How to groom a poodle

Dogs are known to help humans live longer because of the happiness they bring to their owners. They help reduce stress and even boost your mood. So, if you’re a dog parent, you probably agree with these facts and enjoy all these benefits. However, like all relationships, you need to care for and love them as much as possible. You must ensure their health on top of keeping them look adorable at all times.

If you can’t visit the pet salon due to the pandemic or simply find it more practical to groom your dog, particularly your pet poodle, by yourself, it’s possible to do this task at home. With some basic grooming tools and skills, you can foster a stronger relationship with your dog and even save money from your pet salon expenses. The good news is that any pet parent is capable of performing basic grooming tasks for their pet poodle. 

Here’s an easy guide to grooming your pet poodle:  


  • Give Them A Trim 


Different grooming styles will look best on your poodle. A simple poodle trim can be performed by starting with their paws first. Start by shaving the feet and trimming any hair between the paw pads. Gently trim away hair from between your dog’s footpads by holding their foot in a comfortable position. 

You can estimate the suitable length for the hair on their feet before finally cutting the body. While clipping your dog’s feet, remember to scoop the clip between toes, taking care not to nick the webbing between the toes. As for your poodle’s face and neck, you can start trimming from the neck up. Set your clipper at 15 to achieve the proper cutting method. Pull your dog’s neck skin taut by holding the head, with their nose pointing upward.

In a straight line, along the outer corners of each eye, trim the inner ear of your poodle and the outer corners of their face. Connect the area of the neck that’s been trimmed beside the ear with the area trimmed on the throat. Keep your touch light around the eyes and be extra careful. Glide the clipper along the face, chin, and nose. Make sure all the hair length is uniform.

dog grooming tips


  • Prepare Some Grooming Tools 


Families thinking of owning a dog need to learn the critical points of caring for them. They need to understand that grooming is vital, especially when taking care of a poodle.

The first thing you need to prepare for when deciding to groom your poodle at home is to ensure you have all the necessary poodle grooming tools. You shouldn’t bother with fancy poodle grooming clips unless you plan to join contests with them. Instead, opt for an easier-to-maintain and user-friendly dog clip. 

You can use this tool to groom any poodle you own, whether a toy, standard, or miniature one. Aside from the dog clip, you’ll need to have a few brushes and combs, and that’s about it. Grooming your poodle is very easy, and you can actually learn from online videos and blog posts from fellow poodle parents. You can join forums, learn about hair maintenance tools and products, and apply them to your own fur baby. 


  • Brush And Bathe Your Poodle 


What’s best about poodles is that they don’t shed their hair as much as the other breeds. However, you must regularly bathe them and brush their hair. Poodles especially need a lot of brushing as their hair tends to get matted together quickly as it sheds, so poodles with long hair should be brushed daily. You can generally brush once or twice a week when the dog has shorter hair. The best way to brush their hair is to begin from the neck down to their tail. 

Clip away tangles or thick mats with scissors. Be very careful when cutting tangles. Ensure that the skin is far from the tangle before cutting. When they go for long periods without grooming, poodles are susceptible to matting due to the way their hair sheds. 

As for bathing, you don’t necessarily have to bathe your dog every day. It could be done twice a month, or you can ask your vet for their personal recommendation. However, when your dog has played outdoors and becomes dirty, it’s important to bathe them. Before trimming your dog with clippers, you should also wash them, as an oily or dirty coat can prematurely dull your clippers. 


You don’t have to stress if you find yourself stuck at home with your dog due to the ongoing pandemic. With the right tools and tips mentioned in this guide, you can do the grooming for your poodle by yourself. If there’s any excessive matting, you can consult a pet salon specialist or your vet to groom your poodle more effectively. Grooming your pet poodle by yourself will allow them to get closer to you, so start grooming your pet at home and apply the pointers above. 


Tidy – Barry Island is the UK’s most searched for beach hut location but you might want to try somewhere less well-known….

beach hut

The rise and rise of the humble beach hut

Beach huts have always been a quintessential part of the British seaside holiday, but over the last few years, these humble little wooden structures have become an unlikely staycation status symbol.

