts of Instagram have similarities. However, they also have significant differences. For instance, the logo of this app was different in terms of fonts and occupied the entire top part of the page.

What’s more, the platform provided more organized and larger options when it came to navigation. Thus, Instagram navigation has changed slightly over the last decade.


The core design of the Instagram feed has remained the same. Nevertheless, it has been made more intuitive, sleeker, and it’s powered by enhanced algorithms. The camera looks the same but cleaner with a white design.

Over the last decade, Instagram’s design has been improved to eliminate the busy look it had at first. This has partly been achieved by incorporating a white background.

The giant banner for the upper logo has also been replaced with a relatively smaller logo. The navigation bar has also been improved to include an icon for the camera, making Story recording easier. A TV icon has also been introduced to bring in IGTV. Instagram has also included a paper airplane icon into its design to enhance direct inbox messaging.

The lower navigation of Instagram has been adjusted too by swapping out the feed for popular posts with a more effective Search Tab. This has consolidated the trending, popular posts, and the search bar. These adjustments make discovering new content or account easier. That’s because users need to go to the trending, popular posts tab or use the search bar.


In addition to layout and design changes, Instagram has also introduced new features. Initially, the platform had basic features. That’s because Instagram was primarily designed as a platform for sharing short videos or photos on a simple feed that could be seen by followers. Learning about an Instagram account required the user to search a hashtag or a person. A user could also tap a Popular Feed tab to discover posts from major influencers. The other option was to surf through the Newsfeed that highlighted posts from the major publications and companies.

But, this has changed and Instagram has introduced the following features over the last decade.

Instagram Stories

In addition to the standard camera, Instagram has a special camera that enables users to record their Instagram Stories. This is a game-changing feature that Instagram launched in 2016.

Anybody that uses Instagram has already seen or created an Instagram Story. This is a feature that allows a user to create and upload a video or images that tell a specific story about a brand or the life of a person.

A person with over 10,000 followers or a business account that has been verified can link their Instagram Stories to the content of their website.

The platform’s camera allows users to take Smartphone-shaped videos or shots that are vertical when creating their Instagram Stories. After that, the featured icons can be used to zest up content with sounds, texts, color-overlay filters, and GIF stickers. Different AR features and video filters can be used to zest up Instagram content.


The current Instagram app includes the IGTV feature. The platform launched this feature in 2018. The IGTBV content can currently be seen and it’s usually related to the interests of the users. Users can search their preferred IGTV content by navigating to the Search tab and then selecting IGTV.

Using this feature, influencers and brands are streaming longer-form live content or uploading it in vertical format. Under the IGTV tab, this content can be highlighted on the accounts of users.

Shoppable Posts

After Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, new features were added to enable brands to use the platform with their catalog for the Facebook Marketplace. Shoppable Posts is one of these features. Using this feature, brands can tag posts with their product shots linking to their Facebook Marketplace product listing.

The Shoppable Posts feature is different from Instagram Story because it’s accessible to Instagram business accounts and it’s linked to the catalog of the Facebook Marketplace.

User Habits

How people think about pictures has changed, thanks to Instagram. The platform has also altered the eating habits of some users. For instance, some people can’t start eating until they capture the image of their meals perfectly. What’s more, Instagram has become an effective tool for marketing and it keeps growing. Instagram remains popular and relevant to users due to the meaningful evolutions it has undergone over the last decade.

For instance, adding Boomerang and Stories has made the app feel fresh with features that cater to their needs. And this has continued to expand the user base of this platform. Many celebrity influencers make their followers believe that they live extravagant lives to sell products. Additionally, some people have continued to behave irresponsibly to capture perfect pictures. Nevertheless, Instagram has continued to be an entertaining and simple social media platform.

The bottom Line

Instagram started as a platform where users could follow celebrities and share photos. However, the platform has evolved over the years to cater to the needs of users. Today, the platform focuses on availing unique ephemeral posts to users. Instagram has evolved to include features, design, and layout that make it one of the best social media platforms that are available today.



