As a young adult, buying your own apartment is a very exciting and freeing step. You are stepping out of the nest and stepping into the real world. However, we understand that it is not exactly an easy-on-the-pocket thing to do. Especially as a young adult, it is extremely difficult to afford just buying an apartment and paying the utility bills. In this case, you would have to cut down other expenses; furniture being the first one. 

The best thing to do is to get furniture items step by step. Buying loads of furniture at once may not be suitable as it is a big expense and will leave your savings account empty. It is advisable that you buy furniture items one by one, as you save money. This way, your finances will not be that affected. 

Furniture Items That Should That Should Be On Top Of Your List.

However, furniture is something you need for a comfortable living. You can always buy home décor and the things you wish to have with time, but some furniture items are a necessity more than a wish. Hence, if you have decided to buy furniture items one by one, here is what needs to be on top of your list. 


First things first, you need a bed. This is something you just can not negotiate or compromise on since a comfortable bed is something you need when you are studying and working to make ends meet. Comfortable sleep is what you need to give you an energy boost for the next day. 

To save money, you can buy a double bed frame from Vidaxl to get premium quality frames in a vast variety at a good price. Get a bed frame that matches the theme you have decided for your room as your bed plays a vital role in deciding the aesthetic of the room. 

Sofa Or Couch 

Second on your list should be a couch or a sofa. A sofa or a couch is essential for your living room. After a long day, you would want to crash on a fluffy and comfortable couch and have your dinner while you watch TV. It is a significant contributing factor in your living room so, make sure you get a durable couch that matches with the colour scheme of the living room. 

Coffee Table 

A coffee table is a must-have for a living room. Your living room is just incomplete without a coffee table. It is a need that adds up to the aesthetic of the room and makes the room more lively and vibrant. A little glass vase on the coffee table, and there you go. 

Dining Table And Chairs 

Next, a dining table and chairs are something you should get your hands on as soon as possible. The good thing about it is you can choose the seating arrangement by choosing the dimensions of the dining table. Get comfortable dining chairs from Vidaxl at an affordable price. You will find a vast variety of them which will allow you to be creative with the aesthetic you choose. 


Ready to begin homeschooling? If you’ve never had to take matters into your own hands and teach your child at home, chances are you’re panicking right now. However, you don’t have to undertake this journey alone. 

Thanks to the advent of edtech, there are tons of high-quality online homeschooling programs that will make your job easier. Whether you’re looking for a simple educational app for your child or an actual math tutor, there’s a platform for you. 

Fortunately, we’ve collated a list of the best programs for homeschooling. These options are effective, interactive, and user-friendly. 

Let’s get down to brass tacks shall we? 

Why Online Homeschooling? 

Although homeschooling can be daunting for any parent – whether rookie or veteran –  online homeschooling certainly helps to get some of the pressure off. With virtual homeschools, you don’t have to worry about drafting curriculums or preparing lessons. The platform handles this bit while you sit back and step in only when it’s necessary. 

Online homeschooling also comes in handy for subjects you aren’t very proficient in. Picture this scenario: your child wants to try out coding or an advanced math course. While this is a great idea, it might be a problem if you have zero programming proficiency. If you struggle to even find the “close ad” button on a website, then you may need to call the calvary: online homeschooling programs. These programs will equip your child with the necessary skills and knowledge. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the best online homeschooling programs, shall we? 

  1. Brighterly 
  2. Edx 
  4. Time4Learning
  6. Connections Academy 

Brighterly – Overall best

If you’re looking for a platform with the best online curriculum for homeschooling, Brighterly is the one for you. But what exactly does the “best” curriculum entail? Is simple. The best curriculum isn’t necessarily one that entails algebra and advanced equations. Rather, it’s the one that’s most suited to your child’s needs. Brighterly prioritizes adaptive learning and as such, adjusts its curriculum to meet each child’s specific learning needs. As such, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your child is learning important concepts, rather than some genetic mumbo-jumbo. Brighterly primarily caters to Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 students, ensuring that they build a strong relationship with math from a tender age. 