First made popular by the Victorians, these brightly coloured little huts have lined the country’s coastlines since the mid-1800s, but in the last few years – accelerated by the pandemic forcing people to holiday at home – they have become trendy. So much so, that people are willing to pay astronomical prices to get their hands on one – last summer, a beach hut in Dorset sold for more than £350k.

Love your hut

It is clear that our obsession with beach huts is here to stay, but with a limited number of them along the country’s coastlines – there are believed to be around 20,000 privately owned huts in the UK – waiting lists are getting longer, and prices getting higher as people fight to secure their little piece of seaside real estate, so anyone who is lucky enough to own one will be looking to protect it.

Luckily there are specialist providers out there with policies designed specifically to cover the unique risks associated with beach huts;  is a specialist comparison site specifically for beach hut insurance, offering a friendly and efficient service and competitive prices.

Location location location

It is safe to say that the UK has a love affair with beach huts, but the strength of that love varies dramatically across the UK, with some seaside towns struggling to drum up any interest at all, renting out huts for a few pounds a day, while others have waiting lists years long and price tags that would make your eyes water. Sometimes just a few under metres makes all the difference – for example in Walton along the Essex coastline, hut prices start at around £6k, but just around the corner in Frinton, they cost upwards of £20k; here, we explore the highs and lows of the UK’s beach hut scene…

Most searched for – Barry Island

According to research by, the most searched for beach hut location in Britain is Barry Island in South Wales. Made famous by Gavin & Stacy, Barry island boasts 24 vibrantly coloured beach huts, and at £750 for a year, they could be a ‘tidy’ option as Ness might say.

Most popular – West Wittering

West Wittering is one of the premier Blue Flag beaches in the UK, and houses in the seaside town cost more than £700,000 on average, so it is no surprise people are clamouring to get a little taste of luxury beach life by purchasing a hut – some of them are so posh they don’t have numbers, they have names…like Betty.

Most expensive – Mudeford Sandbank 

Mudeford Sandbank made the headlines in September after a beach hut there went on the market for £575,000. The 13ft by 10ft cabin sleeps six, and has a fitted kitchen and is powered by solar panels, but has no toilet, and if and when it sells, will officially become the most expensive hut in the UK – nice if you can afford it.

Hidden gem – Hamworthy

Despite being known to locals as one of the most stunning and tranquil locations in the country, Hamworthy beach in Poole is one of the least searched beach hut locations in the UK, meaning any beach hut hunters that do know about this hidden gem could strike gold.

Best bargain – Walton on the Naze

There are plenty of beach huts for rent across the UK, but they don’t come up to buy very often. But there are currently at least five for sale along the award winning golden sandy beaches of Walton on the Naze in Essex ranging in price from £28,000 to £60,000. And with prices for huts around the corner in Frinton starting at £70,000, a hut in Walton could be a great investment.

Worst – Weston Super Mare

Despite the huge rise in popularity of beach huts, nowhere quite hammers home the location location location message like Weston Super Mare, known by locals as Weston Super Mud due to its less than sandy beaches. In 2015, 24 colourful beach huts arrived on the promenade at Royal Sands, in Weston and were put up for rent online. An initial surge of interest saw the first lease sold for £2,650, but since then, interest has waned. Only nine of the original huts remain but many are empty so, if you like mud, it could be just the place for you.

Keep your investment safe

Whether your hut is worth £3,000 or £300,000, it is vital that you protect it; is a specialist beach hut insurance comparison site that compares the market so you don’t have to. With more than 15-years’ experience in the niche beach hut market offers expert UK based support, and prices you’ll love as much as your hut.


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best skincare routine

I took Belle with me on tour last week for our show in Solihull. We were getting into bed in the hotel and I was just getting comfy when she looked across as me accusingly.

‘Are you not even going to take your make-up off?’ she asked horrified.

‘No,’ I said, ‘should I?’

