I’ve got a lot of time for Barry M.

I’m not massively into make-up personally, but when I do wear it I want something fun and colourful, especially on my nails. Barry M nail varnishes are WAY more exciting than a lot of make-up brands, with loads of different colours and finishes. How cool are these Under The Sea nail varnishes? I wore one of these when I went to visit that aquarium in Boulogne, just to get into the spirit of things.

Barry M Under the sea nail varnish

Belle is HUGELY into make-up and she loves creating new looks and experimenting with different products. British company Barry M is perfect for her as it’s good quality but affordable, meaning her she can add new things to her collection without bankrupting me.

Also, fun fact: Did you know that all Barry M products are cruelty free? None of their finished products or individual ingredients have been tested on animals since the company began back in 1982. Most Barry M products are also suitable for vegans. Vegan friendly products all have a green ‘vegan’ symbol on the ingredients page so you can be sure. View Post

Many students choose to pay for a writing service when they see that the whole situation at college gets overwhelming and they cannot handle the pressure anymore. Or simply their writing is just not that good, and they don’t want this to stand between them and a good grade.

An excellent writing service is going to give you your paper in no time and will impress your teacher. But you need to keep in mind that not all the services will meet your requirements or will be that good to actually write one in the first place.

We’ve written this article to make sure you understand the criteria from which you have to choose an essay writing service.

Their website should be flawless

We all know how the website is the image of a company, the basis, actually. When a site looks bad, it’s safe to say that the work is bad, too. However, there are not many sites which can afford to have a neat design, to this should not be your only criteria when choosing a service.

Are the clients happy?

A happy customer means a happy company. If the business has been in the domain for more than two years, look for reviews. Every respectable service has a page for reviews. They are written by real people who’ve worked with them in the past, so it’s the best way to see if they’re any good or not. If the reviews are not good, you should find another essay help.

Make sure the customer support is available 24/7

Be it online or by phone; your company needs to be available 24/7. You should be able to ask at any times how’s the writing going and they should give you exact, clear answers or explanations to your questions. If you spot a delay in their answers, or not at all, it’s a no-go. Remember that they work for you, not the other way around.

Are their writer’s professionals?

Many services choose to hire amateurs. This means that the service will not provide an essay that was written by a professional, and that’s not a good idea. Not all the people can write an essay properly. The writers should be competent. You can always ask the company to give you some resumes of their writers – this way you’ll make sure personally if they’re any good or not.

Ask for samples

Always ask to see some sample essays before hiring the company. If they say no, it’s most likely that their services are not any good. Some services tell you from the start that they have a sample for you. Read it and then decide if you want to hire them or not.

I really enjoyed our brief period living in Bristol. I made some lovely friends, I joined a netball team and I ate more brunches from independent cafes than you can shake a slice of fried halloumi at.

I missed Somerset though.

I missed the feeling of familiarity and belonging somewhere, of driving past places and thinking ‘I remember going there with Gran and Grandad when I was little.’

When I moved back to Somerset about four years ago (four years!) it felt like coming home, only better than first time around because I appreciated it more. Perhaps it’s age too, that means I enjoy all that shiz like heritage and feeling rooted in a community. I like chatting to people at the weekly farmers’ market in Taunton and buying locally produced food and drink. I like going to garden centres and drinking cups of tea.

I am living my Best Somerset Life.

Given how fond I am of all the tea drinking and local producers and what not, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I was pretty excited when local tea and coffee legends Miles asked me if I fancied coming for a nose around their factory in West Somerset and helping them launch their new range of Tea Kites.

Basically they asked me to be the poster girl for local tea bags. Pretty sure that’s what happened.

Look how excited I am to be holding a box of tea!

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I went to Iceland for a few days with my sister recently. We had a really lovely time, made even lovelier by the fact that my sister is one of very few people apart from my children with whom I can watch TV.

What is it with people pretending they don’t like watching TV?

Is it just not FANCY enough? Do we want people to imagine we spend our evenings reading wholesome books or going for walks or learning to crochet or something? Because sure, I do do those things from time to time, (not the crochet), but mainly by the time it gets to the evening I just want to mix up a cheeky pina colada, sit on the sofa, and watch some TV.

(The pina colada bit is mainly just in this hot weather.)

how much TV do people watch

My living room. (Not really.)

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We all like our partner to look their best. Looking good helps to boost their confidence and, of course, a well-dressed man always looks more attractive.

It is surprising how transformational a nice suit can be. Virtually every man looks better when they are wearing a well-fitted suit.

Shop in the right places

Large retailers like Jacamo sell hundreds of different suits and waistcoats. Importantly, their designers cater for men of all shapes and sizes. If you are buying an off the peg suit having access to a choice of cuts is vital. So, it is wise to shop with those retailers that stock a good selection.

The ability to mix and match each item

If you find a store that is happy to sell the jackets, waistcoats, and trousers separately, always shop with them. Having this level of flexibility makes it far the easiest way to get the fit just right. When it comes to body type there is a lot of variation in the male population.

A cut that looks good on one man will not necessarily be the right choice for another. For example, a man who works out is likely to find the jacket of an ordinary suit to be too tight. Even if the cut is suitable they are likely to need a jacket that is several sizes bigger than the trousers. Being able to buy each component of the suit separately gets around this issue nicely.

Identify your man’s body type

Working out which body type the man you are buying for has and shopping accordingly is the best way to make the right choice. You can find out how to do this by clicking here.

Quality matters

You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune to be able to buy a nice suit, but the quality certainly plays a role in how good the suit looks. Before buying test the seams to make sure they are strong enough. Take a critical look at the fabric used. If it creases easily when you scrunch a section of the trousers up in your hand it is best to choose another. A suit that creases easily will look really awful after just a few hours of wear.

The right accessories

Finishing off the suit with nice accessories is important. Make sure that you buy at least two matching shirts and ties.

Again, when buying accessories focus on quality. Bear in mind that there will be times when the suit wearer will need to go jacketless. Buying nice shirts will ensure that they look as good as possible when they do so.

Given the latest waistcoat trend, it makes sense to buy a three-piece rather than a two-piece suit. They cost a little more but they definitely provide the suit wearer with more choice.

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If you watch my Instagram stories you may have noticed a little while ago, between pictures of my cats sleeping, a few posts about Blue Coffee Box.

Coffee for me is a bit like gin. I know I like it, but 90% of the time I can’t taste the difference between one brand and another. When you hit upon something in the other 10% though, (like Sibling Gin – have you tried it?), you KNOW. It’s a class above the rest, something distinct that you have to have again.

That was how I felt when I tried the coffee from Blue Coffee Box.

blue coffee box competition

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