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Cornwall hotels

What are your holiday plans for 2021? With international travel still complicated and expensive, chances are you’re staying in the UK this year. We certainly won’t be doing anything exotic. No American road trips or cruising the Caribbean for us. We have already had a fabulous few days in Pembrokeshire in May, and we have some time mid-July set aside for a weekend in a hired motorhome, but aside from that we will be keeping things pretty relaxed. Partly this is also because we’re planning on getting a dog this year – puppy training and settling in is going to be taking precedent in 2021.

One thing I would really like to do though, before our lives are taken over by pets, is to take a trip down to Cornwall to see my Dad and family there. We were lucky enough to see each other in January last year, before everything went pear shaped, but that’s still nearly a year and a half ago now – an awfully long time to not see people.

We live in Somerset, so we can just about get to Cornwall in a (very long) day, but we much prefer to make a mini break out of it and find a hotel in Cornwall for a night or two. Let’s be honest, we’ll make a mini break out of literally anything given half the chance. I bloody love a mini break.

Catching up with family is the perfect excuse for a bit of time away though, whether that’s a hotel, camping or airbeds on the floor. They say a change is as good as a rest after all don’t they? (Although I’m not convinced an airbed ever counts as a rest.)

It’s lovely just have a change of scene, to see the sea, to eat in new places – simple pleasures like fish and chips on the beach can be so joyous when we really appreciate them. We’ve all been stuck in our own homes for so long now, any opportunity to regain that sense of freedom, to gain a different perspective, has to be a good thing.

If you have family that you haven’t seen for a while then I really hope you get to see them this summer. Fingers crossed for some summer sunshine too.


Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

In recent times, many pet parents are embracing the use of CBD products. As a result, dog owners wonder if the rave around it is worth trying on their pet. It is normal to be concerned, after all, you want your pup to get the best.

What Is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, a compound that is present in hemp and marijuana. Unlike its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is known for its psychoactive effect, this compound is relatively harmless. The cannabidiol oil is gotten from the seeds of cannabis plants.

Research has been ongoing for years to ascertain if it is effective for treating different health problems. It has proven to have anti-inflammatory effect, analgesic properties, and appetite stimulation components.

But before considering whether CBD Oil would be good for your dog’s health and well-being, you need to get more information about this type of treatment. Continue reading to know whether CBD oil is safe for your dog, including the health problems it can treat.

What Health Conditions Can Cannabidiol Treat in Dogs?

Cannabidiol can be used to treat the following health conditions in dogs:

  1. Mild to chronic pain
  2. Seizures
  3. Nausea
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Stress and anxiety

How Does CBD Oil for Dogs Work?

One of the major components of the cannabis plant is cannabinoids. This component contains over 500 chemicals out of which CBD and THC are the most active. When your dog ingests CBD oil, the cannabinoids interact with a receptor known as endocannabinoid.

This endocannabinoid is found in the dog’s central nervous system. It is this system that is responsible for maintaining a healthy balance within the body. The cannabinoid will then help to bring calm to the dog by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

Proper Dosage of CBD Oil

You need to give your dog the right dosage to avoid any potential risk. Just as the body reacts to some treatments or supplements, your dog’s system may react to the CBD oil. So, if you are trying this treatment for the first time, try to start from small doses then monitor its reaction to the dosage.

Additionally, some brands encourage giving your pet 5mg per 2.2 pounds. Dogs such as Pugs, Chihuahua, and Pomeranians are given low dosage due to their body weight. But large dogs like the Dane can be given a high dose based on their heavy weight and feeding needs.

However, you should talk to a vet before making any decision. You can check out to know the importance of consulting a veterinary doctor.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Your dog may experience some side effects when it ingests cannabidiol. However, it is important to administer it according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any issues. Some side effects of this treatment include the following:

1. Low Blood Pressure

A high dosage can result in a decrease in your dog’s blood pressure for a while. Even if the dosage is little, it may cause a temporary light-headed feeling in some dogs.

2. Drowsiness

When CBD oil is administered at a high dose for treating anxiety disorder in dogs, the calming effect it brings could cause your pet to be drowsy for a while.

3. Dry Mouth

This oil is known to reduce saliva production in the mouth. So, in dogs, it increases their thirst for water as they may lack saliva temporarily.

