I had a press release land in my inbox last week that I’ve been mulling over for a while now. It was based on a survey of a few thousand people*, asking them whether or not they snoop on their partner via phones or other devices, and if they’ve ever deleted content so that their partner doesn’t see it.

It also asked people whether or not they trusted their partner.

Just that, straight up, do they trust them.

Now you’d hope that this figure would be pretty high – you wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone you didn’t trust would you?

Apparently you would. While 67% of men said they trusted their partners, which honestly felt bad enough to me already, only 28% of women agreed.


Really? Do only just over a quarter of us trust our partners?? I can only pray for a skewed sample otherwise I despair of humanity.

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Autumn is the perfect excuse to snuggle up, get warm, and do absolutely nothing through the weekend. The cold mornings and wet evenings just make you want to make a hot drink and watch some good movies.

If your struggling to think of ways to get cosy, here are some top tips to get into that Autumn vibe.

Add Warmth to your Interior

Warm Colours

First things first, think colour. You wouldn’t feel warm and cosy with dark or colourless decor, so think of warm colours;  yellows, oranges or reds. This will brighten up your interior and make for a much more welcoming space.

Carpets Add Warmth

Carpets are a must for adding warmth to your interior. They can add so much character to whatever room you choose to add them to. They also look very inviting for guests to kick off their shoes and get comfy. A soft carpet can really capture that Autumn feel.

The colour of your carpet is an equally important factor to consider. For a cosy interior, think cream, light brown, maybe a hint of orange – any colour you find warm and attractive. Colours like grey or black can feel a little colder, but if that’s the colour your after there’s nothing stopping you. You can always brighten these up with a stylish coloured rug.

The pile height of your carpet has a huge impact on how soft your carpet feels. High pile heights make for a super-soft surface. Underlay also adds to the comfort level of the carpet you choose. For that cushioned feel underfoot, be sure to add underlay to your floor.

Get the Fire On

You can’t escape the cold weather outside, but in your home it’s a different story. Nothing gets the Autumn vibes going like a cosy fire during the evenings. Why not treat yourself to a film and some snacks, you deserve it!

The light from the fire is enough to keep you nice and cosy. Something as simple as keeping your lights on can offset the relaxing setting a warm fire creates. Also, you’d be surprised at just how effective having your curtains drawn is for creating a cosy, intimate feel. It can act as a barrier between you and the rest of the outside world.

autumn decor ideas

Set the Scene


Cosy blankets are essential during Autumn. It makes your nights in so much more relaxing. It can really be the icing on the cake when it comes to spending nights in. I know most of you probably know this but it’s always worth mentioning!

Scented Candles

Next in line from blankets are candles; the two go hand in hand every time.  Remember Autumn time usually means new limited edition scented candles for most brands, so keep a lookout. Couple that with a good film and you’ve got yourself a perfect cosy evening in.

autumn interiors

Autumn Scents

Wax melts are all the rage right now. They are really aromatic and absorb heat slowly, which means you get that pleasant cent for longer. If candles are more your thing, seasonal scented candles will keep your home smelling amazing. Yankee Candle offers a wide range of Autumn scents – Autumn Pearl and Ciderhouse are 2 really great options.

A good place to put your candle or wax melt is the living room. Your room will be filled with a welcoming smell and it will spread throughout your home.

Food & Drinks

Make a Broth

Nothing screams Autumn more than a good homemade broth. Even just the smell can take you right back to your childhood. There won’t be many times in the year where you decide to make broth, so now is the perfect time to get cooking.

Home Bakes

Home bakes are another great way to get in the mood. Grab your apron and bring out your best Mary Berry recipes. Try making cakes, scones or tarts – it’s a perfect time to get creative, especially on rainy days spent indoors.

Hot Chocolates

I think it would be a crime not to mention hot chocolate. It’s definitely the go-to option when it comes to a hot drink to have on a cold night. Go a little further with whipped cream and marshmallows if you’re feeling it.

Baileys and Cream

If you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage, Baileys and cream is a great Autumn drink. There would be no shame in having a little drink by the fire while it’s wet and cold outside.


Comfortable clothing is a must. You wouldn’t want to be relaxing at home in a pair of jeans. Go for joggers, hoodies, slippers or leggings. Matching pyjama sets are also great for staying insanely comfortable. Some thick socks do a fab job of keeping your feet toasty too.


