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holiday packing

If you and your little ones (or not so little ones) are heading off on holiday this summer, there are certain things you’ll absolutely need to remember. Many of us find packing overwhelming, especially when you’ve got the added pressure of packing for yourself and your kids!

Whether you’re heading on a short-haul flight to Spain or Italy or a longer trip to the USA, this complete summer holiday checklist will help you remember everything for your family summer holiday. Take a look!

Holiday clothing

How many items of clothing you’ll need to pack depends on how long you’re going away for, but this should be enough to cover you for a 7 night holiday. If you’re going for any longer, consider taking a few more of each.

  • Daytime outfits e.g. shorts, dresses, t shirts. If you’re going for a week, pack one for every day.
  • Evening outfits. If you’re planning on having some evening meals out, or perhaps going for a glass of wine or two, you’ll want to plan enough evening outfits.
  • Bikinis or swimming costume.
  • Beach towel.
  • Underwear.
  • Socks.
  • Shoes to pair with outfits.
  • Sun hats/caps.
  • Pyjamas. Make sure they’ll keep you cool at night!
  • Sunglasses. You definitely won’t want to forget these! You could even grab yourself a new pair of ​women’s sunglasses​ from Arlo Wolf for your trip.


Along with your every-day toiletries, such as makeup and cleanser, there are a few extras you’ll need to pack for your family holiday.

  • Shampoo and conditioner.
  • Kids shampoo/conditioner.
  • Shower gel.
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Deodorant.
  • Lip balm.
  • Moisturiser.
  • Sun cream for you and the kids.
  • After sun.
  • Razors.
  • Shaving gel.
  • Hairbrushes.
  • Hair products.
  • Hair straighteners/curlers.

Travel-friendly accessories

Having the right equipment can make a huge difference to your holiday. These travel-friendly accessories will help you make some everlasting memories with your family.

  • Travel adapters.
  • Cameras or phone for those memories.
  • Reusable water bottles.
  • Chargers for any electronics.
  • Travel iron if your hotel doesn’t have one.

Important documents

You’ll need these important travel documents to pass through security and catch your flight.

  • All passports.
  • Visas if required.
  • Boarding passes.
  • Travel currency or cards.
  • Travel insurance documents.
  • Travel guides could come in handy, too!

Extras for the children

Of course, you’ll need to pack clothes, toiletries and any accessories for the kids too (such as nappies, prams or formula) but these added extras should definitely be on your packing list if they’re not already.

  • Toys and games to keep them entertained. These can come in handy on the plane!
  • Books and colouring books.
  • Water and snacks.
  • Tablet and headphones.
  • Plasters. You never know when you’re travelling with little ones!

Tips for travelling with kids

Spending time with your kids on holiday is one of the most rewarding experiences a single mum can have. If you’re a single mum heading off on holiday with your little ones, take a look at our ​top tips to take the stress out of travelling​.


uses for umbilical cord

When most mums give birth, the umbilical cord goes straight in the bin. Sure, some might choose to turn it into a decoration or plant their placenta in the garden but for the most part, it’s simply discarded.

That is, until recently. Now, parents have started to do something different… they’re choosing cord blood banking.

Just what exactly is cord blood banking though?

It’s the process of collecting blood from the umbilical cord, freezing it and then storing it for your child’s entire lifetime.

You might wonder why you’d want to do this, but the answer is actually quite simple. Scientists have shown that the umbilical cord contains millions of powerful stem cells, and those cells can do all sorts of incredible things like regrow tissue, repair the body and regenerate wounds.

You’ve probably heard about stem cells already. They’re the building blocks of life. Your baby started as a single stem cell in your womb and even after birth, it’s stem cells that fix your body if you scratch your arm or break a bone. 

Here are 5 ways your umbilical cord could change someone’s life:

Treatments for over 80 conditions

If you’re just hearing about this for the first time, you might be surprised to know that umbilical cord stem cells have been around in science since the ‘80s.

The first transplant, for a condition called Fanconi Anaemia, was way back in 1988 and since then, cord blood stem cells have been routinely used for over 80 different diseases and disorders… things like leukaemia and anaemia.

Access to ‘regenerative medicine’

More importantly, stem cells are making waves in certain circles. They’re a big part of what’s called regenerative medicine, which is a new branch of science that looks to cure conditions like arthritis.

