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Packing and moving kitchen appliances are one of the most difficult tasks in your moving process. No matter whether you are one of the most organized persons present in the world still, moving appliances is not an easy task if you do not have the right knowledge. It is recommended for you to hire local movers who can help you in moving appliances as it is important to professionally disconnect and safely pack all the appliances before the move. Make sure you start planning for the relocation weeks before the moving date to avoid any last-minute disasters.  


To move your appliances, first of all, you should thoroughly clean each one of them. This will help in stopping staining and damaging blankets or cloth which you will be using to cover the appliances before loading them onto a moving truck.

Tips to move kitchen appliances!!!

The refrigerator and oven are the two main kitchen appliances that are present in almost all the home kitchens. Apart from these two large items, there are also several small appliances to move such as dishwashers, ice makers, and so on. This guide will help you to move all these items safely and without any damage.  

Procedure to follow to move a refrigerator!!! 

  1. First of all, clean all the contents present in the refrigerator. 
  2. Unplug the refrigerator 7 to 8 hours before shipping and let the freezer defrost.
  3. Remove the moisture by wiping the entire refrigerator using a cloth or tissue papers
  4. Remove all the shelves including the glass shelve of the refrigerator to pack them separately. 
  5. Don’t forget to empty the water reservoir and disconnect the water pipeline. 
  6. If there are any removable parts present in the refrigerator then remove those and pack separately. 
  7. Use tape to secure all the door corners of the refrigerator. 
  8. While shipping, secure the refrigerator using tie-downs in the truck and finally you can move your refrigerator securely. 

Procedure to move an oven!!!

Some people end up damaging the floor or the oven itself while moving an oven. If your oven is mounted on a wall, don’t try to move its own. Make sure you hire an electrician to do the task. First of all, don’t forget to turn off the switch of the oven and if you have a gas oven then switch off the main valve. The main valve is present at a point where the gas pipeline meets the wall. So, you can easily find the valve to switch off it.

 If there are any removable parts present in the oven, then please detach all these removable parts. Pack these removable parts carefully, cover those using towels so that they can be shipped securely. Make sure you use a dolly or a slide to load the oven in the truck else it might scratch the floor. 

Procedure to move a dishwasher!!!

The very first thing you have to do to move a dishwasher is to remove the dishes and crockery from inside of the dishwasher. If you are thinking that it is a waste of time to remove the dishes crockery from the dishwasher then you might end up by breaking them and this can also be a reason behind serious damage of the dishwasher. So, make sure you empty your dishwasher before moving. After removing all the dishes from it, clean it thoroughly from inside and outside. 

The next step you have to do is remove all the shelves and other baskets present in the dishwasher and pack them separately. A screw or bolts might be needed to remove these shelves from the dishwasher. Then detach the washing machine from it. Also, remove the water hose from it. Finally, you have disconnected the entire dishwasher. Now, secure the entire dishwasher using protective packaging and finally, the dishwasher is ready to ship. 

Procedure to move an ice maker!!! 

There are some ice makers which are portable and easier to ship while some others need special requirements to ship. Unplug the unit of the ice maker and drain the water from it. Let it sit idle for some time so it dries. Then pack it in a box and do padding all around with the foam. Wrap the entire ice maker in bubble wraps to avoid any kind of damage during the shipment. The pack-ice maker in a separate box if possible and if not, then don’t pack heavier items above it. 

Procedure to move a wine cooler!!!

To start with, empty the wine cooler. You can enjoy the remaining wine with your friends and family members during the move to have some crazy moments or you can also pack the remaining bottles separately with great care. Make sure you keep the wine at the right temperature so it would not damage. 

While making sure the movers you choose to allow you to move alcohol else you have to take it in your vehicle. Then pack the wine cooler in a separate box using bubble wraps and padding and finally your wine cooler is ready to move. 

When it comes on move, one of the most difficult tasks is to move kitchen appliances. Use the above-written guide to move the kitchen appliances.   

