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ways to earn money from home

Frugal-minded mommies are always looking for ways to save money, whether through couponing or adding another income stream by earning money from home. Fortunately, cashback apps like Ibotta have also been developed to make shopping more convenient while being practical.

Money is a limited resource for most people. Cashback apps allow you to get a rebate on things that you usually purchase. With this, there’s no need to keep on waiting for promos on necessities like food and other things you use around the house.

Moreover, according to a recent review by financial writer Casey Fiedler, Ibotta offers various options for you to enjoy your rebates, whether it’s through Venmo or PayPal to Amazon or Starbucks gift cards. You can use the money you saved for other purchases that make sense for your lifestyle.

If you’re wondering how you can earn money from cashback apps like Ibotta, here are the ways:

1. Shop Online

The company developed a mobile app and a Chrome browser extension to help you find deals when shopping online. By using their programs, you can get rebates from online retailers that you normally buy stuff from.

The process is relatively straightforward. You create an account with Ibotta and start visiting your favorite stores online.

You can earn up to 10 percent cashback offers for your total online purchase. The company has partnered with more than 150 online retailers to make sure that you can save money on various services, from food delivery, online shopping hubs to travel sites.

To get started, you just have to open the app and choose the website that you want to shop in. Then, you can go about shopping online normally. After finishing a transaction, the app calculates how much you saved and adds the sum to your Ibotta earnings automatically.

2. Pay Through the App

Another way to earn from the cashback app is to visit the store and pay through Ibotta. You have the option to link your debit or credit card to your account on the application for seamless transactions.

With this option, you visit the store and pay from the Ibotta app using the gift card codes you find on the platform. The program will credit your rebates immediately to your account after purchase.

You may be worried about the security of your debit or credit card number, especially when linking it to the app. However, Ibotta has confirmed that all of its users’ payment information is protected with 256-bit bank-level encryption.

They also work with top payment processors to ensure tight security for all transactions done on the app. This way, you can shop without worries and be assured that the money you made online, which is linked to your account, is protected.

how to save money on shopping

3. Connect Your Loyalty Cards

Ibotta allows you to kill two birds with one stone by enabling users to link their loyalty cards to their favorite stores. This type of card typically sends customers notifications on exclusive deals and discounts from a retailer.

By connecting your loyalty card from one store to Ibotta, you can enjoy loyalty rewards from that particular retailer while taking advantage of the promos that the cashback app offers. This means you get double savings in just one transaction.

4. Scan Your Receipts

You can also scan your receipts to earn rebates from the stores you frequent. Remember, you must search for offers in the app first and bookmark them before you go to the store.

After you’ve made the necessary purchases, you can click the offers that you saved in the app and scan your receipt. Ibotta will credit the rebates to your account within 48 hours.

Moreover, you are allowed to upload receipts from transactions you made yesterday to take advantage of today’s available offers.

The app also has a QR code feature that they’re promoting these days. To use this option, you pick the offers in Ibotta and scan the code when you get to the cashier. This automatically saves your transaction to your account.

5. Alternative Bonus Options

Additionally, the cashback platform provides other rewards for doing stuff in-app. You can earn a bonus just by making your friends sign up using your code. What’s even better is that you and your referral get 10 USD each.

The app has a “Popular Bonuses” tab at the bottom part that features rewards you can get without necessarily making a purchase. One example is the “Orange Flag” bonus, which entails redeeming three offers before they expire. Accomplishing this gets you an extra 2 USD cashback.


Whether you have a 9-to-5 job or you earn money from home, saving cash on purchases is always a good thing. Use Ibotta to find the best deals on products and services that you usually buy. The platform provides various options to get rebates as well as redemption methods so that you can shop without worries.


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Many people like a flutter from time to time, but did you know that people in the UK spent £14.5 billion on gambling between September 2017 and 2018? Online gambling accounts for around 38.8% of this and, by extension, most of the revenue. What has also become clear in the past few years is that more women are starting to enjoy gambling-related events and activities. In some cases, they’ve seen some massive wins (more about that later).

In the UK, the National Lottery is the most popular activity, which may or may not come as a surprise. Next is scratchcards… again, possibly not a big deal, but what’s behind the higher numbers of women gambling these days? The variety of games that gambling operators have brought onto the market is one good reason.

Poker, roulette, slots — for which there’s a whole host of themes — sports betting and more… The industry spoils customers for choice and there’s no reason for women to just stand by the men’s side and let them have all the fun anymore. Those days are long gone and you can even get online scratchcards, if you wish, rather than walk into a brick-and-mortar newsagent or supermarket and buy one.

One of the other reasons is that women tend to prefer social gaming. This would include slots and bingo, which they can play together in groups and which offer opportunities for conversation, such as chat in the case of online bingo. They enjoy the shared experience of gaming, so games that involve a strategy which detracts from this will appeal to them less. They also enjoy games that are a little shorter or involve less concentration, allowing them to just focus on enjoying the game itself and the more social side of gaming.

ways to earn money from home

Women prefer to play more sociable online gambling games such as Bingo which has a live chat feature.

The variety of online games has also lessened the stigma around women gambling and allowed them to enjoy the activity just as much as men. Women appear to enjoy luck-based games, whereas men prefer sports betting and table-based games, although this doesn’t mean you won’t ever see women playing roulette or sitting down at a poker table. It would also seem that the chance of winning big prizes has also encouraged more women to gambling. The one thing that men and women do coincide on in terms of their gambling habits is that both like to make use of casino bonuses and other gambling site bonuses.