At the moment, regenerative medicine studies are using cord blood to treat things like cerebral palsy, diabetes and stroke.

When your child reaches your age, they might be able to use their own stem cells to treat all sorts of conditions which can’t even be treated today. They could even get a new organ grown entirely from a stem cell sample.

Therapy for autism and more

Some aspects of stem cell science might sound like science fiction but in some cases, they’re actually already fact.

One little boy received his cord blood to treat autism and one year after his therapy, his mum says the improvements are significant. Apparently, the effort his parents spent managing his autism went from 8 out of 10 before his stem cell transplant, to 3 in the months after.

Other parents have also reported that stem cells have reduced the symptoms of their children’s cerebral palsy.

It’s really exciting to think what they could do once they become more widely available.

The bottomline

Expectant parents have the choice to donate their baby’s umbilical cord or, if they want to have access to it for their own family, to store it privately with a cord blood bank.

The second option means that your child has access to all these cutting-edge stem cell therapies throughout their life, and that your family have the freedom to use the umbilical cord sample however you want.

If you’re interested in private storage, the UK’s largest cord blood bank is Cells4Life. They have stored more than 140,000 samples and offer the only cord blood banking service that’s fully compatible with delayed cord clamping. Find out more about stem cell storage here.


Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash


In collaboration with PayPlan

Let’s think about the cost of single parenting shall we? There’s the relentless pressure of being solely responsible for bringing up children, self-neglect, money spent on treats to alleviate guilt over them not having two decent parents, helping them become independent, ultimate loss of sanity

I jest!

(Sort of.)

This post is actually more about the financial cost of being a single parent, inspired by research from PayPlan, a debt advice service, into the unfair costs of activities and days out for single parent families.

Generally you might think that being a single parent would be cheaper – there is only one of you after all – but the reality is that it’s anything but. For starters you still need pretty much the same sized house, and your bills are basically the same, save for the 25% discount on council tax. Your children need all the same stuff. The difference is though that you’re paying for it ALL BY YOURSELF.*

In my case I did save a fair bit of money after my last partner moved out, but that was more about his slapdash approach to his own (and therefore my) finances. He also wasn’t the father of either of my children (the scandal!) so probably not quite the same anyway.

In terms of days out specifically, it has definitely been my experience that you miss out on discounts as a single parent family, as ‘family tickets’ for things tend to be based on a family of two adults and multiple children. The research from Payplan, which is summarised in the infographic below, backs up my own experiences.

Now you might look at the results and think ‘Okay, fair enough though, if you’re going on ‘cost per adult’ then obviously it’s going to be more for single parents as you don’t have anyone to split it with’, but if you have a look further down in the infographic you’ll see that PayPlan has also worked it out on a cost per head basis. Under this way of working, single parents are STILL getting a raw deal – in every example the cost PER PERSON works out higher for single parents, because they don’t get to enjoy the discounts that result simply from being in a relationship.

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You’re here, which means you’re serious enough to research before finalizing your plan to move your child’s school. Perhaps you’re a parent who have already spent a considerable amount of time researching and checking out schools in an effort to find the school that best fits your child’s needs. A few months after school began, you might have realized that something’s not right. Your child is troubled. This is just one of the many reasons why you need to consider moving schools. Here are other possible reasons.

Your financial circumstances have changed. This reason for school transfer is common. You may have thought you are set financially when suddenly your picture has changed significantly. If you’re unable to pay school fees, swallow your pride and tackle your circumstances by talking with school authorities. If your child is doing well, they might be able to aid you. It doesn’t hurt to ask. If this fails, it’s time to explore your options in the private school world.

Your child got expelled. Finding a new school for a child who has been expelled can be a difficult task. Being expelled from public school or private school can be covered by the contract which you and the school signed. The net result for both schools is similar. Expect to have lots of questions when enrolling. So, have your answers well thought out.

Don’t be too positive to spin the situation. The admissions can see through that. Answer truthfully. The school will need to know if your child learned his lesson. Don’t speak ill of the previous school. Contrition is the key here. What are the chances of getting into another school? Assuming that your child’s academics are good and all the other items admissions profile indicate a positive trend, you still stand a good chance at a school which has open places.