Use this guide and several moving apps to make your relocation planning successful. We wish you all the good luck for the big change in life and may you reach your new home safely and without any damage to your inventory.


As you will know by now, Belle and I love a mini break. Whether it’s a wet and windy December weekend in a vintage VW camper van on the Cornish coast* or a luxury boutique hotel in the Cotswolds, the theme is normally the same – some nice food, outings in the day that I generally enjoy more than Belle, and then snuggly evenings with a film or a murder mystery.

It’s not a bad format really, especially the outings, where I normally get to sneak in something like a model village or obscure wool museum. I imagine some parents of teenagers don’t manage to have quite as relaxed breaks as we do.

Our recent weekend away at Haven’s Littlesea Holiday Park on the Dorset coast did not disappoint. In fact, our caravan, if you can even call it that, was one of the nicest I’ve ever stayed in, and I have stayed in a LOT of caravans. I actually went as far as to double check the booking to see if it was actually a lodge, but no, definitely a caravan. It was a platinum caravan with a sea view, which is top of the range, but even so, very impressive.

The living and dining area was incredibly spacious, and had a proper three piece suite and dining table and chairs rather than the usual bench seating you get in a caravan. The kitchen was well equipped with a full-sized oven and fridge freezer, microwave, dishwasher and even a washing machine, which I’m not sure I’ve seen in a caravan before. I would have liked a cafetiere, but you can’t have anything I suppose.

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Divorce is down as one of the most stressful life events you can experience, but today’s contributor wants to reassure people that although it can be a heartbreaking and traumatic event, there are positives in divorce, and you will find happiness again. If you’ve been through a divorce I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.


“Getting divorced is absolute agony,” I was once advised by a friend, (who had the audacity to be in the middle of divorcing an actual vicar), “but the alternative is far worse. It’s like living with an gangrenous leg that you know you have to have chopped off: sometimes it feels that it might be easier to die slowly from the inevitable poisoning, but the brave accept that it needs hacking off so you can thrive again.”

Two decades later, I often thought of her advice when I was in the middle of my own, painful hacking off. The first nights when my children were at their father’s house I would have to close their bedroom doors because their flat, empty beds hurt so much. I shut the doors, boxing in that part of my life so I didn’t have to feel their absence. I felt full of doom when I told some of my older friends that my husband and I were separating, and they looked grave and said things like: “But what about your lovely children?” I felt that I was doing something awful, something unforgivable, hurling us all into a dark future.

Since then I’ve seen friends go through the same process. It’s so painful watching them go through their own personal severing, knowing I can’t do much to help other than to listen, to not judge, and to buy wine, fairy lights and other pretty things to adorn their new, fierce tiger-mother lairs.

But it’s not all agony. After everything is put asunder, there are some truly great up-sides to getting divorced: View Post


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Every so often I take a good look at Instagram and think to myself ‘what is it that I really want to see?’ We can all be guilty of that mindless scrolling, but if we’re going to get hypnotised it might as well be by pictures that fill us with joy right? For me that means colour, pattern, beautiful interiors and houseplants.

I bloody love houseplants. They’re one of the things that I think really makes a house a home, along with pictures and cats, obviously. I love looking at other people’s pictures of houseplants, and even better if they also have cats in them.

If you’re a plant lover and want to fill your Instagram feed with beautiful houseplant accounts then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve picked out seven of my favourite Instagram accounts for houseplant lovers, to help bring some green to your ‘gram.

To celebrate all things botanical, I’ve also teamed up with Competition Finder to bring you the chance to win £50 to spend on houseplants of your very own! Competition Finder is a brilliant one stop shop to help you find all of the latest competitions and giveaways, so if my competition gives you a taste for comping, do go and check out Competition Finder.

