My mum told me yesterday that she doesn’t think I know how to worry properly.

It was because I’d been telling her that one of my main worries about the coronavirus was zombies. Zombies or perhaps man-eating plants. ‘I don’t care how much toilet paper I have,’ I said, ‘the most stressful thing about going to the supermarket is getting out of the car and expecting to see the undead shuffle out of the trolley park.’

‘I absolutely promise you,’ she said, ‘that there will not be any zombies.’

‘That’s exactly what they say at this point in the books,’ I pointed out, in what felt like a completely reasonable way, ‘but then the virus mutates and suddenly your shrubs are trying to eat you in the night.’

‘I think perhaps that you’re not used to worrying,’ said my mum, ‘and that you’re not sure how to process it. I don’t think it’s really about zombies.’

She might be right.

Whereas my sister, in her own words, has been ‘prepping for this moment her whole life’, emotionally at least, (although they do also always have more than a normal amount of pasta at home), I have not. Anxiety has historically not been my ‘thing’ and I prefer to waft through life unconcerned by external events or health concerns. Over the last year or so though, maybe age, maybe the midlife unravelling, I’d already started to notice odd niggles about things taking root – a needless trip to the optician because my eyes ‘don’t feel right’ here, a cry over the pointlessness of life there. I’ve felt slightly off my game for a while and coronavirus feels like it could be the thing that tips me over the edge.

25 years of reading dystopian fiction has left me with an ingrained fear of things like viruses, over which we appear to have so little control. It feels scary to me because it’s unpredictable, it could be anywhere and because we don’t know how to kill it.

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Having a beach house is anybody’s dream. Access to the sea, peaceful coast, and a place to escape during the summer from the noise of the city, all that is in beach home offering. There is just something about the coastal communities that is so attractive for families and friends gatherings that you want to be an owner of such comfort. Besides, buying a beach house is an excellent way to invest your money. Some consider it even better than regular property, as you can get more out of the investment. However, not all beach towns in the United States are on the same level, and some are better than others. You can observe that by following the real estate agencies that offer beach homes, like So without further ado, let’s talk about the most desirable locations for beach houses in America.

Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach

Florida is the state that you think of first when you are looking for fantastic coastal communities. Some even call it the beach and summer location of the United States. It has the right location, atmosphere, and the beaches are absolutely perfect. No wonder Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach are considered one of the best beach house locations in the US. Both sites are popular vacation destinations ensuring a steady stream of vacationers throughout the year. This part of Florida remains high on the real estate investment list. Santa Rosa Beach is also known for its easy access to nature. That is why families seeking a beach house experience will be at your vacation rental door.

Average beach home price: 420 000$

Ocean City

Apart from its already attractive name, Ocean City in Maryland is on the list of the best beaches and beach houses communities for years now. You can enjoy here an expansive, three-mile beachfront boardwalk that is home to local shops, restaurants, and arcades, all within walking distance. Those who are seeking a bit more adventure will find it in Maryland as well. Surfing, fishing, and canoeing are all available in Ocean City. Beach home buyers in this market should keep one thing in mind, and that is water. Ocean City has a limited number of houses that are close to it. The good idea is to invest in a pool or boardwalk access that will help increase your stays.

Average beach home price: 290 000$

Myrtle Beach

We are not talking about Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter book series, but the beach that is the heart of coastal life in South Carolina. It is an Atlantic coast gem famous for its natural beauty and variety of activities. Myrtle Beach is a perfect location for swimming, deep-sea fishing, and dolphin cruises, this region of South Carolina truly has something for everyone. Even people who prefer to stay on the green rather than sand can find plenty of world-famous golf courses. When searching in Myrtle Beach for an investment opportunity, look for vacation properties that are near water of any kind. Oceanfront or channel-front homes will generate the most income. A boat dock is also a significant advantage for potential renters who want to take full advantage of the blue ocean.

