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Koh Samet family travel guide

Koh Samet is one of the easiest of the Thai Islands to reach and explore. What makes it perfect for a family trip is that it is very close to the Thai capital and is just a few km away from the shore. Hence, it is no wonder to see it as a popular weekend destination both among the locals and the tourists.

The peaceful and beautiful island is just three hours from Bangkok, and you can take a public bus or a private taxi from Bangkok to Koh Samet. Book your trip with a reliable tour operator so as to enjoy an excellent journey and higher comfort in a new vehicle.

Read on to find out what makes Koh Samet indeed a great destination for a family holiday.

  • If interested in staying at the most popular beach areas, look at Ao Vong Duen, Ao Phai, and Sai Kaew. For those families looking for a quieter place can go for Ao Phai and Ao Kiu.
  • There are both expensive resorts as well as budget hotels for the families. Tub Tim Resort, which is more like a little wooden chalet, is popular among families. It boasts of a large double bed, TV, private bathroom and a great view of the sea.
  • What makes Koh Samet much more fun is its clean beaches that offer a peaceful experience. It is a good idea to visit the island during the weekdays when there are fewer crowds. Koh Samet beaches offer a good mix of activities such as sailing, windsurfing, swimming, or simply relaxing on the beach.
  • Some of the most popular beaches to explore on the small island include names like Ao Prao Beach, Ao Kiu Na Nok, Ao Wai Beach, Ao Karang, Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Thian, Ao Wong Duean and more.
  • At night, the whole family can enjoy one of those enthralling fire shows and other exciting performances on the beach. Those live performances seem somewhat dangerous but are indeed thrilling and exciting to watch.
  • Enjoy great fun as well as excellent meals and drinks on the beaches. You can have some delicious breakfast of huge omelets, yummy pancakes, crisp toast, and watch the boats coming and going. In the evening, the restaurant and bar tables offer a great dinner at sunset, and the whole experience is indeed incredible. 

Some other areas of interest for the families:

  • Explore Nadan Pier and the surrounding areas for great accommodation options, international restaurants, and fantastic shopping time.
  • Visit Samet Town Centre for souvenir shops, restaurants, and bars, and you can undoubtedly find some of the cheapest accommodations in this area.
  • Another major area of activity on the island is the popular Haad Sai Kaew beach. It is a right choice for those looking for loads of fun and swimming and sunbathing. The countless beachside bars are always filled with large crowds.
  • The top snorkeling around Koh Samet is located at several beaches, and you can book a snorkeling day trip for the whole family to enjoy the island’s underwater life.
  • Although the water around Koh Samet is relatively shallow, there is still plenty to see around the island, and there are many schools for diving that offer training for both beginners and advanced divers.
  • Rayong Aquarium is a popular attraction among families with young children, and the aquarium indeed surprises its visitors pleasantly because of the immense variety of fish & other marine life e and the cheaper tickets.

Now that you have a good idea of what to do and explore on the beautiful island of Koh Samet, plan a trip and get ready to enjoy its major attractions, beautiful pristine beaches, and water activities.


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You should take proper care of your mouth to ensure that your overall health is maintained. When it comes to your dental health, your teeth should be taken care of as per the recommendations of your dentists. This entails visiting the dentist regularly so that any issues with your teeth and oral health can be assessed and any remedial procedures done in a timely fashion. Now, when it comes to the enamel, it is important that one knows what to do to ensure this part of the tooth does not decay. You can visit to learn more about the enamel and how to take care of it.

Here are some things you need to do to care for your enamel:

Limit or avoid sugary foods and drinks

It would be a very good idea to avoid sugary foods. You see, bacteria feed on the sugar in your mouth and these goods add lots of it. The bacteria then make acids in the mouth, and this makes the enamel soft hence it wears away. Soft drinks that do not have sugar could be an alternative but they also have acid and this wears the enamel with time. The best choice you have is plain water or water that is flavored. The good thing with avoidance of sugar and sugary foods is that it helps you avoid other health conditions and should, therefore, be adhered to strictly where possible.