In my giveaway, one lucky winner will win £50 to spend on their favourite houseplants from Patch Plants. How cool would that be? New plant babies! As a nation, the recent enforced time at home has only fuelled our love of houseplants – Patch Plants has seen a massive 500% increase in sales over the period of lockdown, especially amongst plants popular on Instagram. ‘Rapunzel, the golden pothos continues to be our most popular houseplant,’ Patch Plants told me, ‘with 31,000 sold so far this year. Susie the Sansevieria and Big Ken the Kentia Palm also feature regularly in our top ten. Our Instagram following tend to opt for more exotic plants like Ray.’

So there you go houseplant fact fans.

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Are you struggling with hair loss? Well, you are not alone. Hair loss is extremely common now. Hair loss becomes even more frequent as we enter in our 40s. Besides hormonal changes, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, there are hundreds of contributors that pave the way to hair loss.

Hair loss can be very disturbing as it tempers one’s confidence. Moreover, hair loss may be an indicator of your declining health so it can cause further stress in the victim. Keeping in view the social pressure people struggling with hair loss try to indulge themselves in several hair regrowth remedies. In addition to that the before and after photos circulating on the internet, distributed in the form of brochures and pasted against every wall of the local market are quite convincing. The technology involved in hair growth treatment has quite been improved over the years. But the problem is that these treatments are too expensive and everyone can’t afford them.

Oils for Hair Growth and Replacement

You must have heard about hair oils. They are the best available option for hair growth. Many people doubt if they really do work against hair loss, so here we confirm that they do work!

The best thing about hair oils is that they are cheap and easily available. Some of the hair oils that you need to consider are given below;

  1. Thyme essential oil

Thyme essential oil is effective hair growth oil. It is highly recommended to those who are looking forward to hair thickness and growth. It has a remarkable ability to improve cellular generation.

Thyme essential oil promotes hair growth. It stimulates the scalp and effectively protects it against hair loss. Moreover, you can also use Thyme oil for treating alopecia areata. It is a strong oil and its small quantity can do wonders.

You can add two tablespoons of Thyme oil in your basic oil and then apply it on your scalp. Leave it for 5 to 8 minutes and then wash your hair.

  1. Rosemary Essential Oil

If you want to improve both hair thickness and hair growth, rosemary oil is a great choice thanks to its ability to improve cellular generation.

You can mix a few drops of rosemary oil with olive oil, coconut oil or your basic oil and then apply it. Leave the oil in your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo to get rid of oil completely.  You can do this therapy twice a week.


  1. CBD Oil

Your dream of enjoying the thick and long hair can be turned into reality by CBD.  This oil is full of omega fatty acids. These fatty acids help in sealing the moisture in the hair. You can massage your scalp with CBD oil to get rid of dryness and dandruff as well.

Moreover, this oil promotes blood circulation significantly. When the blood circulation improves in the areas near to hair follicles, the hair growth is also improved.


It was probably easier to shop for your children when they were, well, children.

Your 6-year-old daughter loved that huge box of pens and paper you gave her, and your 9-year-old son was thrilled with his gift of a new soccer ball.

Now they are full-grown adults with families of their own. You still enjoy giving your grown kids gifts, but it’s a bit more challenging to come up with things they may want or need.

With this in mind, let’s look at gifts senior parents should consider giving to their adult children—some are practical and some are more of a splurge, but all of them are sure to be appreciated:

1. Family Photos

Chances are good you have piles of family photos sitting in boxes or in albums. Unlike the younger generation, who keeps most of their photos on their phones, you have actual tangible pictures that you can hold in your hand. For a nice keepsake for your adult kids, take some time to organize these pictures and place them in albums, with each photo well-labeled. That way, your kids won’t have to wonder “Is that Great Aunt Bernice or Great Aunt Sally and who is she standing with?”

Use a stable, archival pen like the Pigma Pen to write on the backs of any photos—jot down names and other info on the edges so if the ink does bleed through at all, it won’t mar the photo. You can also use a #2B pencil—or better yet, write down who is who on the album page next to each picture. To make sure each adult child gets the same albums, use a service like FrameBridge to have copies made of each picture and mix and match the originals and copies throughout the albums.

