I was sat on the sofa on Monday night, having had a really unproductive day. I’d had a migraine the night before and was feeling generally yukky and like I’d just not achieved anything. When I feel like this I often find myself wanting to do weird jobs around the house that are kind of not very important but also somehow wholesome feeling.

I had a flash of inspiration – my FREEZER. I would to write a three part blog series about my freezer. I mean come on, you’re excited already aren’t you? Not even just a single post – a three part series!

The freezer thoughts all started because of the fact that I’d had a rather difficult time during the day with milk, as you can see from these tweets:

The second one is the worst and will probably result in me, come summer, having to burn my car in a field somewhere. View Post

If you are reading this right now, chances is that you would want to get married. Needless to say, planning a wedding is not an easy gig. It is a hectic job where everything is going to feel like it is working against you. Most probably, everything will go wrong. Do not worry. Although, nothing planned is ever as good as the rushed last minute choices; if it doesn’t work out, at least you get a good story out of it. But, this is not the point. Being so wound up right before a wedding does not give anyone a chance to enjoy the start of a new lifetime with a teammate that you love. This is why after such trauma, you need a break to relax together and truly celebrate the essence of your relationship.

There is no way better to do this other than spending your honeymoon by the seaside in one of these three amazing destinations.

Capri, Italy

This beautiful island off the coast of Naples has been a popular destination ever since the 1950s. Other than it hosting two popular film festivals, the island is a place for other national, religious and cultural festivals. You would be surprised with how romantic it is to go on such an adventure; immersing yourselves in a new culture and celebrating with the natives. If this is not enough, there is more. The beauty of the natural sites; like, the Blue Grotto, is guaranteed to rid your minds off of the residual stress of the wedding.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you feel like a change of atmosphere and cultural vibe, there is nowhere better to go than Cape Town in South Africa. Being a coastal city, it is famous for diving hotspots which are perfect if either one of you feels like they made a mistake; just feed your husband or wife to one of the friendly sharks. The city is an all round destination. It offers everything from world-class restaurants to shopping spots to a hot nightlife scene.

Saint Lucia

East of the Caribbean lies a little piece of heaven known as the isle of Saint Lucia. If you are a couple who live to be captivated by nature, this is the perfect place for you. The country is well known for its captivating mountains, as well as, its volcanic beaches. Saturated with culture, St. Lucia is an ideal place to go if all you want to do is surround yourself with a positive vibe. Make sure you time your visit with the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. It is the biggest event of the year there.

As a conclusion, It is understandable if you find yourself even more confused between which destination to pick. In addition to the huge lists of places that you have already compiled, this list of three regions, each more attractive than the one before, does not help.

However, keep in mind that no matter what place you pick, as long as you are there with the right person, everything will be picture perfect.

Post in association with the Queen of Quark

I had an email a couple of weeks ago asking me if I wanted to ‘Quark up my life.’

Well. Who doesn’t?

I immediately burst into song. ‘People of the world!’ etc etc

It turns out the project wasn’t music related, but was actually a call to action from the Queen of Quark – Bavarian royalty on a mission, with World Quark Day on January 19th, to inspire the people of the UK to love Quark as much as she does for its low-calorie, high-protein, all round versatility.

All hail the Queen of Quark. *makes fanfare noise*

I decided to run with the musical theme anyway, and set myself a challenge – just how many Spice Girls can you crowbar into a Quark based recipe title? (Two apparently.)

Quark is a fat-free soft cheese, that’s similar in texture to sour cream. It can be used in all sorts of recipes, sweet and savoury, as a healthy substitute for yogurt or soft cheese. Think protein-rich fruit smoothies, avocado dips, quiche… or in my case, think ‘posh ginger spice Quark cheesecake.’

The ginger element comes from the use of ginger biscuits in the base and ground ginger in the topping, and the posh bit is the chocolate swirl on top. Have a look. Admire my swirl:

Quark cheesecake

Impressive yes?

If my Quark cheesecake gets you thinking about what other things you could make with Quark, then do check out the FREE E-BOOK of Quark recipes from the Queen of Quark, which you can download here. View Post

I had a round-up email this morning from The Pool. One of the headlines, from Viv Groskop, immediately caught my eye:


I didn’t get as far as actually clicking and reading the article as I was very busy lying in bed and looking at the cats but I immediately got what it was talking about.

A few days ago I was in town with a list of jobs in my head. ‘I’m going here next,’ I said to the person with me, ‘to organise this.’ The ‘this’ was an event I wanted to put on at a particular venue.

‘What if they say no,’ said the other person, ‘what’s your Plan B?’

I stopped for a bit and looked confused.

‘Plan B?’ I said. ‘I didn’t think to make a Plan B?’

It literally had not occurred to me that the venue wouldn’t be falling over themselves to let me do what I wanted, when I wanted to do it, and I think that this is a GOOD THING.

Why you don't need a Plan B View Post

Fashion is the impression that of the hundred facets of our society. Even if you lead a simple and minimalist by example, it has a way of creeping in your lives and become a part of each and every one. No matter how much you defy its importance, fashion, especially clothing, is the definition of a society, culture, and even religion.

Style of dressing up, etiquettes, and socializing and impressing people make up the essence of fashion. If fashion didn’t exist, there would have been no sense of individuality, or collectively the identification of any society, social class, culture, or religion. The world would be uniform and one color. Therefore, the fashion industry constantly generates colors and creations, from flowers and the pastel colors from a sunless sky.