Scrub suit pants are an integral component of the hospital environment as it offers health care professionals with the right balance of functionality, comfortability, and appeal. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you choose the best scrub suit pants to function more effectively.

Choosing the wrong scrub suit pants can negatively affect your performance in the hospital, leading to poor patient care. If you happen to be in the market searching for scrub suit pants or looking for Grey’s anatomy scrubs sale, then read on to find the must-have scrub suit pants for medical professionals.

Straight Leg Cargo Pants

If there should be a scrub suit pant that deserves to be in your wardrobe for hospital attire, then this straight leg cargo pants certainly deserves a spot. This is because these scrub suit pants offer the best combination of functionality and comfortability.

These scrub pants feature two front slash pockets, one side pocket, one cargo pocket on the left leg, and two back pockets for a total of 6 pockets. It can fit all the necessary medical items you need during health assessment and other medical procedures, which means you no longer lose time since everything is within reach.

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs Derek Men’s Cargo Pants

If you are a fan of the hit series Grey’s Anatomy, then the Derek Men’s Cargo Pants might be the scrub suit pants you have been looking for. These scrub pants were designed with aesthetics in mind, giving it a more “professional” look, much like Dr. Derek Shepherd from the hit show.

Although these scrub pants focus heavily on the aesthetic appeal, it doesn’t mean that functionality is forgotten. The Derek Men’s Cargo Pants is equipped with six pockets for storage of medical tools and has a drawstring waist that allows adjustment for comfortability. If you prefer this type of pants, then be sure to check out Grey’s anatomy scrubs for sale.

Active Modern Fit Knit Waist Tie Pants

If style and comfort are your preferred option when choosing scrub pants, then you can never go wrong in selecting this product. These scrub pants are the low-rise type with a modern fitting that gives a contour to your legs, making it more aesthetically appealing.

The waistband features a yoga knit with an elastic drawcord tie so that you can adjust the fitting depending on the level of tightness and comfortability you want. Choosing this product gives you that tailored look without sacrificing comfort.

Active Drawstring Scrub Pants

Scrub suit pants need to be durable as it undergoes harsh cleaning processes to ensure a clean and sterile hospital environment. Some medical procedures performed in the emergency room, such as CPR, require fast and active movements that make a durable scrub suit of the utmost importance to prevent wear and tear. Thankfully, this product provides precisely that.

The Active Drawstring Scrub Pants is one of the most durable and long-lasting products in the market today. This is undoubtedly a sound investment and a practical choice since you will be able to use it for an extended period, saving you more money in the process

These scrub pants are one of the best options for both men and women that belong in the medical profession. Choosing any of these products is undoubtedly a great choice as they offer all the necessary features for you to function more effectively. You will undoubtedly get your money’s worth by buying and using these scrub pants.


If you ever envied celebrities like Blake Lively and Ariana Grande for their voluminous long hair, you will be pleased to know that you do not have to spend serious dollars to achieve a similar look.  You do not need expensive hair treatments or fancy salons. All you have to do is order clip in hair extensions online, and you will get the chance to rock a gorgeous hairdo anytime you want.

Unlike permanent extensions that are glued into your hair, clip-in extensions offer flexibility and control. You can just clip them on during special occasions and remove them quickly as soon as you get home. You are in charge of the look you want.

If you are buying clip-in extensions for the first time, you may get overwhelmed with the tons of products available in the market. To help you find the most suitable hair extensions for your need, here are essential factors that you may want to consider before you purchase one:

Hair Type

While it can be exciting to look at different types of clip-in extensions right away, you should first assess your hair to know if this method will work well with you. If your hair is too fine and thin, you may find it difficult to hide the wefts. Your hair may also be too weak to hold the extensions in place.