2. Peace of Mind

It is natural for older adults to think about how their eventual passing might impact their children’s finances. To help alleviate any concerns you might have, as well as gift your adult children with peace of mind, consider taking out a life insurance policy from a company like USAA. This way, you will know that your kids will be taken care of financially and will not have to pay for any funeral expenses, medical bills or other estate-related costs when the time comes.

3. A Memory Instead of a Material Item

If your adult kids have pretty much everything they need, consider treating them to a memory of some sort. For instance, if your son still loves soccer and there is a professional team in or near his hometown, check out and get him and his family tickets to an upcoming game. If your daughter is still crazy for artwork, spring for tickets to the latest art exhibit at her local museum, and throw in a gift card to a nice restaurant so she can make a day of it.

4. Pay a Bill or Buy a Service

Depending on your finances and your adult kids’ situations, you could cover a car payment or two, pay for a professional housekeeping service to clean their home top to bottom, or offer to cover their cable bill for a few months. For busy adult kids who are struggling to make ends meet and/or are swamped with work and their own children and other responsibilities, this can be a huge relief.

Gift Giving Has Changed, But it Can Still Be Meaningful and Fun

As you can see, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on more “stuff” to fill your children’s homes. Family history-related items, memory-making activities and peace of mind are all meaningful gifts your adult children will truly appreciate.


Ruitertassen traveler cabin bag review

While the tourism industry may have taken a hit during COVID-19, there’s sometimes no avoiding travel for work or family.

While this is in no way a full featured list, we’ve included the first 5 items that should find their way into your backpack when travelling during 2020.


  • Face Masks or Bandanas


It’s certainly a sign of the times when a face mask is top of our 5 things to pack in your travel backpack, but it is what it is.  

In the midst of a global pandemic, having an assortment of useful and stylish bandanas to choose from is imperative.

Not only do face masks and bandanas look great, they help keep both you and the people around you safe.


When you’re travelling, remember that you’re nothing more than a guest.  Don’t be that obnoxious traveller who thinks they’re above the locals and puts their health at risk.


  • Clothes with more socks and underwear than you need


While packing clothes are a given, we recommend always packing more pairs of socks and underwear than you think you need.  Trust us, you can never have too many pairs of either!

As a rule, you should pack enough underwear and shirts to wear daily, enough pants to wear every second day and a single jacket depending on climate.

Bring warm clothes to sleep in or at least layer.  Keep in mind, it’s easier to put light jumpers you’d wear during the day on when you go to bed.


Some hotels offer washing facilities that you can use while traveling, so take advantage and halve your packing if you can.


  •  Footwear matched to your plans


Footwear is an often overlooked category that should be planned carefully.  

Always pack your most comfortable walking shoes or joggers.  Never underestimate the amount of walking required when you’re travelling.

Alongside your joggers, pack a single pair of dress shoes that will match your outfit, a pair of flip-flops or sandals and finally shoes for any special activities you may be doing, such as hiking.


Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on travel days.  This will save luggage space and money on flights with carry-on weight limits.


  • A Collapsible Water Bottle


Any traveller has faced the dilemma of how to pack a water bottle at one time or another.

They’re often big, heavy and in shapes that waste precious space in backpack pockets that you really would rather be using for something else.

This is where collapsible water bottles come in handy.  They simply fold (or kind of roll up), allowing you to pack a water bottle and not worry about wasted space when you underfill.


It’s the water inside your bottle that’s heavy, not the bottle itself.  Remember, you can always half fill a large water bottle, but you can’t overfill a small bottle if you ever need to.


  •  Entertainment devices you can double up


One often overlooked travel-hack, is to take electronic devices that double up. 

For example, your smartphone can double up as a kindle with the right app, or your laptop can double as both a tv screen and journal.

Also, try to download eBook versions of the book you’re reading to save space.  While most of us would still prefer a physical book, if there was a time for an eBook then it’s when travelling.


If you prefer the feeling you get when reading physical books, consider taking copies that you won’t mind leaving behind or passing onto someone else.