Of course, there are so many ways to get yourself cosy for Autumn and these are just a few ways of doing just that. Which ones will you try?


As we all know that flooring plays a great role in enhancing any house’s appeal thus picking the perfect one is a little tricky. You not only search for its gorgeous look but also for other features like; durability, lifespan, cost, maintenance and most importantly, would it enhance the look of your house or not. Flooring for washrooms and kitchens is not hectic but flooring for the rest of the rooms in your house are surely difficult to choose. If you are looking for the flooring of your house, visit the market and you will see a vast variety of flooring types that it would become harder for you to choose one. However, the top flooring types for every home are.

flooring options1. Ceramic Tiles Flooring

The range of colors, styles and shapes is very vast which makes them fit for every home. Ceramic tiles further have different types such as:

  1. Porcelain – These are known as the most durable type of flooring. Porcelain ceramic tiles are available in both glazed and unglazed forms. These tiles do not need much maintenance.
  2. Glazed – They mimic the look of glass tiles and are also low-maintenance ceramic tiles.
  3. Terracotta – This type of ceramic tiles are available in earthy shades and are unglazed. Due to being unglazed, these tiles are susceptible to stains and require more care.
  4. Quarry Tile – These are also unglazed tiles and are slip-resistant.

2. Engineered Wood Flooring

If you are looking for a flooring that does not cost much but looks like an exotic solid wood flooring then engineered wood flooring would be the way to go. The best thing about engineered wood is that it looks just like solid wood in way lesser price. Engineered wood flooring is a robust and highly stable in different temperatures which makes it a really great and comfortable choice for homeowners. There are many different installation methods of engineered wood which you can choose as per your preference.

living room decor

3. Laminate Flooring

It would be a perfect choice if you are looking for low-cost but elegant flooring. Laminate flooring gives the look of hardwood flooring that too in a very cheap price. But, the drawback that laminate flooring has is that if it’s finish gets damaged, it cannot be fixed and needs to be replaced that can cost more money.

4. Bamboo Flooring

Many people nowadays are opting bamboo flooring because of its outstanding feature i.e. eco-friendly nature. Not only this, but it also is an alternative to hardwood flooring. It is durable and tough, is available in many styles and patterns. Bamboo flooring is not that much expensive but its installation process can cost a little higher. It is recommended not to go for the cheapest type of bamboo flooring as it is likely to be less durable because the price and durability of bamboo flooring are directly proportional.

Be very aware while choosing the flooring for your house and select the one that is super comfortable and packed with the best features.



We are in Ireland this week, partly for a gig that Belle went to last night and partly for Halloween. We were over for Halloween last year and discovered that Ireland goes in for Halloween in a big way. When we went over to friends of my sister’s for trick or treating we found an estate positively FESTOONED in spooky garlands, fake cobwebs and garish pumpkin themed decorations.

Inside the house was even more spooky. Rather than an unenthusiastic clump of parents sulking in the corner while the kids went door to door threatening the neighbours and gathering Halloween themed Haribo there was a full on party – every adult seemed to be wearing an intricate, well thought out costume and the whole matter was taken very seriously. One dad was even dressed up as Banksy’s shredded painting.

Fine. I’m okay with that.

What I’m not okay with is the trend for all women’s Halloween costumes to essentially be that of ‘sexy prostitute’.

We had a look around the shops today to try and pick something out for me, as I hadn’t had any space in my suitcase to bring something with me, and honestly I was just blown away by the women’s Halloween costumes. It was hard to remember sometimes that I was in a fancy dress shop and not some kind of low rate backstreet porn shop.

You can’t apparently just be a pirate, you have to be a ‘sexy pirate’ tottering about on deck in high heels, a mini skirt and suspenders, which is hardly practical is it? Fancy dressing up as a mummy? Nope, no full length bandages for you – you can be a ‘sexy mummy’ though if you like, which is probably just a scrap or two of sheet strategically draped so as not to be completely illegal. ‘Sexy school girl’ always feels like the most disturbing, especially for children’s parties.

My absolute favourite in the shop we went in today was this one:

women's halloween costumes

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Prevention is key when it comes to anti-ageing. If possible you will want to start your anti-ageing routine prior to developing too many stubborn wrinkles.