The appeal of games is something that game developers and designers have taken into major consideration. They’ve tried to make them more attractive to women by giving the games something of a pinker, fluffier feel. In some cases, this may have worked, but the world of mobile gaming has given women more access to gaming and allowed them to become more knowledgeable about online gaming. Pink, fluffy designs just won’t cut it. Women are not happy to settle with just bingo, which, traditionally, many have viewed as more of a women’s game than a men’s one. They want as slickly designed games as the men do!

Slots have played a major part in the appeal of gambling to women. They are involved in 40% of all the gambling online, whereas women don’t appear to bet much online in casino games. The theme of the game may be the reason for them wishing to. The stake levels — which vary greatly — add to the entertainment and can make for entertaining games. In fact, one lady has been witnessed to win £1.7 million and defy odds of 625 million to one, which has allowed her win two progressive jackpots on the same slot online. These large jackpots, as well as social media, have allowed operators to target women and attract them into the online gaming space.

Themes of Slot games could be a potential factor that has influenced the increase of women gambling.

What is interesting is that some of the differences in gaming preferences are highly generational. Research has found that Baby Boomer ladies prefer slots, whereas female millennials (and male ones) see them as boring. When they play electronic gaming machines, they want them to be interactive and when they play slots, they prefer them to be skill-based because they’re closer to the smartphone games or social games that they’ve played as they’ve grown up.

Their attitudes towards gambling are also interesting. The research also showed that women aged between 18 and 34 felt that slots were a more ‘dangerous’ form of gambling. Their view on sports betting and wagering on horses was much different. They felt it was a more low-risk form, due to the nature of sports books running bets only on limited events, whereas the nature of slots is rapid-fire.

One factor which may or may not influence how women play is how they react when they lose a game. Men tend to become more aggressive when they lose. You’ll find some kicking a slot machine or screaming at it. You may also find them becoming slightly territorial and being rude to casino staff. This is much different to women, who are more likely to show signs of sadness or distress if they’re losing at a casino. If you see a woman acting like this, this is a red flag and could also signify some form of depression.

Gambling is no longer the domain of the men. The creation of online gaming, which has introduced lots of new games to the market, and the accessibility of gaming on mobile has opened the floor up to the ladies as well. Some smart targeting by games operators and the lure of some big prizes has attracted more women to gambling, who are able to enjoy the activity without feeling some of the social stigma they may have done so in years gone by. These are good times for any lady who wants to try their luck online.


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Window shutters are perhaps one of the most popular window dressings out there. They’re incredibly versatile in terms of looks and design and they’re also favourable for those wanting great functionality too. They offer homeowners incredible privacy while also allowing for great control over light. Add in their ability to insulate the home further while helping to add another layer of security at what can be your home’s weak points and it’s a no-brainer. The question we want to look at today however isn’t whether you should have window shutters but rather, which is best: vinyl shutters or wood shutters?

how to choose new windows

Vinyl Shutters: The Lowdown

As with anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look at vinyl.



Vinyl shutters are often a little cheaper to begin with, due to the materials used and will last for years without fading, rotting or disintegrating. 

Low Maintenance

Very little care is needed. Just a quick wipe with a cloth will keep them looking fantastic.

Great For Damp Rooms

Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where steam can pose a problem. Moisture will not penetrate the vinyl shutters.



Due to their low prices and the colours they’re available in, vinyl shutters are common in many households so you may find yourself being one of many who have them.

Can’t Be Changed

Once vinyl shutters are manufactured in the colour you requested, they can’t simply be painted over like wooden shutters when you want to redecorate.

Wooden Shutters

While wooden shutters are considered more expensive, they have their own set of advantages.


Easy To Clean

Just like vinyl shutters, they can be easily cleaned. Simply wipe over or dust with a cloth thanks to their smooth surface.


Wooden shutters are solid and hardwearing. So much so that they’re seen as an investment because they’ll last you for many years to come. This solid material will also ensure excellent privacy too.

Better For Light Control

Because they’re so solid, they block out the sun much better and also block out UV rays too. You can enjoy complete darkness with wooden window shutters.

Suits All Style Homes

Whether you have a traditional or modern home, wooden shutters complement any design.


Not Great In Damp Rooms

Even with treatment, wood shutters may over time, struggle with damp rooms as water vapour can begin to warp them.

Require A Little Maintenance 

They may need recoating in varnishes to keep them looking brand new.

Window Shutters By Diamond Shutters

While wooden shutters will always come out on top when it comes to overall quality and style, vinyl shutters will always have their place in the bathroom and in some cases the kitchen. With Diamond Window Shutters, you can enjoy bespoke made-to-measure window shutters to suit not only your home’s style but your life style too. The Diamond Shutters team will meet you at your home and get to know exactly what you want and what you’re looking for. They’ll then provide you with the best window shutters for your needs. What’s more, they’ll design, manufacture and install your window shutters for the most affordable price possible. For more information on Diamond Shutters, contact them today on 020 83022447. 


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Recreational vehicles are getting more popular nowadays, especially in the United States. The RV Industry Association reported that more than 11% of households in the United States own an RV.

One of the critical elements for creating a homey environment in an RV is to have a suitable, comfortable bed. RV experts recommend memory foam mattress as being the best bed choice for an RV. Still, regardless of how similar every memory mattress looks like, not all are ideal for your RV. Here are five common rookie mistakes to avoid when buying a memory foam mattress for RV.