Advertisement feature in association with ARK Skincare

I feel like the world is divided into two different types of people.

The first type – me – buys whatever shampoo is on special offer, slaps on a bit of moisturiser as a ‘skincare routine’ and considers scrapping a bit of dead skin off her feet with her fingernails in the bath a pedicure.


And then there’s the second type, (the non-grotty type), who actually takes a bit of care of themselves. The type of person, like Belle, who puts thought into what they put on their skin and loves nothing more than spending an evening giving me a top notch makeover.

ARK night cream

ARK Skincare

IMAGINE MY SURPRISE then, when a year or so ago I discovered a skincare range that I loved so much that I went out of my way to get more of it, even if it wasn’t on a half price offer.

I know! Me! The ‘feet in the bath’ woman!

This amazing ‘skincare range that makes me care about my skin’ is ARK, a vegan-friendly, cruelty free range especially developed to support skin at different stages of its life, with individual ranges for teens and 20s, 30s and 40s and 50+ skin. You can also shop by skin concern if you prefer, so if you struggle particularly with redness, sensitivity, oiliness, or anything like that, there’s a product for you. View Post


Advertisement feature in association with Hive home

When I was in my early teens, maybe younger, I had a vision of myself as an adult. I can remember it so clearly, even now. It was just a few seconds, a snapshot of what I imagined my life would be like.

The vision involved me arriving home from work on a Friday evening and opening the door to my swanky looking flat, where I lived alone. I can picture the key, turning in the lock. I never knew what job I was arriving home from, I never even got as far as going inside, but I do know that I was wearing a pencil skirt and a silk blouse and high heeled shoes. Clearly in my mind that’s what being a grown up woman was all about.

As things turned out the reality of my life is pretty far from the vision – I’ve never lived alone, I work from home, and I particularly dislike silk. (I don’t know what it is, I’m just not keen on the feel of it.)

What has always struck me most about that vision is the symbolism of the transition between work and home. I never really knew where I’d been, or what happened when I opened the door, but there was something about that moment, the emotional switch from work to home.

Spending more time at home over the last few months has been tough at times, and I’ve definitely felt the lack of that transition and that I’ve not been striking the right work/life balance at times. It’s hard when you’re in the house so much isn’t it, to get that clear definition between work and fun?

What if that moment where you turn a key and open the front door could actually create a physical change as well as an emotional one?

To help restore some harmony to my home life I’ve teamed up with Hive, to show you how a few strategically placed smart home devices can go a long way to creating a more relaxed atmosphere at home.

Servicing 1.7 million homes across the country, Hive is one of the nation’s favourite connected home providers. Hive’s family of smart products include the award-winning Hive Active Heating and a range of plugs, sensors, light bulbs, indoor and outdoor cameras and thermostatic radiator valves and services that offer customers the ability to control their homes, save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Sounds good right?

First up I needed a trigger – something to let my Hive devices know that the WEEKEND IS ABOUT TO START. For this I used a Hive window and door sensor which I attached to the front door. I then came up with a cunning plan to recreate that ‘key in the lock’ moment – I decided that when I finished work for the day or for the weekend, I would leave the house by the back door, take a walk around the block to clear my head of work, and then return via the front door.

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Are you looking for the recipes to get your hands on a newly bought air fryer? Well, there is no need to stroll around the internet pages and checking multiple guides as you have already clicked the right link. Things made with air fryers are healthier as compared to those which were fired in loads of oil. People with heart diseases avoid such items even if they love eating fried items.

Air Fryer: Prepare Healthy and Delicious Food

Gone are the days when making meals required cutting, getting the stove ready, pouring oil in the pan and the list goes on. The introduction of air fryer by has made cooking and baking fun more than a chore. Calling this method of cooking oil-free would do justice to the tool. Now you can taste the traditional delicacies without worrying about the list of meals which your physician advised you to refrain from.

