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If you’re a homeowner, you probably want your house to look as attractive as possible. However, you also want to make changes and add features that will allow it to function more efficiently.

Some people might not think of a home’s functionality when they first look at it, but energy efficiency matters. An energy-efficient home can definitely save you money on your utility bills every month, and those savings add up quickly.

Whether you’re looking into home improvement loans or decide to use some of your savings to improve your house’s energy usage, there are several ways you might go about it. We’ll talk about some of them in the following article.

1. Programmable Thermostats

Most homeowners understand that if you don’t run the furnace at a higher temperature during the winters, you’ll save money. If you have the thermostat set too low, though, you’ll be walking around shivering in January if you live in a cold climate.

You can upgrade your home with a programmable thermostat. You can set it at a particular temperature during the days when you’re at home, and you can set it to a lower one when you go to bed in the evenings. You’ll be in bed under the blankets at night, so it’s an ideal time for you not to have the furnace working so hard.

You can also program the thermostat to drop down to a lower temperature during the day if you work outside the home. There are even smart thermostats now where you can change the temperature with an app when you’re out of the house.

2. Insulation

You may not realize how much warm air you’re losing during the winter due to poor insulation. Your attic or basement are likely places where warm air is escaping.

You can have an HVAC company come in and do an energy assessment. They’ll look for places where you’re losing warm air when you’re running the furnace. Then, they can use spray foam that will seal up all those cracks and crevices.

You just pay a one-time fee. The foam hardens once they spray it into place, and from that point forward, you will save money on your heating bills.

3. Light Bulbs

Switching out your light bulbs is something you might take for granted, but maybe you’re doing it too often. The old-fashioned type of light bulb is not nearly as long-lasting as a light-emitting diode bulb, sometimes abbreviated as LED.

They can last 20 years in some instances, and they are way more efficient than the old-style incandescent bulbs. Also, LED bulbs do not cost anywhere near as much these days as they once did. You can usually get a six-pack for about $10.

Once you do, you’ll save money each year on your electric bill. If you’re not sure whether LED bulbs are worth it to buy, just look for the Energy Star logo on them. That means they’ve been tested for their long-lasting quality.

Simple Home Improvements Can Save You Money

Saving money by making changes around the house is something that any homeowner will want to do. You will save some significant cash on your electric bill by replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. Getting an HVAC company to insulate your attic and basement with spray foam is also worth it.

You can get a programmable thermostat and set it to a lower temperature when you go to bed or leave the house for work. You might even get one that connects to a smartphone app, so you can change the temperature that way whenever you’d like.

These are simple changes, but they can save you money and make your home much more energy-efficient.


find a good plumber

Home repairs can cost thousands of dollars every time. It’s something that homeowners want to avoid, but still inevitably happens. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing expensive house repairs or replacements. Every time you notice a crack in the ceiling, a hole in the wall, or a worn-out electric cable, have it evaluated and assessed immediately by a professional before it gets worse. 

Always remember that regular maintenance can prevent many costly repairs in the long run, especially if you have invested time and money early on. You can find out more information about this with some additional reading references online.

If you’re aiming to decrease your household expenses, here are some ways to maintain your home to avoid costly repairs.

  • Check For Water Damage

You should be wary of leaking pipes because it can damage your home’s flooring, walls, and ceilings. This is the reason why pipe and home inspections are required to be scheduled even once a year.

If in any case that leaks would happen, find and turn off the shutoff valve. Once you do, water should not flow from any taps in the house. Inspect the bottom of your water heater to determine if mineral deposits have formed. Then, check the bottom of each sink cabinet for leaks. Also, check for water damage in the ceilings above the upper-level restroom area. If you’ve observed indications of a leak, contact a professional plumber to have it evaluated and checked.

  • Clean The Gutters

Overflowing gutters are a nuisance. Branches, pine straws, and leaves can block the gutters and downspouts resulting in the diversion of rain water to the walls and foundation. This could cause structural damage or basement flooding if not resolved immediately.