Nonetheless, there is no need to worry if these hair concerns are true to you. You just need to find a reputable supplier who can offer a product that will work well with your thin hair. If your hair can perfectly support clip-in extensions, make sure to examine its color, length, and texture, since these elements are essential when choosing the right product.


When you look at hair extension products online, you will notice that the weight of each item is indicated. The majority of extensions available come in 130, 160, 180, 200, 220, and 240 grams.

The weight mainly shows how thick the extensions are or how much hair they contain. Choose one according to your hair condition. For instance, if you have thick hair, then you need more substantial hair extensions so that they will blend well with your natural hair.


You also need to consider the length of your hair and your desired length when looking at clip-in extensions. For instance, if you want to add volume and not length, then you can choose a hair extension that is almost as long as your natural hair. Clip-in extensions are usually available in 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches.


Another crucial factor to consider when choosing hair extensions is the type of material used since it generally determines quality. Make sure to look for products made with remy hair as it is natural human hair. Apart from being smooth and natural-looking, Remy is also resistant to tangling and is more long-lasting than synthetic hair.

Your hair looks impact your overall appearance, mood, and confidence. It can make you perceive satisfied about yourself and more excited to mingle. As such, buying clip in hair extensions can be a worthwhile investment. Make sure to consider the factors mentioned above so that you can find the most suitable clip in extension that will give you the thick, long hair you always desired.


how to protect kids from coronavirus

Coronavirus is a pretty scary topic in this day and age. Parents naturally want to do everything they can to safeguard their vulnerable youngsters from the virus and all of its unpleasant effects. If you’re a concerned mother or father who wants to defend your child from health consequences, there are several things that you can try right now.

  1. Encourage Your Kids to Remain at Home

If you want to protect your kids from this virus, then you should do anything in your capacity to keep them safe and isolated at home. You should make a point to see to it that they don’t get in contact with other human beings.

  1. Steer Clear of Individuals Who May Be Ill

It’s crucial to steer clear of any and all individuals who may be ill. If you suspect that an individual may be under the weather, don’t allow your kids anywhere close to him or her. Just say no to big parties. Just say no to action-packed locations, too.

  1. Prioritize Nutrition

If you want to protect yourself and your little ones from coronavirus, then you have to prioritize strong immune systems. Feed your kids foods that are nutritious and balanced. Give them water that’s clean and safe, too. Big Berkey Water Filters make it simple to get access to healthy and safe H20.

  1. Think in Detail About Where You Put Your Hands

You should never be slapdash or thoughtless with regard to your hands. Make a concerted effort to refrain from ever touching any part of your face. This includes your mouth, your nose and your eyes.

  1. Motivate Your Kids to Wash Their Hands Thoroughly and Frequently

Set a positive example for your kids. Make sure they see you washing your hands both thoroughly and frequently. Instruct your kids on how they can wash their hands properly. They need to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 full seconds at a time. They have to use water and soap. If those things aren’t available, hand sanitizer may be a suitable substitute. It’s crucial to get your hands on a hand sanitizer that consists of a minimum of 60 percent alcohol.

  1. Become a Disinfecting Powerhouse

It’s critical to sanitize your living space on a frequent basis. Doing so can help protect your entire family from the possibility of coronavirus. Household cleaning formulas can be excellent for disinfecting applications. They can thoroughly clean kitchen countertops, tables, desks and beyond. Make a point to disinfect any and all things that human beings go near frequently.

  1. Listen Diligently to Any and All Guidelines That Are in Place

If you reside in a community that has an abundance of individuals who have coronavirus, then you should go above and beyond to listen to and abide by any and all guidelines that are in place. Playing by the rules may protect your own well-being. It may protect the wellness of all of the young members of your family as well. Don’t be too lazy to take regulations and rules seriously. That’s because they could end up saving your kids’ precious lives.