Average beach home price: 275 000$

Ocean Shores

Perhaps the best that the United States has to offer in terms of beach housing, Ocean Shores is a small coastal city and oasis of Washington state. If Washington isn’t immediately providing your mind with images of tropical breezes and suntanned skin, you are so wrong. There is way more to this beautiful state than just ever screaming politicians. Ocean Shores, known as the Razor Clam capital of the West, is ideal for those looking for outdoor adventures on its stretch of waterways and beaches. And just because it is not the obvious choice, Ocean Shores becomes even more attractive as a location for your beach house. Besides, you don’t always have to travel across the country to Florida, every single time to get some sun and ocean fun.

Average beach home price: 250 000$

Gulf Shores

Sweet Home, Alabama! Gulf Shores, located on the state line of Florida and Alabama, has a variety of features with holiday potential. Popular day-trip destinations are nearby, family-friendly activities as well, and popular concerts or food festivals attract every kind of traveler. For these reasons, Gulf Shores is a year-round favorite vacation rental place in the US. In this area, there’s a beach home for everyone, so if you are looking for a bigger community, you are in the perfect place.

Average beach home price: 410 000$

Beach house is an excellent idea for investment as well as a getaway purchase. There are plenty of perfect locations throughout the United States that will provide you with an experience you wish for. Various prices, different features, but one thing in common, comfort, and stunning views.


For parents, their number one priority is always the safety of their baby. Apart from daily activities connected with bringing them up, such as feeding or getting them off, your role is also to provide them with a safe place to sit while driving. And here starts the battle between supporters of different approaches. Some people say that you should place your child only on a front seat, whereas others claim that it’s safer to put your kid in the back. Another debatable question is the type of seats that should be used. Because of these contrary opinions, parents make many mistakes while installing car seats, which you can read about on the Parent Center Network website. To avoid them, remember that in most cases, especially if you have a newborn baby, the best car seats are rear-facing, which protect your child against a spine fracture in the case of a car accident. Now, take a closer look at different positions of your child’s seat, and check if it can be properly fitted to that position in your vehicle.

Front Passenger Seat

Although many parents would like to keep their baby close at hand, a front passenger seat isn’t the best choice. You can’t drive and simultaneously take care of your kid. It’s even more dangerous if you put a rear-facing baby seat in the front, and you have an active passenger airbag. During the accident, it may hit the car seat and push your baby forward. However, if your car doesn’t have airbags, or they can be deactivated or switched off, then you can use the rear-facing seat in the front. But still, it would be more secure to place your baby in the back with another grown-up who would look after them during the ride.

If you really need to install a forward-facing baby seat in the front, then place it as far from the dashboard as possible. And always make sure the seat belt securely holds your baby seat. It’s one of the most essential security measures.

Rear Seat Behind the Driver

Now, let’s take a look at a rear seat behind the driver. Is it safe for your child? If you drive alone, probably not, because you aren’t able to see your kid. What’s more, this seat is located on the side of the road, and during the accident, your baby will be more vulnerable to the force of impact. While getting your child out of the car, it’s also not so comfortable unless you typically park your vehicle next to the pavement, and you don’t want to ram passers-by.

Rear Seat Behind the Front Passenger

The situation is entirely different when you use a rear seat behind the front passenger. 41% of all parents choose this seat subconsciously since children are in plain sight, which allows adults to easily reach them during the ride and give them a snack or drink. Nevertheless, such behaviour shouldn’t be practised while driving a car. The driver’s primary purpose is to focus on the road, and not do a few things at the same time. Otherwise, they can cause a car accident.

However, in this position, kids are more secured during a crash than when they sit behind the driver. Also, it’s easier to get the child in and out of the car from that side. But is it the safest place to sit your baby?

Middle Rear Seat

It turns out that not. The safest place in the car for your child is in the centre of the back seat. One study proves that the middle rear seat is 43% safer for newborns to 3-year-old kids than sitting on the side of the back. As surprising as it is, that’s a fact. Why? Because it’s located the furthest away from the sides of the vehicle. And they are usually first dented under the influence of the side impact.

Of course, not all cars and baby seats are adapted to such a solution. So, before installing your car seat, you could familiarise yourself with an instruction manual of both your vehicle and the seat. Remember that a middle rear seat usually requires a three-point seat belt. If your car has lap and diagonal seat belts only on the sides, then you have no other choice but put your baby there.