So, carry out periodic visual checks. Grab an umbrella, walk outdoors during a rainstorm, and examine your gutters. You should schedule gutter cleaning a couple of times during the fall and even once a month throughout the year, depending on your home’s foliage.

  • Maintain HVAC System

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) refers to the different systems used to move air between the interior and outdoor spaces, to heat and cool both residential and commercial structures. Without maintenance, your furnace and air conditioning (AC) could malfunction unexpectedly.

Scheduling a six-month maintenance can prevent your furnace and AC from breaking down. During the routine maintenance, an HVAC professional will lubricate all moving components, tighten electrical connections, empty the condensate drain, check refrigerant level, and clean coils or fittings. These steps are crucial since these issues can reduce system efficiency and induce premature component wear and tear.

Notably, ignoring an old filter and not replacing it can make your unit work harder to provide a consistent airflow, thus increasing your energy consumption and wearing out your air conditioning’s capacity. By replacing the filter regularly, you can prevent these costly repairs from piling up. 

  • Repaint The Walls

Often than not, homeowners overlook their walls, if you start seeing signs of peeling or stripping of paint on your walls, don’t disregard them. Seek the help of a professional painter to have it checked and estimated for repainting. 

To prevent this problem from happening again, have a repainting or retouching schedule once a year to be able to retain its beauty and to lessen your expenses from more costly repairs.

  • Assess Your Home Siding

Your house’s siding is important because it serves as your home’s cover, shielding it from hazards while adding visual appeal. Water can get past damaged aluminum, vinyl, or wooden siding, causing insect infestations, rot, mold, and interior damage. Individual siding repairs are inexpensive and easy to do, but replacing the entire square footage can cost you a lot.

That said, you should always check for holes or cracks in the siding and missing caulking around doors and windows. Early detection of problems can save you thousands on costly repairs.

awkward moment with a plumber


Do-it-yourself (DIY) home repairs may seem like a good idea to save costs, but it can put you and your family’s safety at risk. In addition to safety issues, those who perform their own home repairs run the danger of creating more damage and additional repair costs. 

While certain home repairs can be done by eager individuals, attempting complex projects without training can be expensive and dangerous. So, professionals should handle complicated house repairs. Faulty work could lead to higher repair costs than if you’ve just employed a professional from the start. Remember that saving costs while risking your life to injuries and accidents is not worth it.

Even if DIY is your life’s philosophy, avoid these home repair cost-cutting tactics. No matter how many DIY home repair programs you watch online, some repairs and renovations are better left to the experts. The following are some house repairs that are best handled by professionals:

  • Electrical Repairs
  • Basement Renovation
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Gas Appliance Installations


Owning a house is a terrific investment opportunity, but keeping up with the necessary maintenance is a difficult undertaking. This is particularly true if you fail to provide your property with the maintenance it requires to stay in good condition.

Start performing minor repairs and maintenance early and be keen on tell-tale signs of damage so that you can do something about it before it worsens and be costly in repairs. For sure you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket unexpectedly, especially if you have a limited budget for your household expenses. So, it’s good to be wary and wise!


 The UK is known for its famous landmarks. These are a huge draw for tourists from around the world, with a whopping 2.8 million visitors heading to the Tower of London alone.

From Buckingham Palace to the Angel of the North, the Liver Birds to Giant’s Causeway, there are plenty of famous sites to see whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

You might have visited them in person, but could you say with confidence where the most popular landmarks are located?

Alternative landmark locations

Jackpotjoy, the online bingo site, recently conducted some research to find out exactly how far off the mark we are when it comes to knowing our main attractions. The results were eye-opening. Despite living here, it turns out many Brits don’t actually know where many of the top landmarks in the UK are located.

Here’s how the landmarks we know and love look on a map:

Famous UK landmarks map

And this is where survey respondents think these landmarks are:

UK landmarks

As you can see, there are some interesting results on this replotted version.