Although, If you spent your youth neglecting your skin don’t worry. It’s never too late to begin an effective anti-ageing skincare routine. Here are 6 the most effective anti-ageing practices that you can start implementing today:

1. Consider anti-ageing treatments

There is nothing wrong with a bit of help. Anti-ageing treatments are becoming more affordable and more commonplace.

One of the most common and most effective treatments on the market is anti-wrinkle injections. These can be done quite affordably and will make an instant and significant difference to your appearance.

Other effective treatments include chemical peels, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, LED treatments and many, many more.

2. Ditch the sun and add SPF to your daily skincare routine

The sun is one of the biggest perpetrators when it comes to ageing. UV radiation damages skin cell DNA and if you are not careful the sun can cause age spots, deep wrinkles and melasma.

You should wear sunscreen every single day. Even if the weather is overcast UV radiation can damage your skin.

Some sunscreens can cause breakouts. This is because they are made for the body and not for the face. Try buying a sunscreen that is specifically made for the face and make sure you find one with the largest concentration of SPF.

If you want a tan, try using a fake tan instead!

3. Start using the right skincare

It is important to educate yourself on skincare products so that you what skincare to use and how to use it.

When it comes to preventing aging, products that contain Retinol and Hylauronic acid will be your best friends. You can consult with a dermal therapist, beauty therapist or dermatologist to find the best skincare regime for you.

Invest in some quality skincare and learn how to apply your products correctly. Skincare should be applied in order from the thinnest consistency to thickest consistency. The correct order of application should be a cleanser, toner, serums, spot treatments, eye-cream and finally moisturiser. I know this sounds overly complicated but it eventually will just become a part of your nightly routine.

4.Invest in some sunglasses

Sunglasses will protect your delicate eye area from sun damage and crows feet. They help by blocking UV radiation and they will also stop you from squinting in the sun and creating more wrinkles and lines from repetitive squinting.

5. Expand your skincare to your body.

You want your body to match your face. You wouldn’t want to have a youthful face but an ageing neck and hands.

You should start expanding your skincare to your hands, body and decolletage. At least once a week try to do a deep body exfoliation to encourage cell turnover and then lather your body in a rich body oil afterwards. This will keep your skin supple and hydrated.

And most importantly do not forget to apply sunscreen to your body as well as your face!

6. Aim for a healthy lifestyle

Not getting enough sleep, smoking, not eating right and not exercising can age you.

Exercise can be proven to slow down the ageing process and eating a diet rich in antioxidants will keep you looking youthful. Not only will you feel good but you will look good too.

Years of smoking can cause saggy skin and deep wrinkles around the lips from continuous lip pursing.

Important closing notes

Last but not least, prevention is better than a cure. Do your best to take preventative measures while you can, and remind yourself that everyone is different. We all age differently so it is important to not compare yourself to others and to be happy in your own skin.


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It’s no secret that I once cut my front lawn with a pair of scissors.

I was maybe 20 years old and living for the first time alone with Bee, who must have been about three. It was around the same time that I had a couple of candles to light the kitchen because I couldn’t afford to replace the strip light when it blew, so a lawnmower wasn’t exactly top of my list of priorities. When I say it like that it sounds rather Dickensian, but honestly I don’t think I minded the lighting. Who doesn’t love a candle for a bit of atmosphere?

The lawn wasn’t massive either – it was just the little patch outside the front of our tiny house – but it had grown to embarrassing lengths, the kind of length that makes you feel bad about yourself every time you come home and have to look at it while you open the front door and run inside as quickly as possible.

As I’ve got older I’ve got much better at doing sensible grown up things like mowing the lawn, but it’s still not one of my most favourite jobs, and if I don’t keep on top of it it can quickly slip back to those ‘get in the front door quick and avoid eye contact with the neighbours’ days.

The last month or so has been like that.

Bosch Rotak 34 lawnmower review

We’ve had all of this random rain, which is always tricky for lawns, and the house is north facing so it’s hard for the grass to dry out properly between showers unless the weather is really warm. Then I had that broken leg to contend with… not really on the leg thing, I’m just making excuses.

It wasn’t horrendous, but it wasn’t not GOOD exactly, especially around the edges, which were distinctly bushy. View Post


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Socks are like peas.