Be vigilant and detail-oriented. If you encapsulate these traits, you may be able to safeguard your family and have a healthy lifestyle. A little bit of effort can keep you and your whole household safe and confident throughout this pandemic and beyond.


A few months ago in my book group we read Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s about a woman, (played by Reese Witherspoon in the film, who is my ultimate girl crush), who goes on a full on trek along the Pacific Crest Trail as a reaction to a series of stressful events in her life. She’s completely unprepared and it’s an incredible journey for her, both physically and emotionally. Along the way though she learns all sorts of lessons about forgiveness, peace and herself. The idea is that the challenge and the enforced relationship with nature make her connect back with herself.

Now I have to say that I wasn’t a massive fan of the book, BUT it did get me hankering for the outdoors. I can totally see that a hike like that would give you the space and time to reflect on your life, what you’ve done, where you’ve been and what you want your life to look like in the future. If, like Cheryl Strayed, you find yourself yearning for that kind of experience, then a hiking holiday could be just what you need.

If you’re looking for fresh air and adventure for your next holiday then hiking in the USA is a top choice. There is so much diversity of landscape in the USA, with so many different holiday hiking destinations to choose from. From national parks to rivers, mountains to deserts, it really does have something to suit all tastes.

To inspire your next USA hiking holiday, I’ve picked out a few of the best holiday destinations for hikers in the US. If you have any others you’d like to add, please do leave a comment and let me know. View Post


It may just be a coincidence, or it may not. But many celebrities have had a past experience with working within the bingo industry, more specifically as bingo callers. This may seem a bit surprising to most people, as it is not a clear and obvious career move. But then when you think about it, you can sort of understand as to why celebrities who have to be confident in front of crowds or cameras, would decide to build their confidence and train themselves up, but standing on a stage in front of an audience reading out bingo numbers.

So, which celebrities have previously been bingo callers? Well, here is a list of the celebrities and where they are today!

Gary Barlow

Well, I bet that was a name that you didn’t expect. Yes, Gary Barlow began his career as a Bingo Caller. He is said to be a massive fan of the game and on his 10-year wedding anniversary, he actually played the game of Bingo with family and friends and reminisced back to his old days by being their Bingo caller. I wonder if he sang out his numbers when calling them as extra practice, although to some people that would have gotten on their nerves.

Russell Crowe

Another celebrity that was once a bingo caller is none other than the actor Russell Crowe. He is probably not someone that you would have expected but then again, I doubt we would have expected any of these celebs to have previously done a job in bingo calling. The Aussie star told the public that this was his first ever job. Then he later admitted that he was sacked from this role for being rude and calling out inappropriate bingo rhymes, something we are not that surprised at all come to think of it.

Shane Richie

Some of you may recognise the name Shane Richie and some of you won’t. Maybe it would make it a little clearer and obvious if I told you that this is the man who plays Alfie Moon in EastEnders, the landlord of the EastEnders Pub. Alfie has a very obvious and amusing cockney slang about him and this would have certainly been entertaining to listen to and made the game of bingo a bit more lively possibly.

Simon Webbe

It appears that there is a common theme between boy band singers and bingo callers. First, we had Gary Barlow from Take That and now we have Simon Webbe from Blue. This massively popular boy band group also has a member that has had previous Bingo calling experience. Maybe this is suggesting something? Could it be that if you want to become a world hit boy band group or a member of one at least, you must first be a bingo caller? Because it doesn’t stop there, Kian from Westlife also took on this role once upon a time. Something fishy about that.

More Celebrities

There are a lot of other celebrities that have been involved in bingo one way or another. Celebrities such as Peter Andre, Vic Reeves, Anthony Quinn and more have all played their part. Although these celebrities were already famous when they decided to get involved and are in fact involved with the online bingo sector, they never got up on stage to call out numbers in a bingo hall like the names mentioned above. You can see a range of celebrities in TV ads these days and also on the bingo sites themselves.