The sites to see

When asked, almost half (46%) of those asked didn’t know where Stonehenge is located. This ancient site in Wiltshire has baffled scientists and historians for centuries. No one knows for sure where the Stone Circle came from – although there are theories – making this a fascinating landmark.

Additionally, a surprisingly high 15% of Brits had no idea that Buckingham Palace and Big Ben are in London. Officially, Big Ben itself isn’t the clock we see, but the bell that chimes on the hour and it’s the sound we hear that brings in the new year.

With around 350,000 visitors each year, Sherwood Forest is a popular spot. That’s probably why a reassuring 74% knew that it’s locate din Nottingham. However, the legendary stomping ground of Robin Hood was slightly less familiar to the 16% of Nottingham residents who had no idea that the forest was in their neck of the woods.

Similarly, while just over half knew that the Giant’s Causeway is in Northern Ireland, around one in 20 of those asked placed this historic site over 300 miles away in Bristol.

What do you know?

So, would you be able to locate some of these leading landmarks? Perhaps you’ve been but can’t quite place them? Or maybe you’re a fan of the country’s main attractions?

It might be time to take a road trip…


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Gousto food delivery

I have a lot of problems with the diet industry. I hate the idea for a start that so many foods become sinful or shameful, that your choice is restricted, and that the one person in a family who is ‘dieting’ becomes singled out with special meals or not being ‘allowed’ particular food. This whole system is flawed from the start because it’s just not sustainable, we’re never going to live like that long term and so it’s just not going to work.

What does work, despite what my mum might tell you, is simply eating fewer calories. There isn’t a secret formula, it’s just about putting in less energy and expending more. Eat a bit less and exercise a bit more and let your body do the rest. This can actually be done fairly easily if you’re prepared to make a few simple swaps in your diet, and it’s something that the whole family can do as a lifestyle change.

If you do want a bit of extra support, you can always look at something like the 1:1 diet, which is a bit different from your standard diet plan as you get a personal consultant to help guide you. They act a bit like a coach, coming up with a plan for you tailored to your own history, medical and lifestyle needs, and can also help with recipe ideas.

If you want to make healthier food choices as a family though, there are a few easy things you can do.

Check the calories

We’ve all seen calories popping up all over the place, and although it can feel a teeny bit judgmental of your favourite cake in Costa to suddenly tell you in black and white that it’s actually 674 calories, it can be useful. Just taking a few minutes to compare calories and opt for something with fewer calories that looks just as delicious can be a very easy swap to make.

Don’t always go low fat

Lots of foods marketing at dieters advertise themselves as low fat or non fat, but often this isn’t the healthiest switch to make as instead this products have added sugar or sweeteners or other additives instead. It’s often better to stick to the original versions or things like yogurts for examples – go for natural yogurt and just adjust your portion size if you want to.

Switch snacks for fresh fruit

You really can’t go wrong with incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet, both as a lower calorie option than high sugar snacks but also for the positive health benefits. Fruit and veg is a great source of fibre and all sorts of useful vitamins and minerals, so stock up the fruit bowl with a good variety of snacks and make it easy for the whole family to choose fruit.

Watch the extras

A lot of the unnecessary calories in our diets come from all those little extra bits that we don’t even think about – the blob of mayonnaise on the side of our chips, the glug of olive oil in the pan when we cook spaghetti bolagnese. The great news is that these are really easy to cut out without you even noticing. Oils for example can be switched for a spray oil that just dispenses tiny amounts, condiments can easily be cut out or scaled back, and it’s simple to just spread a little less butter on your toast once you become conscious of portion sizes.

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration for making healthy food choices!


I was catching up on Married At First Sight Australia yesterday and they were having their final dates – the chance for the men to show the women exactly how romantic they are, presumably at the expense of the show as for some of them it involved yachts. There is also always some kind of charcuterie board involved, which makes me wonder how much choice they actually get, but you get the gist.

Watching the dates play out I couldn’t help but cringe. All of the men were so pleased with themselves, scattering rose petals left, right and centre, running baths and offering up the charcuterie boards like they’d spent the afternoon hand curing the meats. Some of the women lapped it up, others looked a little more awkward as their husbands ran around pointing out all of the romantic things they’d done.