Factor to Consider Before Buying CBD Oil for Dogs

Is CBD oil safe for dogs

There are some things to consider before purchasing CBD products. Remember that not all brands are the same, and you will want to get a high-quality and effective product. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Discuss with a Vet

Before making any decision on whether you should try this treatment on your dog or not, it is best to discuss with a professional. The veterinary doctor will recommend some certified products that can work for your pet based on its size and weight.


CBD products can come as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum. You can also get them as isolates, which are cheap but not always safe for dogs. The broad-spectrum is balanced while the full-spectrum contains all the cannabinoids in the right composition.

It is advisable to go for full-spectrum products. They will provide maximum health benefits to your dog.

Buy Organic Products

It is generally recommended to purchase from brands that grow their hemp plant. They can monitor the growth and follow approved farm practices. So, before you buy, ensure it is grown in America, not overseas. This will enable you to trace its source to know whether it is an organic product.

Choose CO2-Extracted Products

There are different methods of extracting the oil, like the ethanol-based method. But the ethanol may mix up with the oil in the process. However, the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) is a safe way to extract CBD oil. The result is a quality and toxin-free product.

Certificate of Analysis

Whichever product you decide to get must have this certificate. This analysis certificate is a third-party lab testing result of the oil. It indicates its potency, concentration, and whether it is toxin-free.

Some brands may not have the certificate in their manual except you ask for it. You can read this article to learn more about the certificate of analysis for cannabidiol oil.


We all love our furry friends; therefore, we want to choose the best treatment for them. CBD oil is a versatile and effective product. It is helpful in the treatment of many health-related issues from pain to anxiety, including the overall improvement of your dog’s health.

Finding a product that will work for your buddy may be challenging, but you can discuss it with a professional. With the vet’s advice and other factors discussed in this article, you can choose a high-quality CBD oil that will benefit your pet.


The program you study in college has a bearing on the level of success you attain in life. However, most students are never sure about the courses they should select. They are overwhelmed by the huge number of available options. What are the processes that you should follow before you pick a college program to pursue?

  • Assess your interests and abilities
  • Create a list of programs you can pursue
  • Research on the pros and cons of pursuing these programs
  • Consult career experts
  • Pick the most appropriate program

The attractiveness of this travel and tourism is increasing each day. It is because of the opportunities that are available for people with expertise in this area. Whether you like working indoors or outdoors environment, you always have something to do in this industry. Moreover, the industry is experiencing steep growth, which means the professionals in this industry are always assured of career progression.

However, you should show potential employers that you are the person they are looking for. Understand that you are likely to face stiff competition from other experts in this field. Therefore, you should attain the right level of competence. If you stand out among your peers, it is easy for you to secure employment.

The level of competence you attain depends on the type of school you attend. With the many colleges that offer this degree, it may be difficult for you to choose the right one. What should you do to ensure you end up in the right travel and tourism college? Here are tips to help you:

Create a List of Institutes to Choose From

Writing as therapy

The problem with most students is that they limit themselves when it comes to choosing travel and tourism colleges. For instance, they pick one institution and assume it is good for them without analyzing other options. As soon as they begin studying, they notice that they made a wrong selection. It gets to a point where they quit their studies.

Going to college is not all about becoming an accomplished essay writer. You also want to develop other aspects of your life, including your communication skills. Therefore, you should create a list of 5 to 10 institutes and evaluate them to determine one where you’ll benefit the most.

Ascertain the Credibility of the Institution

Many institutions offer travel and tourism programs. However, you should know that some of them are not accredited. Studying in an unapproved institution is a waste of your money and time. Therefore, you should assess the college carefully before you seek admission.

Visit the website of the body that approves colleges in your region. Ensure it is as credible as If you notice that any institute in your list is not approved, strike it off. Studying in a school with regional or national accreditation is always advantageous as it enhances financial aid and boosts employment probabilities.

Conduct a Comprehensive Research on the Colleges

Many institutes are available for those who intend to undertake travel and tourism programs. They all claim to give the best services to students. However, you should never take what they say as the only truth. You need to do your research.

People who have studied in these institutes can give you a true picture of what they offer. If they tell you something negative about the college, that is a sign that you shouldn’t trust that institution. Where you can find credible websites like, read the reviews to determine the suitability of the college you are interested in.

Assess the Qualifications of the Instructors

The competence level you attain depends on the expertise of your tutors. When experienced instructors teach you, you are sure about the quality of education you are getting.  Mediocre teachers may not know much. They might waste your time.

