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save money at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year – frosty mornings, mince pies, mulled wine – there’s a lot to love. There’s also a lot to worry about for many people, especially if you’re on a low income and Christmas puts a strain on your family finances. If you find yourself thinking more about Christmas loans (Representative 466.37% APR) than Christmas cakes then I’ve got four top tips to help you save a bit of money this Christmas.

Go for a homemade Christmas

It’s a cliche because it’s true, homemade gifts and things to eat just ARE nicer. Things like homemade mince pies are often cheaper, especially if you’re cooking in bulk, and family members always appreciate a homemade gift, especially if it’s made by the kids. You could even save on wrapping paper costs by buying a big roll of brown paper and getting the kids to decorate it. Or have a go yourself and create this beautiful Christmas wrapping theme using old stamps. View Post


‘Tis the season for Christmas decor! And while everybody wants to deck the halls for the holiday, nobody wants to break the bank doing so- enter in creative Christmas decor DIYs. You can go all out this holiday season without shopping till you drop on new decorations. Whether you are looking for crafts that include the whole family, or a new DIY to do with friends over a glass of mulled wine, we’ve rounded up 5 creative DIYs for those looking to get crafty this winter.

Pearl Ornaments

DIY ornaments have never been easier! You can pick up plain glass ball ornaments inexpensively around holiday season and there have never been more ways to decorate them. Try adding white Freshwater pearls to the inside and topping off with a stylish bow. Add a holiday saying to the outside with a metallic sharpie or leave plain for a classic look. For another take on pearl ornaments, glue loose pearls on the outside of the ornament for a textured and glam take on ornaments. Layer different sized pearls to cover the space easier and ensure no gaps. For more DIY ideas with clear ornaments, they can also be added with sprinkles, confetti, paint, glitter, or a hot chocolate mixes for a sweet holiday gift! And if you’re going all in on a pearl-themed Christmas this year, make sure to coordinate with your décor by opting for a classic white pearl necklace to complete your festive look.

Assorted Christmas Garlands

This Christmas DIY is great for the whole family to partake in. There are so many different variations of garlands you can make and they look amazing layered across your mantle. Paper garlands are some of the easiest to create. To achieve the Christmas tree garland, head to your local craft store and pick out green paper (try out variations in colours or patterns). Cut three triangles out of the same paper in the same size, fold each one in half lengthwise, and affix the back of each triangle together to assemble a 3D tree. Now just punch a hole at the top and string them! To assemble the pom pom garlands, just string pom poms of assorted colors using a needle and string to hang. If you want to continue layering them but you’re ready to be done crafting, head to the trims section of the store to find an already made pom pom trim.

Wood Block Card Holder

To create this easy holiday decor, gather wood craft blocks, painters tape, your favourite colour paint, and jewelry wire. To start, tape half the block off and paint in assorted colours. This is an easy step to enlist the whole family in. Use brass jewelry wire to create paper clip-shaped photo holders and a thumbtack to poke a hole to attach in the block. Gold sticker letters can help spell out whatever holiday message you want to share to complete the look. You can now display the various holiday cards you receive all winter long.

Christmas Light Wreath

Light up the room with this Christmas light wreath! All you need to complete this colorful wreath is hot glue, vintage lights, and a cardboard ring. You can layer different colours and sizes to complete the look! This vintage moment looks best for an understated holiday appeal, but for those looking for brightly coloured decorations try using newly saturated coloured bulbs.

Regardless, this easy DIY decor only takes 3 items to complete.

Tealight Snowmen

Tealight snowmen are a great DIY craft to do with kids as they are fairly simple to create. Use a sharpie to draw eyes and a mouth on the tea light. Cut strips of black felt (approximately 1-¼” wide) to fashion into a tophat, while pipe cleaners and pom poms can be used for earmuffs. Wrap a 4.5” piece of ribbon around the neck to complete the scarf! Use hot glue and another piece of ribbon to turn this tealight snowman into an ornament perfect to hang on your tree.

Hopefully these decor DIYs have inspired you to get crafty this Christmas when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays. Which craft project are you excited to take on next? Let us know in the comments below!


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When I mention TikTok to anyone over the age of about 30, the usual response is a kind of blank stare. ‘What’s TikTok?’ they ask, saying ‘TikTok’ in the same slow, confused way that my mum says ‘mobile data’, sounding out every syllable with equal emphasis, like it’s a foreign language.