‘Look! White roses! Your favourite! Look at the wine I chose because I wrote it down when you mentioned you liked it!’

Now don’t get me wrong, I love it when people pay attention and remember the things I say I like. I really love it. It makes me feel seen and heard and I love that someone wants to make me feel like that. It’s one of the ways I show someone that I like them too, and so I appreciate it. What makes it feel less special though is when it’s all pointed out to you, like you’re then obliged to notice and be impressed.

I like more romance more subtle than that.

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Belle's bedroom chalk paint collage

If you have a little Picasso in your house then you probably found yourself wondering what to do with all of the artwork that comes in. You never want the kid to feel like you don’t value their work or you don’t care about it, but you can’t keep it. The following are a few tips on how you can handle all of the artwork that comes from your kids without having any negative effects.

Enjoy the Process 

Parents need to instill in their kids the attitude of not being attached to the final creation. Instead, they need to champion the joy of making art. Enjoying the process. This will make it easy for kids to understand that not all they have made can be kept, some will have to be discarded.

Use Your Cameras 

It might sound intuitive but most parents are neglecting the simple act of recording and taking pictures of their kids’ artwork. This not only captures the end art piece but it helps in storing a fun memory on your devices. With the presence of virtual storage systems, you will not have to worry that the digital file will get lost. In addition, having the digital image of your kids’ art helps in decluttering your kids’ workstations, creating more space for newer ideas.

Giving Art Away

As much as they are your kids, they are also part of a bigger family unit. Some of your relatives do enjoy your kids’ creative ideas as much as you do. You can send a few of the art pieces to their grandparents, aunts, and uncles but you need to allow the kids to be involved in choosing which artwork to be sent out.

Art Boxes

Not all kids will be receptive to the idea of either discarding or giving their art away, some will want to keep it all for themselves. For this type of child, you will have to come up with an art box. This is a box that they get to store their art in. The trick is you pick a container that can only hold so much so that they can’t keep everything and they do have to decide what gets kept and what doesn’t. They will find out that older art is easier to get rid of than obviously what they have just created. Then it’s pretty easy to take stuff out of the bottom and decide to get rid of it while creating space for new work.


This can be a fun way of creating art from your kids’ artwork where you get to turn your kids’ art into a book. There are two ways you can do this. You can either go for the old scrapbooking design of sticking the pieces on the pages with glue which might turn out to take up a lot of space in the house. Or after you have finished your scrapbook, you can send it out to a publisher who can then print the art pieces and design an actual book.


I know that no one cares about those ‘God I’m so sorry I’ve not blogged in so long! How you must have missed me!’ posts, because let’s face it, you didn’t even notice I was gone did you?

I bloody knew it. How rude.

The hiatus has been for reasons two-fold. One, I seem to live my life on Instagram stories and forget that some people still read actual long sentences rather than just looking at pictures of me having a cup of tea in the garden. Two, I’ve been on tour! Doesn’t that sound glam? I say it casually to men on Tinder – ‘Oh gosh sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been on tour you know!’ – and it FEELS terrible glam to me. It actually has been a lot of fun, although I’ve learnt that dressing rooms are really way less luxurious than I had imagined them to be. Mainly it’s just a few plastic chairs and a shower in the corner. More hospital waiting room that backstage home to the stars.

I’ve been the host of a book tour for the Sunday Times bestselling, all round very funny and clever Gill Sims, who writes the Why Mummy series of books and has just realised her fifth novel, The Saturday Night Sauvignon Sisterhood, which, fun fact, I was only the third person to read. It’s very good. I cried twice – once sad tears and once happy tears – which isn’t bad considering my daughter Bee has always maintained I have a heart of stone. View Post


what is padel

Love sport but bored of the same old games? Let me introduce you to padel, a cool new racket sport that’s taking the world by storm. It’s simple, fun and definitely one to get the heart pumping! But what is padel and how do you play it? Let’s take a look at some of the padel basics.