Here is a list of delicious, appetizing, and healthy meals you can prepare for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. Air fryer recipes require comparatively lesser effort than the traditional ways of preparing food. Get creative in the kitchen when you have an air fryer using the below-mentioned recipes.

Egg and Ham baked Toasts

Who does not love eggs for breakfast? The delicacy is real when the ham is cooked right with melted cheese beside an egg. It is the kind of breakfast which would never let you get bored with it. Rather, people of all ages would love this. When you are reluctant to cook them separately, just turn on the air fryer and you are good to go. Now you can make as many as baked toasts and spare the time for cooking other menu-items.

Mozzarella Cheese Corndog

Cheese pull is the most exciting thing which appetites our taste buds. If you want to try Korean style street food at home, then this item should be on the top of your list. Put the sausages and mozzarella cheese in the skewer dip it in the flour and after neatly coating bread crumbs over it, you can finally place it in the air fryer. In 10 minutes, your yummiest snack will be ready to eat.

Banana Bread

The soft and flavorful banana break is equally loved by everyone. Not only this, but you can give another life to the overripe bananas in your home by making banana bread out of them. Mix the bananas with milk, flour, oil sugar, and eggs as per the requirements and you are good to go. You can top off this bread with cold frosting or hot chocolate and relish it in your breakfast or tea-time.

Chip-coated Chicken Nuggets

Nuggets, the mouth-watering word we have ever heard. It is not limited to a specific age group but every loves eating them whether they are going out to watch a movie or sitting with their family. Well, why you do not try making them in an air fryer? Just make the nuggets as you have been doing for years. Coat them in peppery chips to make them crispy. Place them in the air fryer and your yummiest nuggets will be ready in a few minutes.

Air fried Jalapeno Poppers

If you are reading this for the first time, then you would probably look for the recipe which is not rocket science at all. Just take some medium-sized jalapeno, cut them in half and fill with your favorite cream cheese and toss them in some bread crumbs. Neatly place them in the air fryer and wait a while until they get ready. Their aroma would be the alar for you to take them out and enjoy biting the creamy jalapeno.

Bread Pudding

You should not miss baking the fluffiest pudding every in an air fryer. Just prepare the batter by mixing bread, milk, eggs, butter, sugar, and some drops of vanilla essence. Put them in the toaster oven air fryer and wait for 15 minutes. In the meanwhile, you should prepare the custard sauce as a side ingredient to add more flavor to the pudding. Whether you are hungry or just want to serve your craving, this recipe is the right choice for you.

Honey Chicken Wings

Wings tossed in sweet honey with a sour sauce are everyone’s best meal ever. Now you can also make it in an air fryer to control the oil-intake. Prepare the wings and do not forget to coat them in sriracha. Heat the fryer for the required temperature and place them in the air fryer oven cooking. After a few minutes, you will get the zero-cholesterol wings at home.

In the End

Whether you are following strict diet plans to lose weight or you are the one who opts to eat healthy meals over junk food, this would be an ideal way of cooking for you. No one can abstain from buying it whenever they get to know about the air fryer. The reason is obvious that it is the simplest, easiest, and fastest way of cooking the finger-licking food.


office yoga

Whether you’re still changing diapers on your firstborn or you’re shuttling several kids between appointments, practices, and playdates, motherhood can be overwhelming. In fact, there are many days when your child’s voice is the first thing you hear in the morning, and their soft breathing is the last thing you hear before it’s light’s out yourself!

With responsibilities like these, you can’t exactly run away to Monaco at the drop of a hat. However, making time for self-care each day can help you find a little freedom and relaxation in your daily life.

How? Follow our top 6 self-care tips. As the effect adds up, you’ll have more energy for your kids—and for your own self-care game.

#1: Stock Up

First things first: set the conditions for self-care. That means a week where you don’t have to run to the grocery store a hundred times for a bunch of parsley here and a roll of toilet paper there.