But that’s not where it ends. Brighterly also takes a game-based approach to learning. This means that your child gets to learn through playing which is a highly effective method recommended by experts and educators. 

Edx –  Best for college preparation 

Is your child getting ready to go off to college? Then they certainly need all the academic support they need. Say hello to Edx, the prospective college student’s best friend and guide. 

Edx is an advanced platform that offers over 3,600 college-level courses. This homeschooling program partners with some of the movers and shakers of the academic sector such as Harvard, MIT, NYU, and so on. All of its courses also come with a completion certificate. The best part? Proactive students who want to get a headstart in college can actually start earning college credits through this program. 

However, unlike Brighterly, Edx doesn’t cater to younger learners. Rather, it’s more suitable for teenagers and adults.

Searching for an intensive yet cost-effective homeschooling platform? Look no further. Like the name implies, K12 is a platform designed for young learners in Grades K-12.

This platform offers a variety of learning options that parents and kids can choose from. For instance, it offers full public school curriculums and you can either fully enroll your children or simply handpick the courses you’d like them to learn. Furthermore, users are taught by experienced, state-certified teachers. Parents can also choose from a wide range of standalone courses if their child wants to pursue interests beyond the standard curriculum. 

However, despite its numerous interesting features, K-12 does have a chink in its armor. Many users tend to complain about customer support and if this isn’t a flaw you can overlook, you might want to consider other options. 


Time4Learning is a great option for parents who want to settle fully into the homeschool lifestyle. This subscription-based program takes the pressure off your back by drafting a curriculum and setting up appropriate learning tasks according to your child’s grade level. 

This curriculum entails comprehensive worksheets, quizzes, animated lessons, and so much more. As such, it’s one of your best options if you need a more traditional educational setting without placing your kids in a traditional classroom. 

What we love about Time4Learning is that it’s mostly self-paced, giving your child the opportunity to learn without external pressure. On the other hand, Time4Learning’s data saving feature isn’t to be trusted as you could lose access to all your records if you ever decide to close your account.

If your child is between the ages of 2-8 and you’re trying to cut back on expenses, ABCmouse is a great option. This budget-friendly platform offers up to 850 lessons spanning across different fields and subjects. Like Brighterly, this platform also offers game-based learning to motivate kids to learn. Kids can play it like a game, earning rewards known as tickets which they can use to purchase items within the app. 

On the downside, kids have to be technology-savvy to get a hang of things. If they don’t know how to use a laptop or device, then they’ll certainly need a little more time before diving straight into the curriculum. 

Connections Academy 

If you’re looking for an online school with all the trappings of a public school except for location, you’ve come to the right place. This tuition-free academy provides classes with state-certified teachers and also offers free instructional textbooks. 

The only downside to this academy is that it’s only available in 31 states and your state might not be one of the few lucky ones. 

Final Thoughts 

Homeschooling can feel like a nice boulder but these online learning platforms are here to help. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing program, Brighterly is a great choice to start from. However, you can also check out other options if this one doesn’t catch your fancy. 


Snowbizz family ski holiday

When families come together at the end of a day after spending an eventful time on the slopes and share their experiences, it has to be one of the most magical ways for generations to create memories together. The key, however, is to do research and plan ahead.

Preparing for a ski vacation with a young family and older adults can feel like a challenge, especially if you have never done it earlier. The good news is this family winter holiday can run smoothly without any stress providing you keep these seven tricks of the trade in mind.

Book everything in advance

From rental ski equipment, boots, ski passes and ski lessons try and book everything in advance. Alternatively, look for a ski operator who will offer these services and other rented essentials, directly to your accommodation upon your arrival. This will eliminate time spent queuing up once you reach and ensure extra peace of mind for the whole family. Additionally, if you so wish, you will be able to hit the ground running as soon as you get there.

Booking your holiday earlier in the year ensures that not only you get the right flight, accommodation and resort of your choice, but also the best deals as well. Many companies offer early bird incentives like free child equipment, cheap lift passes and big discount on accommodation, with children under a certain age getting to stay free. While booking, you must ensure you use reputed tour operators. For example, if you book Family ski holidays with Ski Famille, you can be assured of a hassle free trip. 