She gave me a wipe. Apparently the answer was yes.  View Post


A recommendation from somebody is never a sure-fire winner for yourself. Taking a recommendation is usually based on trust and personal experience of a certain product.

What has worked for one person may not be suitable for what you are requiring – so a recommendation is either something that’s not as good as sold or a complete surprise in its effectiveness. Knowing for sure is doing the research into the product to see if it is suitable.

A case in point here is being recommended luxury vinyl flooring for your home, such as Amtico oak flooring. What is it, how does it benefit and is it right for your home lifestyle?

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a flooring product that replicates real hardwood, stone, slate and other flooring options into planks or tiles that seamlessly layer your floor.

This can be achieved in two ways, by clicking together boards or gluing down tiles, depending on your preference. The work can be undertaken by a professional installer and also by yourself if you fancy the DIY work and want to save a little extra on your budget.

The vinyl is made up of thin layers that each have their safeguards, from a highly durable wear layer to protective measures such as stain resistance, 100% waterproofing and eco-friendly properties. It has become a highly popular product due to its ease in maintenance and perfectly replicated looks.

The Benefits

Luxury vinyl flooring is a product that is all about savings in money and time.

Not only do you save money by choosing a product much more cost-effective than real hardwood or stone, but it also saves on buying specialist cleaning products due to its ease of cleaning. A regular sweep and vacuum and the occasional mop will keep your floor consistently looking like the day it was installed for upwards of two decades.

Due to its many protective safeguards such as scratch and stain resistance, you rarely ever have to replace any individual tile or board. It can also be laid in any room, such as kitchens and bathrooms that require a floor that can handle moisture at high levels.

Is Vinyl the Better Option?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a highly durable product, so if your home is prone to heavy foot traffic you will find it is perfectly suited to withstand it for the long haul.

Although it has protective safeguards in place, it is advised that rooms with furniture with sharp feet or edges have felt padding to ensure no deep scratches take effect. It is also recommended that whilst the panels and tiles provide high levels of waterproofing, any spills are cleaned up straight away to avoid long periods that could take a toll on the design layer.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a highly recommended product and could be the perfect fit if you look for style, ease, and protection within your home. When it comes to a recommendation, vinyl flooring such as Oak herringbone flooring certainly lives up to the hype.


best oak flooring

Spring cleaning, spring clear-out and spring sales! This season means that the home can benefit from each of them, and your bank account will be cleared out also. There are simple cost effective touch-ups to your home that can last a lot longer without shelling out copious amounts from your budget.

Here are some ‘spring in your step’ home improvements to consider giving your rooms a bit of light for the sun returning.


Do your walls currently look faded or simply out of sync with the rest of the room?

Generally, when we think of changing a room the colour always jumps out as a major part of the problem. We all want to kick the drab into fab, and neutral colours are the best way to achieve this. No matter what you choose to implement going forward, it will stand much better against a neutral background.

Think of your long-term plans and choose colours that are set to last much longer no matter what future changes you decide to implement.


A little creative interior expression goes a long way to making your room seem fresh and inspiring, especially if it is currently drab and uneventful.

By getting creative with blank walls and creating a collage of family photographs or art pieces you can spruce the place up at relatively little cost. For your floor, you could dispense with the carpet and install luxury vinyl flooring to get some great abstract patterns – especially if you look at the tones provided by the Invictus vinyl flooring brand.

You may think of those vinyl products of yesteryear, but vinyl flooring has come on in leaps and bounds to become a chosen favourite when it comes to interior design. It’s a great choice for durability and has the strongest protective safeguards against stains, scratches, temperature, and water.

A good place to look into vinyl brands will provide you with plenty of food for thought.


Children tend to have their toys out of their rooms and into other spaces around the house.

This can be either you are not ridding yourself of older toys that are no longer played with or you need extra space to accommodate them. Turning one wall into a complete storage space, providing room for books, DVDs, ornaments, and enough space at the bottom to place a chest for those toys is a great use of space and helps to keep things in their place. The children will love having their treasure chests and storage boxes are pretty cheap in the right places.