If you’re not already in the habit of buying in bulk, stock up with a two-week (or more) supply of:

  • Diapers
  • Paper products (paper towels, TP, etc.)
  • Soap, laundry detergent, and multi-purpose cleaner
  • Dried grains and beans
  • Oils, vinegars, and spices
  • Fresh, canned, and frozen vegetables

Another life hack? Buy a grocery subscription or invest in a CSA box. Then, invest in reusable Tupperware and plastic bags so you can cross those things off your to-do list forever.

Now that you’ve freed up some precious minutes and hours, start enjoying them!

#2: Make the Most of Your Evening Routine

After your kids are all tucked in, you have a few precious moments to yourself.

It’s tempting to plop down on the couch and turn on the TV—and we don’t even discourage you. Just take a few steps to take care of your hair, skin, and nails first.

You don’t have to invest in spa-quality products to pamper yourself. Common household ingredients can help you save money and nourish your skin at the same time.

For example, you can use coconut oil as:

  • A hair mask
  • A body oil
  • A cuticle softener

Integrate it into your routine by rubbing warm coconut oil in your hair before you watch an episode of your favorite show. Let it sit for 25 minutes. Then, hop in the shower, wash and condition your hair, and give your body a quick rub-down with more coconut oil. Push back your cuticles if you have a minute to spare.

See? That wasn’t so hard. You may even have time for another episode.

#3: Hack Your Sleep

When you’re parenting, getting shut-eye can be a struggle. Find more by upgrading your sleep routine. Consider the following:

#4: Spend Time in Your Garden

Entertain yourself and the kids alike in your soothing garden environment. Growing plants from seed to sprout can help connect you with nature and serve as a biology lesson all at once!

Try out family projects like bringing color into the garden, planting a new herb, or creating mosaic tiles.

Don’t have the space for a full-blown garden? Create a corner of green on your windowsill or patio to appreciate plants’ soothing powers.

#5: Get Moving

We know—it may feel like you’re already in constant motion. However, adding the following kinds of movements can help you feel more comfortable in your body every day:

  • Spine lengthening to get rid of the crunch in your lower back
  • Gentle stretching to soothe tired shoulders and arms
  • Joint circumduction to keep your joints healthy
  • Core stabilization to make every movement more fluid

Online fitness videos make it easier than ever to find a routine that works for you.

#6: Call a Friend

If you haven’t talked to an old friend in a while, you may feel guilty calling them while on a last-minute pharmacy chore. We assure you that they’ll be happy to hear from you, no matter how scattered your mind and limited your time!

Reconnecting with old friends reminds you that there’s a life outside your kids. As lovely as they are, they can’t help you manage the challenges that come up in adult life. For that, you need support from your peers. Give them a ring!

Baby Steps

At first, you may feel selfish for taking time to yourself.

But your family needs you energetic, relaxed, and loving yourself. And as much as we hope you get to take that trip to Monaco, for now, the little moments you can spend on yourself are precious.

Take advantage of each one so that you have more bandwidth for everyone else!


office yoga

As of writing, it’s been over half a year since the entire world was swept with a pandemic, leading to major changes in everyone’s daily life. Businesses, individuals, academic institutions, almost everyone had to adjust to a brand-new way of life. When the pandemic struck the world, governments had to do what they thought of as the best way to contain its spread: impose a quarantine.

With that, businesses shifted to online platforms, children are now educated at home, and non-essential workers have to work from home as well. So many countries are still on quarantine, which means having certain restrictions in place when it comes to moving from one place to another.

In the beginning, staying at home may have seemed like a welcomed idea. After all that stress of being on the go every day, working and staying at home comes as a relief. But, after a while, it may have gotten boring for some. It’s challenging to work and go to school at home, on top of all the chores that have to be done. More so, the lack of any outdoor exposure can leave parents at a loss on how to entertain their kids, without too much dependency on gadgets and devices.

If you are one of those that are going stir-crazy at home, then you’ve come to the right place. This article gives you ideas for fun and relaxing activities you can do by yourself, with children or with the entire family while on quarantine.