Snowbizz family ski holiday

Carry the right gear

Young children heading out to alpine envy will need protection from the sun, cold, and reflection from the snow. Clothes are a critical element to be considered before heading for the slopes. To improve the overall experience for the kids, buy them waterproof clothes that are comfortable and include base layers, socks, and gloves, preferably of merino wool, to keep them warm. Use bright jackets to help in identification on the slopes and slippers for indoors.

Choose the right destination 

Walking long distances in ski boots while carrying heavy ski gear will in no way get the family holiday off to a happy start first thing in the morning. The nearer your accommodation is to the ski lifts and other facilities, the more seamless will the entire process be. If you have small kids, consider the transfer time. Since short transfer is an important point to consider, so try to get one that is within two hours from where you are.

Les Gets in France, for example, has some of the most accessible and easy baby slopes in the French Alps and where beginner runs are only steps away from the accommodation. Also Meribel, one of the world’s biggest ski slope areas, has dedicated 50% of the ski domain for kids and beginners, in addition to having top-class ski schools and day-care facilities.

Snowbizz family ski holiday

Use family-friendly accommodation 

While hotels are the best option when having teenagers on board, if you are traveling with younger children, family-friendly chalets with a self-catering service will serve the purpose perfectly. Having your own kitchen means the fussy eaters can be attended to without any problem. Book the whole chalet for a family group to add to the fun of the vacation, but book early as they sell out fast.

Chalet Bogart stands tall in the Les Gets center and is one of the firm favorites with families as it offers all the comforts and is easily accessible to the lifts and the village. In the Reberty 2000 region, there are some popular chalets in the fabulous 3 Valley ski area. Chalet Chamois is a proper family resort that lies literally on the piste with dedicated nursery slopes to ski-in and ski-out. It has plenty of non-ski entertainment like childcare, game rooms and other family-friendly activities.

Consider lessons

Rules regarding ski-schools and lessons vary greatly from resort to resort. Make sure to check on some important factors such as minimum age requirement, duration of the lessons and how many people are limited per session. Lessons taken as a family can turn out to be far cheaper since some resorts like La Plagne accept as many as five persons per lesson. One of the best experiences of a family ski lesson is the whole family gets to ski together with the instructor. You can observe how the kids followed what the instructor taught and reinforce those when you ski with them.

Another common mistake is to look for ski lessons when arriving at a ski destination. Many times there will be no room as these are often booked well in advance by families. When hiring an instructor, make sure they understand the kid’s language. Check on the website of the resort that displays information on booking lessons and instructors before leaving from home. Ski lessons are a must for those kids who are initially afraid to go on the slopes in order to familiarize them with gear, knowledge and the environment.

Family ski holiday

Make choice of a good terrain

Few things are more embarrassing and stressful than dragging yourself all the way to the top of the mountain with the family entourage in tow only to find out that it is way too steep for some of the members. Even an experienced skier needs to first take it easy and then gradually work up to challenging terrain.

It is essential, therefore, to have complete knowledge of the ability level, especially of the children, and of the mountain, you intend to ski and its terrain. To clear any doubts ask passerby or spend time studying the piste map thoroughly as with the responsibility of taking kids one should know where they are at all times. There may be time to do these slopes on a later date, but it will be much harder to restore shattered confidence.

Have fun on and off the slopes

Take efforts to make your family holiday skiing trip super exciting by creating memorable moments on the snow that the kids and the family will cherish forever. The best way to go about this is to involve the kids the moment you decide on your upcoming vacation. Talk to them about their expectations from the ski holiday.

Family ski vacations provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with someone you love, something which is sometimes difficult to achieve back home. You could be spotting deer from the ski lift while heading up to the mountain or huddling with them over a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace at the resort and discuss about the day spent at the slopes.


The recent ‘Wren Eleanor’ TikTok movement has had a positive impact on child safety online, inspiring parents on social media to remove
photos and videos of their kids to protect them from potential child predators. It has also helped to encourage more discussion about children’s privacy and safety online, which is always going to be a good thing.