Your child is unhappy. An unhappy child is tragic for parent. You need to find out whatever is causing the unhappiness. If your child is unhappy due to an issue at home, then it helps to get professional help to deal with this. Parents can also get divorced and financial situations can also happen. Skilled professionals can help with the child to emerge on the other side a much happier person.

This scenario isn’t exclusive to any particular grade, but the important thing is not to ignore the symptoms.

The school doesn’t satisfy your requirements. This isn’t common but happen anyways. Expectations are sometimes not being met in one way or another. You might have thought the program was something other than it is or have discovered that the school doesn’t offer the activities you feel your child requires.

Before finding a new school, meet with the school authorities and find a resolution to the situation. Don’t be difficult or threatening. Explain the issues and concerns and listen carefully to their response. If it can’t be resolved, then fold your tent and find a new school.

End Note

Changing schools need to be done carefully. You’d want to make changes at the common entry points, which is grades 6/7 for middle school and 9/10 for high school. However, if you have no other choice, it is doable.

Whatever you do, you should find an institution that while affordable, can still offer IB programme Singapore is known for. Don’t forget to consult your kid before deciding to change schools as this will affect him or her the most. Best of luck!


I had a message this morning from a friend who is currently on holiday with her partner in France. They’ve gone off for two weeks in a camper van, bikes strapped to the back. I assumed then, as you would, that she was an accomplished cyclist and that they would be whizzing all over the place sightseeing, their bike baskets filled with fresh batons, wine and cheese.

Not so.

‘Steve is trying to teach me to cycle again,’ she wrote, ‘but it’s very slow going and not sure I can manage more than a few minutes, plus don’t want to waste a day learning. I’m an awful pupil!’

A few minutes later I had another message.

‘We’ve given up and gone to the beach!’

It turns out that although she learned to ride a bike as a child, she never actually owned one and has never cycled on the roads. I was actually reassured by this, because I’ve always thought that my lack of confidence on a bike was a rarity. I learnt too when I was little, but don’t really remember having a bike much, or my parents having bikes, and so I’ve never gained that confidence as an adult that you need to be a decent cyclist.

About a year ago I actually got a bike for the first time in years, and I’ve been building myself up to the point that I will now happily cycle into town from my house. It IS only ten minutes though and all of it is through a park – I avoid the roads as much as possible because I just don’t trust myself.

I see people cycling along, no hands, on their phones, and have literally no idea how they do it. I sometimes wonder if I should look into adult tricycles, as I can barely take one hand off to signal a turn without wobbling all over the place.

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but I’m not so sure. For now I guess I just have to keep on practising, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to go in a straight line.

adult tricycles

Photo by Rodolfo Mari on Unsplash


This post is in collaboration with Poki – the ultimate playground for kids of all ages

As a mum, I’m often asked about the best way to entertain kids. (I’m an expert don’t you know.) Every child is, of course, different; your kids might thrill to a good movie or they might be bored stiff by Toy Story (honestly, it’s unlikely, but it does happen). How exactly you can keep your little ones entertained and enraptured through a wet and wild Sunday afternoon is the question asked by desperate parents everywhere.

If your kid is partial to the odd online game, then you might want to check out Poki. is a gaming portal and website billing itself as an “online playground” for kids and adults alike. It’s designed to be inclusive, with something for everyone, whether you consider yourself a gamer or not. There is so much to choose from, you’re sure to find a game that your kids (or you) enjoy.

Bee and Belle are basically both grown ups now, but they both still enjoy playing games on their phones. They particularly love the games where you have to move people through a series of spa treatments or run a cafe, although I think Belle’s favourite aspect of this is getting me to have a go and then laughing when I burn all the burgers and all my customers walk out without paying.

To make playing online games a little easier, Poki have generously offered me a 32GB Fire HD 8 Tablet, worth £99, to giveaway. The Fire tablet is ideal for playing games – read on for more details of how to win!

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Advertisement feature in collaboration with Chums

How much do you think you spend on clothes? Does where you live impact your clothes budget? Clothing brand Chums has recently conducted research to investigate spending habits across the UK, to see which parts of the country are spending the most on their wardrobes.

In my mind, I don’t spend much money on clothes. ‘Oh yeah, stuff like clothes and shoes just isn’t important to me,’ I say in a smug voice that implies I’m better than you. And then I look in my built-in wardrobe, which I realise takes up basically a whole wall in my bedroom, and it’s full of clothes and shoes.