However, if you choose an Isofix or an i-size child seat, then you can use the centre rear seat only if it has Isofix points. It’s good to keep that in mind during the shopping.

While purchasing a car seat for your baby, always try to protect them as much as you can. Therefore, choose the middle rear position in the back, and ideally rear-facing car seats for your youngest bundle of joy.


baby shower invitations

Before your bundle of joy comes along, and you get caught up in all the feeding and taking care of the little one, you deserve to have some time off for yourself and celebrate. 

Baby showers are fun to be a part of and to host because it is a celebration of new life coming into the world. The miracle of pregnancy is something women don’t get enough credit for. Having to carry and be responsible for a new life in your own body is truly a wonder that no one can fully describe unless they have been in that situation. 

As a testament to this wonderful miracle, baby showers are held to celebrate both the mother and the unborn child’s new journey together. In addition, a shower is also a great opportunity for the family of the couple, or the important people in their lives, to shower them with love and care during this time. 

Traditionally, baby showers are not held by the expectant mother, but rather by someone on their behalf. There is actually no strict rule as to who should be throwing it. 

If you are the one throwing a shower, then it is time to start the preparations! 

Before throwing the actual party, you will need to start with the basics, like shower invitations. Your invitations are crucial because they will set the mood and style for the whole shower. How you present the invitation will either excite your guests, or make them want to avoid attending the event. Things you can include in the invitation are the address, time and date, and gender (as approved by the mother or the parents)

For great suggestions to help you out, you should check out woodland invitations. They have a wide array of selections that can help you get started. 

4 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Baby Invitation Designs For Your Shower Party


  • Know The Preference Of The Couple Or Expectant Mother 


Since your invitation is one of the first things that your guest sees before the shower, it is important to take the mother into consideration during the planning. 

Colors play an important role in the design of an invitation. Would the mother or parents want gender-neutral colors so as to not give anything away, or would they prefer to choose colors that specifically announce the gender?

If they are going to do a gender reveal during the shower party itself, it is better to stay in neutral colors that will not give anything away.

In addition, this also adds to the suspense and curiosity of the guests as to what the gender is, and what to expect during the party. It makes the celebration even more exciting and fun.

However, one of the disadvantages of this is that guests will not be able to bring things that are appropriate for a specific gender if they are kept in the dark. 


  • Handwritten Notes On Your Cards Add A Warm And Personal Touch 


In this digital age, everything can be done on the internet. So adding a personal touch will truly warm the hearts of those who will receive the message. It would really make your invitations stand out due to their unique quality.

You might be thinking that this would be hard work and will take up time as well. Not to worry, there are certain advances in technology that allow handwritten notes to be digitalized so that you will not have to write the same thing again and again. By just scanning your original handwritten note, there are creative people who can put it on many cards. 

This is a good way to add a personal touch without it being too time-consuming. Your extra effort will surely be rewarded, as the guests will remember your distinctive invitations for a long time to come.


  • Match The Theme Of Your Shower With Your Invitations


If you are already working on a specific theme for the shower event itself, then it is best to pair it with the invitations that you will send out.

If however, you still haven’t decided on a theme, then this is a good way to pressure you into deciding. Some famous themes that might inspire you are the following: 

  • Food-themed
  • Safari-themed
  • Sports-themed
  • Retro-themed
  • Disney-themed
  • Space-themed
  • A theme from a series or a movie

Other suggestions for themes are that you can base them on the mother’s favorite movie, book, character, or food that she might be craving at the moment, like frittatas. Then, you can incorporate some of those elements into the perfect shower invitation. 


  • Choose A Card That Keeps The Content Simple But Clear


Sometimes the best way to say something is to say it in short and simple terms and words. You might be familiar with the acronym KISS which means, “Keep it simple and sweet.” 

Your guests do not need to know all the details. What they do need to know is that they are invited to a baby shower party that will be held at a certain place at a certain date and time. Be clear with instructions so that they do not get lost and confused.  If certain things like costume wear are required, then include it in your content as well. 


If you are having a hard time choosing a shower party invitation, remember to keep in mind the preferences of the parents or mother so that you do not reveal details that they might want to keep secret. Handwritten notes also add a personal touch to the letters. Other reminders include matching your theme with your invitation and choosing a card that keeps the content simple yet clear. 