We all know as parents that the internet is potentially a dangerous place for children, but how many practical steps do we actually take to help protect and educate them about potential dangers and online safety and could we be doing more?

What are the dangers for kids on social media?

There are many potential risks for young children using social media, both direct and indirect dangers and those coming from their peers or from older people. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common concerns for parents:

Child predators

The internet has made it much easier for child predators to form relationships with children because it’s so easy to pretend to be someone you’re not and make a child feel safe when really they are anything but. As with most of the issues we discuss in this post, communication and openness is key with your child. They need to be absolutely clear that they can talk to you about anything, and that anybody online who encourages them to keep a secret, to not tell their parents something, for whatever reason, is DEFINITELY something that you as a parent need to know about.

Be strict and vigilant about the sort of platforms your children are using to make sure that they are age appropriate and that you have the relevant safety mechanisms in place and don’t be afraid to actively monitor their activity and messages. Talk to your children regularly about the importance of their privacy and safety online, reminding them not to share personal information or photos.

Cyberbullying and stalking

Where the threat of predators normally comes from adults, cyberbullying is something that children can experience at the hands of their peers, either people they only know online or perhaps children they know from school or clubs who then take bullying or stalking online. Staying safe from cyberbullying can be trickier when it’s from children the same age, especially as children are more likely to play it down if it’s someone they feel is meant to be a ‘friend’.

Again, encourage open and honest conversation and make sure your children understand their own boundaries and feel able to tell you about anything that makes them feel sad or uncomfortable.


When we think about child safety on social media we need to look beyond the predators and the bullies and think also about the indirect impact on their emotional wellbeing. Even though we know as adults that the images and videos we see on social media are often airbrushed, or at the very least a rose tinted view of reality, we can still get drawn into comparing ourselves and for children this can be an even bigger risk.

Not only does social media present a distorted view of reality, it gives an artificial idea of what it means to be a ‘good person’ in terms of measuring a person’s worth by the number of likes their photo might get. It’s really important to have frank, ongoing discussions with children about the realities of social media and to encourage as much offline activity as possible that validates them and gives them a sense of self-worth from other things.


The dangers for kids of the internet and social media come in many forms and often when we as parents least expect it. While we may never be able to protect them completely, there are things that we can do to help keep our children safe. Adding safety features to your devices at home, imposing honest and transparent internet usage policies in the home and, most importantly, having a trusting and supportive relationship with your children, are all key to keeping the whole family happy and safe.


As a parent, you have a lot on your plate. You have to keep up with your kids, work, and maybe even school. All this may prevent you from having the much-needed “me-time.” Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself – you just need to find the right means to do so.

Vaping has become a popular pastime for many people, as it’s a great way to unwind. While there are some risks associated with vaping, it’s a much healthier alternative to smoking. As such, it’s especially recommended for those who struggle with nicotine addiction. However, it’s also possible to vape without nicotine.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your vaping habit while still being a great mom. Read on and see how you can make it work.

Focus on Safety

Modern vaping devices look anything but boring, which is why they will catch your kids’ attention. However, vape pens are hardly safe for curious little hands. Let alone the impact of nicotine on the young, developing brains; many elements of a vape pen can be hazardous for children. Vape coils in some systems can easily exceed 400 °F, which can cause serious burns.

So, it is a good measure always to hide your vaping gear when you’re not using it. Keep it out of reach of your kids, and don’t forget to lock the door to your room or office. Alternatively, you can keep them in a child-proof case. This way, you will know for sure that your kids can’t get to them.

Choose the Right E-Liquid Flavors

There are thousands of different e-liquid flavors on the market, which may make it hard for you to choose the right one. When you have kids, you need to be a bit more careful with the flavors you pick.

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your e-liquid comes in a bottle with a push-down cap. This is to prevent your kids from opening the bottle and ingesting the e-liquid, which can be extremely harmful – both because of the nicotine and the chemicals used to produce the flavor.