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The last couple of weeks have been really bloody weird, and they’re only set to get weirder both societally and in my head. Today for instance, I thought about cleaning out the U-bend under my kitchen sink, as it’s been smelly for weeks, (and by weeks I mean years), but then I decided I was going to save it as a treat, so I didn’t use all the activities up all at once.

A treat! Honestly, I worry about myself sometimes.

I am doing other things to keep myself busy at home though, things that actually feel relaxing, like catching up on reading and getting through my backlog of interiors magazines. I do find interiors a really lovely escapism, so when FURCO got in touch this week to see if I fancied writing a piece about modern interiors, I thought it might be a nice distraction. FURCO is an online furniture superstore that’s a one stop shop for everything for the home – beds, sofas, dining, the lot. Have a browse of their full collection at https://www.furco.co.uk/.

For anyone else who fancies escaping from the world for a bit via the medium of coral pink velvet sofas, I thought I’d share some of my interiors related Pinterest boards. In fact ‘organise Pinterest boards’ should probably go on my list of activity ideas, for once I’ve indulged myself in the joy that is the U-bend.

Living coral interiors

Okay, so living coral was the Pantone colour of the year last year, but it’s one of my favourites and I think it’s so beautiful in a home, either on the walls or in the soft furnishings. You’ll notice this board features more than one coral pink squishy velvet sofa. The DREAM sofa.

Vibrant living rooms

My house surprises me sometimes. My walls are all fairly neutral and I’ve done very little painting since I moved in – just the chimney breast in the living room and one wall of my bedroom, which I painted a dark teal. It surprises me because whenever I cut things out of magazines that I like, or make Pinterest boards for living spaces, they are always about colour and patterns and textures. Oh and lots of velvet sofas. I honestly don’t know why I’ve never just bought a velvet sofa.

Conservatory goals

Before coronavirus, back when I had a decent regular income and could picture the future, I thought a lot about a conservatory. My neighbour has one on the back of their house and I’m kind of envious about all the extra space it gives them. I would love to have a room with doors that opened out onto the garden and space to properly go to town on my plant obsession, and that’s what this Pinterest board is all about.

If you could design your dream interior, or pick that one piece of furniture you’ve also wanted in your home, what would it look like? Leave a comment and let me know!


No matter how much you plan, you can never be adequately prepared for the future. You don’t know what kind of astonishment is coming on your way, especially in terms of money. Nothing can be worse than a situation where you don’t have sufficient money to cope up with your daily needs. Moreover, what if you don’t have a good credit score to go for personal loans; neither would you like to bother your friends and relatives? In such circumstances, their explanationonline payday loans for bad credit give you a light of hope. Online payday loans for bad credit – things to consider when you need money desperately.

money and happiness

What is a Payday loan?

A Payday loan is advance money borrowed for a small tenure, particularly to be paid till your succeeding paycheck. You have to submit a signed cheque dated according to your next salary. The lender will deposit the cheque only on the mentioned cheque. So, you get a buffer of utilizing the money until that date.

When you have an online lender, you have the feasibility of applying for a loan around the clock. And the best part is you get the required money within 24 hours or maximum the next business day. The tenure of this loan is mostly a month, but some lenders do provide a benefit of 60 days. Also, ensure you take only what you need to avoid the unnecessary burden of legends.

Can I get payday loans if I have a bad credit score?

Payday loans do not have a credit check, which means you get a green signal for your loan even with a poor credit score. However, the amount of the loan depends on your income. The loan officer investigates your payslip and decides the amount that can be arranged for you.

How do I commence the process of acquiring a payday loan?

The first thing to do is look for a genuine online company that offers payday loans. Check out their interest rates and proceed to the next phase only if they sound sensible to you. Have a glance at the application form on their website and get hold of all terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings on a later stage. Remember, if you are not able to access the full application form on their website, there is something fishy. Enquire for hidden charges, if any. Also, check out for online reviews or refer to local agencies to know more about the company. 