Spring is a time for a change so why not look into fresh colours. Luxury vinyl flooring such as oak parquet flooring can offer a unique style, as well as making your home look and feel fresh for the season ahead.


If you are like most people reading this, you probably can’t wait for the second Sunday of May – when you finally get the chance to make your mom or the mother in your life feel appreciated. But do you really have to spend a lot to make her feel like the most special woman in the world? Absolutely not!

mothers day flowers

If you have a tight budget and cringe at the very thought of spending money, you’re lucky because there are many things you can do for mommy that actually don’t cost much.

Let’s look at a few fun, yet inexpensive, things to do on mother’s day, including when the kids are involved.

5 Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do This Mother’s Day

1. Bring Her Breakfast in Bed 

Whether she has kids or she’s a single parent, nothing can be more heartwarming than waking up to a nice breakfast in bed for mom. It could be anything from homemade omelets with the family, fresh fruit and yogurt, customized cookies, or even something simple like a hard-boiled egg.

While a sumptuous meal could sweep her off her feet, it doesn’t really have to cost a lot. Just make sure to bring something mouthwatering, something she’d consider a special treat.

2. Get Mommy a Flower Bouquet 

It could be a huge bouquet of roses or a single vibrant bloom that she’ll appreciate – either way, it will surely make her day. Even if you live far away from mom, Mother’s day flowers are always a nice touch to get her.

The best part is that they won’t even cost you much, especially if you get them from a florist that offers special deals like discounts and free delivery.

A fragrant bouquet is guaranteed to have your mom smiling and eager to make it to your next dinner date.

3. Stay Inside For a Movie Night 

If mom’s not up for a fancy brunch or she’s feeling a bit lazy, why not treat her to a movie night? You don’t need to spend money on a babysitter or bother a friend to keep watch if you have younger siblings.

Just rent one of those great Mother’s Day movies, pop some popcorn and enjoy the movie while your mom snuggles in with her favorite snacks and beverage. You can also make this a themed movie night with special food and decorations to match your favorite films.

4. Consider Family Outing

Whether you live close or far away from the mom in your life, some sort of family outing can be a great way to celebrate her on the second Sunday of May.

If you want to make it a fancy night out with the family, take her to a nice restaurant for dinner. If you want something more casual, you can take the kids to a fun amusement park or festival.

It could also be a night out in the park for a bonfire or a picnic with her friends. And if you live in the city, how about planning a long walk or a bike ride around the city to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature?

5. Play Some Indoor Games 

Are you tired of watching football? Why not play some of the classic board games that mom likes to play with the family?

You can make it a fun family game night or play the games as a fun outing with just mom. Bocce Ball or lawn bowling can also be lots of fun to play with mom. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it will make mom feel special and you might even have a bit of fun yourself.

Things to Do With Kids 

Kids are often in the picture whenever mothers are mentioned. If the special mom in your life has kids, you can have them tag along and engage in inexpensive activities like the following:

  • Do spring cleaning together
  • Get out in nature together
  • Plan a special picnic
  • Make a fun meal together

To conclude, the list of things you can indulge in on Mother’s Day is exponential, but you now have some solid ideas to consider. In the end, the main aim is to ensure the mom in your life feels special, celebrated, and appreciated. Having the kids tag along can make it even more fun.


Over the last several years, many consumers have shifted to buying more household goods and services online. Many people may be skeptical about buying furniture on the internet, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Today’s modern technology combined with excellent customer service has made shopping online better than heading out to the store. With access to so many different furniture options without having to leave the house, you’ll find the perfect piece in no time. Here are several things to note when you want your furniture buy online.

Save Time

Shopping for furniture on the internet is perfect for busy families with hectic schedules. Buying furniture online saves you valuable time instead of traveling from store to store. Simply grab a cup of tea and curl up on the couch with your laptop and you have plenty of furniture retailers at your fingertips. You can even browse on your smartphone while you’re on the go. Unlike shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, which could easily consume an entire day, shopping online can be done whenever you have a few free minutes.