Eat foods good for the enamel

This is a very easy way to protect your enamel without having to spend much. By eating foods that protect the enamel and the tooth generally, you are making your oral health better. Calcium is very important for the formation of the enamel and the bones in general. You can get calcium from foods such as milk, general dairy products like cheese and so on. To help you keep the calories down, you should choose foods that are low in fat or those that are completely fat-free. For the people who do not consume dairy products, they can source other alternative foods or those that have calcium added.

Do not over-brush

You can easily damage the enamel by over-brushing. This means you could be brushing your teeth too fast and hard, meaning that the brush becomes abrasive to the enamel. The right way to brush is to hold the brush at 45 degrees to your gums. Move the brush back and forth, and make gentle strokes. After you have eaten citrus fruits or sweets, you should wait for up to one hour and brush your teeth. This is because acidic foods soften the enamel and can, therefore, mean your enamel will be damaged if you brush too soon after taking these foods.

Use Fluoride

Fluoride is a very important fighter of cavities since it strengthens the enamel. It also helps fight the early signs of enamel decay. Fluoride is good at making the teeth resistant to acids, therefore, protects and strengthens the enamel in the long run.



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Pet owners treat their pets just like they behave with their children. They take care of the pets as much as they can and want to share all the fun moments of the pets’ life with them. Just like a baby’s parents want to capture all the lively moments of the child’s initial days, even the pet owners want to capture the moments in which the pet is making some randomly attractive gestures and is seen in a rather fun mood.

All pet owners look forward to making memories out of those. Just like the parents make an album of their children’s photos while they are growing, even the pet owners have the enthusiasm of making a picture collage or an album of the pet’s photographs.

Pictures and Memories

This signifies the importance of pets for their pet owners, and therefore, these memories are extremely special for these people. Most of the pet owners make use of the cameras present in their mobile phones to capture these special moments with their pets. There might even be High-resolution cameras present with these pet owners, but when these moments arise where the pet is in the mood, then they might not find the time to fetch the camera and capture the moment.

Thus, the camera of the mobile phone is the savior for these pet owners, and they have to use it to capture the candid moments of their pets. But the problem with the camera of any mobile phone is that it does not provide them with the best resolution and angles, something which will be guaranteed with a high-resolution camera. So what should these pet owners do so that they get the best pictures of the pets with the ordinary mobile phone camera whenever their pet showcases an attractive gesture.

Preserve the Moment

The first thing that you need to take care of when you are you want to capture a candid moment of your pet outdoors is that you need to remove any distractions from your side. This means that you need to turn off the shutter sounds and the flashlight of the camera.

These things can draw the attention of the pet instantly and can result in spoiling the entire moment that you want to capture. These can be considered as rather precautionary steps that you can take whenever you want to capture the portrait of your pets in a candid moment when they are present outdoors.

You Need Better ‘Focus’

To capture the moment correctly and more vividly, you should focus the camera on the aspect of the pets’ body that you want to show. Every smartphone or high-resolution camera has a focus feature in it, which can be used for enhancing the aspect of the picture that you want to show.

To get better focus, you can either use the inbuilt features of the smartphone camera or can improve the lighting. When you are capturing the moment outdoors, then you should take the picture from an angle where the sunlight falling on the pets’ face is more.

Pet Art

For making the portraits of the dog more special and attractive, you can seek the help of the websites which help in optimizing these images and make them more attractive. The online platforms meant for designing dog portraits are gaining popularity, and these portraits can even be optimized such that the digital form can be converted into a form that can be framed and hung on the walls of the house. One of these platforms for obtaining a good dog portrait is the canvas pop website.

From CanvasPop, you can even get the canvas prints on which the portrait of the dog can be printed and used for the decor of your house. Once you are finished making the digital portrait of your dog, then you can choose a good digital frame and hang the portrait on the walls. If the frame matches the texture and theme of the wall, then it will be a great addition to the decor of your house.