What is padel?

Padel was invented in Mexico in the late 1960s and was initially very popular in Spain and Latin America, spreading into the US and across Europe. It’s becoming increasingly popular now in the UK – the UK Padel Federation was launched in 2011.

Padel is like tennis in many ways. It’s usually played in doubles on a court about 25% smaller that a traditional tennis court, with scoring the same as in tennis. The rackets however are solid, and the balls slightly smaller. The main difference however is that the walls of the court are solid and balls can be played off them as in squash.

What do I need to play padel?

The basic equipment for padel is fairly straightforward – you’ll just need padel rackets and balls – but getting to grips with padel isn’t just about the equipment. What you need for padel as much as anything is strategy, so take some time before you start to familiarise yourself with the rules and some of the key shots. Read up too on tips for working the walls of the court – if you’ve only ever played tennis before then this is where you’re going to need to be a quick learner.

Where can I play padel?

As well as equipment, you will of course need to find somewhere local to play padel, as it’s not yet mainstream enough for every local sports centre to be set up with padel courts. If you’re not sure where to play padel, then has a full lists of all the padel venues in the UK, so you should be able to find somewhere near you to give it a try.

What else do I need to know about padel?

The most important thing to remember if you’re playing padel, just like with any sport, is to have fun! Padel is a great option for families and friends alike, and combines the challenge of a high octane game with the enjoyment of learning a skill, so why not find yourself a padel court and give it a go this summer?


There is no doubt that camming has become one of the most sought after professions for many webcam models around the world. Lightning fast internet speeds, quality camera equipment, and flexibility to work from anywhere have made camming a viable earning option for many. These perks have many asking how to start a webcam business.

Starting a webcam business is very profitable and beneficial as you can earn good money by streaming videos of models, amateurs, and professionals alike. To start a profitable webcam business like LiveJasmin, first and foremost, you would need a robust website for streaming the videos. xCams is one such robust, readymade script that can help you set up a live streaming website like LiveJasmin in minutes. Let’s take a look at what’s required to launch a successful webcam business.

Business plan

For any business to be successful, proper planning and perfect execution of those plans is a necessity. You’ll need to research and learn about the webcam industry to form a plan about how you can go about your business.

Your business plan needs to consist of market strategies specific to your niche, research on customer requirements, in-depth know-how of your target audience, and how you can manage your business more efficiently. A proper business plan helps you be one step ahead of any contingencies on the way.

Business setup

To run a successful webcam business, you will need to set up a webcam studio. Your webcam studio can be a virtual one where all models live stream from their homes, and you facilitate their streams to the audience through your website.

Or you can make a physical studio setup where you will need a space with multiple camming rooms for the models to do live streaming shows. Either way, you’ll need to set up a website to facilitate live streaming.


When you start any business, you need to register it with the authorities under a legal category. Usually, webcam sites register as an LLC(Limited liability company) that protects you from any liability in case your business runs bankrupt.

LLC registration is easy, affordable, and straightforward, making it the best choice for a webcam business. You can customize and scale your business in later stages, depending on how your business works out.


Your camming website will need a domain server to be recognized on the world wide web. The name of your domain should be attractive to catch the attention of users. At the same time, it needs to be simple and easy to remember. Depending on your niche, do keyword research to find out your primary and secondary keywords and name your domain around them.


Your website will be the face of your business, and you need to make sure that your website works like a charm. You can either build a website on your own, which will take at least 6 months and $10000 as the minimum investment, or you can build using many readymade scripts available in the market to build your webcam website.

One such readymade script is xCams by which provides you with multiple features and ways to monetize your website. It is easy, affordable, and robust to fulfill all your requirements for a webcam site. With features like live streaming, payment gateways, a token payment system, individual dashboards, and much more, xCams is your one-stop solution for a successful webcam business.

The setup of xCams is easy, and you can build your website in a matter of one or two days. As it uses tokens as the mode of payment, it becomes easy and convenient for the users to spend on your webcam site and still have no mention of NSFW content on their credit card bills. Earning money through xCams is easy via tips, eCommerce, 1-on-1 private streams, group streams, premium content, memberships, and more.