As for the flavors themselves, it is best to avoid any that might be attractive to kids. This includes candy, fruit, and dessert flavors. Instead, stick to more adult flavors, such as tobacco, coffee, or herbs. This way, you won’t have to explain why you had some sweets and didn’t share them with your kid.

Be a Role Model

If you want your kids to stay away from nicotine and other harmful substances, you need to be a role model for them. This means that you should never vape in front of them, and if you happen to do so, you need to explain why it’s not a good idea for them. This may sound a little counterintuitive, but if your kid is old enough to understand, it will be a good lesson for them.

Some people vape in order to quit smoking cigarettes. If this is your case, your explanation will be more reasonable. Just tell your kids that you’re trying to quit smoking, and that vaping is helping you with that – as “cool” as it may look. They will be more likely to understand and respect your decision.

Enjoy Some “Me-Time”

Vaping can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult boss or a bunch of screaming kids, taking a few puffs of your favorite e-liquid can help you clear your head and relax.

However, you need to be careful not to vape too much. If you still have some chores to do or need to spend some time with your kids, it’s best to put your vape pen away. Vaping too much can make you feel lightheaded and dizzy, and it’s definitely not something you want to experience when you’re taking care of your little ones.

Switch to More Discrete Alternatives

Vaping culture is often associated with big, flashy mods and huge clouds of thick vapor – the more power your set has, the better. This does not cover the whole industry, though. If you want to be a little more discrete, there are plenty of other options available on the market.

For starters, you can ditch your mod for a smaller, more portable vape pen. These devices are not as powerful as mods, but they’re much easier to carry around and use without drawing too much attention. Additionally, many of them come with pre-filled cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about carrying e-liquid bottles with you everywhere you go.

If you want something even smaller, vape pods are definitely the way to go. These tiny devices can easily fit in your pocket, and they’re very easy to use – perfect for a quick puff or two when you need it most.

Final Thoughts

Having kids should not take away all the fun from your life, so if you are a vaping mom, don’t feel guilty about it. Just make sure to bear these tips in mind, and you will be able to enjoy your vaping habit without putting your kids at risk.

So, switch to a more discrete vaping set, choose child-resistant e-liquid bottles, and always keep your gear out of reach of your kids. Additionally, be a role model for them – if you don’t want them to start vaping, don’t do it in front of them. Finally, treat vaping as you would treat any other hobby – enjoy it in moderation and don’t let it take over your life.


vinyl flooring options

When we shop for vinyl flooring, we want satisfaction above anything else. Every brand out there proposes that theirs is miles ahead of the others, so which do we take as the single source of truth

With advances in technologies to further perfect flooring options, luxury vinyl flooring has taken a strong position as the highest recommended flooring by interior design experts and industry journalists alike.

If vinyl flooring throughout your home is among your top choices for interior design, you look first to the market leader to give a view as to why it is such a good item to have. Here are some of the high points people love about Invictus.

Fit for Purpose

Invictus flooring offers perfect fitting to any room, be it the lounge to the bedroom, especially the kitchen and areas where high water risk is in effect.

Giving designer tones to the room in question whilst not compromising on quality, vinyl flooring offers the option of having the individual planks or tiles cut to fit any size room, even if the plan is to lay over existing boards. There is also no requirement in removing skirting boards and preventing a domino effect in the removal of pieces.

It takes only a few hours and you can have the floor design perfectly laid and look just like real hardwood or stone.


Maintaining the health and look of Invictus flooring is the easiest of weekly tasks, giving you plenty of time back as it relatively takes no time out of your day.

Any spills can be cleaned instantly with as little as a cloth or wipe, whilst simple brushing can eliminate dust. You are not required to invest in major cleaning products as a sponge and water mixed with vinegar can keep your floor healthy and your bank account in line.

The cushioned design prevents any imprints by heavy furniture as long as they are fitted with felt feet padding, helping to prevent any scratches or scuffs. Although vinyl has tough anti-scratch layers at work, it can still be victim to sharp furniture legs if not adequately protected.

vinyl floor benefits

Best Choice

When looking into the best possible vinyl flooring designs on the market – such as grey parquet flooring, Invictus brings the highest professional quality to all of its ranges, from authentic real hardwood styles to rich stone and other variants, it certainly provides a sense of comfort.