Treats for Posing

If the purpose of your visit with your dog outdoors is to capture a good picture of your dog to make a dog portrait, then you will have to make the dog pose. Yes, you read it right, pet dogs are great posers, but you need to know how to get them to pose. You can use treats and attractions and then make them pose for the best pictures that you will be able to click of theirs.

Some Camera Features for A Dog Portrait

To get good portrait pictures of your pet, you can turn on the rapid-fire or Multi-Shot feature of the camera. With this feature, once you click the capture button of your camera, the camera will automatically take multiple shots of the subject. In this way, whatever the dog is doing will be captured in multiple shots, and you are most likely to get one great shot out of all of these. This is used by most of the pet lovers today who click pictures intending to get a great pet portrait.

As stated earlier as well when you want to capture a dog portrait in the outdoors, then lighting is extremely important. Thus, it is advised that the pictures are taken during early morning hours or at the time of sunset so that the background and the lighting are optimum for the portrait pictures.


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San Francisco is home to some of the most famous sites in America. The city was once the largest city on the West Coast due to the 1849 Gold Rush. Today, San Francisco is the gem of Northern California. The city is rich in history and culture and is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Additionally, there are great beaches and neighborhoods in the area. If you have no idea where to start enjoying your vacation, here are a few ideas.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

There is no way this list could start with anything else. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in San Francisco. It is the most loved site by photographers as it is the most photographed bridge in the area. It was once termed by the U.S Travel Service the most magnificent man-made sight in America. You can cycle, walk, or drive across to the Marin County or Sausalito as you enjoy the beautiful view of Nob Hill’s old mansions. You can only use the bridge during the day if you are walking or cycling.

2. Visit Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island, located in the bay area, is home to the Alcatraz prison. The infamous prison was home to some of the most notorious criminals in history, such as Al Capone and the Birdman. Alcatraz prison was opened as a historical site in the ’70s. You will enjoy an informative tour while listening to an audio narrated by some of the former guards and inmates. The site has also become a haven for seabirds. Visitors are advised to book their tours in advance as the tickets are usually sold out.

3. Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s wharf was once the Little Italy of San Francisco. The area is beautifully set along the waterfront. It has dozens of restaurants where you can eat while enjoying a view of the city. You can go sightseeing on a boat or arrange a fishing charter. You can enjoy a stroll on pier 39 where you can enjoy excellent seafood and shopping. On pier 39, you will also find one of the most popular tourist attractions, the museum of 3D illusions. This pier 39 museum is a recent addition to the area. It is entertaining to nature, travel, and art lovers.  Whether you are visiting for a day or a couple of days, a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf is worthwhile. 

4. Cable car rides

Cable car rides are the only form of public transport to be made a historical monument. These cars have existed since 1873. You can tour the scenic streets of Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde. You can also travel with cable cars to Nob Hill, Ferry Building, and other tourist attractions in San Francisco. It is advisable for visitors who are staying a while to get a pass for the rides.

If you have not decided on a location for your vacation, the vibrant and exciting city of San Francisco is one to consider. There is more to San Francisco than this list.



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At the onset of the 21t century, the United States of America as the sole superpower in the world; this was as a result of the fall of the Soviet Union. This is the case for most other aspects of life in the US, it has the third-largest population in the world, a strong military force, a large and stable economy, and many other superlatives. Besides, the US is a top choice for international students willing to broaden their horizon.

The US has numerous challenges that plague its education systems. When you hear of the US, you envision a land of opportunities and equality. However, this is far from the truth concerning the current state of the education system. The formal system of learning in the US was developed to help meet the demands of the industrial revolution. A look at the current global economy and what the US education system has evolved into, it is clear that it is not able to cope with the requirements of a continually changing and technology-oriented society.

A good example is a student attending a public school is sometimes expected to buy his/ her own textbooks in addition to being required to tutor non-native English speaking students or English as a second language students (ESL). You will quickly notice that a student’s access to educational resources directly affects their levels of success. Although public education is free in the US, a student is still expected to part with a sizable amount of money to sit for exams. This is because, for the most part, the US government has allowed the unequal disbursement of learning resources.