Global Marketplace

One of the best advantages to shopping online is having access to a global marketplace without needing to travel far and wide. Unique pieces from around the world were once only available at specialty stores and usually came with a high price tag. Thanks to the world wide web, you can purchase an affordable, one-of-a-kind piece from across the ocean with the click of a button.

Compare Deals

If you are looking to buy a specific piece of furniture, shopping online allows you to compare several different retailers with ease. Traditional furniture shopping forces you to visit a bunch of different stores until you find what you’re looking for. It also could mean driving back to one of the first stores for a purchase if you decide they carried the best option. Online furniture stores may offer exclusive deals you can’t find anywhere else. You could save big when purchasing an entire set of furniture for a particular room.

Lower Costs

Because of the high number of furniture retailers online, costs are kept low. Companies reduce their prices to increase the volume of sales. The increased competition amongst stores translates into major savings for customers. Unlike the cheap furniture stores of the past, big discounts no longer mean sacrificing quality. In fact, in addition to selling durable, stylish products, many retailers offer discounted or free shipping. Online furniture stores also offer free or affordable installation assistance and warrantees.

Avoid Sales Pitches

Many traditional furniture stores employ sales professionals who receive commissions on products sold. As a result, you may feel pressured into purchasing something when you haven’t fully decided or had enough time to compare your options. When you shop online, you remove the middleman between yourself and the retailer. You are free to take your time deciding which furniture works best in your home without the hassle of pushy sales employees.


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I’ve never been very good at pocket money. When my kids were younger I would start off with great intentions, and then I’d have a day where I’d feel all carefree and expansive and like nothing really mattered, so I might as well buy them treats.

My children quickly cottoned onto these moods and called them ‘put anything in the trolley’ days. With Belle now, even though she’s 19 and earns her own money, it still happens. In Tesco just last week I somehow ended up buying her the official Taylor Swift magazine. Guilt I suspect, for the fact that I was going away. She saw weakness and she made the most of it. Good for her.

When Belle was younger we did have a brief fling with a pocket money app where kids could get their own card. Belle loved this, because she’s always very much doing things like pressing the buttons for me at cashpoints, but the fees for it made it seem a bit silly – why was I spending twice as much as I needed every month, just for the sake of a few pounds on a card? Surely it made more sense to just let Belle have it all in cash? I think we ended up actually opening a full blown bank account in the end, just because it was cheaper.

If your kids aren’t old or wise enough to have their own bank account or debit card but you still like the idea of teaching them about money and how to save and spend it, then HyperJar could be the answer.

HyperJar is a totally free money app that adults can use to budget, save for specific items and events, and even earn bonuses on spending. It works very visually by allocating money to different jars, which you create according to how you want to spend your money. I know finances can be daunting and that many people, including Belle, find something visual much easier to understand than spreadsheets.

How HyperJar works

For the grown ups, HyperJar works like this:

  • You transfer money into your HyperJar account. (This money is held by the Bank of England, not HyperJar, so it’s quite safe.)
  • You set up jars for different areas of spending, like food shopping, treats, or long term savings like holidays.
  • When you want to spend money from your jars, just link the jar to your HyperJar card, (this can be real or virtual), and spend directly from the jar.
  • You can cut out the pre-transaction linking part by setting up retailers to automatically link to a particular jar. For example you could link Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Aldi to your food jar and anytime you spend money with one of them it will automatically come from that jar.

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wig tips

There are many reasons you’d want to buy a natural-looking wig, you could just be treating yourself, or wanting to shake up your look.

Wigs are fun and practical and, if you find the right one, no one would notice the difference. 

But finding a natural-looking wig can be quite the challenge. Here are our top tips to help you find a natural-looking wig. 

Find High-Quality Hair

The first, and probably most important part, of finding a natural-looking wig is to find high-quality hair. The better the quality, the better the wig will look. Wigs are made using two kinds of material: 

  • Synthetic Wigs: Synthetic wigs are made using polymers
  • Human Hair Wigs: Human hair wigs are made from biological human hair and are treated with certain chemicals to ensure they last

Synthetic wigs have come a long way from their party-city days. When made correctly, high-quality synthetic wigs can be indistinguishable from real human hair. 