Mistake #1: Assuming all memory foam are the same

RV owners who are unfamiliar with memory foam mattress usually assume that every piece is similar and provide a similar level of comfort. However, this is not the case. Generally, foam mattresses in the market are categorized into three main groups: entry-level, mid-grade level, and high quality.

A memory foam bed with a density of about 40 kilograms/cubic meter or more provides optimum support to the body. Bedsteads with a small layer of memory foam are not likely to last long. In contrast, memory foams with a decent amount of density can last up to 10 years.

Mistake #2: Choosing price over quality

Most RV owners pick economical memory foam mattresses that are not necessarily designed for a good night’s sleep, which is a fatal mistake. RVs are primarily used as a second home when people are traveling away from their home. And we can all agree that it wouldn’t be home without a comfortable sleeping space.

Moreover, traveling can take a toll on the body. All the more reason to opt for a quality memory foam mattress for RV, which gives the body the proper support and rest it needs. A decent quality memory foam mattresses should come with a minimum warranty of 5 years.

Mistake #3: Checking labels instead of composition

RV owners should be cautious of any falsehood in the product description. Most local or online retailers incorrectly advertise or exaggerate the quality of their foam mattresses.

There are plenty of profit-driven manufacturers making mattresses with low-grade toxic foam, containing formaldehyde, PBDEs, or other toxic compounds. Afterward, they would cover the bed up with a label stating claims which are far from the truth. RV owners should always check the foam’s composition beforehand to avoid getting deceived by labels.

Mistake #4: Not considering the size of the bed

An RV typically has smaller bed space, and some RVs require a specific mattress size. So before investing in memory foam, RV owners should get the exact measurement of their sleeping area. This includes width, height, and length, to avoid the hassle of cutting or adjusting the bed to fit their space.

Mistake 5: Buying before testing the mattress out

RV owners should never believe in over-hyped sales talk. They should try and test the memory foam mattress before buying it whenever they can. Try as many beds as they can and compare the comfort level. If they are looking to buy one online, try to verify the density and firmness grade of the mattress.

Choosing the best mattress for your RV may consume considerable time and effort. Still, it is critical to ensure a comfortable and productive trip with a satisfying sleep. To pick the best mattresses, you need to stop assuming that all mattresses are the same. Try to avoid buying cheap, low-grade mattresses, stay away from the exaggerate bed and test them out before buying one.


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vodafone home broadband

Quality content is a proven way to make your blog a resounding success. It is that driving force that makes readers engage with your blog and eventually creates a vibrant blog community.

There is a host of blogs out there. Consequently, readers are often exposed to ton loads of content. This makes many readers develop a resistance to content that is less than par.

It is, therefore, imperative to always put up quality and compelling content, particularly need-driven content that will increase your blog traffic and keep readers coming back. Remember that a crop of committed readers is a major determinant in the success of your blog.

If you are trying to figure out how to create captivating content that will help your blog become a success, here are some tips you can follow:

Use Relevant Apps That Make Your Writing Easier

Creating compelling content can be a tedious task without the right tools. However, there are a large selection of word processing applications and websites that can help harness your writing ideas, as well as help make the creation process easier. A good example is the grammar-checking and word-counting app, Word Counter, which keeps track of words written as well as correct grammar.

Although creating compelling content helps with your search engine optimization or SEO, there are website plugins, like Yoast, that can help the content of your blog to rank high on search engines, making it closer to your audience.

Research About Your Target Audience

The first step in writing good content is identifying the audience you want to attract. Knowing you readers will help tailor content to them, as simply writing in general would not be effective as it will only attract your peers.

Compelling content that your readers will love is not produced out of a vacuum or by deciding what they may be interested in. The best pieces of content are created by researching your readers’ demography, such as age, gender, job, as well as identifying their interest and values.

Knowing about your audience helps you understand what kind of content they are searching for, be it a fresh graduate more interested in job content, or a basketballer who is interested in keeping fit.

Develop A Content Strategy

This is essentially a priority for more business-oriented bloggers. A content strategy is what makes you align your content with your blog’s goals and expected results.

Like in any other endeavour, an inordinate approach will guarantee less positive results than a systematic one. Content strategies help determine to what end you are creating your blog content per time. These also help you to quantify the engagement or results your content is generating.

Although the results might not be noticeable at first, your audience will eventually catch up on what your content strategy and naturally resonate with it.

ways to earn money from home

Craft Captivating Headlines That Catch Attention At First Sight

Choosing the perfect headline greatly determines your readers’ decision between ignoring or reading a piece of content you have created as a blogger. When online, you probably don’t click on things that don’t interest you. Your audience is similar–if you post a boring headline, they just might not click on your blog post at all.

A captivating headline should contain some indication of what your article is about. Also, adding emotional words and trending catchphrases can help a lot when writing content that’s similar to a lot of other ones.

Make Your Content More Visible With Keywords

While writing, it would do you a lot of good when you use keyword tools to gather keywords synonymous to your audience. Creating content that highlights the common keywords your audience search for, along with your goals and customers’ needs, helps make your content more SEO-friendly.

No matter how good your content is, if it is not visible to readers, it is of no use.

Add Beautiful And Relevant Images To Your Post

After going through the mental stress of creating great content, it would be disastrous if you put dull or irrelevant images in the post. People love images, and your readers are definitely not an exemption. If you add a perfect feature image to a post, it can raise the number of clicks significantly.