This is a subject that has already been discussed and concluded to be one of the primary reasons why a student would opt to pay a essay writer to help them complete various assignments; an action that has previously been attributed to the students’ laziness. Here are a few challenges that are hindering the US education system from regaining its former glory:

  • Parents and guardians are not involved in their children’s academic life

This is a challenge that is out of the schools’ control, and perhaps the most frustrating problem faced by the US system of learning. Students require to spend some additional hours learning or doing homework at home. But this process is hindered by the lack of interest by parents and guardians, thus lowering their child’s productivity.

  • Lack of adequate funding and closure of public schools

Even as the US economy is seemingly growing, the budget allocated to public schools by each state is still suffering as a result of the recession that affected the US economy years back. This results in the cut back of essential learning resources and in worst-case scenarios, the closure of the school due to inadequate funds to keep it running.

  • Overcrowding in classrooms

The lower the student-teacher ratio, the better the learning experience, which directly translates to the results at the end of each term. The more the number of students, the less practical the learning experience will be. This is confirmed by the National Center for Education Statistics in the US that found out a large number of public schools far exceed the capacity.

  • The drawbacks of technology

Technology is an excellent addition to any learning environment; however, most public schools have either completely ignored it or are unable to implement it due to reduced state funding. When schools lack to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology, they will be at a disadvantage in the future.

  • Inability to adopt new modes of teaching

Today’s students go to school with a view of the world that is shaped by much more than just life experiences. This is majorly due to the widespread use of the internet, and as such, the learning environment also needs to evolve.

  • New avenues that facilitate cheating

Academic dishonesty is not a new concept, however, with current technological advancements, it is now easier for students to cheat in their assignment and exams. The problem arises when schools do not update their policies to cater to these new advancements.

  • School security efforts

Understandably, as parents, you would do just anything to protect your children. And with this mentality, more and more public schools have increased police presence, metal detectors at the entrance, a security camera at every corner and gated campuses. But what you fail to realize is that these security measures greatly interferes with the natural learning environment and readily provides opportunities for distractions.

This is just a tip of the iceberg that is the problems that plague the US education system. Most of these challenges are already known by the relevant authorities but little I being done to rectify the situation.



kitchen planning

I’m not saying I’m ready for retirement or anything, (although quite frankly I AM, emotionally at least), but accessibility in the home is not necessarily something that just becomes an issue with age. Disabilities and accidents can play a part, as can consideration for elderly friends and relatives. Having accessibility in mind can help inform your decision making when it comes to remodelling your home or buying new home furnishings.

Here are some things you might want to think about if you need to make your home more accessible for you or a loved one:

Consider a downstairs toilet

You might already have one, which is great for guests, but if not, is there a space in your home that could be turned into one, like a forgotten about under stairs cupboard perhaps? Installing a small downstairs toilet might not be as expensive as you think but it would be hugely appreciated by guests who find stairs unmanageable. (Or just handy for you when the kids are taking up the bathroom.)

Or how about a stairlift?

If mobility is an issue but you need to be able to access a first floor, how about a stairlift? Check out the options available at Fenetic Wellbeing and while you’re there you might be interested in their other products, such as recliner chairs that make it easier to get in and out of your favourite comfy chair.

Think about your kitchen design

If you’re due for a kitchen restyle, think about how cupboards and appliances are positioned to make them as easy to use as possible. For example, kitchens can easily be built without any high units, so that all cupboards are reachable from a wheelchair. Think too about things like your fridge freezer – can you reach into it if it’s a very tall model or would you be better having separate under-counter appliances?

Outside the home

As well as what’s going on indoors, you’ll want to consider how you get in and out of your home. Are there any steps up to your front door and would a hand rail make these easier to navigate? How accessible are the gardens and how safe are they to walk around? Decking for example looks great, but can get very slippery when it’s wet. If it’s a large garden, you might like to add some additional seating at strategic points.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but hopefully that’s given you something to think about.