Consider the professionalism of the professors in question. Look at their qualifications, experience in the field, and mode of content delivery. If you are satisfied, you can consider that college. Avoid institutions with incompetent instructors.

Consider the Cost of the Travel and Tourism College

Undertaking a program in travel and tourism requires money. The expenses you pay for include tuition and accommodation. You should know that the costs vary from one institution to the next. Choose an affordable institute without compromising on quality.

Closing Remarks

There are many advantages of obtaining a degree in travel and tourism. Therefore, you should choose the best institute to be able to reap the maximum benefits. When making your selection, create a list of institutions, research, assess the instructors, and ensure the institution is accredited. Don’t forget to assess the cost.


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When it comes to children’s earrings, parents mainly want safety and little princesses want cute designs. Both criteria are important and at the KLENOTA Jewellery Studio we are well aware of both of them.

If you are choosing earrings for a small baby, the most suitable choice would be those with a front closure where the earring fastens into the eyelet at the front. With these, there is no risk of the earring accidentally opening or catching on clothing and what’s more, the earrings are smooth on all sides so the baby cannot scratch themselves. You just need to be careful with the mechanics of the closure when handling an open earring since it is quite fragile. Girls can wear these types of earrings up to the age of three to eight.

For girls of preschool age and older the choices expand and stud earrings are also an option. These types of earrings can last a girl for many years. If you choose stud earrings from us, we will supply them to you with the standard earring backs however if you would prefer a screw back, please indicate this preference in your order and we will change it for you free of charge.

Are 14ct gold earrings worth it?

The skin is very sensitive and prone to allergies in childhood. The metal chosen for the earrings is therefore very important especially when it comes to children’s earrings and in fact for all children’s jewellery. A safe bet in this regard is 14ct gold which rarely causes allergies. Earrings made of white gold also have a thin layer of rhodium on them which reduces the risk of allergies to a minimum. You could consider earrings made of surgical steel too, but we wouldn’t recommend choosing silver or base metals. What you’ll also no doubt appreciate about gold is its durability and resilience. For these reasons we only make children’s earrings from gold at KLENOTA Jewellery Studio – in classic yellow, modern white and delicate rose gold. 

The design of children’s earrings

The shape of children’s earrings should be smooth and compact. Check that they don’t have any sharp edges or that parts of the metal don’t protrude from the surface of the earring. If these safety considerations are all met, then the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a design. But any earrings for a child should first and foremost appeal to the little girl. Animal themed earrings such as ladybugs, birds or butterflies are a safe choice while shapes such as flowers, stars and moons are timeless and playful at the same time.

Earrings with stones are a classic and in our collection you can choose from white diamonds as well as colour gemstones such as pink tourmalines, blue topazes, yellow citrines, dark blue sapphires and green emeralds.If you’re thinking ahead and expect your little girl’s earrings to last a long time then opt for simple, minimalist shapes that don’t appear too child-like. You could choose little triangles, sticks, balls, teardrops or hearts.

How long do children’s earrings last?

Children’s 14ct gold earrings last a long time and they are usually handed down from generation to generation. They should also be able to withstand a bit of children’s typical fun and games. But with older children you can start teaching them that earrings should be handled with care. Ideally they should be taken off before swimming and sporting activities. Even with gold you may experience blackening, which is caused by the reaction of the silver, zinc or copper that’s mixed in with the gold. Fortunately this is easily solved and a piece of jewellery with unwanted discolouration will be as good as new again once it has been carefully polished by a jeweller.


This post is a review of the Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner. I was sent this Vax carpet cleaner for the purposes of this review. All views are my own.

I have a large peace lily in my bedroom that is over 20 years old. It stands, rather inconveniently, in front of one set of wardrobe doors, but its positioning is strategic. For at least three years it has been covering up a rather bright yellow stain on my carpet.

I couldn’t tell you where the stain came from – a neon cat vomit incident perhaps? – but one day there it was. My chosen method with most things I don’t want to deal with is just to pretend they’re not there, (see the satsuma on the car dashboard incident), and so the plant found its home.

Now you’d THINK that as a professional, seasoned blogger type, the first thing I’d have done before I tested out our new Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner would have been to take a photo of the stain for a before and after comparison. Here I have a bit of a confession to make though. I was upstairs with the Vax, my phone was downstairs, and I thought to myself ‘ah well, it probably doesn’t matter because the Vax isn’t going to get rid of it after all these years is it?’