By comparison, human hair is much heavier and reacts more naturally to the elements. This gives it a more realistic look. 

Brands like Luvme hair offer a wide range of fantastic, natural-looking wigs. If you’re interested, check out this detailed Luvme hair review guide that covers everything you need to know.

Choose a Lace-Front

Whether you choose a synthetic or human hair wig, your choice of wig caps is non-negotiable if you want a natural look. Lace-front wigs are a must. 

With a lace front wig, you’ll be able to style your wig as you choose without having to worry about it looking unnatural or fake.  This is because the wig cap is largely made of lace, so when parting the hair, you’ll have a natural-looking hairline and scalp line. 

This maintains the illusion of having natural hair. Just be sure that you install your lace-front properly before parting. If you don’t install your wig properly, the lace on your forehead could lift and ruin the illusion of natural hair.  

Look for Monofilament or Hand-Tied Caps

Monofilament or hand-tied wig caps are essential if you want to achieve a more natural look. The construction of these caps differs from traditional methods because it gives the appearance of an actual scalp when the hair of the wig is parted and styled. 

Each strand of hair is carefully and expertly pushed through the cap and knotted in place by hand. This is an intense, time-consuming activity that master wig makers have perfected, but it truly makes all the difference. Not only does the wig lay better when installed, but it is also much gentler on the scalp than heavy hair wefts. 

But, much like lace-fronts, monofilament wigs are expensive.

And, when combined with lace-fronts and high-quality hair, the price can be hard to swallow. The combination, however, can be breathtaking. Wonderful hair, a lace-front, and a monofilament wig cap are the staples to finding a natural-looking wig.

Pick the Right Hair Color

Another important, but not necessarily necessary step, is picking the right hair color. Once you’ve found your dream natural wig, imagining and planning your new look becomes almost second nature. 

You might always have wanted blonde, brown, or red hair, and now the options are endless! But we would caution you to rein in your horses and take a step back. 

If your goal is to achieve a natural look, you might want to rethink opting for a crazy color. For example, if your natural hair color is dark, then a dark wig would suit you best. If you have lighter coloring, a light wig would suit you best. 

Our advice is to invest in two wigs. One that is a natural color that suits your style and coloring, and the other, a more fun, playful color and style. With these, you’ll be able to switch up your look with ease. And it would give you the freedom to express your personality and style as well.

Buy from a Reputable Seller 

Our last tip, and most important, is to buy your wig from a reputable, trusted seller. There is nothing worse than ordering a wig online and spending a ton of money, only to find that it doesn’t meet your expectations. 


flexible working campaign hire me my way

How many phone numbers do you actually know off by heart nowadays? How many appointments do you remember without a note or a reminder on your phone?

It’s all well and good saying ‘well I don’t need to remember if I’ve got my phone to I? but what if you were to lose it? Worse still, what if our over reliance on our phone to remind us of things that in the past we would have remembered ourselves is actually damaging our memory?

It’s called digital amnesia: Nowadays, we are entrusting our phones with all the things we used to remember on our own, effectively diminishing our memory. One in two people can’t remember their children’s phone number, one in three can’t even remember their partner’s phone number.

How can we train our ability to remember? Learning languages can help the brain improve concentration and aid memory, as explained in the infographic “SOS memory: does learning languages help the brain?” by Babbel, the world’s first language learning app.

From Plato’s aversion for writing, the culprit of taking away some of our memory, to fun facts about polyglots and the language of space, this infographic will take you on a journey into our ability to remember, and the help that learning one or more languages can provide.

Short lessons, a new routine and spaced repetition are all useful tips and practices to help one’s memory not only with a new language, but also in all everyday situations, as proven by a Swedish study: Those who take language courses are better at remembering names of the people they just met.