Remember that the goal of the shower is to prepare the expectant mother for the new journey ahead, and for friends and family to use this time that she has to impart wise words and advice. It is important for everyone to have fun during this time, so feel free to be as creative as you like.

baby shower ideas


benefits of a wet room

With more people preferring to alter their current home than move out, home makeovers are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re planning on renovating your home this year, it’s likely that your bathroom ranks as a priority. As a solution, turning your traditional bathroom into a wet room might just be the way to go – especially if you have children.

A mess-free solution?

Essentially, a wet room is a bathroom that is completely waterproofed, with the shower at the same level as the rest of the floor, and generally without any enclosures. This allows for a true open-plan concept, which not only can make for a sleek and seamless design, but can make a previously small bathroom feel larger and even allow for less clutter. However, for those who have children, one of the best things about having a wet room is that it allows for an easy clean and a virtually mess-free space.

Because the entire bathroom becomes waterproofed to become a wet room, there’s little need to worry about spills and messes, as they can be wiped up without issue. This feature is great for the little ones who are just learning how to shower on their own, as it’s a great help for managing water spillage as they get out of the shower. Thanks to a unique design, wet rooms commonly have underfloor heating that helps any moisture on the floor to dry out effectively, unlike traditional bathrooms. This eliminates the need for rugs that would otherwise get soaked as you get out of the shower, and helps to reduce the risk of slipping in puddles. The waterproofing aspect of a wet room can also become quite useful in the unforeseeable event that your child clogs the toilet or sink (or for any other unexpected pipe leaks), as no damage is likely to be done to the floor – thus saving you the cost of water damage.

Accessibility benefits

8% of children in the UK have a disability, making accessibility a must for many parents looking to renovate their homes. For parents who have children who experience mobility issues, a wet room can make the entire bathroom much more accessible. This is because the open-plan concept allows for those with wheelchairs, crutches and other equipment to enter and use the bathroom without worry of bumping into anything (such as a shower door, wall of a bathtub or any other barriers). The benefits of accessibility are also great for those unexpected moments in life when your child might have an injury that requires a cast due to sports practice. Not to mention that an open and accessible bathroom can also benefit other members of the family as well, such as when the grandparents come to visit. This makes a wet room not only versatile but also beneficial to many people.


While a wet room might seem like it involves a shower-only space, this simply isn’t true. In fact, one of the great things about installing a wet room is that it can be fully customised to your family’s needs. For example, if your children enjoy bath time and aren’t ready to begin taking showers, you can have a free-standing bathtub in your wet room along with a shower – some people even choose to separate their shower and bathtub from the rest of the room with a glass divider in order to prevent water from splashing into the rest of the room. Handles and bars can also be added for additional security, whether it be to enhance accessibility, or as a safety precaution if you’re worried that your child might slip or fall.

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom this year, a wet room might just be the answer. In addition to providing you with a sleek bathroom design, a wet room can provide many kid-friendly benefits, such as being virtually mess-free, accessible and easy to customise according to your child’s needs.


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In the past I’ve had a pretty laissez-faire attitude to parenting.

It’s not that I don’t care, (she types carefully, just for the record), it’s more that my priority is for my children to do something that makes them happy and that they enjoy, rather than being one of those parents who forces their kids into ballet and violin lessons at age three and plays Mozart to the them in the womb.

If anything, you could say I have a tendency to be too hands off, and that the lack of discipline in my nature has left them sometimes feeling a bit at sea when it comes to having support with big life choices. Or maybe not, who knows – you’d have to ask them I guess.

You wouldn’t think though that, when it came to educational choices, I’d have a particularly strong opinion, so it’s always felt rather out of character for me that when Bee voiced a desire to do ‘BTEC Babies’ after she finished school, I was more than a little discouraging. (It wasn’t actually called BTEC Babies, we just call it that whenever Bee brings it up as an example of my failings as a parent, and it has kind of stuck.)