Chances are though that even if you don’t use TikTok, your young adults do. As we all know, responsible parents take internet safety very seriously and definitely don’t just watch Gardener’s World pretending not to have noticed that their teen is an hour over the screen time limit.

Seriously though, it is important to at least have an understanding of what TikTok is about, and how to use TikTok’s safety and security features, even if you’d rather be planning next year’s borders. It’s important to understand how to use it safely.

I’ve put together a TikTok guide for parents to help you get to grips with what it’s all about.

What is TikTok?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a free app for 13+, (available on Android and IOS), that lets you record, share and watch short videos. They often involve goofing around to popular music, (I said ‘popular music’ in my head like an old person – ‘ooh is that in the hit parade?’), and TikTok can actually be influential in turning songs into hits.

Belle uses TikTok a lot for making short dance videos or odd montages where she jumps in the air and lands in a different outfit. The last thing that Belle made and showed me was a short video, set to music, of her pushing one of Joey’s toy cars slowly towards a woodlouse on the carpet. No, I don’t understand either, but this is what counts as funny nowadays apparently. My point is that there is a massive range of content on TikTok and it’s a great platform for exploring your creativity. View Post


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Do you have a picture in your mind of your dream house?

Mine is full of light – floor to ceiling windows looking out onto beautiful countryside, possibly a lake. In the garden I can see my husband, a young Colin Firth, taking care of the shrubbery. Inside is bright and colourful – not too cluttered but definitely not one of those minimalist apartments where everything is white or made of marble and you wonder how anyone ever has a cup of tea and a sit down without making the place look messy.

I have to admit that I’ve always had a bit of a secret hankering for a lift too, either one that opens onto my penthouse apartment, like the super cool people have in all the films, or perhaps one that travels up through the centre of my huge house, taking in the views of my priceless artwork as it goes. Colin and I could smooch in it. It would be terribly romantic.

(A girl can dream can’t she?)

Me checking my make up before stepping out into my penthouse apartment.

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It’s 10 years ago now since I gave up the nine to five and became self-employed.

Bee and Belle were fourteen and seven at the time and I made the decision for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I may have been drunk. Secondly I was sick of wasting my time for not much money – it felt like I was spending hours at my desk and often accomplishing very little. Not (always) because I was being slack, but because there’s always so much down time, waiting on decisions, waiting on management.

There has been a lot of research in fact into the amount of actual WORK that people get done on the average working day and most of it, like this study, concludes than in the average eight hour day at the office, most people do less than three hours of work.

It’s ridiculous isn’t it?

I hated the rigidity of it, having to turn up and be at your desk between set hours, just because that’s what everybody does. It felt so pointless, especially when, as a single parent, I was having to do things like forgo school performances and pay for extra childcare. I spent five years after Belle was born stressing myself out, working badly paid, part-time jobs for which I was generally over-qualified, driving from one job to another on my lunch break, scoffing a sandwich in the car. It wasn’t much fun and I didn’t make much money.

I knew that if I worked for myself I could get the flexibility I needed to prioritise my children. I also knew that I was smart and could work quickly and would probably end up working far fewer hours for the same money, if not more.

I was right.

Fast forward 10 years then to last week, when I was listening to a presentation about business growth.

“Put your hand up,” said the speaker, “if you would like to grow your business.” He smiled and kind of chuckled, as though that was an obvious question. Who wouldn’t want to grow their business? Dur.

I kept my hand down. View Post


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I’m going to be completely honest here and say that in my younger days I would have found the idea of personalised Christmas gifts a little tacky. I say ‘my younger days’ like I’m referring to the 1870s or something – I just mean when I was maybe in my early twenties and still clinging to the illusion that if I just tried hard enough, and walked with enough nonchalance, that I could be COOL.

Obviously I can’t – I have a collection of Nancy Drew books and the Inspector Morse box set – but the lovely thing about getting older is that you don’t actually care any more. I love that sassy girl detective and you can like it or lump it. Plus I just remembered that when Belle was a baby I had a photo of her and Bee put on a mousemat, so, perhaps I’ve always secretly loved personalised gifts.

If you fancy putting the face of someone you love on a Christmas bauble this year then you’ve come to the right place! I put this post together with the help of Funky Pigeon’s range of first Christmas gifts and with the exclusive code JO20 you can get 20% off baubles, cushions, snow globes, and photo blocks until December 23rd.