I know, I’m sorry Vax, but I admit it, I was cynical. I’ve never owned a carpet cleaner before, (I’ve never cleaned my carpets the whole time I’ve lived here), and I always assumed carpet cleaners were one of those hyped up things that people bought and used once and then stuck in the garage, like foot spas.

If you’d have asked me a couple of weeks ago ‘do Vax carpet cleaners really work?’ I would have probably scrunched my face up cynically and said ‘Ha! I doubt it!’

If I’d even just had a look at the Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner on the website I’d have seen that it has won awards, kills over 99% of bacteria and has been shown to outperform the leading rental cleaners, but oh no, I thought I knew best.


I gave the stain a couple of goes with the Vax and POOF. ‘Well this is awkward,’ I thought to myself, ‘I really wish I’d taken that photo…’ View Post


Getting good sleep is crucial if you want your body to function properly. If you don’t sleep well or don’t get enough sleep, not only will you feel tired in the morning, but your mood also will be affected. What’s more, if it goes on for too long, it might cause health issues such as diabetes, heart failure, or high blood pressure.

However, some people have issues with falling asleep or sleeping the whole night away. If you are one of them, you’re in the right place. Below, you will find some ways to create an ideal sleep environment, such as decluttering your room, investing in a new mattress, or reducing light exposure. So, let’s get started.

Declutter Your Bedroom

If you want to create an ideal sleep environment, you need to declutter your bedroom. Why? Because clutter can lead to a lot of distress and distraction. And if you have a lot of things to clean up, it can be difficult to fall asleep. So, take some time and clear out the clutter in your room. Remove everything that is not necessary and keep only the stuff that brings you joy.

Make Your Bedroom Dark

If you want to create a perfect sleep environment, you should make your bedroom dark. Darkness will help your body to release melatonin, a hormone that will make you feel sleepy. In addition, try to avoid exposure to blue light, which has been proven to disrupt sleep patterns. To make your bedroom darker, consider investing in good quality blackout curtains or use a sleep mask when you sleep.

Get a Good Quality Mattress

It’s no secret that a good quality mattress will help you get better sleep at night. Therefore, if you want to create a good sleep environment, consider getting a good quality mattress. However, there are many poor-quality mattresses available on the market today. So, do your research before you make any purchase decisions. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can check out Mattress Guides by Ted and Stacy.

Keep Your Room Temperature Cool

If you want to create an ideal sleeping environment, then you should keep the temperature in your room cool. This is because the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. So, use a thermostat to lower the temperature in your room before heading to bed. You might want to consider a bedroom fan during the summer to keep your bedroom cool. If, like me, the thought of the noise of a fan whirring gives you nightmares, take a look at some different quiet fans so you can stay cool and sleep well.

Use White Noise

White noise might be one of the best ways to create an ideal sleeping environment. The main reason for this is that it helps block other noises that might be disturbing your sleep, such as traffic or neighbors arguing. In addition, because it will cover up most external noises, it will be easier for you to fall asleep quickly without being distracted by the outside sounds.

And speaking of white noise, if you don’t have an app on your smartphone that creates white noise, then consider using YouTube to find white noise videos that work best for you.

Avoid Light Exposure Before Going to Sleep

This is another great way to create an ideal sleeping environment, especially if you work during the day. Light exposure before going to sleep can negatively affect your body’s clock by delaying the release of melatonin. And if the melatonin level doesn’t rise enough, then it will be difficult for you to fall asleep at night. So, if possible, avoid light exposure at least one hour before going to bed in order to minimize this effect.

Invest in Comfortable Pillows and Blankets

You might not think that pillows and blankets are important so long as they are comfortable enough. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, if you have a pillow that is too thin or too thick, then it might make it hard for you to fall asleep at night. The same thing goes with blankets. If they are too heavy or too light, then they will lead to discomfort, which will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. So, make sure that you invest in the right pillows and blankets.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know some ways to create an ideal sleeping environment, it should be easier for you to fall asleep at night. As mentioned above, the most important thing is to remove everything that makes you feel stressed or unhappy. And by doing so, you will feel much more relaxed when going to bed at night. If you take these 7 steps into consideration, then your chances of getting enough restful sleep at night will increase drastically. Remember, sleep is essential when it comes to your mood, which is why you should dedicate some effort to ensure that you wake up feeling rested in the morning.



