Only the right casket can make a meaningful resting place for your loved ones. But, buying a casket can be an overwhelming task. Before purchasing one, you have to research different types and their costs with the help of guides similar to curated by professionals like Gary P. Cubeta from Insurance for final expenses.

Once you have a fair idea about the basics of caskets, you can start with the following steps to buy the right one that suits your needs.

Look For Options Other Than Funeral Homes

Before the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule came into play in 1984, funeral homes were the consumer’s only option for buying a casket. But after the rule was set forth, the patrons are now allowed to use caskets purchased from other places.

Thanks to the ruling, there is a thriving market now hosting various retailers who offer different types of caskets for sale. But that does not mean you should completely shun shopping at the funeral home. Browse through the different caskets and see which style you prefer the best.

Other than funeral homes, you can also buy caskets from:

Online Retailers: There are lots of specialty stores that provide online caskets in different types and styles. Many online vendors offer a good selection for the best price. You can find a particular brand and style and look it up online or browse through different options and choose one.

Independent Retailers: Compared to showrooms displaying various caskets, independent retailers usually have unique styles and models. Even if you don’t buy from them, there is no harm in assessing different options and getting baseline prices.

Check Out Different Types of Caskets

For every budget and personality, there is a suitable and right casket out there. All you have to do is, get to know about the different market options and assess them to find the right fit for your loved one.

Here are some of the types of caskets that you can choose from:

Wooden Caskets: More of a traditional choice, they are made using different hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, pine, cedar, elm, and laminate. The prices of wooden caskets vary based on the kind of wood, finishes, construction, etc.

Metal Caskets: These are made of stainless steel, copper, or bronze, and they are very durable and tasteful. If you are looking for an economical option, you can check the steel casket models, which start around $1000. The expensive ones include copper and bronze, which can range anywhere from $3000 to $10,000.

Fiberglass Caskets: This is a newer alternative you can go for if you are looking for a lightweight and durable casket. You can also choose from different finish options like faux marble and faux wood.

Green Caskets: These are environmentally friendly caskets suitable for a “green” burial. Biodegradable caskets are made of materials like bamboo, banana leaf, seagrass, and rattan. You can choose green caskets if you are looking for an environmentally-conscious option for your loved one.

Choose Different Features of the Casket

Some of the other features of the casket that you can customize are:

  • Casket Lids
  • Casket Lining Materials
  • Special Casket Features

Casket Lid: Half couch and full couch are the two basic lid types. The half couch is the standard lid style, and depending on you and your loved one’s wishes, you can choose either one of the models.

Casket Lining Materials: Some of the most popular choices for the casket’s interior are velvet, satin, crepe, linen, and velour. Crepe is the economical choice, while velvet is the expensive fabric.

Special Casket Features:  One of the popular special casket features is the memory drawer or the hidden compartment in the casket’s lid.

Give a Thought about Your Loved One’s Wishes

In case you are shopping for a loved one who has left clear instructions on the kind of casket they would like, then make use of that information wisely. Often this may not be the case. In such situations, think about the person’s tastes and personality and narrow down the choices pertaining to the casket’s material, trim, and linings.

Ask Lots of Questions

If you are dealing with a reputable provider, they will not make you feel uncomfortable when you are asking questions. Ask about options like alternative interiors and finishes, colors, styles and differences between models, etc. If you think any provider is pressuring you into buying any items, leave immediately and start looking for another retailer.

Whether you are purchasing a casket for your loved one or pre-planning for yourself, make sure to do good research and work with a reliable retailer. Though the process can be challenging, make every second worth it.


hiking in switzerland

We have different ways to destress, some people go shopping, swimming, and some people love to hike. There are a lot of beautiful mountains in the world that you can hike.

One of the most attractive destinations when it comes to hiking is located in Switzerland. This article will give you the best holiday hiking destinations that you can go to with your loved ones.

1.   Matterhorn

It is not an easy climb. Hiking in Matterhorn will take 8-10 hours. Before climbing this mountain, you must prepare not just your things but also you should prepare yourself, climbing is more of a physical activity you will regret not being ready for it.