This Christmas will be our first with baby Joey, which opens up lots of opportunities for personalised ‘baby’s first Christmas’ items. Joey is adorable – put him on a personalised cushion and seriously, what’s not to love?

Personalised cushion

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A good credit score is necessary, especially if you have plans of acquiring loans in the future for a home or car purchase, wherein paying with cash upfront may not be deemed as a viable solution. However, this entails the need for you to maintain a good credit standing. Thereby, here are some tips to ensure that you have an acceptable credit score that will guarantee you a loan approval.

Settle your dues on time

In order to maintain a great credit standing, one of the basic things you can do is to pay your dues on time. Settling your bills even before the due date will guarantee a healthy credit score. While certain bills are not reported to credit bureaus, they may still have an impact on your credit score in the event that you fall behind the necessary payments.

Maintain a low credit card balance

While credit card companies provide you with a certain credit limit, avoid getting the impression that this is an extra cash for your perusal. There is a great possibility that if you have a higher balance in relation to your credit limit, your credit score will be worse. A good rule of thumb is that all your credit card balances should only account for at most 30% of the sum of all your credit card limits. Charging more than this is often risky, even if you intend to pay off the balances before your due date.

Manage your debts

You can manage your debts by initially making a list of all your dues, together with the due dates of each. This is to ensure that each of your payment dues are settled on time until the entire balance is paid off. Your credit card balances are not the only accounts that affect your credit score, but all your other debt and loan balances as well.

Monitor your credit report

It is a good practice to check your credit score from time to time in order to perform the necessary measures if it starts dwindling down. Additionally, monitoring your credit report will allow you to immediately verify and ask for corrections for any error that may unintentionally transpire in the report. A thorough monitoring of your credit score will also help you to track credit card frauds and report any discrepancies promptly.

In addition to this, it is important to know what goes into your credit score because knowing sufficient details will make it easier for you to maintain a good credit standing. Generally, your payment history, level of debt, credit age, a mix of credit, as well as your recent credit, are the factors that affect your credit score.

A good credit score is vital in your future endeavors in terms of loan applications. It can also be that a good credit standing will pave the way for you to be eligible for lower interest rates. Thus, it is highly recommended to put up your best efforts to maintain a great credit score, which will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.


home decoration ideas

Decorating a home can be exciting. Adding character to a room can enhance its beauty and add charm. You can add character to a room by adding plants, lamps, throw pillows, throws, pictures, curtains, and individual pieces of furniture. Barn doors are a beautiful way to add character to any room. It saves space in a small living area. If you have space where a door is opening into a room, adding a ​barn door​ can be functional as well as beautiful.

You can add a beautiful plant to the corner of a room. This will give the room a natural pop of color. Plants come in different shapes and sizes. They can be added to a corner of a room or at the center of a table. Plants add life to a room. Fresh or silk flowers can add the character as well. This option is effective and beautiful.

Lamps provide lighting to a room and add charm. You can use a tall floor lamp or a table lamp in any space. Lamps are beautiful decorative elements. This is also an excellent way to add lighting to a space that does not have a ceiling light. Lamps can be very eye-catching.

Throw pillows are my favorite. You can add throw pillows to any sofa or bed; they will come to life instantly. If you have a neutral color sofa, you can add a pillow that has a contrasting color. For example, if you have a beige sofa, you can simply add a cream throw and a black or a dark gray pillow to add contrast. An espresso-colored throw pillow would also provide a beautiful contrast and add interest to a space. You could apply the same contrasting look for a bed.

Throws work great. They are beautiful ways to add character to any room. Simply take a throw and drape it over the edge of a bed, over the edge of the arm of a sofa, or over the edge of an arm of a chair. Throws come in many different fabrics, colors, and textures. They are a beautiful addition to your decor. You can also pair it with a throw pillow to add more charm.

Pictures and art are wonderful ways to add character to a room. Pictures of loved ones in a beautiful frame can work wonders for a space. You can purchase framed art at your local chain outlet stores or from a second-hand store. I have found that purchasing pictures from a second-hand store is a great way to get beautiful framing at a reasonable cost. If budget is not a factor, purchasing pictures at chain outlet stores is the way to go.

Curtains are another excellent way to add character to a room. The fabric of the curtains would determine the cost. Simple curtain panels can be beautiful and inexpensive. More ornate curtains could be more expensive. Use a decorative curtain rod that will coordinate nicely with the panels.