Peas are underrated in the vegetable world, but are incredibly versatile, can jazz up the blandest of dinners and are VERY tasty. Socks are just the same, apart from the tasty bit. Socks just sit there, balled up at the back of your drawer, when they could be making a massive impact on your wardrobe, breathing new life into old outfits.

To make the point, I challenged Belle, who has far more imagination and fashion sense that me, to style a working week’s worth of outfits, based around five different pairs of socks from the bamboo range at SockShop. Bamboo is a brilliant material for socks. It’s super soft, has natural anti-bacterial properties and thermoregulates – helping your feet stay warm even when it’s cold outside. SockShop sells a huge range of bamboo socks, including lots of novelty socks and a rainbow socks collection, where 20% of every sale goes to the LGBT Foundation.

My hope is that Belle’s sock styling will inspire you to take your socks more seriously, and that by the end of this post you’ll be desperate to enter my competition to win £30 to spend at SockShop and bring some new sock sassiness to your own wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at Belle’s looks…

Monday – the sassy ankle sock

It’s Monday, you’re feeling the back to school vibes, but rather than get down in the dumps about it, why not embrace it with a pair of cute ankle socks and shiny black patent shoes? These super sweet pink ankle socks have cushioned soles, so they’re a comfy way to start the week. View Post


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Coloured glasses

Recognising when something isn’t quite right with your child’s health is probably at the top of your priority list as a parent. Noticing unusual symptoms can be hugely beneficial in preventing future health problems, no matter how big or small; this goes for your child’s eyesight too. Often your child may not notice there is something wrong with their vision, or may not be able to communicate a change to you.

Problems with your child’s vision could happen at any time. Routine eye checks are offered soon after your child has been born, as well as suggested eye tests at various weeks and years as they grow. This is because any problems with your child’s vision is easier to treat while they are still developing.

Signs to look out for

There are a number of simple signs you can look out for that might mean your child is struggling with clear vision. For instance, if your child often complains of headaches or their eyes feeling tired, it is probably because their eyes are overworking in order to try and see clearly.

You might notice your child has started to sit more closely in front of the television, or holding a book right up to their nose or even further away than usual. This could mean they have developed a refractive error, such as myopia or hypermetropia. Vision problems like these can be solved easily with glasses for kids.

Problems with your baby’s eye health

Knowing whether your child has good eyesight or not can be difficult, whether they are a baby, toddler or young child. If you notice any changes in your child’s eyes or vision, take them to an optician as soon as you can.

There are a number of eye problems that could occur at various points of your child’s development. As a baby, your child could be at risk of developing a lazy eye. It is said to happen in around 1 in 50 children, and happens because the eyes aren’t able to build a strong link to the brain. You may recognise it due to one eye looking in a different direction.

A much rarer health problem in babies’ eyes is retinoblastoma. This is a rare type of eye cancer that tends to affect children under 5. While more than 9 out of 10 children are cured, it’s important that it is picked up early. Look out for a white reflection in the pupil or a change of colour in the iris.

Problems with your children’s eye health

Children should have their first eye examination at an opticians at around 2 years old, and every 2 years subsequently. Refractive errors like short-sightedness most commonly begin to appear in children aged 6-12. It is also the age they start school, so having clear vision is even more important.

If your child needs to wear glasses, make sure they are durable with a scratch-resistance coating. You might also want to consider UV protective coatings or lenses for their glasses, to ensure their eye health is supported.

Problems with your teenager’s eye health

Today’s teenagers can be incredibly busy and on-the-go, and they may not necessarily stop to notice when something has changed in their vision. A lot of eye conditions can be prevented, but only if they are recognised early on.

One of the most common problems for teenager’s vision is computer vision syndrome, which happens due to continued focus on a digital screen. This can result in headaches, irritation and tired eyes. Your teenager can wear stylish glasses that are designed to protect their vision from eye strain, caused by digital devices, even if they do not have a prescription.

UV light can also pose a problem for your teenager’s eye health. Overexposure to UV light can result in premature ageing of the eyes, as well increasing your risk of eye disease, like cataracts, later in life. Look for lenses with a high E-SPF rating.


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If you take a look around you, you can see that anyone might find themselves in a financial rut at any time. It can happen that easily, because there are lots of factors that can induce a financial mess, such as illness and medical bills, losing a job, a business going bankrupt, and more.