And being ready will make you enjoy every moment of it. There is a resort below this mountain called Zermatt, with winter and summer skiing, mountaineering, and hiking.

2.   Grindelwald

A Swiss Alpine resort below Mt. Eiger’s north face. They offer skiing and snowboarding lessons, rents, and sledge rental. This is also the most visually attractive valley in the world. There are guidelines that you should read before going to Grindelwald and other mountains.

3.   Engadin

This is known as a paradise one-day hike, but you can also do multi-day trekking here. Look forward to the exhilarating scenery. This destination is ideal for the family even if it’s a long trail. This is also along the lake.

4.   Lauterbrunnen

It is in the municipality of the Swiss Alps. There are villages and ski areas, and the Staubbach & Trümmelbach waterfalls. The estimated distance is 7.7 to 8.6 miles, one way. It has a jaw-dropping panoramic view.

5.   Mürren

This is also a perfect hiking destination for the family. 3 of the best hiking trails in Mürren are Thrill Walk Felsensteg Birg, Via Ferrara, and Blumental Panorama Trail.

6.   Flims

It is a municipality in Imboden Region. Lake Cauma is one of the highlights of Flims, it’s a turquoise-colored lake about 1000 meters above sea level. It has more than 10 best hotels in the area. Some of the outdoor adventures are biking, skiing and trail running.

When planning to hike, you should be ready for any situation that might come your way. You should have comfortable and safe shoes or boots because hiking is mostly for walking, and there is no way to risk picking up the right footwear.

Also, one of the most important is a backpack in which you will put all your necessities, things that you might need when traveling. You should bring high-quality hiking boots and a backpack when planning to travel, especially hiking.


These are just a few of the best hiking destinations and activities in Switzerland. These places are best traveled with your family and loved ones.

It is always better to start something that you want to do when you are still young. Go places and explore the world while you can. Time will not wait for us to be ready for these things, we should be ready ourselves.


pregnant tummy

Saving for a baby can be a hard task. We realise raising a child can be really expensive but there are ways to save money and enjoy the benefits that come with that. Whether you find awesome free baby stuff UK  deals online or find other ways to save, you can worry less about money saving issues with our tips saving money while pregnant. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, saving money is a possibility.

When you have a child for the first time, we come to realisation that every penny we have goes. Whether that’s for a prescription, clothing, baby food and so on. It can become quite overwhelming when realising that we may need to look for baby freebies or other discounts to keep our money worries in check.

With a newborn baby, it’s vital to find free baby stuff or a baby box as every little bit helps. In the first year we’re likely to spend on average around £10,000 on our babies needs. With this list of how to save money with a newborn baby you will become savvier than you ever thought, having more money to things you want with your loved one.

1. Shop in charity or vintage stores for baby discounts

Charity shops can be a fantastic place to find discounted baby clothing products and in some instances – free baby stuff. Some of the items in these stores have been worn just once, if that. So this is definitely worth a shot.

2. Breastfeed more often than not to save money on your baby

We know that milk for your baby from mum is really healthy so breastfeeding for longer can save money as well as keeping your newborn strong. Formula also adds up over time.  Using a breast pump along with breastfeeding is also a way to keep the costs down.

3. Hold off on buying all the typical baby products

Babies prefer some products over other in terms of diapers, bottles and even pacifiers. It’s best to get the minimum at the start to find out your babies preferences. This is a good way to save money while pregnant. So you don’t over spend.

4. Crib & Toddler Bed

A crib that converts into a little toddler bed will save money down the years and can be used again for your next baby.

5. Ask for Formula samples

When leaving the hospital if you are giving your newborn formula, ask for samples. This can save money on costs again. Upon each visit ask for more samples. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

6. Skip the bassinet part

Bassinets are used only for a limited time. Until a baby roles over. So instead of buying one either skip this part all together or borrow one. You’re essentially shopping smart with this type of free baby product.

7. Get help from family or friends

The costs of child care can skyrocket once matt leave is over. Try and get help from family and friends to babysit as this can keep costs down.

