Starting a business and making it grow successfully is not an easy task that can be accomplished overnight. In fact, statistics indicate that most businesses fail within the first few years of start-up. This doesn’t only apply to fresh entrepreneurs trying their luck in business – it also applies to veterans who have seen other businesses grow.

There are a few fundamental aspects you ought to learn in order to grow a business. These include resource management, business skills, having a vision and implementing a working strategy. However, for a business to grow, you need help and support from different stakeholders such as the government, financial institutions, social media, suppliers and partners. You can also get impressive invoice factoring services with ease.

Here are four ways you can get help with a new business:


  • Get funding


For a new business, funding may be insufficient because there are no profits as of yet. To finance your new business, you can get a loan from a bank, government or lending institutions. You can use the loan to cover expenses, reinvest in the business, keep the cash for future use, pay off employees, buy new equipment for the business or use the loan to hire new staff. However, ensure you consider the interest rate of the loan before applying for one. Some loans can overwhelm the business due to high interest rates.


  • Invoice financing


This is a unique business model that allows businesses to borrow products or take on loans using money that has not yet been paid in by their customers. Invoice financing helps to improve cash flow in a business, pay salaries or reinvest the money to promote more growth. Delaney Street is a premier invoice financing company you can trust. They can help your business to pay unpaid employees and suppliers. This is an easy and convenient way to get help for your business without getting into debt if the customers are taking too long to pay for the goods or services.


  • Use the internet


We are living in an age where everything is interconnected within the worldwide web. Creating a strong presence online will help your business to get an audience. It is from this audience that customers who are interested in your products and services will come from. Creating a community using social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn will create a sense of belonging and loyalty with your customers. The internet is a powerful and a very cost effective tool that can help your business to grow if used skillfully.  


  • Hiring the right staff


Most business owners want to do everything for their business, from accounting, human resource, sales and marketing, technician and any other task related to the job. They own the vision and at times find it hard to trust it with other people. However, having one person do everything for a new business can be tiresome and overwhelming. To help your new business to grow, get the right people to do the work for you. You can outsource for tasks that are not daily business operation. Training the staff and orienting them in the business will help them to get the vision and make your business to grow.  

This morning I accidentally went to an old lady aerobics class.

I belong to this group of council gyms you see, with a very vague programme. I’ve been to two different ‘dance aerobics’ classes for instance – in one of them I was given glow sticks and made to bounce around in the dark to 90s dance music, and in the other I turned up to find everyone is professional dance shoes, ready for their hour of salsa.

This morning then I had taken a chance by signing up to a class just called ‘aerobics’.

On the way in, I bumped into the woman who normally teaches my yoga group, who it turns out was covering the class.

‘You’re not here for the aerobics are you?’ she said, eyeing me suspiciously.

‘Yes,’ I said, and quickly added ‘I’ve not been before,’ as though that would excuse me from whatever blunder I’d inadvertently made.

‘Only I think it’s more of a senior class,’ she said, ‘I’m not sure how much aerobics will be actually going on.’

Super. Old lady aerobics. I didn’t actually mind, because I imagined it would be more my pace, and I am going to be a granny in a few months after all. So there I was, in a room full of senior women many of whom, to be fair, looked in much better shape than me. And I was right, it turns out they WERE in much better shape than me, or at least they LOOKED it, because they don’t have my BRIGHT RED BEETROOT FACE.

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Walnut salad recipe

When I think of walnuts, I always think of my Dad.

When I was little, my Dad has this little wooden pot for cracking nuts. (He probably still has it). It was a cup shape, and you put the nut inside, and then a wooden sort of stumpy pole shaped bit screwed in through a hole in the side, and cracked the nuts. All of the bits were caught in the bowl, and there you were. I loved cracking nuts in it, slowly twisting the screw, applying just enough pressure to crack the shell without shattering the walnut inside.

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how to choose a stroller

Buying the perfect baby stroller can be easy for someone who is experienced, but could be a lot of work for a first-timer. You want to buy one that suits all your needs as well as your budget. Whether you are buying it for yourself or someone else, there are many things you need to consider first before spending your money. Whether you are buying a secondhand one or a brand new stroller, you have to ensure to check its functionality. That said, below is a guide on how to choose the perfect stroller;


When buying your first baby stroller, it is important to check the weight. Heavy strollers are perfect for bumpy terrains and good if you love jogging. They are made of high quality materials and with strong wheels. If you feel that you don’t need a heavy one, you can go for a lightweight stroller which is more portable and relatively cheaper. If you are likely going to use the stroller when in the mall, then you can buy a slim and lighter one as it will be easy to navigate a crowded area.