Creating compelling content is essential if you want your blog to succeed. You can do such by using relevant writing apps that are readily available online, knowing your target audience, coming up with a strategy, as well as adding the right keywords in order to make your content more visible. It is also vital to combine your content with catchy headlines and relevant and stunning images.


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make home lighter

Clutter can really make any space feel and look disorganized, stressful, and confusing. It may also make it hard for you to keep your house clean. This is why it is important to know how to reduce clutter properly, so your house will be more manageable, organized better, and feel cleaner.

Whether you want to simplify your life or it’s part of your downsizing effort, reducing clutter in your house isn’t a small job. In fact, you might get overwhelmed, defeated, and anxious around the thought of getting rid of some of your personal belongings. Well, it is normal, especially if you are used to being surrounded by lots of things. However, once you have decluttered your house right, you will thank yourself for doing it.

Below are some of the ways on how to reduce clutter and organize your home:

Know the Point of Origin of the Clutter in Your House

Do you have an idea of what causes clutter in your home? If your answer is no, these usually include piles of clean or dirty laundry, old photographs, faulty appliances, and other miscellaneous household items. Determining the source of clutter can help you formulate a solution. For instance, if piles of paperwork are your problem, the best solution is to have a filing system.

Get Rid of Old Music and Movies

If you rely on streaming services to watch videos and listen to music, you might want to sell your used DVDs for cash. With today’s advancement of technology, you don’t have to use DVDs to watch your favorite movie or listen to your all-time favorite tracks. Unless the used DVDs are sentimental, you can donate or sell them to reduce clutter in your house.

Consider Using 4-Box Method

As its name implies, this method requires you to have a total of 4 boxes with labels including give away, trash, re-locate or keep. You can place these boxes in every room you want to organize.

When using this method, make sure not to skip any items regardless of how insignificant they are. This may take months, weeks or days, but it will help you see the number of items you own and you will know what to do with every item. In addition to that, using a 4-box method is also beneficial if you want to keep your home neat and organized with kids.

In with the New and Out with the Old

Every time you bring some new items, consider getting rid of the similar older ones. For instance, if you purchase a new mop or broom, throw away the old one. This can help you reduce the clutter in your home and get rid of the items you don’t use anymore.

Have a Mudroom

If you and your family members take various items out of the house, such items don’t have to come past your front door. Coats, shoes, sports gear, shopping bags, purses, and more should be in a particular place like a mudroom. Although you can have coat closets, these do not hold much. Mudrooms can help you stop the mess easily.

Try to Limit Your Personal Artifacts

Most people have their own memorabilia that reminds of the good times gone by. However, as years passed by, your collection may grow bigger and it may become a burden. This is particularly true if you want to keep everything organized. The best solution for this is to have a designated place for your personal treasures and try limiting them to one tote or box.

white bedroom makeover tips

Create Your Own Declutter Schedule and Stick to It

Several spaces in your home like the kitchen counters require regular decluttering while others may be done monthly or weekly. Once that time comes, you should be systematic. Take all your items in defined areas like cabinet and desk drawer. Then, consider spreading them out so you can see what you are facing. For instance, if you are decluttering a drawer where you keep all your kitchen utensils, spread them on your counter and sort them to two piles. Separate the utensils you’re using regularly from the ones that you do not use.

Just remember to be patient because it takes time for you to be effective in decluttering. Oftentimes, some people tend to underestimate the time it takes to declutter. If you think the clutter in your home is a 1-hour job, expect to finish it after 3 hours. But, it doesn’t mean that it is such a waste of time because the rewards of decluttering your house are amazing and can also have a positive impact on your life.

Stop Yourself from Buying Useless Stuff

If you keep purchasing useless stuff, your house will never run out of clutter. So, give yourself and your house a favor and stop buying useless items. If possible, think twice before you buy anything. Ask yourself if such items will benefit you or not. If the item does not serve any particular purpose, why waste your money purchasing that? This will not only help you avoid bringing clutter in your house but also it can help you avoid impulse buying.

Have a Hidden Storage

Having areas with hidden storage can benefit you most when decluttering and organizing your house. Furniture with built-in storage space or attics and basements can be useful areas when hiding items you do not want to see in your living room or any living space in your house.

However, it is important to take note that such spaces may become a haven for junks. There is no point decluttering your house only to move your things to a new space, so you should be mindful of what you keep in such places. See to it that the only items you store are the ones you use irregularly and not the items you don’t use. Suitcases, spare bedding, and some sports equipment are all the best candidates for any hidden storage.

Consider Putting Shelves

Having wall units and shelving can offer you a stylish solution, especially if your house doesn’t have space. Not only shelves let you display your treasured items, but also they can be of great help when it comes to storing and organizing your items.

No matter what your budget is for your preferred shelves, choose the ones that add interest to your beautiful walls. You can hire professionals to help you achieve the best shelving for your house, but if you’re a DIY lover, you can consider it as your next DIY project. Just use quality items and match your shelves with your home décor.

Use Multi-Functional Pieces

With today’s advances in design, there are lots of homeware pieces available in the market that are multi-functional. These items can make organization and storage in smaller areas a breeze. If you don’t know the best multi-functional pieces to use, you can try a chair that also serves as a storage area. It is a practical option for those who want to save space.

If you have many personal items for your skin or beauty routine, you may purchase a mirror with an organizer inside. It’s a perfect item for those who want their beauty items accessible.