When you look for outstanding quality in a flooring choice, Invictus is the best luxury vinyl flooring for excellence.


benefits of vinyl flooring

There are many reasons to choose luxury vinyl flooring for your flooring at home or work, and many brands will try to beat each other to the finish line in selling their fantastic qualities.

With so many benefits over the real thing, be it wood, stone or slate; it is only natural to look at the main focus of why people prefer Distinctive vinyl flooring as their brand of choice.

Easy Lay

Luxury vinyl flooring is an easy installation product which is perfect for those not experts in laying a floor.

With Distinctive as the choice for your home, the level of ease in clicking together planks is a large reason for its popularity. When using a glue-down option, you may require a professional and the use of adhesives, however, any damaged areas can just as easily be uninstalled and changed without disrupting a large portion of the floor.

Installing a floor is usually deemed the hardest part of the process. Distinctive makes it as simple as it needs to be.


If your house is a constant barrage of children and pets running across your floor, then vinyl flooring is a must for the home to ensure there is no wear and tear.

Distinctive flooring has been specifically manufactured with layers that prevent scratches to a higher degree than regular flooring. Whereas carpet and real hardwood flooring see regular food and drink spillages damaging the look and consistency over time, vinyl has a safeguard against stains so that after a quick clean it retains its fresh look.

A perfect product against footprints and paw prints is undoubtedly a breath of relief.

vinyl floor


Unlike other floorings like carpets that require multiple specialist cleaning chemicals, luxury vinyl flooring can be cleaned with as little as warm soapy water applied to a sponge. After an occasional mop of the floor, you will discover that water will not seep through the flooring due to moisture protection, meaning no subfloor will be affected and tiles or planks will not rot or come unglued.

It’s the perfect product for your kitchen floor where cleaning can be done quickly and effortless.

Luxury with Minimal Effort

For those feeling like a DIY expert, vinyl flooring gives the ultimate weekend project that can bring out some true creative spark.

You can even mix up the flooring to give a different vibe – from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen. Distinctive vinyl flooring offers you the chance to have it the way you want at a fraction of the price of the real deal.

For a strong home, make the Distinctive choice with your luxury vinyl flooring – such as grey herringbone vinyl flooring.


It’s usually thrilling and a bit terrifying to start over after a breakup. It usually requires a lot of courage to move on from divorce and begin chatting with beautiful men/women. Even if you are that courageous, another problem is getting enough faith that things will turn out to be as planned and desired. The durability and reliability of such “fresh” connections are commonly doubted.

As any contemporary divorce dating site of decent quality shows, this experience is really worth it. You can complement your communication with interlocutors and avoid several risks of face-to-face interaction.

What can you expect from your first dating after divorce? How soon will be able to bond with another person? It is high time to clarify the situation and find the answer on how to improve your success chances. Keep on reading this article to have more handful tools at your disposal.

Are Divorce Dating Sites Valuable Communication Resources?

Although a lot depends on how well-established this or that platform is, it becomes strikingly clear why these deals gain momentum after getting a deeper insight into what percentage of marriages end in divorce. As the table below implies, several so-called divorce trends should be defined and highlighted.

The influence of the COVID-19 outbreak As breakups that were delayed by the pandemic would be finalized by the local legal system, the divorce rate is expected to surpass the existing percentage (in the United States, this figure is claimed to be around 44% in 2022). However, this rate will return back to a more moderate state afterward.
The most vulnerable period There are several risky moments when the probability of divorce can increase. For example, multiple couples face difficulties after their two-year honeymoon period is over (when the humdrum nature of day-to-day life is overwhelming, this stress is frequently exposed to partners). The enhanced level of conflicts and quarrels is believed to take place in marriages that last around five-eight years. After the mentioned periods, relationships are expected to be more stable.
Married couples’ age matters Decisions people tend to make are definitely influenced by what values the current society has and how they were educated in terms of family values. In the United States, although the rate of couples that get divorced in their fifties increases, the most likely category to break up is the age group of twenty-thirty years old.