How to get online payday loans for bad credit?

If you have a job and a paycheck, you will have no problem getting the payday loan. To obtain online payday loans, you need to fill an application online along with a copy of your payslip to prove your income. Make sure you fill all your details appropriately to avoid any slip ups. Your income proof is used to analyze the risk of allotting the loan to you. It also helps in deciding your loan amount.

When you apply for the payday loan, ensure to mention your exact money requirement, the loan officer will accordingly work out and try to get you as much as they can.

How do online payday lenders work?

Most of the online lenders are adaptive and will help with all formalities done online at your convenience. Once the application is approved, you get the money in your suggested bank. Many online lenders have a 24/7 customer service team to answer your doubts.

The online lending business has become very competitive. Hence, every service provider will work out of the box to help you get your loan approved to move a step ahead of their competitors.

Why do lenders charge high-interest rates on online payday loans for bad credit?

Lenders dealing with bad credit borrowers are always on high-risk of default. The high-interest act provides a provision in case of any defaults. 

Is payday a good loan?

A payday loan is undoubtedly a sigh of relief in crucial times but should be used only in case of emergencies as it is a costly line of credit. Do not depend on it to satisfy your luxury needs. Do not go for payday loans unless it is your last course of action. You should look out for other cost-effective alternatives before opting for this one.

Emergencies do happen, and we cannot plan for everything in life. Payday loans are your best buddies to overcome these emergencies. Check out for the best payday vendors around you and enjoy a stress-free life.


A vape cartridge is a glass cartridge that is pre-filled or can be replenished with a gram or half-gram of cannabis oil. Vape cartridges, also called vape pens, work with batteries that power it up and activate the chemical components in it. When you inhale the vape smoke, you get the effects of cannabis. Although there are factory-made ones, many people ask how to make wax cartridges. Making your wax cartridge is economical and very easy to do.

You have to learn about how to make wax cartridges and the types that are available in the market. There are both cartridge/battery combos and disposables available. Most vape pens come with a 510 thread, and it’s the most common type of vape cartridge. 510 threading just means vape battery screws into the bottom of the cartridge. While the disposable vape pens contain a pre-charged battery that can support the device until the content is emptied, they should be disposed of after use because they can’t be charged. 

You can buy an empty vape pen cartridge or simply refill a cartridge/battery combo. As for the concentrated oil, you can easily turn wax concentrate into e-juice using a liquidizer. The wax liquidizer helps break down your wax and transform it into a low viscosity liquid. Many companies produce wax liquidizing products that you can use to turn concentrates to liquid for vape cartridges. Such products are user-friendly and suitable for DIY vape pens.

There are three brands that dominate the market when it comes to wax liquidizers. These are Shatter Batter, 710, and Wax Liquidizer. Wax Liquidizer mainly focuses on producing the wax liquidizing agent while 710 produces a much fuller package. The 710 Ready Mix Pen Kit is available for those who want to make their pre-filled cartridges. This kit has pretty much everything you need, such as the vape pen, 710 wax liquidizing agent, vape pen cartridge, a plastic string, and a small glass jar.

Both the Wax Liquidizer and 710 products are propylene glycol mixes that you can use, but Wax Liquidizer produces smaller portions for those who are new to making their e-juice. These brands offer multiple flavor choices, and you can mix with different concentrate textures. However, you should opt for the unflavored liquid if you want to taste the natural terpenes because the flavored ones tend to mask the taste and smell. With the help of wax liquidizing agents, you can turn wax concentrates into vape pen cartridges, check ( Terpenes for sale).

How To Turn Wax Concentrates Into Vape Cartridges

The items needed to make wax cartridges are:

  • A vape pen
  • Cannabis wax concentrate
  • A microwave-safe glass jar
  • Wax liquidizer solution
  • A plastic syringe
  • A microwave

You can easily make vape pen cartridges out of wax concentrates in a few steps. 