Keep Similar Things Together

If you want to be successful in organizing your home, categorizing things may come in handy. As a matter of fact, keeping similar things together forces you to organize your house. It can make your life much easier and store items closer to where you’ll use them. With this, you won’t only know where your items are whenever you need them, but also you are also reducing clutter at the same time.

Keep All of Your Things Accessible

If you frequently use particular items, you should place them in areas that are accessible. For the items that you don’t use often, you can store them in higher spots. If you have some deep cupboards, you may put in a slider to make the items more accessible.

You can also consider tiered shelving so all items in the back will be visible. Take note to try and store things as close as possible to places that you’ll be using them. If you have kids, make sure that their items are stored in spots that are easy to reach.

Use Labels

When it comes to reducing clutter and making your home organized, labels are useful, especially if there are multiple persons using the same placer. Take note that even if you know where it goes, it does not mean that the rest of your family members will. In addition to that, labels can be helpful when accessing storage in areas that are difficult to reach. It can also help you keep surfaces clutter-free.

If something is labeled, you will know where to go rather than pulling out any random boxes to find what you’re looking for. You can use vinyl lettering, chalkboard labels, and more for labeling. This will not only help you with organizing but also can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal.


Although you don’t have to be embarrassed with your clutter, it is still essential to take note that organizing your home is much better than being surrounded by messy things. With an organized home, it’s much more relaxing to look at and you don’t have to be stressed out every time you enter your house. Just remember that when reducing clutter, consistency is the key. Doing it regularly will ensure that your house will stay organized.


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Do you remember a while back when I had that revelation about frozen chopped onions? At the time I called it a ‘landmark in my culinary life’, which was a bold statement, but then judging by the tone of the rest of the post I was perhaps going through a bit of an intense time – there’s a slight manic quality to the way I try to get Belle involved in the risotto – perhaps frozen onions really did feel life changing?

It had come on the back of me discovering all of those unusual frozen foods I never knew existed, so I was probably still a bit hyped from that. One of the foods that made that list was frozen herbs, which is what I want to talk to you about today, so get comfy.

Picture the scene for a moment, if you will. You’re cooking a new recipe and it has a long list of ingredients – garlic, ginger, coriander maybe. You’re feeling unusually enthusiastic about cooking so you embrace it and buy a packet of fresh coriander. Maybe you get carried away and buy one of the more expensive plants, thinking it’s just what you need to inspire you to cook fresh curries every day.

‘This coriander plant is going to change my life,’ you think to yourself, ‘who knows what kind of person I can be with this on my kitchen windowsill! It will be like the frozen onions all over again!’

Fast forward a week and you’re eating chicken dippers and chucking the dead coriander plant in the bin, or scrapping the coriander mush out of the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Ah well. Next time.

Great news for you my culinary friend! You don’t have to be that person any more. You don’t have to skip over the herbs in recipes because of the shame of that moment in the future – you CAN have your coriander and eat it! You just need to buy FROZEN HERBS.

I had this frozen onion style moment of inspiration at a cooking even I went to last week with a French company called Darégal, who are the world experts in culinary herbs. You probably won’t have heard of them, and you don’t need to look out for them in the freezer section as in the UK they provide herbs to restaurants, manufacturers and supermarkets to use in their own meals and products, rather than being their own consumer brand. Go into pretty much any supermarket – Iceland, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda or M&S – and their frozen herbs with have come from Darégal.

They also make frozen garlic, chilli and ginger – all things that I end up either skipping in recipes because I can’t be faffed, or chucking away loads of a week later.

where to buy frozen herbs View Post


One of my favourite times of the week is a weekend morning, when Belle is still asleep and I’m alone with the cats, pottering.

Pottering is great isn’t it? I get the Archers omnibus on and I potter about doing all the crappy jobs I’ve been putting off for weeks like recharging the hoover battery and finally dealing with the Christmas tree on the back patio. (This one is currently aspirational.)

This weekend I potted up the avocado stone I’ve FINALLY managed to get to sprout after about eight failed attempts over the course of several years, which was very satisfying, and then to balance it out I threw away two other dead plants. That’s the circle of life for you, right there.

I also like to do a bit of light cooking when I’m pottering – something that I can nibble while I do my jobs. One of my favourite things to make is my ‘whatever’s in the fridge frittatas‘, partly because they’re tasty but also because it’s a useful way to clean out the fridge, which is another one of my favourite pottering pastimes.

This weekend, once the avocado stone was settled in, I thought I’d make some frittatas as a way to use up the cauliflower I’d had in the fridge for ages. I bought it with good intentions but you know, sometimes it’s hard to get around to eating a whole cauliflower, however positive you may feel about it at the time. I had a similar situation going on with a bag of spinach, which I’d bought to stir into a sweet potato curry that never happened, so that went in too.

cauliflower cheese mini frittatas

On reflection, I think they needed something sweeter to balance the flavours a bit better, (I dipped them in BBQ sauce, which wasn’t ideal), so in the recipe I’ve added the option of peas or cherry tomatoes, which I think would lift the frittatas nicely. View Post


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The utilization of cabinet glass has evolved to be used for divergent purposes since they tend to serve a variety of functions at home. Cabinet glass is mainly acknowledged for their aesthetic and decorative purposes. Some cabinet glass is designed to be used in open shelves while others settle for closed shelves. The increased development and popularity of cabinet glass have influenced the development of the modern kitchen. The cabinet glass designs tend to continue the modern look that homeowners desire for their living and dining areas. The glass cabinets add a sleek and stylish appearance that makes them perfect options for using them in the kitchen. Glass kitchen cabinet doors are usually clear or frosted, which means that they reflect approximately 50% of their content. The glass cabinets safeguard plates, spoons and other utensils and also ensure easy monitoring of the utensils. Kitchen glass cabinet panes are also easy to install if you are willing to replace wood with glass. There are diverse options of kitchen glass cabinets that come in a range of different types including leaded glass, textured glass, sumiglass, and V-grooving.