8. Get crafty with free baby food made at home

When the little one starts eating solids, you can save on baby food by throwing in veg with water into a blender and freezing it in ice trays. Less effort and moneys saved.

9. Hold back on the diapers

Your baby may take a while to fit into diapers so start off with only a small pack of newborn diapers till they grow more.

10. Do background research to get the best baby discounts

It’s important to do a lot of research on what are the best products that give you the most for your money. The products need to be of a certain quality but you can find gems and other things.

11. Learn how to get free baby stuff

It’s good to have the knowledge of where to find free baby samples and other discounts. Check the web and blogging sites for all the best places.

12. No need for the expensive toys

A newborn baby doesn’t need all the expensive gear and toys.  Your baby enjoys the simpler things and your purse will thank you for it.

13. Stop dining out

We all love to eat out but we can save so much money by cooking more at home. With a new baby saving money should be a priority.

14. Don’t go crazy on the shoe front

It will be a while before your baby is walking so there isn’t a need to have more than a few sets of shoes as they will be crawling and falling over in the meantime. Even on branded wear. He will only be wearing a onesie for a few months so a none branded version still does the trick.

15. Take care of your own health

It’s vital that both mummy and daddy are at peak physical health to take care of baby and family in general. So, remember to take time for yourself and look after each other to avoid unwanted medical expenses.

16. Baby proof some, baby proof some more

Making sure that the house is baby proof makes sense not just from a safety perspective. It’s important so no accidents happen that may cost down the line.

17. Go against the grain and keep some baby clothes they barely wore

Another way to save money while pregnant is to keep some clothes your baby never wore in the early years. Saves going out and buying the same outfit again.

18 Keep a track of your budget

Keeping track of the budget means you will always stay in check. It also means if the budget is low you will look for other baby discounts.

We know it’s stressful when pregnant but these money saving tips will take some of that stuff away. Whether you decide to find free baby stuff or baby discounts or cut other corners, these strategies will help to save money when pregnant.



Christmas presentsThis year everyone needs a little distraction. Staying at home all the time is a pain, leisure activities are very limited and daily life has basically turned upside down. Keep all this in mind when you are thinking of the next gift you wish to get your friends. To lighten up the atmosphere, it might be better to buy nothing too serious. What really matters is that your present is thoughtful: your friends will highly appreciate it if they feel you haven’t made just a random choice. If you are on a budget, Typo could be the right spot to check out. They have all sorts of quirky stuff that your friends are likely to enjoy. And it will all be a lot easier with this fantastic Typo discount code.

If you have a friend with a good sense of humour and you would like to be original, you could consider a mini vending machine. It’s tiny, it can be placed on a desk and it can be filled with sweets, nuts and anything you really wish. It doesn’t have to be food! Initially your friend might be looking at you with a stunned face, but ultimately he or she will be bursting into a laugh. Before you know, they will be picking out candies all the time.

Most people love lights. Lamps and candles can be very attractive because they tend to produce a soothing and warm effect in a room. You can bring it to another level by getting curtain lantern lights. They will be hanging all over the place and they will be creating the right ambiance in your pal’s bedroom or living room. They would fill the background for future parties, but they would also be suitable for a cosy chilling evening at home.

If your buddy is one of those who likes challenges, you may have to think harder on how to test his or her abilities. It may be a bit old fashioned, but the Rubik cube still requires a big brain to be solved. Time passes by, but it’s just as difficult as it used to be on day one. The cool thing is that by now you can find one that is printed with exclusive colours, which add some innovation to the pattern. Your friend will spend hours to prove he or she has what it takes to return each face to have only one colour.

Each group of friends includes a person that is constantly daydreaming about traveling. The pandemic has temporarily thwarted trip plans, but you know perfectly well that your chum is ready to board a plane to who knows where as soon as all the restrictions are lifted and traveling can be done safely. Well, a nice gift could be a recycled backpack. It would be good for the environment and it would inflame straight away your mate’s imagination on the next adventure. To add an extra touch, you could slip a few silicon straws or an on the move drink bottle inside the outer pockets.