  1. Paint It Out

You don’t have to be Picasso to enjoy a good painting activity. The right motivation and drive to create a masterpiece is all you’ll need.

Painting can be an enjoyable activity for the entire family. Plus, it’ll keep children occupied too, for quite a long time. Kids will finally get an avenue to mess around, rather than paint and color your walls. It’s a good bonding activity for the entire family, seeing each other’s work of art. You can even have these framed up as your souvenir from the year 2020 when staying at home was the only way to bond with family.

Children aren’t the only ones who’ll be benefiting from this activity either as painting is also a perfect way to de-stress and relax for adults.

  1. Knit Up

If you’re interested to learn a new hobby, knitting is a good one to try. It makes the time fly by, and it also helps to relax your mind and body.

If you already know how to knit but stopped doing it, now’s a good time for you to get back. Technology has made knitting even more fun with the use of knitting machines.

Let your creativity take you anywhere. You can make small coasters, jumpers for your kids, and even throw covers for your pillows.

  1. Watch A Film Or Documentary

Yes, this is another hour or so of screen time, but watching a movie together on the weekend over pizza and other comfort food is always a classic relaxing weekend family activity at home.

Because staying in quarantine means everyone’s home on the weekends, you can take turns each week to choose a movie or documentary to watch.

If you wish to inject a little lesson time for the kids, go ahead and pick out a documentary. That’s also a better way to make good use of the screen time that you’ll be giving them.

  1. Exercise

Family exercise can always be a fun time! Being on quarantine means that you’re more sedentary than usual, eating and lounging around more than you used to. Remember that this can be very harmful to your health.

After homeschool and your work-from-home-time, give the entire family a healthy break by engaging in exercise. Even giving just half an hour every day will have a significant impact on your life.

Here are some fun exercises to try out with kids:

  • Hoola-hooping
  • Jump rope
  • Jumping jacks
  1. Write A Journal

This activity works for those of you that used to love writing but may have lost the time for it. Now that you’re at home more than usual, perhaps you can also spare some time to write in your journal.

Writing is a good stress-relief, as you’ve got an outlet to express your thoughts without lashing it out on everyone at home. While the pandemic isn’t necessarily a great memory to remember, it’s worth keeping and writing down about for your journal to have stories to tell in the future.

Writing in your journal is also a good way for you to take note of memories and any discoveries that you may have about your children, now that you’re all spending more time with each other.

  1. Blow Bubbles

If you’ve got toddlers at home, a fun afternoon activity would be to run around your house and blow bubbles. As simple as this may sound, kids love chasing around bubbles, trying to catch them, or break them.

Let your inner child break free and take turns blowing bubbles with your kids! That way, you can also be the one to run around and pop them. Imagine all the laughter that’ll emerge from your children with a simple activity like that. These happy memories are what turns a house into a home. At the very least, you’ll burn some calories from running around.

  1. Have A Karaoke Night

If you’ve got a karaoke machine at home, bring it out one night. Why not have a family karaoke night. If your quarantine restrictions allow other family members and friends to gather in houses, invite a few over.  Just because you all can’t go out yet for your karaoke night, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it! You can bring it to your home instead.

  1. Take A Hot Bath

After putting down the kids to bed, go ahead and pamper yourself. Even when you can’t go to the spa yet, you can try to imitate the same experience in your home.

Light some scented candles around your bathroom and take time to enjoy a hot bath. If you’ve got skincare products such as masks that you haven’t applied in a long time, use them too. It’s like having a staycation right inside your home.

You can still pamper yourself even when you’ve got nowhere to go. When you feel good about yourself, you also tend to be happier. This is very important for parents who need to keep everything under control at home.


With these activities, you no longer have to complain about the idea of being at home for too long. You should never feel like you’re stuck at home. Consider the quarantine as a vacation right at the comforts of home. Now that you’ve got new ideas to try out, take turns with applying these. You can finally bid your kids’ screen time adieu and make the most of this time with family to bond and enjoy simple but meaningful and fun activities in your home.