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Despite following your dentist’s advice and practising the right oral hygiene, there are certain dental flaws that are congenital. These problems range from tooth discoloration to poor teeth alignment.

If you have any dental problem that makes you feel less confident about the way you look, cosmetic dentistry could be the solution. There are many safe and proven procedures that can help you get the smile you’ve always desired. Here are some of the most recent cosmetic dental procedures you should consider.

1) Veneers

If you have a problem with decayed, uneven, discoloured or chipped teeth, dental veneers can be a good remedy for you. These are ultra-thin shells created to cover the outer part of the teeth. The veneers are attached to each tooth to give them the colour you want and a smooth, even appearance.

The dentist usually takes an impression of your natural tooth, buffs it and then cements the veneer. The veneers are hardened using a light beam that makes them stick well to the natural teeth. These custom-made materials can last up to 15 years, which makes them a great permanent solution.

2) Enamel Abrasion

Teeth discolouration affects many people today. The kind of drinks and foods we eat are major contributors to this problem. Enamel abrasion is one of the most viable solutions for discolouration. The procedure solves the issue by using a micro-abrasion machine to eliminate the stained surface of each tooth.

The procedure focuses on removing superficial stains resulting from soda, wine, coffee and tobacco products. It might, however, not work for stains that have formed inside the teeth. You need to book an appointment with a qualified cosmetic dentist who will examine your teeth to determine whether enamel abrasion will work for you. Professionals like those at Woodbridge dentist and any good cosmetic dentistry clinic can help with this.

3) Gum Contouring

There are numerous gum problems that affect your smile – some people struggle with receding or uneven gums, while others don’t like their gummy smiles. These problems can be solved through gum contouring. The procedure involves using a soft tissue laser to carefully reshape the gums. The dentist removes some parts of the gum that are causing your teeth to look uneven or shorter than normal.

Patients might experience some discomfort and swelling after the reshaping, but the effects should go away within 24-48 hours. It only takes a few days for the gum to completely heal.

4) Teeth Whitening

Although teeth whitening procedures have been there for decades, better and more effective treatments have been discovered over time.

One of the most recent is in-office bleaching. This procedure involves applying a bleaching agent to the teeth and activating it using an ultraviolet light. Compared with the traditional over-the-counter bleaching kits, this new method is safer and more effective. These whitening sessions can take between one to two hours.

5) Dental Implants

Implants might be more expensive than other dental procedures, but they offer a permanent and more reliable solution for missing or damaged teeth. You will need to visit a maxillofacial surgeon who will implant a metal post into your jaw for the new tooth to be attached. A crown is then cemented on the post to give you a fresh tooth.

In case your jaw has been affected by the loss of teeth or periodontal diseases, your surgeon might suggest bone grafting before inserting the implant – although this will certainly cost you more.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let bad teeth affect your smile and confidence. Do something about it by investigating cosmetic dental procedures that can work for you.


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Instagram Notting Hill colourful houses London

Not enough houses have proper insulation or ventilation. It’s often one of those things that people take for granted, as it’s not really something you see or notice unless you know to look for it. Here are the advantages that roof ventilation can offer you all year round.

A Cooler House

The most obvious advantage of roof ventilation is that it pumps out hot air from your roof. As we know, hot air rises and will get trapped in your roof. This prevents your house from cooling down as easily as it could. Pump the air out of your house on hot days and let your home stay cool.

Your family will sleep better on hot nights. You’ll be able to relax in front of the TV, or in your home office like never before. It will just make your home so much more pleasant to come home to. No more coming home after work on a hot day and into a boiling home and having to wait for your air conditioning to kick in.

Save Electricity

For decades, roof ventilation was powered by wind vents, but the problem with these is that it isn’t always windy when it’s hot. Modern roof ventilation now uses solar panels, which are far more effective and powerful. What better way to get rid of heat build-up from the sun than by making the sun’s own rays extract it for you?

Because these are solar powered, you don’t need to turn them on yourself. They come on automatically when the sun is out. You also won’t need to rely on your air conditioner or fans to work as hard to keep the house cool. It will lead to lower electricity bills as air conditioning uses a lot of power.