If you’re dealing with NSFW content on your webcam site, then your privacy policy needs to be laid out clearly. Things like what you intend to do with the content should be clearly mentioned in your contract with the models to dismiss any altercations later on. Make sure to check with the local rules and regulations and implement DMCA on your website to negotiate any copyright issue that may arise.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways are very important for any webcam site. There are many payment gateways available that you can check with and choose the one that suits your needs. If your webcam site is of NSFW content in nature, then you would need a specific NSFW friendly payment gateway as not all allow NSFW content.

CCBill, for instance, is a robust and well-known payment gateway that is NSFW-friendly and has measures to tackle chargebacks. xCams comes integrated with CCBill making it a great choice for your webcam business.

Final Words

So this was all about how to set up a LiveJasmin-like website to run a successful webcam business. There are a few other things that you would need to do after your website setup is done, like getting cam models, marketing your platform, and more.

Remember, any business to be successful needs proper research and efforts to run in a profitable manner. Hope you found this article helpful in your quest to set up a successful webcam business


If you are not succeeding on Tinder, you probably need to use this new feature.

You may have friends who have had the perfect match on Tinder. Yet even though there are some success stories, the majority are still searching for that ideal partner. That is why Tinder has launched a special feature: Boost. This will make your profile more visible. In other words, you will have a better chance of getting that long-awaited match.

However, to get Boosts, you will have to pay. Many users are willing to do so. With Tinder Boost, you can get up to 10 times more views, which of course dramatically increases your chances of more matches! Yes, Tinder is free, but a “boost” wouldn’t go amiss! This app is the world’s most popular dating app, making it the place to meet new people. So, there is a market. All there is left to do is go to it. Warning: Change your dating mistakes and patterns. It can be really valuable to take a step back and return to dating with fresh eyes.

Tinder Boost

To think about many people will see your profile as their first choice is exciting. But how do you get this feature on Tinder? You can buy the Boost at any time while swiping through profiles on the app. In fact, many users already have this Tinder feature by subscribing to the following packages:

  • Tinder Plus: It has a feature called Passport. This function allows you to communicate with other Tinder users anywhere in the world. In other words, you will have the chance to meet people from all over the world! Of course, you will have a month of Tinder Boost to increase your chances.
  • Tinder Gold: It gives you everything you will find in Tinder Plus. In addition, you will get 5 Super Likes per week! And you can find out who liked you! Unfortunately, there is no way to see who liked you on Tinder without a gold membership. Tinder Plus and free users can’t see this.
  • Tinder Platinum: It has all the aforementioned features, as well as: Message before matching!

However, Tinder Boost is just for 30 mins. After the 30 minutes is over, your visibility goes back to normal. It is therefore important that you know when and where to use it.

Some may think, “why can’t you get these features for free?”, “why do you have to pay?” “Is this a way just to make money out of users?” The answer is, if you are looking for something better, you have to pay for it.

Companies create these special features exclusively for those users who are willing to pay for a better service. Obviously, the more you pay, the more benefits you get. Like a game. Take a look on casinos that offer special bonuses such as those recommended by VSO. You will get a bonus that matches your payment. Of course, as a VIP, you can expect exclusive high roller bonuses. On this site, you will find the best casino bonuses in the UK and get the exclusive experience you are looking for. Note: Certain time limits may apply.

All these special features have one thing in common: enhance customer loyalty. Users, who have promotions or special offers, will be more likely to keep the product than those who have the basics.


The more attractive the prize, the more responses a company will get. More and more users are acquiring the Tinder Boost feature. Why? It increases your visibility! Get the most out of Tinder by purchasing a Boost! Tinder’s marketing strategy won minds (and hearts) by offering a unique match-making experience for millennials and Gen Z.

