‘What on earth is a SuperMocio 3 Action XL Mop?’ you ask!

Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? Well, it’s just a mop really. It’s a good mop, don’t get me wrong, and it has three different cleaning actions, which is about three more cleaning actions than I tend to have, but it’s not the mop bit of the title I want to focus on.

It’s Vileda’s free Kids Pass pack that’s the interesting bit. (Unless you’re my friend Lucy and then you probably really are more into the mop.)

Kids Pass is a very cool thing, giving families access to over 3,500 offers and discounts at hundreds of attractions including theme parks, activity parks and even holidays across the UK and Europe too. It gives you lots of ‘kids eat free’ deals at restaurants like Bella Italia and Prezzo, up to 40% off child AND adult cinema tickets – all sorts of stuff that is going to make a massive difference to your bank balance.

(You can find out more about it here, but remember that loads of the deals are exclusive, so you may not see the best stuff until you’ve registered.)

As of RIGHT NOW, you can get your hands on a free Kids Pass by looking out for on pack promotions on any of these Vileda products: View Post

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Today was a bit of a momentous occasion in our house. After 12 years of ‘I hate school, don’t make me go,’ Belle sat her very last GCSE exam.

*pours stiff gin*

It was a bit of a funny day in the end. I did think she might want to go out afterwards to celebrate, but when she got into the car outside school at about 3.30pm she just seemed exhausted.

‘Take me home’, she said ‘so I can get into bed.’ And there she sat, seemingly quite happy, eating Krave out of the box.

Luckily I had expected that she might not be feeling at her most sociable, so I decided to take her out to eat on Monday instead – a kind of last supper. Except it was lunchtime. And nobody got crucified. Otherwise it was EXACTLY the same.

We went to Zizzi as we had an exclusive 30% off mains offer from VoucherCodes.

prawn starter Zizzi VoucherCodes

(When you go to Zizzi, make sure you have this prawn starter. The flavour of the sauce is AMAZING.) View Post

You know how Facebook does that thing where it reminds you of stuff that has happened and shows you pictures of yourself looking younger and thinner?

Well today it had two special memories for me.

Firstly it reminded me that ten years ago today I had to take Belle to A&E because she’d pushed a bit of orange peel into her ear. She’d had a friend to play after school and I think she did it as a bit of a joke, but then she couldn’t get it out and in her panic just pushed it in further and further until she was screaming.

So that was fun.


Photo by Naomi Koelemans on Unsplash

The second memory was from four years ago.

‘Packing today, moving tomorrow.’ It said. ‘It’s very depressing. :-(‘ View Post

Most people are aware of how precious and beautiful diamonds are. Whether placed in a ring, necklace or bracelet there is no doubt about the stunning visual appeal of diamonds.

However, what most people don’t realise is that the Diamond is April’s Birthstone and as such has incredible powers and influence over a person’s life.

Diamond as a birthstone is commonly believed to attract luck and positive energies into a person’s life.

Not only that but many reports and studies into the energy forces of Diamond also suggest that Diamond can also offer a form of protection from negative energies.

How to Use Diamond

If you are luck enough to own a diamond, there are several ways that you can use it to maximize the protection you get from it. It is worth noting that the powerful protection energies of diamond can also extend to close family members so bear that in mind too.

If you want to really maximize the power of your diamond birthstone you should ensure that it gets a lot of exposure to direct sunlight.

People in countries with good weather will find this an easier task that those living in wetter, duller climates but at least 5 hours of natural daylight should be enough to fully charge your diamond.

Once you have exposed it to natural daylight you should immediately start wearing it. This will ensure that the protective energy that will now be radiating from your diamond will have the best chance of being absorbed by you.

As well as protecting you from negative energies remember that it will also offer (to a lesser extent) protection for those closest to you.

Knowing this will allow you to forward plan and make sure that your diamond is fully charged and ready to go in advance of any challenging events or situations that you may be expecting.