This definitely sounds like something that would benefit me as neither names nor faces are really my thing. I can put down a book and immediately forget the name of every character, which I’m sure can’t be a good thing!


Guest post

Fostering is one of the best journeys a person can take. It gives vulnerable children a warm and caring home – one that keeps them safe and secure. It’s not an easy thing to do, though, and even the best parents in the world struggle with fostering at times. But the good times certainly outweigh the more challenging aspects of the work, and seeing a child happy is the ultimate reward. But as a single parent, you might wonder what it means to take on that responsibility without a partner.

Can You Be a Foster Parent If You Are Single?

Being a single person doesn’t affect your fostering ability. If you are kind, caring, and compassionate, and have enough love to give to a child in need then you certainly have the foundations of a great foster parent.

There are some things that you will need to consider when thinking about fostering though. This includes your work and whether you can fit this in around fostering, whether you have a strong support network of friends and family around you, and if you have a spare bedroom in your home that is comfortable and warm, and always available to a child in your care.

There’s lots to think about but one important piece of advice to anyone who is considering embarking on this incredible career is to never just assume that you wouldn’t be able to foster. Speak to a fostering agency or your local authority and they will be able to offer tailored advice around your personal circumstances.

If you think you want to foster as a single parent, it’s crucial to understand what it entails. Read on to learn more.

Fostering Becomes Your Career

When two people decide to foster, often one of them can stay in full-time work, depending on their situation. As a single parent, however, the chances are you will need to make fostering your full-time career. If you have a job, you might need to consider leaving it to take up fostering full time. For some, that is a plus, as you get to do what you love from the comfort of your own home, which often means spending more time with your own children too. Plus, you’ll receive a generous financial support package to help cover the costs of caring for a child as well as provide you with a professional fee for your hard work and dedication.

Your Support Network is Crucial

A solid support network is crucial when caring for vulnerable children and young people. You’ll quickly learn just how important the support from your family and friends is when you become a foster parent, even more so when you’re doing it alone. Luckily, though, becoming a foster parent naturally builds a support network. You will have your social worker to talk to, as well as a close community of other foster parents. If you need help, reach out!

Fostering is Always a Challenge

You can’t expect every moment as a foster parent to be easy. That’s not just because you are a single parent, though – it’s because being a parent is always challenging! Whether you’re looking after an infant, pre-teen, or teenager, there will be obstacles. As long as you go into the fostering journey without any expectations and you are ready and willing to work through the challenging parts, you will make an excellent foster parent.

Experience with Children is Helpful but not Essential

You don’t even need to have raised children of your own to foster, although some experience with children is beneficial. As a single foster parent, you will have a lot on your plate, after all, from managing meals to supporting your child in school, and everything in between. If you have no experience at all, you might find it useful to volunteer at your local Scouts group or something similar, so you can build up your skills and confidence around children. Plus, there’s lots of training to complete too.

It’s An Extremely Rewarding Experience

While fostering is not a walk in the park, it is an extremely rewarding experience. You will get to change a young person’s life, and in the process, they may also change yours. If you think you can do it, contact Fosterplus for more information. Your fostering journey is one you won’t regret.


The Roomba i3+ robot vacuum was a gift from iRobot. All views my own.

One of the only times I lament being single is when I’m doing boring household chores like vacuuming or putting out the bins. It’s because in my mind a husband would be someone with whom I could share housework equally, someone who would say ‘I noticed the kitchen floor needed a clean so be careful in case it’s still wet’ and ‘don’t be silly, put your feet up, I’ll take the cats for their vaccinations, I already made the appointment.’

And then I laugh cynically to myself because I remember that actually being in a relationship wouldn’t be like that at all. Being in a relationship, in my experience at least, involves waiting weeks for your partner to vaguely LOOK in the direction of the kitchen floor, seething quietly with resentment, and then doing it yourself, loudly, to make a point.

Much better just to get a robot vacuum, do away with the bitterness AND get to watch what you want on the TV.

Robot vacuum review

My robot vacuum even matches my carpet – how chic!

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