  • Pour 1ml of wax liquidizer for every half gram of cannabis concentrate into the glass jar
  • Place the microwave-safe glass jar in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds
  • Bring the glass jar out and stir until you reach a smooth, even consistency.
  • Use the syringe to draw the vape juice up and fill the vape pen cartridge.
  • Turn it on and start vaping.

You can also find empty cartridges online on eBay and fill with e juice to make your wax cartridge. You can always reuse battery-powered vape pens by refilling with a syringe. A vape cartridge may or may not last long. It just depends on how much cannabis concentrate you can smoke at a go. However, a one gram cartridge lasts a lot longer than a half-gram cartridge. The key ingredient in making liquidized wax concentrates is the wax liquidizing agent. Although the end product of this process will not produce the replica of a proper factory-made e-juice, it’s affordable and easy to make.

Instead of wondering how to make wax cartridges, you can grab wax liquidizers and prepare e-juice in minutes. You can even smoke concentrates quietly in public without worrying because vapes have a lack of smell. If you don’t have access to pre-filled vape cartridges, you can simply collect all the materials, such as the wax concentrate and wax liquidizing agent. Making your wax cartridge is just as fun as vaping.


Many parents complain that the child does not play on their own. Each time, hysteria and the requirement that mom must take part in these games. And she often already has a “tongue on her shoulder”, trying to drag alone a decent load of family responsibilities. In addition, the mother and without this devotes most of the time to the child, which even she does not even remember her beloved. Often this all leads to sadness and longing, a feeling of self-dissatisfaction and can even turn into a protracted depression. “Well, why don’t children play on their own?” She exclaims in a fit of hopelessness. Moms who are more advanced open our website “Stork on the Roof” and receive invaluable tips on how to teach your child to play on their own.

Why don’t children play on their own?

It is interesting that often children cannot play alone even with an incredible variety of toys donated to him, not because there are few toys, but rather a whole bunch of them. Mom then was confused: what else would come up with to entertain the beloved. And the child still does not want to play on his own – he is bored.

Experts argue that this happens from satiety. It used to be that a child from toys had only a wooden doll and a rusty nail. Today, in this regard, a complete abundance. And it’s hard for a child to fantasize – everything is already there. Hence the moral: do not flood your child with toys. It will only get worse. Also spoil in addition.

It turns out that the parents, without knowing it, can discourage the child from the desire to play independently. How does this happen?

  1. We choose toys for ourselves.

In childhood, some parents had material difficulties and a shortage of toys. So now, having given birth to a child, they make up for it. That is, when buying, they are guided by their desires, and not by the child. Some have a desire to buy a child as many toys as possible, and not simple ones, but with “gadgets”. As a result, their complexity and diversity causes apathy in the child. He does not need to imagine that the machine is driving, because in reality it is independently driving around the apartment. So it very important to let them choose what they actually want around them.

  1. They themselves plan the activity of the child.

We so want to develop our children that we come up with super games for them, and it is imperative to develop intelligence. Often, from the load on the brain, the child no longer wants to entertain himself and come up with a new one. Sometimes it happens that the baby’s day is scheduled by the hour and there is no time for his own decisions. Everything has already been decided by mom and dad. But the game is still a creative process, and here we need inspiration and freedom of action.

  1. We turn on the TV, give tablets and phones.

Parents introduce the child to a TV, tablet and phone. It’s convenient for them – a quick way to keep your child busy. Usually this causes strong interest, and at the same time, the craving for independent games is reduced. Why would a kid think up scenarios, entertain himself when there are already finished videos and pictures? But it is worth noting that the child does not develop creatively with this approach.

  1. We teach and teach.

Recently, parents have been striving to engage in the development of the child as early as possible. But not always these efforts give the desired result, and sometimes have the opposite effect – the tortured child begins to slow down in development. Hence the conclusion: do not overdo it, speeding up the process. Better everything goes its course.