Whoops. #fashionspend for me apparently.

(Out of everything in my wardrobe, these boots are still going strong and are an absolute favourite. Red AND animal print – what’s not to love? Also some quality videography in that post.)

Looking at the infographic that Chums has put together, I might be able to get away with blaming my location. Although Birmingham came out top, Bristol people are also big spenders, and that’s one of my closest cities AND I lived there for a few years. How can I possibly be blamed for the contents of my wardrobe? It’s just a question of geography. I’m helpless in the face of science.

What I will say in my defence is that I do tend to wear pretty much everything I own on a regular basis and I don’t hoard things – I do a regular clear out and give things I don’t wear to charity, so really, I’m being a good person aren’t I? I also buy quite a few bits in charity shops, so I’m being green about it too!

My most extravagant clothing spend, (apart from my wedding dress, which I actually tried on last week as it’s still sat in my mum’s wardrobe, never having been used), was probably a floor length gold silk skirt. It cost me £250 20 years ago as part of an outfit for a black tie Christmas party I was arranging at the company I worked for fresh out of university. I’d never had a proper full-time salary before and although I wasn’t exactly raking it in, it was a massive change from being a full-time student and single parent of a toddler. £250 still felt like an awful lot of money mind, especially when I woke up the next morning, hungover, to find I’d spilt red wine all down the front of it…

How much do you think you spend on clothes and how does it stack up against the findings from Chums? Check out the infographic and see how your spending compares. View Post


Advertisement feature in association with hotukdeals

A few years ago now, back when I lived in Bristol, I had a boyfriend who was obsessed with hotukdeals.

I don’t just mean that he would check the site for offers before he bought something significant, I mean that he loved browsing, scrolling through the listings, just for fun. ‘Someone’s just found a half price patio set in an Asda in Doncaster!’ he would shout out, excitedly. It makes you wonder really how engaging I was as a girlfriend, but let’s brush over that.

He actually saved us a lot of money over the few years we lived together – or should I say hotukdeals did, because the beauty of the site is that you don’t actually do any of the research yourself, you just wait for other people to find the bargains, post about them, and then you swoop. Hotukdeals is a place for real consumers to share their stories, deals, vouchers. and tips. The purpose of the site is to encourage honest advice from genuine consumers, getting insight from other real people about hot deals and products.

There’s also an app, which is totally free and allows for on the go bargain hunting. You can also use the app to set keyword alerts, so if, for example, you’re after some LEGO for Christmas presents, you can get a notification as soon as a LEGO offer gets posted. I actually did a little project with them a couple of years ago, where I saved £527 on my Christmas shopping, so coupled with my obsessive boyfriend history I consider myself something of an expert.

When hotukdeals asked me then if I fancied using the site to discover some bargains for a garden makeover, I was PRIMED, ready to strike while the deal was hot. (Or, as it turned out in my case, while the half price barbecue was hot.) They’ve also given me two £50 vouchers to give away, so read on for more info on how to win those too.

My garden is one of my favourite bits of the house because it’s the area where I have made the most difference. The rest of the house was already redecorated and ready to go, but the garden was like a prison yard. I did a whole garden makeover post, complete with kitten in a wheelbarrow, if you want to check it out, and I’ve added a lot of plants along the way too. (It’s worth noting too that the plants from that second post are doing really well a year on – I’ve been really impressed with them.)

HotUKDeals garden offers

So I set about searching the garden section of hotukdeals for some garden bargains that would add to the tropical paradiseness of my garden.* View Post


A lot of people are now hopping onto the bandwagon of juicing. Because this diet fad is actually pretty easy to follow, the number of people who are juicing are steadily growing. Juicing can also be a cheaper and healthier alternative compared to commercialized fruit juices. This is especially true if you hand-press yours with Goodnature juicers and other types of juicers. But are there any actual benefits to juicing your own fruit? This article can provide accurate answers.

You don’t want to try out something that will not impact your life in a positive way. Fortunately, juicing your own fruit isn’t a useless effort because this practice can provide the following benefits:

1.     It Can Help You Consume More Fruits

Everything you consume and don’t consume can affect your overall health. If you’re stuffing your body with too many junk foods and carbonated drinks, don’t expect that your body will be safe from common illnesses and diseases. Consuming unhealthy food and practicing unhealthy eating habits will only put your health and life at risk. When you juice your own fruit, you’ll be able to steer away from this direction.