A single piece of furniture can totally transform a living space. A well-coordinated nightstand on the side of a bed can create a new feel for the entire room. An end table can be an interesting conversation piece. Using a leather ottoman in the center of the room can anchor the space and bring in new decorative elements.

Rugs add a nice decorative element to a space. They too can anchor a space and create a cohesive design flow. Simply adding a rug can change a room’s entire look.

Adding barn doors to a room can add a lot of charm. They can be purchased at your local hardware store or custom made. Reclaimed stores have plain door panels that can be transformed into a beautiful custom piece. Custom hardware pieces would coordinate nicely in any room and would create a beautiful barn door feature. This is an excellent way to add charm and character to a room. If you are in a home that has limited space, adding a barn door is an ideal way to save space.

You can add character to any home. If you have a medium or large budget, you can create the space you want. There are many ways to achieve the look you desire. Small changes can create a warm and inviting space. A simple added touch can totally transform a living space. Beautiful rooms do not have to be expensive but if you have a large budget, the sky’s the limit.


Believe it or not, there is plenty to do in Florida that isn’t related to roller coasters and cartoon characters. Theme parks might be a top reason why Florida is such a popular tourist destination, but they aren’t the only reason. The fact is that there is so much to see, do, and explore in Florida that you could live there for years and not get it all done. If you’re visiting for a short trip or an extended holiday, then you’re going to need to plan your itinerary well. If you want to get the best of Florida while skipping the theme parks, here’s where you need to go.

Bok Tower Gardens

If you’re not afraid of heights then Bok Tower is a must-visit. Officially confirmed as a National Historic Landmark, Bok Tower Gardens is the kind of place where you can aimlessly wander around for hours and never get bored. The location looks like it’s straight out of a Hollywood film, with its incredible 250-acre gardens and the tower that is the centerpiece. At 205 feet tall, the tower is a spectacular sight, and the fact that the park was originally created as a bird sanctuary means that there’s plenty of wildlife to see. 

Gulf Breeze Zoo

One place you definitely don’t want to miss is Gulf Breeze Zoo. This is a real treat for anyone who likes to get up close and personal with a wide range of beautiful animals. Orangutans, giraffes, gorillas, and much more call Gulf Breeze home, and it’s easy to fall in love with all of the animals. Not only can you participate in a giraffe feeding session, but you might even spot the two baby giraffes that were born in 2019! It’s never a bad time to visit the zoo, as there are always new and exciting events and conservation efforts taking place throughout the year.

Butterfly World

Described as a hobby gone wild, Butterfly World is a gorgeous place to while away several hours. Most Floridians have visited here, and it’s the natural conclusion to a trip to Coconut Creek. It’s the biggest butterfly park in the world, and visitors can expect to see around 5000 live butterflies as they stroll through the grounds. There’s a conservation element as well, with visitors encouraged to take part in the campaigns that are intended to save and protect the plants that the butterflies of the world need to survive. 

The Castillo de San Marcos

St Augustine is Florida’s most historic city, and the Castillo de San Marcos is officially confirmed as the oldest masonry fort in the U.S. Built by Spaniards to help in the fight against the English, it’s been the home for a variety of nationalities in its long history. Now, it belongs to the state of Florida and should be on the agenda for holidaying history buffs. Even if you’re not obsessive about history, the views from the walls of the fort are simply stunning and some of the best in the world.


If you want to get a taste of American nostalgia, then an evening visit to a drive-in theater is highly recommended. The night air in Florida is warm enough to relax in, and you can usually get into the drive in for about $5 per car. The weather in Florida is pretty good all year round, so drive-ins aren’t limited by the time of year that you visit. Grab your popcorn and get a real taste of American entertainment.

The Hemingway Home

Ernest Hemingway is widely considered as one of the most important American writers of his generation and beyond. No visit to Florida is complete without a trip to see where he lived and wrote for over a decade. Head to Old Town in Key West and take an hour or two to explore the environment where some of the finest works of literature were conceived and brought to life. The house has been turned into a museum and whether you’re a fan of his work or not, it’s a great place to find out more about his crazy life. You’ll probably trip over at least one of the forty cats that live there too.