Leaded Glass Cabinets

Leaded glass is also referred to as crystal glass due to its crystal-like look as seen in fig 1. Leaded glass cabinets are an ideal type to use in a modern kitchen. The leaded glass panes for kitchen cabinets are made by amalgamating several pieces of glass together, which makes the glasswork a unique choice for kitchen cabinets. Each piece of leaded glass used for kitchen cabinet windows assembles into a certain design pattern which you may desire to use for your kitchen. The typical thickness of the leaded glass is 1/8” to 3/16” thick. Leaded glass designs are shaped to ensemble any décor from modern to traditional in almost any shape or size.

Textured/Frosted Glass Cabinets 

Glass Cabinet comes in a range of textured patterns, which are imprinted on the glass surfaces at high temperatures. Patterned glass enables textured glass cabinets to be customized in your desired decorative patterns. Textured glass patterns are considered to be the best option of supplementing an artistic or aesthetic appearance in your kitchen space. Textured glass also has an immoderate capacity of light diffusion. Therefore, they are ideal for those who don’t wish to put their kitchen utensils on display. They may be opaque enough to hide any mess while still showing the aesthetic cabinet appearance. The best glass types for making frosted glass are the fab and mirror glass as well as the obscured glass. Unlike a standard cabinet wall, frosted glass insertions enable the kitchen to appear more spacious and open.

Sumiglass Cabinet Glass

Sumiglass cabinet panes are laminated glass which is certified to be safer than other types of cabinet glass. Their safety assurance makes them an ideal option for interior kitchen cabinet glass utilizations. Sumiglass types are made by constricting several materials into certain layers. The decorative layers consist of various materials of adhesive and two or more window panes of glass. The layers are interconnected together using advanced technology and equipment that ensures there is a long-lasting bond between the glass panes and layered materials. Users can use different colors to create fashionable designs of sumiglass on kitchen cabinets. Despite having a decorative and long-lasting capacity, sumiglass is mainly recommended for interior utilizations.

V-Grooving Glass Cabinets

V-grooving cabinet glass has custom engravings and is polished within various decorative designs as seen in fig 4. V-grooving on kitchen cabinet glass surfaces introduces an aesthetic appearance of your kitchen surroundings. V-grooving technique significantly reduces the glass thickness in places where the designs are engraved on the glass. The Fab Glass and Mirror have a wide variety of glass with various engraving designs. Despite being a good option for supplementing an aesthetic appearance, glass cabinets with v-grooving techniques are prone to early breakages due to the reduced thickness in engraved regions. Thus they require to be well maintained.


In conclusion, kitchen glass cabinets serve multipurpose options, they are suitable and well-designed and thus, they are a good choice to be used in kitchen cabinets. The glass cabinets are also easy to find in the market given that they have gained popularity. They offer a great option of displaying your kitchenware compared to open or closed shelving. They are also easy to clean, unlike the wooden kitchen cabinets. They are waterproof and do not stain easily. It is recommended to clean the kitchen cabinet glass with a glass cleaner before wiping it with a soft cloth to make the glass look clear. However, you should be aware of the fragile nature of the cabinet glass. They are prone to cracks and breakages and thus, you should handle them with great care.



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Kids need a good night’s sleep in order for their young bodies to be energized, which provides a more focused mind and attention the next morning. The quality of sleep your kid gets every night also plays a significant role in their physical and mental development. And, your kid will only experience all of the benefits of sleep if they get to sleep on a mattress that fits their preferences.

Thus, your child needs a comfortable mattress with good body support in order for them to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The mattress they use should also fit their height and weight, as well as their preferred sleeping position. In that way, your toddler will have proper growth and development.

In this post, you’ll learn the signs when your child needs a new mattress. This way, you’ll know when to switch to a bigger mattress, as well as you’ll be guided in choosing the best mattress for your little one.

Your Baby Is Now Getting Older

As soon as your baby turns one, they’re already considered a toddler. By this time, they will have different needs and start to reach important milestones in life. Everything your child experiences during this time can mold their personality and significantly affect their growth. This stage spans until age three.

Experts highly recommend bigger mattresses for toddlers that measure 38 (width) by 75 (length) inches. When your kid reaches this measurement, more often than not, they already have outgrown their cribs. They might still fit inside their cribs, but they will likely be uncomfortable and stiff when they’re inside it. As your kid starts to age, keep in mind that their bodies will also grow bigger. So, how do you know if your toddler is ready to move into a regular bed?

Here are some helpful tips when your little one is transitioning from a crib to a bigger mattress:

  • Usually, children can switch from crib to a toddler bed at 1 ½ to 3 ½.
  • The best time to upgrade your child’s mattress from a crib mattress to a bigger mattress is as soon as they’re closer to three years old. If possible, start scouting for options before your kid reaches three. In this way, you can easily prepare for the purchase and find the best mattress that fits your kid’s needs the moment they ask for it.
  • If your child is now too active or simply too big to sleep in a mattress, you can introduce and shop for the best twin mattress
  • Don’t rush on shopping for a new bed when you first see your toddler climbing out of the baby crib. Doing this will only put money down the drain and increase your kid’s susceptibility to accidents and injuries.