T Levels

Post-16 Bee thinking wistfully about what life might have been like if I’d let her do BTEC Babies

I’m ashamed to say that there was definitely an element of snobbery behind me telling her she’d be much better off doing A Levels. I could remember so clearly being that age and the stigma attached to BTECs – they were very much seen at the time, at least by my friends, as something you did if you weren’t clever enough to take the ‘proper’ academic route. I was also concerned that by not doing A Levels she’d be limiting herself in terms of what else she might be able to do. Essentially I didn’t see the value in a vocational qualification.

How wrong I was.

As university fees have soared, and the graduate job market becomes increasingly competitive, school leavers are looking for different routes into work, routes that let them continue their studies at the same time as getting useful, real world experience. While A Levels continue to be a popular choice, apprenticeships have staged an impressive comeback over recent years, with opportunities up to degree level, and attitudes towards technical qualifications generally have definitely shifted. Loads of the parents I speak to nowadays are encouraging their kids to think outside the A Level box and explore different options post-GCSEs.

One of these options is T Levels. View Post


Were you dreaming of the time when your laundry load halved? A promised land where no one complained that their favourite top or jeans hadn’t been washed even though they had been unceremoniously banished to the floordrobe? Parents of the world be warned, there might not be much respite from the washing, even when your children have flown the nest. New research by Beko has found that more than a third of adults wished their mum and dad still did their laundry – and many do still take them their dirty clothes. Beko found that people say that having to do their own laundry is the third worst thing about moving out of the family home – behind only cooking and cleaning.

For most mums, the thought of my children moving out is a double edged sword, the attraction of less housework is reduced by the fear of an empty nest. But, it’s clear that a parent’s role doesn’t end when their children move out. From financial advice through to laundry help there are plenty of things we’re still needed for. Let’s face it, we probably all secretly like the fact that we are still needed, right?

Perhaps having some family guidelines around what is and isn’t acceptable could help if you’re greeted with your child arriving on your doorstep with what seems like every outfit they have ever owned.

  1. Ringing in advance is a good way to prevent double booking the washing machine and when you ge there, if your colour load isn’t full, why not see if anyone else in the house has any?
  2. Don’t just ram your clothes into the dirty wash bin! See whether a load is already on, if so wait, if not well put the wash on!
  3. If you do need some help in the laundry department. Please please PLEASE do not wait until you have absolutely no clothes but an out of shape grey ish t-shirt that was once white. Doing it in smaller more manageable sizes will not only help me but more importantly you. Trust us parents!
  4. Perhaps some sort of treat for mum and dad wouldn’t go amiss to chocolates or something along those lines.

There are lots of washing advice labels and we have all known the disappointment suffered when our favorite wool jumper has somehow managed to get in the wrong cycle and is shrunken to the size of a small child’s top. About a quarter of the people Beko asked said they were taking their clothes to their mum and dad because they were worried about ruining them.This might be a convenient excuse but I’m sure it’s part of it – as is your children not having decent facilities for themselves when they’re just starting out in a new home.

Washing clothes is a job that I don’t think many people really enjoy (although 18% believe their parents do, though!). It is just something that always needs doing, like it or not. So, for the time being at least, i’ll be helping with washing. Between you and I, that’s fine with me.


We’ve all heard the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ and this quote rings true for many homeowners. There’s something extremely comforting and also satisfying about spending time in a clean and tidy home. Yet some find the regular cleaning of their homes a task they would rather ignore. Sure a deep clean is often a lengthy process and can seem very overwhelming, especially if you’ve ‘not had the time’ to clean for a couple of days. But there are a number of tips and tricks that can help you perfect the art of home cleaning. Whether you’re looking for ways to speed up the process, or looking for deep cleaning tips to banish years of built-up dirt and grime, we’ve got you covered. 

Invest in the Right Tools

Cleaning tools and appliances such as vacuums, carpet washers and accessories such as cloths and dusters are highly important and when chosen well, could make your cleaning tasks significantly easier. Opt for quality over quantity, instead of buying a large, inexpensive pack of cleaning cloths why not invest in high-quality microfibre cloths that you can wash and reuse time and time again. Not only will they give a better result but buying the higher quality products will work out as a more cost-effective option as time goes on. When choosing tools such as vacuum cleaners and carpet washers it’s important to do your research. Read the reviews and look into if the product has features that may be of use to you and your cleaning needs. If you have pets then look for specialist machines that are manufactured to remove pet hair. 