  1. We are not inspired.

It happens that the child’s imagination just ends. Sometimes he lacks ideas and life experience to understand how to diversify his gameplay. Therefore, interest may be lost.

How to teach a child to play independently?

  • If your kid has a huge number of toys and he is bored, then remove the majority. Leave a few, and then replace them so that interest does not fade away. And remember that it is better for a child to choose an ordinary doll than one that talks and performs many other actions. Let him imagine, as she says, move and take his care.
  • Do not overload the child with developmental activities. Let sometimes she just look out the window, see how a new house is being built, load containers of a garbage truck, or let them play games with natural things like water games etc. You can find the best water table games online for kids or all ages. Give him free time and initiative so that the baby decides what to play, where and when.
  • Even if you resort to the help of a TV, tablet and phone, then at least limit the viewing time. However, it’s best to introduce your child to gadgets as late as possible. Up to two years, a child can safely do without it. Otherwise, do not ask yourself later why the child does not play independently on a yearly basis.
  • To really develop a child, give him the opportunity to do it on his own. Create a space where he can play safely in safety. Do not interfere with the process. When the child comes to you – only then connect. So what if his activities seem silly to you. At the same time, he cognizes the world and surrounding reality.
  • They saw that the baby was bored – tell him the idea of ​​a new game. Discuss the scenario, help look at the old toys in a new way, and then return to your business and do not correct. It will now be his game and his rules. You will only give impetus to his new adventures.

Understand that playing alone is an important asset for the baby. These are the same basic skills and the necessary stage of development, as the child’s ability to quench his thirst, hunger, go to the toilet himself … Agree, when a child knows how to do this, it becomes much easier for parents.


On the Beach holidays

Holidays have been considered the best time to share with your friends and family. Here, you get to have peace of mind and enjoy yourself by experiencing new things. Destinations are numerous where you can choose from depending on the activities that you want to engage in a person.

In this case, Devon is a county located in the southwest of England. It has gained popularity over the years as a major tourist attraction in the region. This is due to its location that offers great beaches, national parks, and ancient towns that date back in time. These kinds of attractions are things you do not need to miss on holiday. Here is what makes Devon holidays so special:

1)            Beaches

Devon has one of the best locations in England since it has a spoonful of good beaches that you can enjoy. They also have great sceneries that you would die to have pictures of to maintain the memories. You can check for sites that can direct you on where you can stay for your holidays in Devon as a family or friends, especially if you have pets such as dogs with you. These beaches are well guarded, and they have great amenities starting from good parking shops and endless activities. For instance, you can engage in surfing or get a trainee who can help you learn how to surf.

2)            Restaurants

A good holiday requires a well thought out budget that can sustain your adventures for as long as you have planned your vacation to last. This way, it will be easy to explore important areas fully. Devon is a cheap place to visit, starting from the hotels to getting around town with public transportation. In Devon, the restaurants won’t disappoint since this town has one of the best delicacies that you will ever have. The restaurants in Devon have professional chefs that can make you the best food with the finest ingredients available. This gives you a good reason to plan your holiday in such a place where you have full comfort and delicious food.

3)            Accommodations

When you plan a holiday, you must consider your loved ones to make it more lively and fun. In Devon, you get the chance to strengthen your bond with your family and friends. Matters concerning accommodation, Devon has one of the best cottages that are cheap and offer great room for you and your colleges. They have also considered pets if you happen to have any. Here you can choose cottages that are near the beach to enjoy the good scenery and a good atmosphere. You must book your cottage early due to the high number of tourists.

4)            Culture

The history that has been held in Devon makes it a more outstanding county to visit. Here you can learn the origin of the people as well as how they have maintained their beautiful culture. They also have festivals where they crowd up and enjoy all through the night. This depends on the day that you have chosen to visit. Such experience on your holiday with the family can be mind-blowing and fun since you get to learn new things.