Whilst you’ve got an electrician there to install these, you might also get them to update any other dated electrical items in your house. This could involve replacing old downlights with newer LED lighting or adding extra lights to the house. If you’re really interested in saving electricity you might also install some skylights.

A Drier House

During winter, a lot of moisture can build up in your house and roof when it rains or snows. This can lead to mold and fungus weakening of the materials in which your house is built. Solar-powered roof ventilation will continuously work during the winter, sucking out moisture when it rains. This will help your house and roof last longer. You will save money in the future by preventing damage. This will also prolong the life of the insulation in the roof.

Better for storage

If you use your roof for storage, you can preserve your items better. Many people will store their old toys, video games, clothes, old books and other junk up in their roof for decades. When they eventually climb up to bring it down, they’ll often find that the plastic has melted or discolored, the books are moldy and video games don’t work anymore. This is really counterintuitive as you could have sold or donated these years ago and now it’s rubbish and must be thrown out. With proper roof ventilation, it will become safer to store these items inside your roof.

With all this in mind, adding roof ventilation to your home should seem like a great idea for a modification to your home. Start sourcing quotes and ensure that any suppliers and installers can guarantee a perfectly waterproof installation and warranty to ensure you get the best product possible. Come next summer, you’ll be glad you did it!


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You could really write a book about all the things to see and do when visiting a city like Melbourne. In this post we’ll just be covering a few of them to whet your appetite and give you some ideas.

One thing is for sure. Visitors to Melbourne are never bored, as there is always something going on in this diverse metropolis.

Watch the Cricket Or the AFL At the MCG

The MCG (or Melbourne Cricket Ground) is Australia’s grandest sporting venue and one of the top 10 biggest in the world as far as capacity goes. The atmosphere inside this circular stadium is nothing short of electric when filled to the brim with a buzzing crowd.

Whether you go there to watch the cricket or a game of AFL, even if you’re not into the sport, it’s worth visiting this sporting cauldron just to soak up the incredible atmosphere.

There’s nothing quite like it and you’ll enjoy yourself no matter what.

Check Out the Old Melbourne Gaol

Back in the days when Melbourne was a penal colony, the English settlers spelt it as “gaol” instead of the modern day spelling of “jail”. Protected under the National Trust Victoria, paying a visit to the old gaol isn’t just a step back into history, it’s downright spooky, but in a cool sort of way. You’ll feel like you’re on a movie set as you wander the eerily silent corridors.

When you poke your head into the cells, you can’t help but wonder who used to be locked up in them and why, and also what it could have been like to be held prisoner in the Old Melbourne Gaol.

The gaol is open all day every day, and on certain nights of the week, you can take the ghost tour for creepy fun. Definitely worth a visit.

Melbourne Plays Host To Australia’s Biggest Horse Race

It takes place on the first Tuesday in November each year and the race has been held annually for more than 150 years. The Melbourne Cup is the country’s most famous and loved horse race, and arguably the greatest single sporting event in Australia.

Everyone stops what they are doing come race time to watch the race and Melbourne Cup betting goes crazy. Even people who don’t normally punt on the races will put down some money in the hope of getting lucky.

The best place to see the race is trackside at Flemington Racecourse, but just being in Melbourne at the time means you’ll be infected with the excitement and party atmosphere.

Treat Yourself To Entertainment At the Crown Casino Complex

Apart from 3 public holidays per year, the magnificent Crown Casino Complex is open 24/7 for fun, dining and entertainment. Try your hand inside the casino itself and see if you can win a few dollars on one of the many gambling games.

The complex is far more than just a gambling den though. It’s also a first class hotel, houses many cool and interesting shops, nightlife, live entertainment and some of the best restaurants and bars in the entire city.

While kids are not allowed entry into the casino itself, there is plenty for children to see and do inside the complex, so it’s perfect for families and not just restricted to adults.

Spirit Of Melbourne Dinner Cruise

Operating on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, take a cruise along Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra River than runs through the heart of the CBD. Including beverages, partake of a sumptuous 4 course dinner while drinking in the sights of the city by night.