Tour the Everglades

You’ll need to keep your wits about you, but if you’re after a little adrenaline in your holiday then a tour of the Everglades is a must. There are plenty of tour companies to choose from, and you can even choose from kayak tours, airboats, or walks (although you’re going to get very, very wet). The potential dangers are there for sure, but if you want to take the risk and get the chance to see the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators live in the same place then you have to experience the Everglades.

The Dali Museum

If you’d like a taste of the surreal on your Florida adventure, then you have to visit the Dali Museum. An homage to the master of the surreal, visitors can explore some of the best examples of the work created by Salvador Dali. Sketches, paintings, sculptures, and rare photographs are all on display, and even the building itself is a testament to the power of the surreal. With a touch of the fantastical in everything that he touched, the Dali Museum is not something you should miss.

No matter what time of year you plan to visit Florida, there’s plenty to do beyond wearing mouse ears and avoiding the large hordes of people racing to get their theme park fast passes. If the idea of a theme park turns you right off, then take a look at some of the alternative activities in Florida. You might be surprised by just how much there is to do.



The morning routine for many individuals is hectic and a few changes can make it better. Most people already have a coffee timer but, did you know that having a coffee thermos can also improve your morning routine? There are many ways through which having a coffee thermos can improve your morning routine and we will discuss them in this article. It will save you some money too since you can carry some coffee to the office instead of having to stop at Starbucks on your way to work every day. Most coffee shops sell coffee at a costly price so, carrying yours from home is advisable, especially if you are on a budget.

 Here are some of the ways through which a coffee thermos can improve your morning routine:

  1.   Saves time

Due to traffic, and the fact that people usually forget things and are less organized in the morning, you need to save as much time as possible. You can do so if you carry some coffee in a thermos so that you do not have to pass by the coffee shop. You also save some money. A coffee thermos ensures that you do not miss your morning coffee at any time. Even if you wake up late, you know you can carry some coffee and take it while on the go. 

  1.   Enhances productivity.

A coffee thermos can enhance your productivity at the office in many ways. One, you will never miss your morning coffee due to lack of time to prepare it especially if you wake up late. You have the option of carrying some coffee. If you are addicted to coffee, you know it is nearly impossible to function at an optimal peak if you fail to take your morning coffee. In most organizations and businesses, meetings, are held in the morning. For many people, they may not contribute maximumly if you fail to take a cup of coffee. You may even lose out on business deals if your mind is not operating at optimal levels.

  1.   Convenience

A coffee thermos is convenient for carrying your coffee around. Compared to packaging provided at the coffee shop, most people would prefer carrying a coffee thermos. Preparations in the morning are also made easier. It is very easy to pack a coffee thermos, and one does not have to worry about spills. Most high-quality thermoses are unbreakable, so there is no risk of carrying it around. Sometimes, you may also make coffee, and preserve it in the thermos at night so that you make your work easier in the morning.

  1.   Work out and regular exercise.

Apart from taking coffee, having regular workouts can help improve your life. People fail to exercise regularly mainly because of lack of time. If you can save some time by doing some chores in the evening, you can get time for a morning workout. By saving time in preparations, you will also have time to sit down for breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. 

With a good start in the morning, you will feel more enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day. It’s good to improve your morning routine so that you can reap the benefits. Having a coffee thermos is a good way to improve your morning routine. 


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It’s hard to believe that the festive season is almost here. But it’s already starting to get dark very early, and the TV schedules are packed with endless Christmas adverts. With the average UK family spending £500 extra each December, it’s no wonder that many people head into the festive break with a fair degree of trepidation.

While many people can understandably get stressed around Christmas, it’s sometimes fun to just go with the flow. Many families love using the holiday season to enjoy watching films on television or catching up with their TV shows. Some of them even like to relax by playing puzzle and sports video games and some of them enjoy battle arenas online. In addition to that, many of the adults also like playing casino games on sites like But when it comes to keeping the whole family entertained during the holiday season, here are 5 activities you and your family should definitely consider.

Getting Crafty For Christmas

Christmas is a time where we can all enjoy trying out our craft skills. It’s a great way to get the kids involved, and they love to keep their hands busy. Think about making some fun Christmas decorations for the tree, or even just some festive paper snowflakes. Just don’t aim for perfection as it’s all about taking part and keeping busy. At least there’s no way of ending up with something as tasteless as most women’s Halloween costumes, as Christmas is all about the feelgood factor.