If instead your friend is more the creative type of person, perhaps you could try and encourage this quality. You could get a notebook, even better if it has a funny cover. It could easily turn into a journal where all the notes and clippings are kept. If your pal is more into art, you could think of a watercolour set including a sketch book and a brush. Your friends don’t have to be Virginia Woolf or Pablo Picasso, but it might be good for them to get it all out on paper. The Guardian has also pointed out how writing and painting during lockdown has helped many people throughout these troubled times.

Whatever you get, your friend will be happy to know that you have given great thought to pick the right gift.


Thanks to online gambling, more women are playing casino games than ever before.

Men and women have always had slightly different preferences when it comes to casino games. Furthermore, women tend to have very different views on gambling in general when compared to their male counterparts. Games such as Blackjack and Video Poker require a large amount of strategy and memorization, something that many women believe takes all the fun out of gambling in the first place.

Women’s habits do seem to be changing over the years though, and it seems that it will only be a matter of time before the current disparity is eliminated. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the game’s women chose to play the most over the last twelve months.

Slot Machines & Online Slots

Women have always been the biggest fans of slot machines, ever since the first mechanical versions appeared in the bars and pubs of San Francisco at the start of the 20th century. According to some statistics, almost 12 times more women currently play slots than men.

Some women have reportedly said they find many of the table games quite intimidating – the action is very fast and you are expected to make your decisions quickly to keep the game moving. In the case of blackjack, making a “wrong” decision – that is, one which goes against basic strategy – can occasionally cause the dealer not to bust when he otherwise would have. Situations like this can often lead to trouble at the table, and many women would much rather just sit at a machine and play on their own than have to deal with any of these issues.


This is the perfect non-slot game for the beginner to casino gaming, and is massively popular with women. After asking several female friends why they like roulette so much, the main that came up each time was the games simplicity. You only need place your chips on the layout once and can then spend the remainder of that “spin” chatting with friends, enjoying your drink, and crossing your fingers hoping that your number comes in!

Each spin of the wheel completes all of the bets at the table, which means far less waiting around compared to some other table games. Interestingly, women also seem very keen on the red/black type bets, as they like the fact these bets give them a roughly 50/50 shot at doubling their money instantly. It was interesting to hear the roulette strategies that women prefer too, which sounded very different to those used by men.

Live Poker

Poker was strictly the preserve of men for decades and in the early 2000’s poker began to be shown on TV. The use of hole card cameras made this an exciting form of entertainment, which appealed to both men and women.

Many women were shocked to see other women playing poker on TV alongside the male “pros”. A handful of these women then decided to learn to play the game themselves, and today there is a much healthier mix of men and women participating in all of the large high-stakes poker tournaments.


This one probably goes without saying, but women absolutely adore bingo – some have been playing the game for as long as they can remember, and the advent of online bingo has undoubtedly served to remind many more women of their love for this classic game. Whilst playing online lacks much of the atmosphere of playing in a real bingo hall, the ability to play many cards at once without worrying about finding and stamping all of your matching numbers make the online version much easier to play.


I know, I know, a new home office chair – I spoil you with content don’t I? Give me a break though, it’s been over a year now of basically doing nothing expect reading murder mysteries, walking in laps around the park and working in my little study, so I don’t exactly have a lot to talk about.

Seriously though, a home office chair is actually pretty exciting news when you have been spending so much time working from home. If your job has shuffled you off into your spare room and working from home looks set to stay then you might want to read this and think about investing in your posture. (Maybe your boss might want to invest in your posture on your behalf and buy you a nice new office chair?)

Although I’ve been self-employed and generally working from home for 12 years now, I normally break things up with mornings in cafes, (under the guise of researching brunch club), or coworking spaces. Having to concentrate on work in the same space for large chunks at a time has been hard going. I gave my spare room a makeover in September, (see the ‘workpsace’ highlight on my Instagram), in a bid to create a more motivational workspace, and although I do love it, a lot of my time in here is actually spent in the little armchair in the corner reading magazines or, like this morning, sat at my desk taking stupid selfies.