Okay, I’m going to jump right in and say it, even if it makes me look stupid… PUFFINS – who knew they were so small??

I’d never seen a puffin in real life until we stayed at Point Farm for a few days and took a boat out to Skomer Island, but seriously, in all the pictures I’ve ever seen they look about the size of a penguin? All I can say is that those pictures must be VERY close up, because puffins are actually more like pigeons. Pigeons with big heads and colourful beaks, but pigeons nonetheless.

Also, they live UNDERGROUND?? In actual burrows.

Honestly, my mind was blown. I felt like a right idiot having spent 43 years imagining these penguin type birds, nesting on rocks and beaches, when all the time there they were, using their tiny beaks to burrow underground.

Spoiler: this is not an accurate representation of a puffin:

Skomer Island

If you do want the chance to see puffins in real life, which I absolutely recommend, then Point Farm on the Pembrokeshire coast is the ideal base for a holiday as it’s just a 15 minute drive from the campsite to catch the boat over the Skomer Island.

It’s also a really lovely campsite, puffins aside. Point Farm is small, (just like the puffins), so perfect if you like a bit more of a quiet, intimate camping experience without a lot of noise or kerfuffle. Point Farm is an eco site, dog friendly, with great facilities and amazing sunsets. There are just six camping pitches, plus two fully equipped shepherd’s huts if glamping is more your thing.

Glamping is definitely more my thing – I will quite happily go to my grave never putting up another tent – and so we stayed in the very cosy Tawny shepherd’s hut. View Post


Going into the woods and bushcraft is getting popular among people, especially among city folk. Having the right kind of bushcraft knife is an essential tool for outdoor adventure activities. Bushcraft knives come in several shapes and sizes. Every outdoor enthusiast can have various requirements for what they’ll do in the backwoods. 

Why do you need a Bushcraft knife? 

Some adventurers may need a small knife for kindling or chopping saplings, while others may look for a heavier knife to take down bushes, slitting woods, or maintain work trail clearing. A good quality knife will last a lifetime. 

A bushcraft knife should be the jack-of-all-trades. It needs to help prepare firewood, build shelter, cut through the foliage, build traps, and even use it as a weapon in case of emergencies. A bushcraft knife does all of these things and much more. So, how is it different from your survival knife or pocket knife? 

Bushcraft knife vs. Pocket knife and Survival knife

You will get ample types of different makes and models of bushcraft knives available to choose from. Let’s see what sets each of them apart: 

Survival Knives: 

They usually come with fixed blades and are quite significant to fit inside your pocket. Similar to pocket knives, they are reliable and can be used for several everyday chores. Survival Knives are quite multitasking, as they can be used for cutting, chopping, slicing and are tough enough to even crack bones. 

Pocket Knives: 

They are generally smaller and compact relative to survival knives and bushcraft knives. It usually has a folding mechanism which makes it easier to carry anywhere and whip it out for everyday tasks. 

Bushcraft Knives:

Commonly used for cutting wood, bushcraft knives can make sharp edges to make stakes, feather, and notch wood. They have relatively shorter edges, which gives them better mobility than survival knives. It can be used to build small traps, skin animals, and wood-cutting jobs.

How to choose the best bushcraft knife?

Blade Size: This is the crucial factor while choosing a good bushcraft knife. Pick the longer one; as longer the blade, the better the performance in heavy-duty tasks. But at the cost of manoeuvrability. 

Smaller blades are ideal for finer jobs, but they may break in tough situations. Best to choose a blade size between 3 to 6 inches. It will be flexible enough to perform heavy-duty tasks like wood-cutting and small enough to perform refined tasks. 

Sharpness: The sharpness of the blade states how it can perform in certain situations. A fine-edge blade is good for skinning the animals and slicing the meat. 

A heavy and large-edged bushcraft knife can last longer and handle tough situations, but it will not have the sharpness you expect from a thin blade. 

Grind: Blade grind refers to the design of the knife blade on the cutting-edge. Grind depicts how you need to use a particular bushcraft knife.

For skinning and dressing, hollow grinds are best, whereas chisel grinds are best for heavy-duty wood cutting involving batoning, chopping, drilling, and cutting lumber.

Blade Material:

High-Carbon: Blades made out of High-carbon steel retain the shine for years but are not rust-resistant. The material is softer and is easier to grind. Oiling the blade regularly can protect from extreme weather conditions from corrosion. 