These fashion industries hold fashion shows where they display and feature their latest creations, from everything that is trending and they want to trend so it can take over the world domination, in the utmost sense of being global. Some of the most stunning and popular fashion shows are held in different cities around the world. People book the cheapest flights to be part of these high-end fashion shows in London, Dubai, Paris, and Milan etc. So, detailed down below are some of the most famous fashion events, or shows, that you can make a trip to.

Paris Fashion Week, France

Since Paris is the capital of fashion, the bi-annual and weeklong fashion show called the Paris Fashion Week invites and gathers notable fashion designers, celebrities, models and enthusiasts from all around the world. The fashion show exhibits and showcases fashion items, accessories and much more from the four seasons of spring to summer and fall to winter trends, bi-annually. Some of the most notable fashion designers that attend the event, to either see or display their work, are Dior, Paul Smith, Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Julien David, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Miu Miu, Barbara Bui, and Vivienne Westwood etc.

London Fashion Week, England

London Fashion Week, the bi-annual and weeklong fashion show flocks notable fashion designers, celebrities, models and enthusiasts from all around the world. The fashion show showcases fashion items, accessories and much more in womenswear from the four seasons of spring to summer and fall to winter trends, bi-annually. Some of the most prominent fashion designers that attend the big fashion event are Antonio Berardi, Alexander White, Burberry, Beth Gilmour, Eudon Choi, Erdem, Finlay & Co., Christopher Kane, Claire Barrow, David Koma, Giles, Holly Fulton, Jasper Conran, Kevin Geddes, Lucilla Gray, Margaret Howell, Noel Stewart, Osman, Simone Rocha, and Vivienne Westwood etc.

Milan Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week, Italy

Milan has given men’s fashion heritage the exposure as women’s in their separate Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week. You will get to see some of the latest work of the prominent fashion designers that attend the big fashion event, such as Prada, Giorgio Armani, Ermanno Scervino, and Frankie Morello.

Dubai Shopping Festival, United Arab Emirates

The flashy and electric Middle Eastern city is the shopping capital of Asia. Every year, a fashion event called Dubai Shopping Festival is held in the city in time for winter. On your trip to Dubai, you can have the access to the most prominent and high-end fashion brands from around the world, fashion exhibitions, competitions, and shopping venues, special deals and promotions, as well as arts and cultural events. The event is held in the Mall of the Emirates and showcases show like The Diamond Fashion Show by Dhamani, the jewelry design exhibition, as well as The International Festival of Fashion Photography from Cannes, the extravagant showcase the work of notable fashion photographers who display the latest fashion and beauty photography sessions.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, famously known as Coachella or the Coachella Festival is probably one of the most popular festivals in all of America. Even though Goldenvoice organizes the festival for its love of music and arts, Coachella has become the place for flaunting off the trendiest and most fashionable hipster outfits. Held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley of the Colorado Desert, the world-famous event features musical artists from a number of genres of music, which includes rock, indie, hip hop, as well as electronic dance or trap music being held at the Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, Yuma stage and Sahara Tent. You will lose yourself in Beyoncé’s voice, the best street food, and being surrounded by hundreds of celebrities and artists looking dynamic. You will also see some great art settings and sculptures. There are a number of must-see attractions that will most definitely take your breath away.  Some of the most famous artists you can hear the music of are Eminem, Cardi B, AURORA, The Weeknd, etc.

If you are a regular visitor to the gym, you need CrossFit shoes that allow you to enjoy working out. We have CrossFit shoes designed to be used in competitions while we have those you can use for training. The problem is that it is sometimes challenging to choose the right type of shoes. Thus, taking some precautions while buying your CrossFit shoes is important. So, what are some of the things do you need to consider when you go shopping for crossfit shoes for women.

  1. The Kind of Exercise You Will Be Doing

The exercises you will be undertaking are determined by what you want to achieve. If you are planning to engage in strenuous exercises, you need special CrossFit shoes. The pair of shoes should be able to sustain your body weight.

  1. The Shoe Drop And Contrast.

Look at the difference between the heel and the height of the shoe. Consider buying CrossFit shoes with a high heel drop if you want support shoes for running. It will make moving your feet while running easier. CrossFit shoes with 4 mm drop are suitable for weightlifting. They have a lower drop that distributes the weight evenly. These type of shoes are ideal for all caliber of weightlifting.

  1. Hard or Soft Sole

Some CrossFit shoes come with a hard sole while others have a flexible sole. They allow you to move the legs freely. If you will be wearing the shoes while running, the flexible sole could be the most ideal one for you. But some CrossFit shoes have a hard sole. They are firmer and suitable for exercises that need proper positioning. But any cross fit shoes with neither a hard nor soft sole may be ideal for regular training.

  1. Durability

CrossFit shoes are designed and meant for rigorous training. But when you subject them to a lot of activities, they wear and tear. If the exercises are regular, the shoes are likely to wear down even faster. Thus, buying a durable pair of CrossFit shoes is a must. It will save you from the agony of visiting a shoe store for another pair every three months. Also, check the shoes’ outer part. It should look good and sturdy.

  1. Lightweight

Note that the use to which you want to put the shoe to should be the main consideration. If you are an athlete, heavy duty shoes will slow you down. This type of shoes may not help you achieve your set goals. For instance, if you are training for a competition, buy a pair of shoes that will not hinder your training. Ensure that it is lightweight and durable.

There are many other factors you should consider when planning to buy CrossFit shoes. But ensure you buy a pair of shoe that is durable and suitable for your training needs. Consider the weight, the sole type and the training you will be undertaking. Also, look at the shoe drop and the contrast to help you decide whether it is ideal for you or not.