It’s a stressful time when everything could quickly spiral out of control. If it does happen to you, the important thing is to move quickly because you won’t have the time to procrastinate on doing things to improve your situation. In this article, we’ll take a look at some actions that can help you get out of such difficult times.

Identify the source of the problem: If your problem is caused by losing a job, this could be just a one-time run of bad luck. But if it happened because you constantly spend too much, this would need you to address the problem seriously. It will involve changing your spending habits.

Use cash: This can be a good temporary move until you get your finances in order. We know that credit cards make spending too simple, and you don’t need that type of simplicity now. On the contrary, you want to make it difficult for you to spend unwisely, and using cash typically restricts us. For a while, make sure you only spend money on the things you absolutely need.

Take out loans: The first thing that might cross your mind is to take out a loan. A bank loan might work, but it will come with high interest, and no guarantee that your request will be granted. Other financial companies do pass out loans quickly, no questions asked, but they have even higher interest and a good chance you’d have to put up collateral.

You may be a benefactor of a will, so this is the time to know more about how to get loans on estates because unlike some other types of loans, lenders provide money based on your inheritance, without requiring collateral. The process to get a cash advance based on an inheritance isn’t very complicated. Once approved for the advance, you can receive the funds in your bank account in just a few days.

Create a budget: It’s never too late to create a budget, but the important thing is to stick to it in the long run. Most people caught in a financial rut can usually overcome it by cutting their expenses, and increase their income if possible—or a little of both. Your budget will dictate what your financial priorities are. In turn, prioritizing will help you make tough financial decisions when you have to. 

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with money, a crisis can hit. Given the financial crises you might be in, you can be forced to make some lifestyle changes in your spending habits—especially if it’s you who caused the financial predicament—which would be a long-term solution. Other factors may not be in your hands, so you might need to seek help, possibly through certain types of loans that would be a short-term, life-saving solution.


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Money making ideas

In the last few years global trading volumes in the foreign exchange markets have reached a record high as more and more people are actively trading in Forex market.  Thus trading in a live market can really be a daunting task in the beginning and this is why it is always suggested that your first forex account should be a Demo Forex account. Forex trading is nothing new and with each passing day more and more people are getting to it and thus there is no looking back now. Trading in Live account can be really risky and thus one should always avoid getting into it in the beginning and initially learn the trick and tips of the trade. It is of utmost importance to learn the features as well as how to use the trading platform before trading to a live account. Fortunately there is a provision of using a demo account on each platform where no real money is at risk and one can learn how to trade and other features prior to going live.

Most of the brokers and especially well known and reputed brokers allow potential customers to download a free demo version of their trading software. This is of great use as the customers gets to use the software and get acquainted with the platform’s layout and use it how to trade. One should understand that each platform is different though majority of the brokers use Meta Trader 4 and 5 which are also known as MT4 and MT5. There are many brokers who use additional platforms which are different as they are the proprietary to the broker and thus this platform may not be available with other brokers. Thus demo accounts are virtual accounts with virtual money which is connected to a real trading platform which receives real data from the market and one can trade on it. This means that you can trade in a real market scenario where you can open and close trades and it won’t cost you anything and your trading commands are not sent to the real market however you will not feel any difference. In simple words demo accounts realistically simulate real trading and the only difference is the real money. Now, when one should use a demo account is something which needs to explain. Initially using a demo account is important in two situations firstly when you are a beginner and you are not familiar with forex trading this is when you should start with a demo account. Secondly when you wish to test a trading platform before going live with the real money is when you should opt for a demo account.

The main intent of using a demo account is to control the trading platform as it should never happen that you trade in real money without knowing when to open and close a trade. Thus do a research and open a demo account with Best ECN Platform and start practising trades. One you have through idea of how to set your take profit and stop loss than you are somewhat ready to deal on the real account on the love trade with real money.


I’ve not been interested in dating at all now for a good six months. It’s actually the most chill I’ve ever felt relationship wise and I’m really enjoying doing my own thing, pottering about and basically not caring much about anything.

I’ve painted a wall in my bedroom a really dark greeny teal colour (there’s a picture on my Facebook page) and rearranged the furniture so that my bed is now in a corner and can only be accessed from one side. If that isn’t a statement of intent then I don’t know what is. I even went to an evening class and learned how to make prints in a dark room. Menopause here I come.