Stainless Steel: Blades crafted from stainless steel need to be sharpened regularly, but they are corrosion and rust-resistant. The material needs relatively less maintenance than high-carbon steel but won’t have sharpness like it. 


To get the best bushcraft knife, think, “where am I going to use it, and for what”? A well-maintained knife with high quality can last a lifetime. Consider the factors such as blade size, edge, grind, and material. Whether you are making a shelter in the woods or protecting yourself in the wild and lighting fire, a bushcraft knife is a perfect tool for a backpacker kit. 


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In recent years, with ongoing job losses and decreasing household income, women have been finding other ways of making money from home. Some women, out of choice, prefer to work from home and have become adventurous by exploring all the possibilities online. Are you one of those women looking for the best way to make extra money from home?

Whether it’s your side hustle or your permanent source of cash, making money from home can be done. It’s about knowing where to look, how much time you have on hand, and what you want to earn. Your options could range from becoming one of the copywriting experts, virtual assistants, or even project managers who take advantage of online platforms to source jobs.

Listing your skills and talents is a good place to start from, and once you’ve done that, you can start scouting for ways to make an easy income from home. If you’re thinking that starting your own business is going to be the way to go then sites like DigitalSupermarket are fantastic, giving you all the digital tools you need for your business in one place, easy to use and with no jargon.

If you need some ideas, here are six ways other women are earning an income from the comfort of their own home.

1. Use Your Writing Skills

If you’ve always enjoyed writing stories and love the idea of putting your creative ideas down in words, then copywriting could be a great way to earn money from home. Companies, entrepreneurs, and website owners are always looking for people to write for them. It could be blogging, writing ebooks, creating website pages, and even crafting resumes.

You can find work on platforms, including Upwork, which connects freelancers with businesses seeking their services. This work marketplace allows you to register on the website as a freelancer. You’re then free to source a wide range of work, including copywriting projects. Your profile is also made available for people searching for a freelance copywriter.

2. Start Your Own Business Selling Stuff

Do you enjoy making furniture, jewelry, clothing, or other stuff that’s popular with your family and friends? How about broadening your reach and making extra cash from your favorite craft? A lot of people are taking advantage of platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist, to sell items. You can also use many of these sites for selling used or unwanted items.

Whether it’s new or used, selling stuff online has become one of the simplest and most efficient ways of making money from home. Get adventurous and explore the options. Do you have items you want to get rid of from your home? Then use Decluttr to sell all your unwanted video games. How about the books you no longer read? Sell them to other readers on BookFinder.

3. Take Your Teaching Skills Online

Instead of heading off to school every day, consider staying at home and teaching online. There’s always work for a teacher or tutor online, and you can register your services on platforms such as Freelancer. But, tutoring sites, such as and Skooli, specifically focus on providing tutors on a freelancing basis.

Decide what you would like to teach. Is it a subject such as mathematics or science? People are also looking for language tutors, even more so if you’re bilingual and language is your skill, teach it online. You can even offer to give music lessons online. Whatever your teaching skill, put it to good use and earn extra money from home.

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

With so many businesses operating online, they’re turning to virtual assistants to handle many of the daily tasks a business owner doesn’t have the time to manage themselves. This can include tasks such as:

  • Administration
  • Uploading content to websites, such as blogs, products, and more
  • Managing social media
  • Handling work diaries, such as appointments and meetings

If you enjoy organizing and putting your skills to helping a business owner manage their company more efficiently, being a virtual assistant can make you money from home. Advertise your services on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.

5. Start Blogging

If you enjoy writing, blogging is another avenue for making money from home. Create your own blog page and write about topics that matter to you. You could become an affiliate marketer and earn commission from products or services you promote through your blog. The Amazon Associates Program is popular with many bloggers, as are Hostgator and Etsy.

This requires putting in the time and effort, and successful bloggers can tell you they’re working a full day in order to see good returns from affiliate marketing. However, you could also consider writing guest posts if you’re an expert in your field or adding banners for ads such as Google Adsense to your blog.

6. Develop Online Courses

Are you an expert in your field, and you want to share your knowledge with others? Creating your own online course is not only fun, but it empowers others to learn more about your field of expertise. And, it’s a sure way of earning some extra cash.

While the initial work of creating and developing your online course may be time-consuming, once it’s up and running, it pays for itself. Sites such as Udemy and Kajabi give you all the tools you need to build and market your online course.