It’s the perfect romantic start to the evening for couples, but the cruise also caters to families as well, with special kid’s menus available.

A Day (Or Night) Of Fun At Luna Park

Luna Park in St Kilda is all about thrills and fun. Enjoy the many rides, sideshow alley, live entertainment and more as you explore this historic theme park.

Not only is it a fantastic time for everyone, the park also boasts the world’s oldest wooden roller coaster still in operation. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, just scary in a fun way.

So if you’re up for a full on adrenalin rush while in town, Luna Park is the place to go.


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baby hat

As the days get shorter and the weather colder, it’s time to put away sunglasses and sunhats and swap them for cosier accessories that will wrap your little one up and protect them from the elements.

This means, alongside coats and boots, knitted items that will keep them snuggly and warm when outside, but can easily be removed when they are back inside.

Here are a few essential accessories for your youngster this winter:

Hat: Keep your little one’s head warm with a hat. Bobble hats always look super cute, or you might want to choose one with a fleecy lining for extra warmth. There’s also designs that cover the ears from the bitterly cold wind too and even fasten beneath their chin or with a scarf, to keep it in place. Choose a block colour or go for a fun design or pattern – they may like a festive theme for over the Christmas period. 

Gloves: You don’t want their little hands to get cold, especially if they are outside playing or building a snowman. You can choose between gloves or mittens. If you opt for fingerless ones, they will still be able to play with these on without their hands getting cold. You can also get gloves that are attached by rope, so they can’t lose one of them.

Scarf: Protect necks from the chill with a scarf. You may want to choose a design or colour to match the hat and gloves, for a super cute, coordinated look.    

Snood: Alternatively, a snood will do the job just as well. This will wrap around their neck and can often be pulled up to cover heads as well. Perfect for outdoor winter activities.     

Knitted headband: If you have a daughter, then a knitted headband is the perfect winter accessory. It’ll keep her hair out of her eyes and cover her ears, without her head getting too hot. It also avoids hat hair and won’t ruin her hairstyle. 

Earmuffs: Your ears are particularly affected by cold weather, to the point where they can actually become painful. Earmuffs will protect them from the wind and like with the headband, keep their hairstyle in place.    

Cosy socks: Wellies or boots are the best shoes for your little one during the winter as they keep their feet warm and dry, whatever the weather. Pop on a pair of cosy socks too and their feet will be really toasty. These are also ideal for in the house too and can be worn with slippers for extra comfort.

Slipper socks: Soft and fluffy with a gripped sole and cute designs, slipper socks are perfect to slip on cold feet. They are also easy to take with you when visiting friends or family.

Hot water bottle: A soft hot water bottle is ideal to cuddle up with to keep them warm on a cold winter’s night. You could also get hand warmers – such as these fun rainbow ones – that can be used when they are outside.

Fill your son or daughters wardrobe with winter accessories that will keep them warm and can be mixed and matched depending on the weather and what they are wearing.


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paper plane

Australia has always been on my personal bucket list as well the one we have as a family. The flight with kids may be a long one, but the journey will for sure be worth it. I know my kids will enjoy being able to communicate in the same language and feel challenged being in a new environment but comfortable, while enjoy sites including the Australian sun and beautiful wildlife.

Here are a few things that we have found helpful in planning our must-sees for our Australia family trip:

Before you go, you need a visa

For those traveling from the UK, an eVisitor visa is required for Australia. This is definitely something you want to prepare well in advance, as it is required for entry. Once approved, your eVisitor visa will be valid for 12 months and enables you to stay in Australia for up to 90 days each visit. Luckily, you can easily apply for an eVisitor visa for Australia online and take a gander at sites like to get an idea of what is needed. Make sure to get everything ready to make the visa process seamless!

Kids can visit Australian wildlife

You can see Australian wildlife at preserves like Kangaroo Island and West MacDonnell Ranges. At Kangaroo Island, located south of Adelaide, you can check out Seal Bay Conservation Park, Fliners Chase National Park, and more.