Folding capabilities

Are you a frequent traveler? Then you may want to find a stroller that easily folds to fit small spaces. This allows for portability and that is what you want. Also, some strollers require a little bit of work when folding, so if you will frequently have to get it in and out of the car, then ensure to get one that easily folds. If you are only likely going to use the stroller when taking walks in your neighborhood, then it may not be necessary to choose one that folds easily.


Cost is a major consideration when it comes to buying a stroller. Before setting out to go buy one, then ensure to slate a flexible budget for it. This way, you will have an easy time choosing your stroller because you have a specific amount of money you intend on spending. Also, before spending your money always ensure that your option is worth what you are spending. You can check Little Baby Gear for great strollers with ranging prices.

Your style

This may not be as important but there is no harm in choosing a stroller that suits your style. Having considered all the other important factors, you can choose one that you feel aligns with your sense of style. However, make sure that it functions to suit all your need and that of your baby as those are the most important things.

Wrap up

Choosing a stroller is not easy, and having the wrong one can be a headache especially after you start using it. That is why it is important to be keen when buying your first stroller. You want your baby to be comfortable and you also want to have an easy time while pushing it. The above things will set you at the right foot when buying your first stroller.


Teenagers can be confusing at the best of times, and as they get closer to the age where they are leaving home their taste in gifts can change dramatically. They might be starting to look towards things they may find useful for adult life rather than just cute little trinkets or luxuries. If you have an older teen who has a birthday coming up and don’t just want to give them cash, these ideas could help inspire you to think of the perfect gift.

A used car

Even if they haven’t yet passed their driving test, its always a good idea to be on the hunt for a cheap used car to get them started. Ask around with friends, family and neighbours as someone may be interested in selling but haven’t got round to advertising yet. Your teen will really appreciate this gift for years to come.

car safety essentials

Personalised license plates

If your teen already has a car of their own that they love, why not get them a personalised license plate? They’re totally unique, fun and can be kept for years to come. You could even let them choose their own as part of the gift to make it even more personal to them.

Start them a savings account

Whether your teen is soon looking to head off to uni or rent their own place, starting them a savings account could be just the start they need. Put a little bit of money in it yourself to get them started and agree an amount with them to set aside each month to add to it for a new car, rainy day fund or even just uni nights out. After all, it’s never too early to start saving.

Uni supplies

Textbooks might not make a great birthday present, but special home furnishings and little luxuries can make a big difference to how well teens settle in at university. Maybe a brand new cosy duvet for their room or a small TV would be really appreciated by them as they adjust to adult life away from the safety of home.

An experience day

If your teen isn’t really into material items, an experience day might be a bit more up their street. Whether it’s a driving day, afternoon tea out with family or friends or something a bit more exotic, this is a great way to create special memories with them before they fly the nest.


Teens love to experiment with their look, but cheap box dyes and cutting hair themselves probably won’t get them the results they are after. Seal the deal on the next few years Christmas and birthday presents by paying for them to have their hair coloured and cut in a luxury salon and maintained twice a year. Lovely hair for them, no hard work present hunting for you!

Winter is a great time to get outside and enjoy parks, woods, playgrounds and natural attractions (often with smaller crowds) but only if you and the kids are warm enough.

Outdoor clothing specialist Muddy Puddles has adopted the essence of the words of famous fell walker Alfred Wainwright in its motto: “There’s no such thing as bad weather only the wrong kit.” There’s a lot of truth in it too.

Even when its raining, being outside can be a great adventure providing you have all the gear to keep you warm and dry.

We all know the basics of what we and the kids need to kit us out for winter but considering a few details when you make your purchases can make all the difference.

Winter Wonderland The Mall Cribbs Causeway

1. A good winter coat

Obviously, our kids need a coat, but looking at the specific features of the one you buy will ensure it’s a wise purchase. You may have already learned the hard way and bought one that doesn’t quite do the job this winter. Remember now is a good time to grab a bargain on a winter coat as retailers begin to look towards the next season. Buying one that is a little roomier now means your child may even still get to use it next winter too.