Final Thoughts

The way women can earn money from home has changed exponentially with the expansion of online technology. With so many options available to you, you can pick from selling unwanted stuff on eBay to selling your services as a virtual assistant on Fiverr. Take advantage of these six money-making ideas and start earning from the comfort of your home.


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Kids create drama. Being responsible for kids makes even more drama. Sometimes, a major food binge just feels good – at least for the moment. That is especially true if you have a panful of a tasty treat like homemade Snickers. The problem is that binge-eating can get out of hand and set the wrong kind of example for your kids. And while an occasional dessert is no big deal, binge eating disorder can make your own life pretty miserable. Here’s how to recognize this disorder and what you can do about it.

How to Recognize Binge Eating Disorder

The fastest way to tell if bingeing is becoming a significant problem for you is to take a binge eating disorder test. You can take the test online in a few minutes, answer some simple questions based on your own experiences, and get the results immediately.

The short quiz includes questions about common symptoms of binge eating disorder. For example, you might have binge eating disorder if you:

  • Eat extremely large amounts of food in a short period of time.
  • Feel like your eating is beyond your control.
  • Keep eating after you feel full.
  • Eat rapidly when you’re bingeing.
  • Eat so much, so fast that you feel physically uncomfortable.
  • Binge secretly.
  • Feel disgusted with yourself, ashamed, depressed, or upset about your eating.
  • Always seem to be trying to diet, even if you can’t manage to lose any weight.

What’s Wrong with a Little Bingeing?

Binge eating seems like a cute problem to have. So many movies and TV shows depict people bingeing on food after a breakup or really anytime things don’t go their way. How many times have you seen a character sit on the sofa eating ice cream directly out of the container? It is the standard stuff of comedy.

But binge eating disorder can impact your life, your physical and mental health, and your child’s life, too. Just what you needed, right? Another thing to feel guilty about. Maybe not. Beating yourself up about binge eating does not help. In fact, tearing yourself down because of your bingeing can be even more damaging than eating so much. When you turn to food to meet all your emotional needs, the best answer is treatment, not self-punishment.

What Is Treatment for BED Like?

Treatment for binge eating disorder consists of psychotherapy and possibly medication. There are some medications that might reduce your symptoms. Because most medications have side effects, doctors usually recommend using them for only a short-term help. But psychotherapy offers a more long-lasting solution. With psychotherapy, you can change the way you think about food and learn to manage your emotions more effectively. Some of the types of therapy that can help with binge eating disorder include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – A psychological technique that helps you assess the negative, unrealistic, or unhelpful thoughts behind your feelings and behaviors. If you determine you need to change your thinking, this tool provides a way to replace those thoughts with more helpful ones.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy – A type of therapy that consists of two parts – skills practice (usually taught in group sessions) and individual therapy. In the skills training, you can learn techniques to manage your stress and deal with your emotions. During therapy, you can get to the root of why you binge eat and work on plans to overcome it.
  • Interpersonal Therapy – A form of therapy dedicated to helping you deal with your relationships, including relationships with romantic partners, friends, family, coworkers, or even your kids. With improved interpersonal skills, you may not be triggered to binge eat.

Now, back to that homemade Snickers. You might be wondering if conquering your binge eating disorder will mean an end to all tasty treats. Not at all! When you learn to manage your feelings in other ways, reduce your stress, and develop a healthier mindset, you can still indulge in a tasty treat from time to time. The difference is that instead of eating the whole batch, you will feel satisfied with eating one, sharing them with your children, and freezing the rest for another day!


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Ah, there is nothing more wonderful than treating yourself to the simple pleasures in life! Yet, taking care of yourself is only part of your world if you are the parent of a little one who is watching your every move. You also need to think about them and how your example will impact their life now and in the future. And if you have an eating disorder, the way you deal with it will be a big part of your example to them. Here is how getting treatment can make life better for the ones you love.

You Show Them How to Identify Problems

Do you suspect you have an eating disorder? If so, what have you done to find out? One way to start is to take a simple online eating disorder test. The test only takes a few minutes, and the results will indicate the severity of your symptoms and whether you need to consider seeking further help from a mental health professional.

As a parent, you might not feel comfortable revealing to your child that you might have a problem. But even if you do not tell them you are taking the test, you can always opt to tell them later on. At some point, when they are having a problem of their own, you can share with them your quest to find out about your eating disorder.