A few days ago though I had a bit of a moment – curiosity more than anything I think – and I redownloaded Tinder, just to see. Obviously the first thing I saw was a man holding a big fish, and then another looking incredibly sad and like dating might tip him over the edge, (two ticks on my Tinder bingo card), and so it served as a welcome reminder of why cats are better than boyfriends.

(I also saw that the man who called me a liar was still there. Not sure why he hasn’t been snapped up.)

I did have a cheeky swipe though, just to check that the evening course hadn’t crushed all of my desirability, and I got a few matches back. Fine. In my experience barely anyone ever actually bothers to message once they known that they could if they wanted to, so I didn’t feel under pressure.

And then this morning I got this lovely message and felt it my duty to reply:

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camping in the garden

Why spend the money on a fancy camping spot in the middle of nowhere surrounded by other people? Do you want to spend your weekend driving with the kids from one location to the next, refereeing arguments and playing endless games of “I Spy”? Maybe it’s the thought of packing up all the gear required for a camping trip and hauling it from one place to the next. Whatever the reason you are against camping in normal circumstances – why not turn your backyard into the place to be?

You can set up different stations with various activities and turn your weekend around. These fun weekends with your family will cement your bond and give not only yourself but your children a memory that will last a lifetime. There are so many things that you could do in your backyard that are both educational and fun while getting the entire family on board!

Want to find out some of these activities and interested in saving money but still making memories? Then keep reading!

Obstacle Course

Want to burn your kid’s energy out a little before they come back into the house? Looking to get them moving and active so they don’t develop bad, lazy habits during the summer? Then you might want to look into building an obstacle course in your backyard.

Using scrap wood and other required materials, build your kids an obstacle course that comes complete with a rock-climbing wall, a rope swing set frame, an observation deck and more. Look up DIY blueprints online for the best ideas and the easiest way to go about constructing an obstacle course.


One of the coolest things you can do in your backyard is camp out under the stars and become a part of Mother Nature. Set up a couple of tents in your backyard complete with sleeping bags and pillows; teaching your children safety and responsibility by allowing them to set up their own tent.

Once the daylight is gone, light a bonfire and start the assembly line for homemade s’mores. Use this opportunity to teach your children about fire safety and how to build a safe fire. Set a ground rule that no one is allowed in the house except for bathroom breaks and dim the inside lights to mimic nature in the dark. You can even string lights through the trees to invoke the night sky and their twinkling stars. Have flashlights available and see who can tell the scariest story without flinching; awarding a prize for the most elaborate story.


There is nothing better than having your own hideout as a kid and the best way to keep them in your line of sight is to build a treehouse in your backyard. They can keep their treasures in there and have meetings for their secret clubs. Use old blankets and pillows to create a cozy haven for your kids and weather permitting – allow them to sleep out there with their friends for the ultimate experience.

treehouse in the garden

Maintenance of Your Backyard

Regardless of what cool activity you decide to set up in your backyard or if you set up a combination of things – it is important to give your backyard a little TLC before the winter sets in. The constant foot traffic and activity stations can be hard on the grass and on your garden beds as potential contaminants are everywhere.

Use a combination of mulch and compost to fertilize your garden beds, giving them a much-needed boost in terms of nutrients and protection. These add-ons to your garden beds acts as a barrier between your garden beds and the rest of Mother Nature.

Use a fertilizer on your lawn to supplement the grass and offer it the needed vitamin boosts to make it through the winter. Use it as directed and to read more about how a lawn fertilizer can help you; click here.


Children don’t understand the concept of money and how certain things can be a shock to your financial system when things aren’t going right. While money is put away for school field trips and whatnot; it can be hard to come up with the dollars required to take your children somewhere every single weekend. The cost of the gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, food, supplies and the entrance fee can quickly total up and not be that fun to pay.

That is why turning your backyard into an activity filled place is a great idea. It’s close to home (literally), you are able to allow your children some freedom and independence (because you are right inside) and it’s something that they can re-use over and over. As they grow, update the activities and make it more suitable to their age. They can have friends over, sleepovers in the backyard under the stars and more, allowing you to give them the best childhood you possibly can.