My Final Thoughts

The major stumbling block when it comes to diamond is of course price. There is simply no getting away from the fact that diamonds, even small low-grade diamonds, are highly expensive.

This is something you will have to consider when it comes to deciding whether you really need to add the protective and healing energies of diamond into your life.

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How do you get kids to recycle more plastic?

When they’re young it’s easier to be creative around recycling – you can decorate recycling boxes together, create star charts and set up rewards. You can even make a trip to the recycling centre fun for primary school aged children if you go about it in the right way and have chocolate buttons for the way home.

Teenagers though.

Teenagers are generally not so easily engaged. When we moved into our new house last summer I actually bought some stickers in the shape of flowers and leaves, plus a house number sticker, thinking Belle would want to use them to decorate the outside bins. Bless me and my determination to cling to the past.

Needless to say that our outside bins remain undecorated.

how do i get kids to recycle

Over the next six months we’re taking part in Coke’s Family Plastic Challenge, a new initiative to support the wider sustainability strategy they introduced last year. (You can find out more about the team of bloggers that I’m part of here.)

Currently only 58% of plastic bottles in the UK are recycled*, and this is a problem for Coke. It means that there isn’t enough recycled plastic – known as rPET – in the system, which in turn means it’s harder to make bottles containing high levels of recycled plastic.

I think a lot of us (me included) don’t really think about the lifecycle of a plastic bottle. We see it as a disposable item, and even if we do recycle we probably don’t think about what happens to it next. (I just imagine recycled plastic getting made into those pens that were popular when I was young that said ‘I was made from a plastic bottle!’) Plastic bottles are not single use though – when you recycle a plastic bottle it can reused again and again to make more plastic bottles.

It’s not just about the novelty pens guys! View Post

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How much do you reckon you spend as a family on entertainment?

I’d probably say that we don’t spend a great deal, but then I start to add up in my head our regular cinema trips, bowling, Spotify and television subscriptions and it starts to get a bit scary. Factor in meals out (gah!) and Belle’s penchant for going to Bristol just to buy bubble tea and suddenly you begin to understand why I don’t have a great deal in the way of savings.

It has been just me and Belle at home for a while now and I think if I’m honest with myself I use things like bubble tea outings and pizza restaurants as a bit of a crutch. I know that just hanging out at home with your 40 year old cat loving mum isn’t always the MOST fun, and I know too that Belle has been having a tough time lately and that getting out of the house is a good thing for her.

It can be expensive though. And is guilt really a good reason to spend all of your disposable income on bubble tea?

A poll of 2,000 parents by frozen pizza brand Goodfella’s found that we spend a staggering £2,602 keeping our kids entertained during the course of just one year. £609 a year of this goes on meals out and during the summer holidays our total spend rises to an average of £127 a week. Desperate times and all that.

Does that sounds about right for you?

If anything I’d say that’s probably a conservative estimate for us. Take TV and films – according to the research the average monthly spend on this is just over £37. We each have a monthly cinema pass, which costs £36 for two of us, so already we are hitting the average. Add in Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky and we clearly spend too much money AND time on television.

(In our defence we do like going to the cinema, and we only need to go twice a month to mean the limitless cards save us money, so it is worth looking into if you like films.)

I guess, like most things, that it comes down to balance. Yes it’s nice to go out and have treats, but you can’t sustainably do that every day. Plus it’s just as fun sometimes to have a fun night in at home, which is exactly what Belle and I did on Saturday night.

We decided to combine three of Belle’s favourite things to show that you can have just as much fun at home on a budget. Unable to secure Finn Wolfhard for a celebrity guest appearance at short notice we settled on:

  • films
  • pizza
  • bubble tea

We had a helping hand from Goodfella’s in the form of their new Romano range of premium frozen pizzas. There are five flavours, all with a stonebaked base and generous toppings. At just £2.50 each you could save a lot of money switching that meal out for a night in with Goodfella’s.

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