Visit Sydney’s famous spots

Sydney has a number of famous spots, including Bondi Beach and the Opera House that are worth seeing. With older kids, you can even climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge! You can also go for a picnic on Cockatoo Island or head to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium.

Red Centre and Outback

For an expedition through Australia, you can visit the Red Centre and Outback. Central Australia is home to gorgeous red desert with Ayer’s Rock centrally located in the region. You can trek around the West MacDonnell mountain ranges here and check out some waterholes you can swim in, trails, and plenty of wildlife. During your adventures, stop by the city of Adelaide!

Visit the Aboriginal Culture in Kakadu National Park

A trip out to Kakadu National Park in Darwin is an adventure, and it is a place that you can learn about the Aboriginal Culture and learn about Australia’s history. There are rock-art galleries to see and plenty of wildlife to catch in action, including crocodiles!

Snorkel or do a Clear Bottom Boat Tour in the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a major draw in Australia. You can head out there for some snorkelling and to check out the beauty that is the Great Barrier Reef or go for a Clear Bottom Boat Tour if you are with little ones and want to see and learn from above water.

Australia is full of attractions for kids and even parents to marvel at. It is one of those destinations where everyone in your family can find something they love and you will all enjoy exploring here together.

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old couple

There comes a time for everyone when it seems that aging parents need a little extra help to stay healthy, safe, and happy. If you’re in this situation, you might be uncertain about how to handle it, and what you can do to help them. Often it can be difficult to figure out their needs, understand the available options, and make those important decisions.

The good news is that by focusing on these 4 concrete steps, you will help them feel much more in control and confident.

1) Make Communication as Easy as Possible

Both you and your parents will feel happier when you know that they can easily call for help when needed, and get in touch with friends and family. That’s why it’s important to make sure that they have an accessible phone to use, and all the up-to-date numbers available.

This is not only a practical concern, but an emotional one. Loneliness and isolation have a hugely negative impact on mental health in the elderly, so it’s essential that they have people to contact.

It might be as simple as a list of phone numbers stuck on their fridge, or ensuring that they have an easy-to-use mobile phone programmed with all the numbers of family, friends, and services that they might need. You might even consider a wearable medical alert device, if necessary.

2) Think About Safety in the Home

Hazards to health and safety in the home become more dangerous with each year, and it can become very easy for elderly parents to trip or have an accident.

You should think about basic safety in their home, and remedying any potential problems. Check for tripping hazards, uneven flooring, and spots where hand rails could be installed if needed. Make sure their house is well-lit, and try to think about how you could reduce the need for them to have to bend down or reach up high to access essential items.

For less mobile parents who live in homes with stairs, installing a stair lift is an ideal option. Luckily, there is plenty of information and advice out there for anyone who wants a stair lift chair, so you should be able to find a solution that will enable your parents to stay in their own home for longer.

3) Encourage Them to be Active

As parents get older, they tend to become less active and more isolated. You should try to encourage them and help them find ways to stay socially and mentally active. You could start by finding out what is available in the local area by way of organized activities. Check out local museums, parks, community centers, and libraries to see what’s available.

We all know that physical activity boasts a wealth of benefits for strength, mood, endurance, and delaying cognitive decline. Encourage your parents to go for walks, or even to take part in exercise programs designed for seniors, if possible.

4) Consider the Financial Situation

Finally, it’s important to take a look at the financial situation. Caring for older adults will cost money, from improvements to the home to medical care and assisted living.

Try to work out a rough estimate for the cost of their potential living situation, including any care costs and/or home alterations, as well as everyday expenditure such as food, bills, and payments for any activities. Once you have a better understanding of their financial position, you’ll be able to work out what they can afford, or whether any financial assistance is needed.

We hope you’ve found this list of tips for supporting aging parents useful. Remember, it’s important to include your parents in any decisions, so that they don’t feel like they’re losing control. To really help your aging parents, offer empowerment and support rather than directions and instructions!