Buy Multi-Use Cleaning Products

Choosing quality over quantity is also best when it comes to cleaning products. Buying a multitude of specialist cleaning products and solutions for different jobs around the house is not only expensive, but it also creates more mess in your cleaning storage cupboard. What’s more, you probably won’t use half of the products more than a handful of times before you forget about them and they get left at the back of the cupboard. Instead, buy a smaller number of products that can be used all around the home. Tried and tested, multi-use cleaning products you know work, and you enjoy using. For example, a multi-purpose disinfectant can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and on items such as drawer or door handles. Use an antibacterial glass cleaner on shiny or mirrored surfaces around the home and then choose a floor cleaner that’s suitable for both wood, laminate and tiles.

Use a Toothbrush

It’s difficult to find a cleaning tool on the market that works as well as an old toothbrush. The humble toothbrush is often all you need to get into those hard to reach areas and remove the dirt and grime. Use them anywhere you feel necessary, cleaning bathroom grout, under the toilet rim, air vents and skirting boards. The beauty of this tip is that toothbrushes are often very inexpensive and everyone is sure to have one lying around the house. 

Create a Cleaning Caddy

There’s nothing more frustrating than working away on the bathroom upstairs and then realising you’ve left something downstairs in the cleaning cupboard. This not only stops your flow but it wastes valuable time and energy. Organising your favourite cleaning products and accessories to create a portable cleaning caddy will make cleaning more efficient and save you time. Whether you choose a small basket or simply fill the pockets of an apron or tool belt, we’re sure that once you try this trick you’ll wonder why you never did this sooner.

Follow a Plan

The most efficient cleaners will always have a plan or system to follow which enables them to clean both quickly and effectively. You may find it helpful to write a list and work through that, ensuring you finish each task before starting another. This will help you to focus on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed, it’s also extremely satisfying to tick off each task once completed. Some people tend to start with the most difficult jobs to get them out of the way first, others clean their house room by room, top to bottom. Just stick with a system or set of rules that work for you and your cleaning style. 

Hopefully, the tips above will come in handy during your next cleaning spree. Whether you choose to tackle your cleaning little and often or enjoy performing a deep clean over a long weekend, we’re sure these expert tips and tricks will make each task that little bit easier or less time-consuming. 


untold stories slummy single mummy

Today’s anonymous contribution to Untold Stories is, sadly, not an uncommon one. It’s all about that time after a birth of a baby when you’re meant to be living as a happy family and yet somehow it doesn’t always work like that. It’s a massively tough time for even the strongest of relationships and if there are any cracks at all, it’s now that they can begin to show. If you’ve had a similar experience and have come out the other side I would love you to leave an encouraging comment. Or maybe you came out the other side and it didn’t look exactly how you thought it would look? Please do leave a comment and share your story. (Names have been changed.)



Hate feels like a strong word but I don’t honestly know how else to describe it. What is it called when you lie in bed next to someone while they sleep and all you can feel towards them is resentment and bitterness?

I haven’t always felt like this about my husband. We met when we were 24 and married five years later. For all that time we were perfectly happy. Okay, so not perfectly, but we were a normal amount of happy. We both had jobs we loved, friends with whom we did all the things that twenty somethings are meant to do – boozy brunches, Sunday lunches, all of that. At weekends we sometimes lay in, sometimes we went away. We had disposable income. We were tired sometimes, but the kind of tiredness that comes from fun nights out and work projects that you feel passionately about. It was the sort of tired that you don’t mind because you know there will be chance to catch up at the weekend. It didn’t seem to matter who put out the bin as long as it happened at some point.

Then when I was 32 we had a baby. I’ve always wanted a family, we both have. We were excited about it. We went to all of the classes, did all the research. We felt ready. It turns out I was really not ready. View Post


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About a month ago I had what might possibly have been the worst cold sore that any human being has ever had.

Okay, that’s a bit of and exaggeration, but it was definitely the worst cold sore that I’ve ever had. I don’t get them that often, and didn’t get any at all until I was in my 30s, but when they strike they go all out, guns blazing.