I.e. wasting valuable time.

Office selfies

One of the issues, quite genuinely, was that I was too tight to invest in a decent home office chair. Since the makeover in September I’ve been sitting uncomfortably on a wooden dining chair which, although very stylish and ideal for dinner parties should anyone ever be allowed into my house again, lacks a certain something in the lumber support department.

As I mentioned on Instagram stories recently, when I told you about the pickled quail eggs, my manifestation powers have been strong lately, so it was barely a surprise when Summit At Home got in touch to ask if I would like to review a British manufactured ergonomic home office chair. ‘Well dur,’ I wanted to say, ‘what took you so long? I’ve been putting this out into the universe for ages?’

My first thought, obviously, was which colour to choose. View Post


Ever since the pandemic hit its waves last year, it has become essential to keep your kids indoors all the time to ensure their safety from the virus. While keeping them at home isn’t that big of a deal, being stuck for a few months may soon keep them anxious, especially since kids are fond of spending time outdoors.  

For them, being cooped up at home for a long time isn’t a fun experience. Your children’s minds are still in the developing stage. Thus, it’s important for them to keep moving and be entertained with tasks that will encourage their growth and development. Aside from that, keeping your kids preoccupied with activities to do at home will also help you have enough space and time for yourself to focus on your other chores or job. 

If you’re now running out of ideas, here are five activities that you can let your kids do at home this year to keep them entertained while learning at the same time.


  • Let Them Play Learning Games


One of the easiest and safest ways to keep your kids entertained at home is by letting them play games. There are plenty of free games for kids that are available on the internet. Not only are these games for the sake of fun, but they promote learning opportunities too. Some of these games include online alphabet learning, getting familiar with animal sounds and shapes, and many more.  

If you have a preschooler, you can provide him with learning activities which center on numbers, animals, colors, and shapes. For school-age children, you can offer them learning activities that center on anatomy, language, and math. Soon, as they become skillful with these learning games, the quicker it is for them to catch up on lessons in schools in the future.


  • Do Some Kids Yoga


Who says yoga is only for adults? Much like adults, kids can also experience stress and frustrations in life which could imbalance their emotions. Thus, the best way to help them find their balance and relax at the same time is through yoga. You might think that yoga is a bit complex to explain to them, but it’s actually about hands-on interaction. They learn best when you put the moves into action while making the experience fun for them. If you’ve noticed that your child is looking forward to your next yoga lesson, it means it worked for him. 

Soon, as you and your child include yoga and meditation in your daily routine, your child will have better concentration skills, more confidence in oneself, and strengthens his mind-body connection as he grows up.

kids yoga


  • Sharpen Their Creativity with Play Dough


It’s not a surprising fact that kids love to get their hands dirty, so why not let them do it? Instead of playing in the soil or real mud, which can be dangerous for their health, you can provide playdough. For a safer and cheaper option, you can follow a DIY playdough recipe and create one for your kids out of the ingredients that you’ll find in your kitchen and pantry. 

Once your child gets a hold of his own playdough, you can watch as he becomes so creative with his playdough. You can let them indulge in this toy while you’re doing your other tasks, or you can join them in the fun and teach them how to create alphabets with their playdough.


  • Let Them Create Their Indoor Fort


Perhaps you had tried creating your own indoor fort when you were a kid. So, why not introduce your kids to how to make their indoor fort? This will serve as their hideaway inside your home. There are a few ways to build their fort, such as using blankets, old tents, and other clothes they can use to showcase their creativity. An indoor fort for your kids will also serve as their own space to become themselves and play whatever they can.

indoor activities for kids


  • Collect Rocks and Paint Them


Kids love picking up anything they find pretty on the ground, including rocks. You can support them in what they do by giving them the freedom to paint on rocks. For safer playtime, you can let them collect rocks from your backyard then bring them indoors for the painting. Watch as your kids become engrossed with painting the rocks and see just how imaginative and creative the kids’ minds can be.

Keep Your Kids Active Indoors!