A longer line coat that comes down below the waist will keep their backs warm and a fleece lining will make it extra snuggly.

Make sure the coat you choose is guaranteed to be waterproof. Coats that aren’t are really not worth it even if they’re super cheap. And a hood is an absolute must.

A dark colour and/or pattern are sensible to avoid showing every little mark and make sure it’s washable. Let’s face it, winter means mud and it’s easy for a coat to start looking grubby.

2. Waterproof all-in-one

Most of us buy a snowsuit for our babies but as kids get bigger all-in-ones become less common. Despite that, they’re a great investment.

A waterproof all-in-one can be slipped over whatever your little one is wearing to protect their regular clothes from being ruined when playing outside.

An all-in-one will also ensure kids remain warm and dry.

Waterproof trousers are a sensible alternative, especially to allow quicker action if there’s a rush for the loo! Those with braces will hold up better on tiny waists whilst still keeping kids’ backs warm. Similarly those with straps that hook under their feet provide extra protection.

A lightish weight waterproof suit or trousers mean you can layer up as necessary underneath and they’ll still be useful when the weather starts to warm up.

For skiing or really cold environments padded salopettes are a must.

3. Multiple pairs of gloves is a good idea

There’s a reason our mums used to send us to school with our gloves on a string that ran through the sleeves of our coat and across our backs – it stops them getting lost!

It can be a nightmare trying to keep track of your child’s gloves when they take them to school each day. Consider buying a few pairs of cheap gloves (perhaps even in the same style) so that when one inevitably goes missing it isn’t a disaster.

In addition, invest in a good quality, padded waterproof pair to keep at home and make sure your little one is ready to get out and enjoy the snow if we get some.

4. Make sure they like their hat

Kids are notorious for refusing to wear their hats in both summer and winter, but a good close fitting hat will keep them warm like nothing else.

Improve the chances of them be willing to wear it by letting them help to choose one they like. Consider one with ear flaps or under the chin velcro or ties to keep their whole head warm and help it stay in place. A balaclava can’t be beaten for ultimate warmth.

And remember, in our excitement at how cute they look, we all have a tendency to giggle when we see our child in their hat, but that might make them think they look silly! Is it any wonder they don’t want to wear them?

5. A fun scarf

Of course, scarves are a must for practicality and keeping the wind out, but they’re also an opportunity to brighten up an outfit and give your child a chance to express themselves.

If you’ve gone for a sensible darker tone coat, in particular, use the accessories to make your child’s outfit more fun.

6. Boots are so much warmer than shoes

A nice boot that covers the ankle provides so much more warmth than a shoe.

Good leather boots can be eye-wateringly expensive especially when, at the rate they grow, children are very likely only to wear them for one season. Do make sure your child likes the boots you choose and they fit well to ensure they’re keen to wear them and you get your money’s worth.

If you can’t stretch to a leather pair of boots consider getting a nice fluffy and comfortable  snow boot for your child to wear on the days when it’s particularly cold.

7. Wellies are a must

Even if you’ve invested in a good boot (or perhaps especially if you have) wellies are the only thing for some occasions. They’ll stop those good boots being ruined by jumping in mud and puddles.

Fleece lined wellies will offer extra comfort and some proper, nice thick welly socks will help for narrower feet. Consider a fluffy inner sole also to both provide a better fit and add some protection because whilst wellies are practical in water and mud, they’re not traditionally good at keeping feet warm.

8. A lighter waterproof coat

On the most cold of days your child will need their proper winter coat, but a lighter waterproof jacket is great for milder wet days or when they’re doing something particularly active outside.

A lighter jacket is less restrictive and you can remove layers underneath as your child starts to heat up whilst still allowing them protection from rain, snow and wind.

9. Invest in a thermal layer

A proper thermal layer is lightweight but will provide supreme warmth without bulk.

A lot of people make the mistake of wearing a light cotton layer next to the skin but it is actually likely to make you cooler.

10. A proper wool jumper is a must

There’s a reason fishermen still wear woolen jumpers – you can’t beat them for warmth.

Merino Wool is widely felt to be softer and less scratchy against the skin which will make kids more likely to be happy in it.

Inspiration to get outside

If you need some inspiration for where to take the kids this winter, try taking a look at the National Trust and Forestry Commission websites.