Statistics on divorce will vary much on other factors. Based on the distinctive region, the illustrative facts in the US may vary greatly. All things considered, divorce dating sites serve purposes that go beyond those of marketers. For those who are interested, looking for new love and better mates for upcoming relationships is a real necessity.

There are couples who are destined for each other and don’t divorce at all (namely, they work hard to cultivate their feelings and are motivated to improve their marriage). As practice shows, there is still a high percentage of those who require such services and would find the performance of advanced divorced dating solutions online must-haves to start another page of their communication with the opposite sex.

Is the First Relationship After Divorce Lasting?

There is a stereotype that your initial trial to come back to the dating arena after divorce has a high chance to be an epic failure. It would be a mistake to believe that you are one hundred percent protected from this sequence of events, especially considering how much your actions influence your communication with the opposite sex.

According to research, an average individual requires around twelve months to rebuild their attitude to love affairs and committed relationships, pull themselves together (more or less successfully), and start giving glances to attractive people. In practice, this term depends on numerous criteria, including the marriage duration, divorce grounds, how many children a couple has, how old they are, and so on. One survey shows that kids had way fewer behavioral and emotional challenges when the breakup happened a year ago.

Modern divorce dating sites are designed for numerous concerns and purposes, so they will also help interested parties to be reassured their profile won’t be ghosted by fellow users. This will provide bonuses for individual courage, self-esteem, and well-being in general. For instance, professional websites like Sofiadate will enable its users to filter the list of potential candidates and chat freely with appealing personalities with similar pictures of the world, life goals, etc.

The final result is the responsibility of every particular person. It might turn out that even five years after the breakup aren’t enough to regain social and psychological stability back or multiply it. Experts suggest overcoming past experiences before trying to engage themselves in new relationships.

Professional Tips for Dating After Divorce

There is one thing for sure — experts suggest starting dating only when your separation from a previous partner is over. If you choose another way, there might be numerous unexpected barriers on your way to the long-awaited happiness. Just imagine that you have a lovely date and your ex calls to check something about divorce. The mood will be definitely ruined.

To be all-set before meeting and trusting someone, it won’t be extra to be aware of how your behavior and actions influence the final result:

  • If you just desire to avoid painful experiences you had with the previous partner, then your readiness for the next relationship is rather low. In this case, it is highly suggested to take your time before coming back to dating someone.
  • Don’t be afraid of online chats. Divorce dating sites are created to let interested parties match their hearts and souls. It is a nice opportunity to get acquainted with individuals who are slightly outside of your zone of comfort. You can adjust the filters and find like-minded personalities, and it is a more user-friendly medium for chatting than in-person dating. Take things slowly at first to ensure your post-divorce experiences are for the better.
  • Trust your gut and don’t think the very first candidate is your destiny. You really deserve happiness after divorce. At the same time, although getting past your breakup might be exhausting, you have to keep growing to achieve better horizons. Even the simplest coupling doesn’t deprive you of responsibilities on your part.

Wrap It Up

If you aren’t sure how your post-divorce communication with the opposite sex might unveil, just give your preference to trusted solutions. With such advanced and reliable matchmaking algorithms that divorce dating site like  Sofiadate provides, it won’t be as difficult to see that there is more good than bad in the dating arena, regardless of your age.



Advertisement feature in association with Southern

When I put ‘complete all three crazy golf courses in Hastings, the spiritual home of crazy golf’ on my list of 50 things to do before I’m 50, I didn’t realise I was carrying on a family tradition. Little did I know that my mother and grandparents before me had, in the mid 1960s, stood on the slopes of East Hill in Hastings, playing the 9 hole, council run, pitch and putt.

Hastings pitch and putt East Hill

That’s my mum on the left, my uncle Pete in the middle, and my Grandad on the right. My Grandad was rarely seen without a suit and tie, although we did find some other Hastings pitch and putt photos where he appears with his short sleeves rolled up! The scandal.