Now that you have a list of ventures and activities to entertain your kids, you can choose which ones to start. These tips are made to help you formulate ideas, and you can add much more to these. You can be as creative as you want. You can either use basic materials or create DIY things with your kids. You can also utilize the internet and the online world in a creative and educational way. Either way, make sure that the activities you’ll let them do will help boost their motor function and improve their cognitive skills.


A little while ago I bought myself these cards that ask you questions, designed to make you think about yourself. I have a tendency with things like this to like the ‘idea’ more than the actual thinking. I knew that my instinct would be to flick through them all, thinking ‘oh yes, that’s a good question’, without taking proper time to actually answer it.

I promised myself that I would only turn one card over at a time, and that I wouldn’t turn over another until I had properly thought about the question. The first card I had was ‘What do I love most about myself?’ and the second was this one – ‘How do I show myself love?’ It’s been sat on my desk for over three weeks now, which shows I was right not to trust myself to get around to the thinking part very quickly.

How do I show love to myself?

I thought it was interesting that both of the first questions were about self-love. I don’t imagine the rest of pack is as generous, so it feels like the cards might be encouraging me to lay some good foundations.

I’ve thought about this question a lot over the last few weeks. I started off with answers like ‘I go for a walk’ or ‘I take time to read’, but they felt lame to be honest. I thought about the times when I’ve helped Belle with school work, encouraging her to go deeper, always telling her to ask ‘and what else?’ We can take the first answer that comes into our head, sure, or we can let that sit a little bit and then take another step in our thinking – and what else? Why do we do that? How does that mean that we are showing ourselves love?

I unpicked and unpicked in my head.

Okay, so I take the time to read because that’s something that I enjoy, it’s something that’s just for me, and it’s a way of making time for myself and prioritising myself. Better. So I show myself love by prioritising myself. What else? To prioritise myself I need to have good boundaries, I need to acknowledge that I am important, that actually I am the MOST important. Oooh… that’s a tricky one as a parent isn’t it? Can you really tell yourself you are the MOST important? You kind of have to don’t you? You can’t pour from an empty cup and all that?

So now I’m thinking about the things that get in the way of that, that make it hard for me to have boundaries, that stop me prioritising me, and do you know where I kept ending up? View Post


love life tips

No one ever complains about the beginning of a relationship – the butterflies, the endless possibilities, the fun in getting to know someone on a deeper level.

The real challenges usually come afterwards…when the mystery wears off, and you find yourself way past the “honeymoon phase”. Being in a healthy, committed relationship can be one of the most beautiful things in life, but when you’re comfortable, it’s easy to fall into a routine that lacks excitement.

But just because you’re in a stable relationship, it doesn’t mean that the relationship needs to lose its spark. If you want to supercharge your love life, we’ve got you covered – let us walk you through eight ways to keep your serious relationship exciting.

  1. Give Each Other Some Space

Part of the reason things get boring is that when you move in together, you’re suddenly spending 24/7 with your partner – leaving no room for them to miss you, and vice versa.

Giving your partner the time and room to miss you is crucial to keeping your relationship fresh and exciting. When you both have your own lives, it not only gives you the time to crave your partner’s presence, but it also lets you load up on new material to talk about when the two of you are back together.

  1. Plan a Fun Trip

After being with someone for so long, you fall into a comfort zone. This may trickle into your life in more ways than one – many couples find themselves closed off to new experiences and adventures because they haven’t pushed any boundaries in their personal lives in so long.

By planning a fun trip – even just an overnight weekend trip a car drive away – or an adventurous activity like discovering a nearby town you’ve never visited, the bonding time will help to release dopamine and getting you feeling good, giving your relationship that extra boost. When planning, make sure to keep in mind your partner’s interests and what makes them happy.

  1. Try Out Some New Toys

You likely already know what your partner likes sexually, just as they know you inside out as well. However, a mistake that many couples make is they stop experimenting in the bedroom, which makes their sex lives routine, and thus lacking in excitement.