I do what I can, smearing them liberally with cold sore cream as soon as I feel the tingle, but they laugh in my face. Literally in my face, because that’s what so horrible about cold sores isn’t it? They are RIGHT THERE. You can’t escape from them, or hide them. It’s not like when you were a teenager – you can’t wear a casual white polo neck under your school shirt like you might to hide a dodgy love bite. (Hypothetically.)

Every single time you talk to someone your cold sore wiggles about, drawing attention to itself. Mine take so long to go away too because my tongue obsesses over them, poking and prodding even though I tell it not too. They’re horrible things and anything that could help to get rid of them quicker, or even stop them appearing at all, has got to be worth a try hasn’t it?

That’s why I agreed to write a post about HERPOthermView Post


paper plane

Most people do not like to think about the bad things that might happen on their holiday. Usually, travellers are focused on the excitement of going to a different place and the many activities they are planning to do when they get there. However, travel brings a host of risks and uncertainties along with it and it is important to be prepared.

Travel insurance is an essential item to have on any holiday. However, people often do not spend enough time looking for the best travel insurance for them before they take off. With easy ways to conduct your own independent travel insurance comparison these days, there is no excuse for not doing some research before you buy. In fact, it is important if you want to get the best deal and the most suitable coverage.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why doing your due diligence is important before you purchase travel insurance.

Find The Right Coverage

Despite what it might seem, there are many different forms and types of travel insurance. Since travel insurance is a competitive marketplace, providers usually offer a range of different insurance products that are designed to accommodate the unique needs of different travellers.

Taking the time to consider what you might need coverage for on your next holiday and what packages are available to meet these needs will provide you with the most value for your money. With a simple online search, this process is straightforward and easy.


Be Aware Of Excess

While there are affordable travel insurance packages available from many providers, some of these are preferable to others. It is important to keep an eye out for the premiums involved with a particular travel insurance policy to calculate its real cost. A travel insurance policy may seem like a great deal, but if you end up needing to claim whilst on your trip you may have to pay a larger excess than you had originally thought. Therefore ensuring you know the excess cost if you need to claim is important to note when looking at premium travel insurance. 

Read the PDS document and be sure that you are not unpleasantly surprised by hidden fees such as these.

Be Sure That Your Destination Is Covered

While it might seem like a trivial detail, it is important to double-check that your prospective insurance policy to be sure that it is applicable in the country that you plan to visit. Some providers offer coverage virtually anywhere, while others are more restricted in their coverage.

Be sure that you do not inadvertently purchase a travel insurance policy that will actually be useless in the place where you plan to visit.

Invest Your Time In Due Diligence

It is important to take some time to thoroughly understand your options before purchasing a travel insurance policy. This does not mean that you have to spend hours and hours struggling with the decision. However, it will save you plenty of grief and regret down the road if you take your time before you choose your insurance. 


different parenting styles

When it comes to parenting, how much are you influenced by your own parents? Maybe you had a happy childhood that you long to replicate with your own family or perhaps, like today’s anonymous contributor, the opposite is true. This anonymous post looks at one parent’s relationship with her own mother and how this is impacted on not only her own parenting style but on her whole life.

By anon.

My childhood was not a happy one. I’m not talking anything major, like abuse or poverty, but when I was growing up and when I look back now as an adult, it wasn’t enjoyable. My memories are not golden. There were no holidays in the sun or opening a bounty of much desired Christmas presents. Instead I remember feeling that I was second best, not a priority, someone who was in the way, an inconvenience.

I left home as soon as I could, and vowed that I would do everything I could to not let my children feel the way I did. They would grow up knowing that they were the most important thing in my life and were loved unconditionally, whatever path they took.

My mum has a hobby which takes up a lot of her time on a daily basis – horses. It’s not just about time at the weekends but a full on, sometimes twice a day hobby. My mum worked part time, not to fit in the school runs, but to spend time with the horses. I would be shipped off to the childminder every day, and inevitably picked up late. Some days it was OK, the childminder had two children of her own that I could play with, but as we grew older, we all grew apart. I felt like a spare part in their home, someone who had to be tolerated for the income I generated. View Post