Climbing out of the crib is normal behavior for growing kids. Once you see your kid exhibit this behavior, lower the crib mattress with the side rails higher. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t immediately introduce your kid to a bigger mattress the moment they learn how to climb out of their cribs.

You can also consider adding several pillows on the side of the crib to discourage your kid from climbing off of it. If this proves to be ineffective and you see that your kid still goes out of their crib on their own, then you can go and purchase a bigger mattress for them. You just have to make sure that the height of the mattress from the floor is appropriate for your kid’s height.

Your Child Shows Sudden Change In Behavior

If your little one is suddenly having regular tantrums or always irritable, it’s one sign that they may not be getting enough sleep. Sleep is important for every human being, most especially for kids, since their brains and bodies are still growing.

Sleep deprivation can weaken your kid’s immune system and can even impair their bodily functions. A sleep-deprived kid will likely grow to be sickly, making it challenging for them to excel in school and socialize with their peers. If you want to steer away from this direction, spend some time observing your child if they’re having trouble getting sleep at night.

If you start noticing the behavioral changes, the possible culprit is the mattress. Sleeping in a small or uncomfortable mattress will cause your kid to twist and turn throughout the entire night and can lead to sleep deprivation. Your kid’s inability to sleep can also take a toll on your own health. More often than not, your kid will wake you up in the middle of the night and inform you that they can’t sleep at all.

Don’t allow you and your child’s day to be ruined because of this problem. If you notice your kid has been losing sleep regularly or has been waking you up for several nights in a week already, it might be best if you invest in a new mattress for them.

Here are other signs that your child is not getting the right amount and quality of sleep at night:

  • Frequent tossing and turning
  • Their back is soaked in sweat
  • Frequently awakens at night to drink water or complains of increased thirst
  • Cries early morning for unknown reasons
  • Sleeps longer and better in the day

Your Child Is Already Toilet Trained

Your kid will have to visit the toilet several times during the night. Depending on their age and usual activities during the day, they will pee and poop when everyone else is sleeping. It is your role as a parent to wake up and help your kid do their business in the toilet. You don’t want to let your kid sleep in a wet or stinky crib, right?

But, if you’re one of the lucky parents who have successfully toilet trained their kid, it might be time to give them a new mattress. If they already have the discipline to wake up in the middle of the night and do their business in the toilet all by themselves, then you don’t have anything to worry about. When your kid is toilet trained, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kid can sleep soundly even while in their own bedroom and on their own mattress.

It’ll also be easy to clean and maintain the condition of a bigger mattress if your kid is already toilet trained. You’ll also enjoy longer hours of uninterrupted sleep if your kid isn’t bothering you in the middle of the night because they want to pee.

Your Child Is Seemingly Not Happy Using the Mattress

Your little one might show and express discomfort using the mattress you’ve recently bought. As mentioned, sleeping on a wrong mattress may cause sleeping problems in your kid.

It could be something to do with the firmness or softness of the mattress. It might not be the right size or type of mattress for your child, or you probably need to find a new mattress with the best features that perfectly suit your toddler’s sleeping habits.

Here are some of the features you need to look for when buying a new and bigger mattress for your toddler:

  • Density: Choose a mattress that’s dense enough or one you cannot push easily when you press your hands at the sides of the bigger mattress. The density of the mattress is a subjective decision, so consider bringing your kid when you’re buying one. This will allow them to test the mattress and find the best mattress that suits their preferences.
  • Innerspring: Choose a bigger mattress with at least 150 coils made of steel for pressure support. This feature will support all of the pressure points of your kid’s body as well as all of their sleeping positions, making it easy for them to doze off and sleep soundly.
  • Waterproof: Expect your toddler to still poop, pee, spill liquids, and throw up on their mattress. Make sure to choose a waterproof mattress or buy a waterproof cover when buying a bigger mattress. Aside from having peace of mind knowing that your kid is sleeping in a clean environment, a waterproof mattress or cover will also save you a lot of time as you won’t have to change your mattress the moment your kid spills their milk on it.
  • Washable: Because mattresses, most especially those used by children, tend to accumulate dust mites due to frequent contact with spills and body secretions, it’s best to choose a washable mattress. A mattress that is easy to clean will likely encourage you to clean it as often as possible.
  • Eco-friendly Or Green Materials: For your child’s health and safety, make sure to choose a mattress that’s made of eco-friendly materials, meaning without harmful chemicals, like flame retardants, VOCs, phthalates, and polyurethane. Look for the accepted standard CertiPUR-US certification.


When your little one grows older, they might need to transition from a crib to a regular mattress. Toddlers may have problems getting sound sleep at night because their mattress feels uncomfortable.

The best mattress for toddlers is bigger mattresses because their size is perfect for children. Also, high-quality mattresses are equipped with the best features that are perfect for toddlers.


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Bread is one of the most popular foods in France. Baguette anyone?

When it comes to eating out in Europe, visitors are spoiled for choice. With so many countries famous for their cuisine, it can be difficult knowing where to go first. Whether you want to experience rustic local fare or high-end gastronomic food, an authentic meal while on vacation is a must. After all, we think with our stomachs more often than not! So, where are the best places to visit for the tastiest dish ever?