A fantastic way to up the fun in your long-term relationship is by introducing some new sex toys that the two of you haven’t tried together. A fun one that we recommend, especially if you or your partner have ever fantasized about a threesome but don’t want to introduce a third person is a squirting dildo – they come in plenty of shapes and sizes for both beginners and advanced players and many of them have suction cup bases. Stick it to the wall and stimulate doggy while your hands and mouth are free to explore your partner…with some new toys in your collection, you’re guaranteed a really exciting night.

  1. Make Out, But Don’t Go Further

Channel your inner teenagers and make kissing a part of your daily life again. Over time, kissing may have just turned into a part of foreplay, or a cheery hello and goodbye. But when was the last time you randomly grabbed your partner, and kissed them like you meant it?

By reintroducing kissing in a deep and meaningful way, you’ll bring up a fresh wave of excitement that takes you back to a different time.

  1. Surprise Your Partner

No one knows your lover like you do. You also likely know exactly how to catch them by surprise, and what kind of surprise they would love.

Whether it’s by throwing on an outfit you know they love, doing your hair a certain way, or planning an activity you know they enjoy, take the time to put yourselves in their shoes. The thoughtful gesture is sure to get those sparks flying again.

  1. Do an Activity from Your Past Together

Take a trip down memory lane and reflect on what things you used to do together when the relationship was still fresh. Was there a certain song you two always listened to? Did you used to enjoy going on bike rides, going to see a play, long drives, or going camping? Revisiting old memories and activities that made you fall in love in the first place is sure to bring old feelings rushing back, including those butterflies!

  1. Have Sex in a Different Location

Changing the location of where you have sex is a great way to add some variety to the mix, and to encourage you to try new things. If you always have sex in the same bedroom, your brain will naturally default to the same moves and rhythm that you and your partner are used to. If you decide to move the fun to the living room, the excitement of a new environment may make you more daring and adventurous.

Try to work the unique environment into the sex, as well – if there’s a bathtub in your hotel while your home only has standing showers, run a bath with some flower petals and have some sensual bathtub sex. The change of scenery is sure to get your creative juices flowing, and depending on the location –hello, backseat of the car– you two may feel naughtier than usual, giving you that extra sizzle that you crave.

  1. Have Sex Like it’s the Last Time

What would you do if you thought it was the last time you and your partner would ever make love? Forget the morbidity of the matter, and focus more on the passion aspect. This could be a fun way to ramp things up in the bedroom, while allowing yourselves to loosen your inhibitions and be present with each other.

Let yourselves get lost in each other’s bodies, and indulge in the steamy experience brought on by deep-running feelings you two share for each other. Often, the best way to create excitement is simply by remembering how lucky you are to have met this person.


Advertisement feature in association with HelloFresh

Cooking at home is wearing a bit thin isn’t it? A whole year of coronavirus, repeated lockdowns, and quite frankly if I never have to shop and cook for myself again it will be too soon. I just don’t want to have to think about meal planning, I don’t want to come up with new recipe ideas, my brain has run out.

Fortunately there are companies like HelloFresh ready to do the brainwork for me, who can take the time to create and put together new, interesting and healthy recipes and save me from another dinner of blue cheese and Frazzle sandwiches. (An actual lunch I ate.)

This week in our HelloFresh box we had sweet and sour chicken, really tasty halloumi tacos and pork chilli and bacon cheesy burritos with a zesty avocado black bean salad.

That’s the recipe I’m going to show you today.

pork chilli burritos HelloFresh

HelloFresh recipes come with exactly what you need – all of your ingredients in the right quantities, easy to follow recipe cards and no waste. For me that’s one of the things that normally puts me off trying new recipes – knowing that in a couple of months time I’m just going to be throwing away 7/8 of a jar of harissa paste. With HelloFresh you avoid this as they only send you exactly the right amounts. View Post


Great news guys! In case you hadn’t noticed, spring is here, there is blossom on the trees and the sun is (sometimes) shining. On top of that, lockdown restrictions are set to ease over the coming weeks and months and life is tentatively thinking about returning to normal.