Some say that Tinder acts as a magnet because of the games and the interactivity involved. As you have seen, the special features it offers are very similar to those you can find in some games. But it is not only that! Indeed, the controls of navigating Tinder – swiping right to like someone and swiping left to pass on their profile – are elements of traditional games! That must be why it is so popular and keeps everyone connected. Hence, the reason for its success.


Tight pantsuits or skirt suits, crisp collars, and shiny closed-toed stiletto heels may come to mind when thinking of women’s workwear. Classic women’s workwear is lovely, but let’s be honest, it can be uncomfortable at times. Everything changed after 2020, from how we work to how we dress for work. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked before or if you’re a seasoned executive at a Fortune 500 business.

Employees in various businesses are wearing for both comfort and flair, thus matching suits are less and less prevalent. To be capable of playing with your workwear, you don’t have to work in a creative industry. Pops of color are everywhere, and mixing and combining designs and fabrics is more popular than ever. Looks that combine old and contemporary working styles, such as a printed dress shirt with a tailored wool blazer, are common.

Comfortable tops

Have you ever received an email that said, “Let’s take this offline?”. It’s most commonly used in emails and online forums when a problem should be discussed in person. When you work from home, though, everything is done online. Shirts are the foundation of every work casual outfit, and they can transform your look from “needs improvement” to “deserves a raise,” and when you pair comfy tops with an effortlessly majestic piece of jewelry like a stunning pearl necklace, you will undoubtedly succeed.

A great work-from-home attire, in addition to a cup of coffee or tea, sets the tone for a productive day. All power to you, if you really want to dress up a little while working from home and without leaving the house. Before you get back to emails, reports, and whatever responsibilities come your way, it’s wonderful to function normally. On Zoom, a white satin shirt with long sleeves will keep you comfy while making you look amazing. No one will notice you’re not wearing slacks or pants on your video chat if you match it with a stylish pair of black leggings.

Cozy, yet classy bottoms

Do you want to appear more professional? Don’t sacrifice elegance for comfort with some relaxed-fit tapered high waist dress pants in traditional black. In these, figuring out how to look decent at a video conference is a distant memory. On hotter days, a looser fit is perfect, especially if you don’t have sufficient ventilation or an excellent air conditioning system at home. The detachable tie waist belt and belt loops will make you feel like you’re wearing your most expensive jeans.

Fresh white styles are what get folks in the spirit for spring and summer. In white stretched tie waist pants that are comfortable enough to lounge around in at home yet dressy enough for working from home, daydream about your next holiday as you work the day away. Swap out your workwear on top for a cropped fake leather puff sleeve blouse if you have fun plans after you clock out and close down your office space for the day, like a virtual happy hour or supper with your sweetheart. Who knew workwear could be that simple from day to night?

Outerwear for the office

Change might be frightening, but it is often for the better. When you become creative with women’s outerwear, you can come up with new ideas and looks for your work from home attire. When it comes to getting dressed for work, most people gravitate toward cardigans and blazers, but there’s a lot more fun to be had outside of those two go-to styles.

When spring and summer arrive, kimonos and dusters are by far the loveliest pieces to wear. They dress up any casual attire and assist in the creation of stunning bathing ensembles. Use a lengthy sleeve belted peplum shirt as a work-friendly coverup to flip outerwear on its head. 

Any basic midi dress or strappy top will look great with a tie-front top with billowy sleeves. Sweating through the spring and summer in a heavy coat isn’t cute, and you can store your bulkier work jackets for when you have to go back to the office and the frigid A/C that runs all year.

Final thoughts

Online work is becoming more common, much like loose or casual office dress codes. Even if a company has a physical office, it’s common to see individuals working on their computers and smartphones at a café, coworking space, or anywhere else outside of a traditional office building. And while you don’t have to go out to get to work anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up a bit for your online job.


How to choose a guardian

Life is unpredictable as it is, and no matter how well you plan for it, there’s always a chance for things to go south. As parents, it’s an understandable predicament to prepare for your child’s future – one where you no longer remain in the picture.