They Copy or Reverse Your Eating Habits

Children pay attention to what their parents do. Sometimes, they adopt the same attitudes towards food as their parents do. If their parent went on cookie binges when they were upset, the child might learn to do the same thing. Or if their parent starved themselves, the child might see anorexia as a reasonable way of life.

However, there is also another problem. Sometimes, instead of copying what you do, your child will react to it by doing the exact opposite. If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, they might have the opposite unhealthy relationship. You eat too much, and your child eats too little, for example. But by learning to manage your eating disorder, you teach them to have a healthier attitude towards eating.

They Learn Other Ways to Manage Emotions

All eating disorders involve unhealthy ways of managing emotions. So, a part of your treatment will be to find more helpful ways of managing your emotions. In fact, someone who has had treatment for an eating disorder often becomes better at managing their emotions constructively than someone who has never had such issues.

Therefore, rather than feeling bad about your eating disorder, you can take it as an opportunity to make positive changes. You can learn to express your feelings through words, art, dance, or writing. Rather than stuffing your emotions by overeating, you can learn to express your emotions to others and work towards what matters to you. Or rather than avoiding your feelings, you can get better at addressing them.

In the end, children do not need perfect parents. What they need are parents who recognize, identify, and work through problems. After all, if a child never has an example of how to overcome difficulties, they will feel lost every time they encounter a challenge in life.

If you take your eating disorder as a chance to show your child the nuts and bolts of overcoming adversity, you might be doing them a huge favor. So, take that first step. Follow through by seeking help. And whether you do it now or sometime in the future, share your journey towards better mental health with those you care about most.


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Being a mother is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, but it is also gratifying. It’s difficult to explain how taxing it is to be a mom to people who do not have children. However, you can talk about it with a licensed therapist. Your struggles are valid as a mother. You deserve to be able to vent about the things that are difficult for you and get support in guidance. Here is how seeing a therapist can make you a better mother.


A therapist is a wonderful person to vent about your struggles as a parent to because they are non-judgmental. You can admit when you don’t know how to handle a situation. Your therapist will never make assumptions about you. They want to help you process your experiences as a parent. Whatever you tell them is confidential, and their only job is to support you. Feel free to vent to your therapist about the struggles you have as a parent. You can also ask them for advice on how to handle situations with your children. You can vent to them about issues your child is struggling with at school or how they’re testing boundaries. It is especially helpful to continue to see a therapist the older your child becomes. You have different issues with toddlers than you do with teenagers. Nonetheless, you have to vent about these issues; otherwise, you will feel frustrated with no outlet. You have the right to talk about your stress.

Getting guidance

Let’s face it: no parent knows what they’re doing all the time. That’s why it’s good to get guidance. Your therapist isn’t there to tell you how to be a parent. That’s why it helps to bounce ideas off of them and brainstorm about different situations that you’re struggling with concerning your children. A therapist can provide guidance when you feel lost. They may have children as well and have been through these difficult times. They can give you some support in guidance when you are at a loss as to how to proceed with your children. It’s different from getting advice from friends and family because they are biased. A therapist is there to help you exclusively. It helps to have an impartial person who is advising you about parenting situations.

Emotional support

Sometimes children push you to your emotional limit. You’re so frustrated that you don’t know how to cope. That is when you can confide in your therapist. A mental health professional can help you work through those difficult emotions. A counselor can provide you with emotional support when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. Sometimes when children are going through emotional growth spurts, you feel like you’re feeling as a parent. That can provoke a lot of emotions within you. A therapist is the perfect person to talk to about your strong feelings, and they will be there to hold your hand through the hardest times as a mother. You deserve to have that emotional support when you need it.

Learning more about yourself

Therapy is a place where you can gain emotional insight into yourself. The more you understand you, the better mother you will be. It’s challenging enough to raise children, but when you’re struggling with your identity and your own issues, it’s even harder. That’s why I’m going to therapy to remind you of who you are outside of being a mother. It’s crucial to get to know yourself so that you can feel more confident. The more self-assured you are, the better you can be as a supportive mother to your children. Counseling can improve your self-esteem, which your children will notice. That is an excellent role model for them. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it. If you see a therapist online or in your local area, you can find support for your issues as a mother. You can check out MyTherapist for more information about mental health. It’s essential to learn about how your well-being impacts not only yourself but your children. You can benefit from counseling in a multitude of ways.