Juicing is a great way for you to consume all the nutrients and minerals your body needs through fruits. And because juicing allows you to combine different fruits, it’ll be easy for you to enjoy healthy fruit-based drinks. Through juicing, you might even start loving juices that you disliked in the past!

2.     It Can Give You More Energy

Regardless of whether you’re a student, parent, or employee, you need to have a lot of energy during the day. Your energy level is vital for you to function and become productive. If you see yourself dozing off in the middle of the day, the absence of nutrients and minerals from your body might be the reason why. All of these components serve as your body’s fuel, which is why you should always be on a full tank.

When you juice your own fruits, nutrients and minerals are retained, allowing your body to produce higher levels of energy. You can try juicing one piece of orange, four slices of apples, and a handful of kale together. This combination can boost your energy—perfect when you’re starting a busy day.

3.     It Can Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for you to achieve optimal health. Sleep is your body’s way of recharging and repairing broken muscles and tissues. It’ll be easier for you to function and excel if you’re able to sleep well. You can’t possibly become effective at school or work if you’re always grumpy first thing in the morning, right? If you want to get the most out of your sleep, juicing can certainly help.

Fruits like cherries, oranges, and kiwi naturally contain melatonin, a hormone that puts your body to sleep. The more fruits you include in your juices, the better quality and longer sleep you’ll have.

4.     It Can Help You Focus Better

When you’re alert and focused, it’ll be easier for you to accomplish different tasks during the day. If you exert time and effort on a specific task, you’ll be able to complete this in no time and move on to another task. If you’re having a hard time focusing at school, work or home, start juicing all of your fruits. Drinking natural juices from green fruits can make you feel alert and energized, allowing you to function better. Pressed juices are also a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Fruit juices can improve your focus without letting your body go through a sugar crash.

5.     It Can Help You Live Longer

As they say, “health is wealth.” All of your achievements in school and work will be useless if you’re always sickly. Instead of enjoying the rewards of your hard work, you’ll end up spending all of your money to pay for expensive medical bills, doctors’ professional fees, and hospitalization. Fortunately, you can save yourself from experiencing any of these once you start juicing your fruits. Drinking fruit juices regularly is like taking the most natural multivitamins. Fresh fruit juices can regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure, and can also help prevent cancer.

Consult Your Doctor

If you’re a newbie to the world of juicing, look for easy recipes to follow. You can do this by using the internet or asking for help from people who are juicing. But most importantly, you should get the go signal of your doctors before trying out juicing. You want juicing to improve your overall health, not become the reason why you’ll become unhealthy.



Finding spiritual guidance is essential for every person’s spiritual growth. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine the best way and how to find as well as identify spirit guides. This is because there are many spiritual gurus out there who promise to know it all yet at the same time some of them are not as reliable as they claim to be.

There are different methods and ways of finding spiritual guidance. However, while to some people, not all might work for you there are others who they will all work for. It’s therefore; best to determine which approaches best for you. Psychics can also help you create a closer connection and relationship with your spirit guides which will be quite beneficial in every area of your life. Here are 4 tips to finding spiritual guidance. 

Be flexible and open

Understand that spiritual guidance comes in many forms so be open to receiving your spiritual guidance. Spirit guides are clever, and if you let them through different ways, either dreams, thoughts or a sign, you can receive that spiritual guidance that you need.

You can receive spiritual guidance through a voice within you or an inner knowing. Sometimes, you might even see them in the form of sparks of light which are an indicator of the presence of a spirit guide. When this happens you need to connect with your spirit guide by listening. 

Practice yoga and meditation

Prayer, yoga and meditation also quiet your mind which opens you to hearing any guidance from your spiritual guide. Finally, after meditation, exercise gratitude. Also, you can choose a credible psychic to perform a psychic reading for spiritual guidance. Psychics will often share what they have learned and guide you to what’s required of you.

Be relaxed and enjoy

Let it go and do not attach to the outcome. Let the flow happen naturally by trusting that there is something better in store for you. Understand that everything will be perfect in divine timing and don’t force things. If you’ve made any mistakes in the past, learn from them, but don’t dwell too much on how things will unfold since this might push away your spiritual guides. Be grateful for every experience to avoid and trust that your guides know what’s better. This will give you clear guidance and prevent you from manipulating your results which might cause disappointments.