While life might be normal again soon though, how is your love life looking? Lockdown has had a huge impact on relationships, especially for people who are single and looking to date or for anyone whose sex life involves getting a bit more ‘out and about’ and meeting new people or groups. It’s hard to be adventurous when adventure as a concept has been taken off the table isn’t it?

The good news though is that we start to open up there will be more and more opportunities to explore that adventurous side of ourselves, whether that’s simply by finally getting in touch with that Bumble match or checking out bdsm dating sites. Because honestly, I think that if coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that we have to seize the day a bit more don’t we? We have to be true to ourselves, embrace the things that make us happy, be that long walks in the local park or a spot of BDSM fun.

BDSM has become a bit of a catch all term, and many people wrongly assume it’s all about pain. While there is an element of the pain/pleasure paradox in BDSM, it’s actually a far more complex practice, incorporating all sorts of different forms of dominance and submission. Although the term BDSM wasn’t actually first recorded until 1991, it’s something that has obviously been popular for a lot longer than that. This rather lovely illustration from the 1920s is a classic example of female submission and male dominance, and the typical BDSM roles must surely date back as far as human beings themselves? Wanting to be dominant of or submissive to a partner, and getting a sexual thrill from that, is certainly not a modern phenomenon.

How has BDSM’s popularity been impacted by the global pandemic I wonder? It would be interesting to know whether the forced time at home together has opened people’s minds to trying new things, or whether the reverse has been in fact true. Many researchers predicted a baby boom this year following what they assumed would be an increase in sexual activity during lockdown, but actually birth rates have significantly dropped – clearly our enthusiasm for baby making at least hasn’t been encouraged by an increase in the amount of time we’ve spent with our partners!

With the summer in the UK set to be a far more optimistic one at least, dating generally and bdsm dating in particular look set to be back on the cards and it won’t come soon enough for a lot of people. Variety is the spice of life after all, and we certainly haven’t had a lot of that lately. Roll on a more exciting and liberating summer.


as happy as your least happy child

As a parent, it is understandable that you always want the best for your children. Ensuring that they are healthy on a physical, mental, and emotional level will all boost their overall well-being. Here are five ways that you can help your child to improve their well-being so that they live a healthy and happy life.

Ensure Adequate Sleep

Quality sleep is essential to anyone’s well-being. Your child’s age will dictate how much sleep they should get each night. Younger children need up to 12 hours of sleep per night in order to feel their best. Establishing a solid bedtime routine will help to support healthy sleep habits. This means that you need to create a quality sleep environment and implement routines that make falling asleep easier for your child.

Practice Positive Affirmations

Savvy parents understand the importance of offering up positive affirmations for kids. Making a commitment to praising your child regularly will boost their self-esteem and confidence while encouraging them to adopt a growth mindset. There are a number of ways that you can use positive affirmations in your daily life, including using verbal praise, creating an affirmation board, placing these thoughts in an area where your child will see them regularly, and using a journal to keep your thoughts and ideas together.

Get Moving

Physical activity is vital for your child’s well-being. You will get bonus points if the physical activity happens outside in the fresh air. Moving the body instantly improves your mood while also delivering long-term physical health benefits. Exercise is also a great activity that you can do together as a family, building important social connections in the process. Once it becomes a habit, it will be easy to get your child out the door and work up a sweat.

Teach the Power of Giving

Creating a sense of empathy and encouraging charitable giving are also contributing factors to your child’s well-being. Research has shown that being kind to others boosts your own happiness. Being generous also helps you to practice gratitude in your own life, a pillar for a positive frame of mind. Your child will feel better about themselves if they know they have made a difference in the life of others and in their community.

Encourage Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships form the cornerstone of your child’s well-being, making it important that you nurture these connections. In addition to enjoying a healthy relationship with their parents and any siblings, children need to cultivate connections with others outside the immediate home. This may include grandparents, cousins, friends, teachers, coaches, and teammates. All of these unique relationships work together to provide an overall sense of security and belonging for your child, helping them to feel happy and emotionally engaged with others. These relationships will also help teach your child valuable life skills such as communication and cooperation.

These five actions will go a long way in boosting your child’s overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.