Cook Some Delicious Treats

Cooking at Christmas doesn’t always have to be just about getting stressed out with a massive turkey. All kids will love to enjoy getting messy in the kitchen, and as long as they get appropriately supervised, it’s a fun way to learn about what goes into the food that we eat. Check out some of these fun Christmas recipes for kids that show you how something as simple as a gingerbread man or even a snowman cake can be enjoyable to cook and simply divine to eat.

Play Some Board Games

When the weather’s too nasty to head outdoors, playing games can be a great way to let off steam. Video games consoles like the Nintendo Wii can be perfect for entertaining over-active kids. Plus never underestimate the power of old-school board games like Risk and Snakes and Ladders. Even when the little ones have gone to bed, adults can keep getting into wild arguments over the Monopoly board. Surely a more exciting way to spend the festive season than just watching endless episodes of Strictly Come Dancing and Call The Midwife.

Go For A Lovely Walk

Once you’ve filled up on lots of festive food, it’s often a good idea for a nice family walk to prevent any stomach cramps. While it can often be tough in trying to gather everybody together to leave the warmth of being indoors, you will definitely feel so much better once you’re out in the crisp winter air. Even something like a short walk around the local park can do a world of good. And also if the weather’s horrible outside, it will make coming back home all the more enjoyable.

Enjoy Some Festive Music

Just about everybody loves a good Christmas carol, and even the most tone-deaf person can’t fail to be moved by the beautiful melody of Silent Night. That is why it’s an excellent idea to try and get out to your local church to sing some carols on the run-up to Christmas. Of course, there are many other places where you can hear some of this traditional choral music. Anywhere from your local shopping centre to your doorstep can suddenly witness an outbreak of carol singing. While not all of us can sing like angels, if you get your entire family involved, it can help to mask any dud notes!


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The average person in the UK spends 90% of their day indoors, which isn’t great news for kids growing up in this millennium. A study commissioned last year by the National Trust found that children spend half the time playing outside that their parents did, enjoying the wonder of outdoor play for just four hours per week! Many studies have shown that being in the midst of nature does wonders for the body and mind, motivating children to take part in energetic play and bringing down stress hormone (cortisol) levels in a powerful way. This winter, if the weather is cold outside, you can still head out during sunnier times of the day, and celebrate the beauty of nature with clever interior design that will remind children of the beauty of nature.

Filling Common Areas and Bedrooms with Plants

Have a good look at your home, identifying places in common areas and in bedrooms where an indoor plant or two might flourish beautifully. The air in some homes can be significantly more polluted than it is outside – and plants can help, by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To brighten up a child’s room, try to select plants bearing more than one colour. Choose plants which are easy to grow and maintain – including the Chinese Evergreen, African violets, and Peperomia – the latter are actually succulents that flourish beneath fluorescent lighting!

Replace Pressed Furniture with Solid Wood

It is possible to be ultra fashionable and respectful of the environment, by opting for bamboo and other sustainable materials for home furnishings. Bringing wood and wood effects into a child’s living area abode instil the sense of comfort and relaxation that only natural materials can provide. As stated by custom home builders Paradisa Homes, solid wood and bamboo furniture not only looks good, but is also free of the toxins that pressed wood furniture can emanate. To complement wooden flooring, beds, and even walls, consider other natural materials such as stone and clay – to create a truly relaxing oasis that smells and feels like the wonderful world outside.

Animal Motifs

Nature author Richard Louv insists that the best way to get children excited about the environment, is to celebrate its beauty with joy instead of fear or devastating predictions about the future. One way to celebrate nature’s diversity and life, is through animal motifs. You can make a simple coat or scarf hanger by cutting out basic animal shapes in wood for this purpose, or buy animal-inspired pieces of décor from sustainable toy makers. Your child’s favourite animals can make their presence felt in many ways – through stuffed toys, animal-shaped door stops, paintings, engraved art, and even a little cuckoo clock that can be silenced at night time.

Even on the rainiest or snowiest days, it is possible to celebrate the beauty of nature. From hand-painted murals bearing nature motifs to inspired wallpaper, décor pieces, and furniture, there are many ways to constantly remind kids of the beauty of the world outside. Health should always be the primary consideration, so if you are remodelling your children’s rooms, keep air quality at an optimal level by going for natural fabrics and materials. This will help keep their respiratory health in check and yield the calming effect that materials like sustainable wood can have.