Believe in yourself 

When you want to find spiritual guidance one of the most important things is believing in yourself. You need to believe that you deserve the guidance. Believe that you can receive the guidance and the ability to connect to your guides. This is essential for you to get the support and guide that you are searching for and deserve. If you can trust in your own psychic ability, then you increase your chances of hearing any information that is key in your spiritual journey.

Above all, even while making use of the above tips, it’s always best to engage in activities that bring you joy. Find out which activities or hobbies you love, whether it’s running, artwork, cooking, swimming or any other and keep yourself happy at all times. Positive vibes are important for you to feel the presence of your guides, especially when in high vibrational energy. These vibes will greatly help you to succeed even in unlikely situations and circumstances. 



Traditionally, gambling has been the reserve of men, and men only. If you think about any film set in a casino, it’s full of men having all the fun, while the women do nothing but serve them drinks or cheer them on. Thankfully, that’s all starting to change.

Female-friendly casinos

The online casino industry has grown and grown over the past few years and shows no signs of stopping – experts have predicted that, by 2020, the online casino industry could be worth around $60 billion. More and more people are gambling, both men and women, and, because of this, the casinos aren’t just aimed at the men out there.

In the past few years, new online casinos have appeared with names like Queen Vegas, Anna Casino, and Vera & John – you can tell just from the names who these sites are all aimed at. They’re all full of games aimed at women, from bingo and games and scratch cards to slot machines with titles like Ladies Leisure or Immortal Romance.

Why Women are Going Online

The Gambling Commission recently revealed a study on people’s gambling habits in the UK. While men are more likely to gamble for fun, 49% of women gamble to win (compared to only 41% of men). One reason for the rise in the number of women signing up to online casinos is that they feel more comfortable with them. Online casinos have made it easier for them to have fun playing on their laptops or phones, rather than playing in front of crowds of men.

From the designs of the websites to the variety of games available, it’s clear that online casinos are trying to entice more women players. If you’re looking for an online casino to try out, has all the top casino bonus codes and offers available for new players.

Women in the Industry

Denise Coates, the founder of online casino bet365, has been dubbed “the best-paid woman in the world.” Just last year, she earned £265 million, which was more than three times what Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, made the same year. Some of the biggest and most influential figures in the industry are women, too, such as Lydia Barbara, the head of innovation and strategy at Microgaming. The software company is responsible for hundreds of the biggest online casino games, from poker and roulette to blackjack and slot machines.

Women aren’t just playing a big part behind the scenes; an increasing number of women are taking up poker and other casino games, and rising up through the ranks. People like Vanessa Selbst, (who’s earned more than £9 million to become the top-earning female poker player of all time) and Barbara Enright (who was inducted into the Poker Hall of fame in 2007) could be said to be inspiring other women to follow in their footsteps.

Even though gambling’s traditionally been for men, things have changed fast in the past few years, giving women opportunities that they’ve never had before. It’s a trend that doesn’t show any sign of stopping and, hopefully, is here to stay.


We were gifted spaces on this Boo Cottage Botanicals workshop for the purposes of this review

When I was little, I used to make my own perfume.

I say ‘make my own perfume’ – what I actually used to do was collect up scattered rose petals that had fallen off the flowers, (or pick them off if I thought no one was looking), and put them in an old jam jar of water. The petals smelt so beautiful, I was sure if I could just gather enough that I would be able to turn my jam jar water into rose scented perfume.

As anyone who has tried this, (and I’m imagining it’s a lot of you), will know, it doesn’t work. You just get rank old petals in a jar of water. Still, it’s fun to try when you’re eight years old or so.

It was with with kind of ‘anything is possible if you have enough rose petals’ attitude that we rocked up one Sunday morning a few weeks ago for a workshop with Boo Cottage Botanicals. We were doing the ‘natural skincare workshop: balms, bombs and body butters‘ and it promised that we would leave with a whole range of skincare products that we’d made ourselves from scratch.

I’d taken Belle along with me because she loves skincare and is always mashing avocados late at night to smear on her face. She told me she only does that out of poverty (not sure where she thinks the avocados come from) but regardless she DID enjoy it. She has a certain way of being when she gets really engrossed in an activity – a serious, efficient look on her face and a nice straight back – and she had this throughout the morning.

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