After all, having a plan is better than having no plan, especially for a time when you and your partner are no longer around to care for your children. Even though it’s a difficult choice to make or even consider, you need to plan for the worst, so you could have the peace of mind that your child will be well taken care of when you are not around.

The consequences of putting off a will

Failing to arrange a guardian means it falls upon the court to choose one for you, and your child may end up with a family you won’t approve of in the interest of your child.

As the minor gets placed with a new family chosen by the court, the experience can cause disruption in the minor’s growth, even if she is already familiar with the new family.

Prioritize your child’s well-being by naming a guardian ahead of your final hour. The guardian should share your values and should be able to provide your child with a happy and secure childhood. This will ensure a smoother transition process for your child.

The best course of action is to probate a Will while you are still alive and well. Choosing a guardian for your child requires careful consideration. It would be best to select someone you can wholeheartedly trust with your child’s future – someone who can ensure that your child grows up in a loving home.

Seven things to consider when choosing a guardian

Choosing the right guardian for your child will arguably be one of the most challenging and important decisions you will ever make when making a will. Guardianship has definite implications on your child’s future.

You should consider these seven things before deciding on a legal guardian for your child.

  1. Choose someone who is a good parent

Your close friends and family might be willing to babysit for your child every once in a while. But are they ready for the responsibility of looking after your child full time when you are no longer in the picture?

Are they capable of raising a child on their own? Because let’s be honest, looking after a child is no easy feat. You should look for a guardian who treats your child with love and respect when you are not around.

If a potential guardian has kids of their own, then they are aware of the parental struggles of raising a young one and will be able to cater to the child’s needs with love and warmth.

  1. Know that you can change your decision at any time

Selecting a suitable guardian is a tough decision to make. Appointing guardianship, after all, is planning for the worst-case scenario. There is no one as perfect of a caregiver to your child than you.

That said, given the unpredictability of life, a decision has to be made and revisited frequently in light of latest developments and events, so you can be rest assured that you have mad ethe right decision.

  1. Elderly parents are not the ideal choice

People often tend to choose the grandparents of the child as the legal guardians. It might seem like a no-brainer given that they did a great job raising you, right?

While the grandparents may be an acceptable option, you should also factor in how old they will before your child has come of age.

Due to their age, they may not be the ideal choice for guardianship for an adolescent or even a teenager. However, if you follow through with your decision to appoint the grandparents anyway, make sure that you have someone in mind as a backup. The substitute guardian can also help out the grandparents in raising the minor.

  1. 4. Age and finances are essential factors

It’s essential to consider a potential guardian’s age and financial position before appointing them. Financial considerations are crucial, since taking care of a minor is extra financial burden on the guardian’s expenses.

Ask the candidate for guardianship whether or not they’d be willing to take on those extra expenses of raising a young one along with their current expenses.

  1. Religious & Moral Beliefs

Choose a guardian with similar moral and religious beliefs as you to ensure that your child is raised in a way that you would’ve wanted him to be raised. Although finding someone with almost identical beliefs as you can be next impossible, you can settle for someone with some form of moral compass than someone without scruples.

Although godparents aren’t considered guardians by law, you can unquestionably designate your child’s godparents on their birth certificate.

  1. Don’t leave it up to the court

Leaving behind a minor without naming its legal guardian in advance can have severe complications in most states. Minors need a guardian to look after their everyday affairs and take care of their estate (if designated in the will.)

The court will appoint a guardian and conservator for the child if you fail to do so yourself. You shouldn’t be leaving it to the court to decide as the chances of your child ending up with a wrong guardian are greater. When appointing guardian, ask the child’s opinion as to whether or not they are comfortable with the choice of the guardian.

Final thoughts

For the sake of your child’s future, you need to draw up a will if you haven’t already done so. Settling on a suitable guardian for your child will be the most important decision you will make during the process of writing a will. Failing to do so will only result in your child getting a court-appointed guardian, that may or not be to your preferences or in the interest of your child. When choosing a guardian, make sure they are financially stable, have impeccable morals, willing to take up the responsibility, and have an affection toward the child.