France is famous the world over for its mouth-watering cuisine, attracting visitors who want to sample the country’s incredible dishes in droves. The freshness of the ingredients, the wide variety of regional flavors, the authentic cooking methods and original recipes combine to create some of the most sought-after gastronomy on the planet. While the food in France can get very technical and fancy, one of the most iconic food is the humble baguette. Served solo or with almost every meal on offer in France, the baguette is eaten at ay time of the day. But if bread simply won’t suffice, head to Normandy to sample the moules marinières (mussels with cream, garlic, and herbs) or Burgundy to try the famous coq au vin (chicken in wine). Escargot (snails) are plentiful in Paris while the famous French pastries are available on just about every street corner that you find.


Poland might not be the first European country you think of when it comes to food, but Polish cuisine undoubtedly deserves a mention. From the very tasty ogórki kwaszone (pickled cucumbers) and the pierogi (Polish ravioli) to the twaróg ze szczypiorkiem (cottage cheese with spring onion), Poland has a unique and unconventional taste. The traditional ingredients that make up Polish cuisine, such as beets, apples, potatoes, and buckwheat pay homage to the country’s long agrarian tradition. Here, the food needs to last through the winter which means plenty of pickles, preserves, fermented goods and smoked fish and meat. Head to Silesia to try the large dumplings known as kluski or try the aromatic duck dishes in Wielkopolska. But for a real range of regional dishes, it’s essential to visit the Podhale at the foot of the Tatra mountains. Here you can find anything from kwaśnica (sauerkraut soup) to placki po góralsku (potato pancakes with goulash).


Right off the southernmost tip of Italy, Malta understandably has plenty to offer in terms of gastronomic fare. A fine blend of influences from Italy, the North of Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean region, Maltese cuisine has a flavor like no other. As it is an island, the food here is mainly season-based and rustic along with classic seafood recipes and Maltese stew. The traditional Maltese qubbajt, a sweet treat made with almonds and honey is available in most local shops and stalls, while the delectable Maltese pastizzi are abundant in the seaside town of St. Julian’s, along with fresh seafood and sumptuous pasta.

Italian pizza is famous the world over


Home of pasta and pizza, it is no surprise that Italy makes its way onto this list. But these two specialties are just a drop in the ocean compared with the full range of gastronomic fare available in this beautiful country. Whether you prefer to dine in the finest Michelin-star restaurants or a family-run rustic café, there are so many options here that visitors can feel overwhelmed with choice. Each place has its own delicacies and specialties, which means that traveling around in Italy can be very hard on the waistline! Try the fabled spaghetti in Rome, before heading to Venice to gorge on tiramisu. Sample the world-famous Margherita in Naples or try lavarello at the jaw-droppingly beautiful Lake Como.

While there are some obvious choices on the list, there are certainly a few European countries that you might not have immediately thought of for incredible food. So, the next time you book holidays, ask your stomach to choose where you go first!


different parenting styles

A couple of weeks ago I published a post on Untold Stories from a mum who felt that having kids hadn’t been worth it. A lot of people left comments, (thank you!), and quite a few people messaged me directly to tell me how the post had affected them or resonated with their own story. Below is a copy of one of these emails.

There’s something about this story that really connected with me – that conflict between wanting to be everything for your older children and at the same time feeling powerless. I feel this a lot as a parent, especially with Belle as she doesn’t have a relationship with her father. I can often feel like I’m trying to be both this woman and her husband at the same time – good cop and bad cop – only I’m not sure what either cop is really meant to do.

This woman has the same sense of unfulfilled potential as the writer of the original post, but it’s something more too, something that feels like it’s tearing her in two different directions, leaving her broken in the middle. It was hard to read as the sadness is palpable, but I’m sure they’re not uncommon feelings. What I found especially sad was the idea that the very worst thing that could happen to her daughter was for her life to turn out just like her own.

Get in touch if you have any thoughts on this or other Untold Stories or if you have your own story you’d like to share about any aspect of parenting.


I just read the Untold Story about whether having children is worth it and it really resonated with me. I’ve also been a stay-at-home mum for twenty years and I am in the very same mental place as whoever wrote this Untold Story.

Lately, I find myself lying in bed, unable to sleep, wondering what my life would have been like had I not had my children. I have two – 20 and soon-to-be 18. Girls. My 20 year old has moved into a flat for her third year at uni, with her long-time boyfriend. My youngest daughter has got into the the uni of her choice and will be up and away by September.

The hardest part of parenting this age is that they still need you, but they want their independence. My eldest is struggling with her course, won’t let me help and often threatens to drop out. I’m utterly drained of trying to support an ‘adult child’ who wants to load everything on me, but doesn’t really want my advice. And now that she has moved out, she can easily ignore my calls or texts. My youngest is headstrong and desperate to leave the backwater where we live but I know I’ll still be needed in that begrudging way an older teen depends on.

I haven’t worked in 20 years. I have a good degree in history with honours, which has proven to be utterly useless to me. I spend every waking minute trying to make my husband and children happy, yet I feel totally unfulfilled, useless and that I have also squandered all of my potential. My husband takes a far more pragmatic approach to parenting our girls now – let them make their own mistakes and we’re there for them when the shit hits the fan. But I can see a car crash coming to my eldest if she doesn’t pull it together and try harder, because I can’t bear for her to either drop out or leave with a degree that’s of no use to her.

Because then she’ll have a life like mine – lost, unfulfilled and emotionally spent. View Post