The pitch and putt closed in the 1980s, but Hastings hasn’t lost its love of mini golf. In fact, Hastings now plays host to the World Crazy Golf Championships, which I’m sure is something a lot of you had never even imagined existed. Hastings Adventure Golf, which you can see in the picture below, taken from the cliffs above, has three courses – ‘Adventure’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Pirate’ – and last week we took a Southern train along the south coast to Hastings and did ALL THREE.

Hastings crazy golf

Crazy golf, crazy lady

Now you might be thinking ‘THREE courses of crazy golf is a lot of crazy golf Jo, are you sure you’re not the crazy one?’ and you would be right, it IS a lot. In fact, by the time we finished it was dark, and I was feeling a little bit like I might never want to see a golf ball again, but that’s the whole point isn’t it? Life is fairly meaningless at the best of times, so if you’ve challenged yourself to complete three crazy golf courses back to back then damn it, you’re going to complete them, even if it is past your bedtime. (We were visiting mid heat wave and were very pleased that the golf was open until 10pm so we could go in the evening when it was a bit cooler.)

Seriously though, we had a lot of fun, and there was a WINDMILL and everything. You know your crazy golf course is properly crazy when there’s a windmill. View Post


Bobbin bike is a family-run and independent bicycle brand based in London. They design everyday bikes for customers all across the globe. They serve the needs of all age groups from 2 to 92! 

If you want to explore city life in a fun and exciting way, Bobbin bikes are the best option. They provide a range of bikes that match the different preferences and are ideal for all. 

You are right if you want to fit a carrier basket on your bobbin bike. Many say that bobbin bikes don’t have the space to fit in carrier baskets in the front. With the help of a few tips, you can install the carrier basket on the front or can also have a rear bike seat. 

Will My Basket Carrier Fit My Bobbin Bike?

Carrying your baby along will be easy if you find the best bicycle frame with enough space for the carrier basket. However, finding the right size bicycle frame is critical to ensure a child’s comfort in the saddle and your ability to reach the handlebars or pedals. If you make a wrong choice with the frame size, you may experience discomfort while cycling or even pedalling and steering issues. Click here to find some of the best adult helmets. 

To find an ideal bicycle frame:

  1. Start by taking leg measurements.
  2. Place a measuring tape on the floor inside the leg and measure up.
  3. If you find that there are sizes available, pick the larger one.

This way, you will rest assured that the basket will fit your child even after they grow. That said, you can cycle along with your kid for two to three years. The most popular carrier of bobbin bikes is Front Carrier E. The reason behind its popularity is that it is a perfect fit for all models, including brownies and birdies.

What Size Helmet Should I Get?

Measuring your head is the best way to ensure that the helmet will fit you. Furthermore, different shapes are available in helmets to fit different head types. Know the shape of your head so that you pick the ideal fit. This is also true for children, as age is not a reliable indicator.

The steps to measure your head are listed below;

  • Use a tape to measure the head.
  • Place the tape measure in the centre of your forehead, two fingers above your ears, and at the widest point on the back of your head.
  • Take note of the outcome, and then browse through the incredible helmet selection! Please keep in mind that sizing varies from model to model.

A carrier basket installed on the bicycle makes the journey easy for all. You can either place children in the carrier, or it can be used for groceries, etc. You can also carry your pets in the carrier if you want to. Visit here to find the appropriate kids carrier.

The only thing you need to remember is that if your bicycle frame doesn’t have much space for the carrier, fix a rear seat for your children. The rear seats are designed specifically to carry children aged 12 months to three years or above. 

The Bottom Line

With the help of a carrier basket or a rear seat, you can easily upgrade the seating capacity of your bicycle. Pick the best available option to ensure that it fits your bike perfectly well and causes no discomfort to you or the child you carry along. 



Best wine with asian food

Asian cuisine is one of the most famous and versatile in the world. It combines unusual tastes and spices in the most skillful way, resulting in delicious masterpiece dishes that you can easily get addicted to.

With an array of different aromas and flavors in a single dish, Asian food can make a unique match with a glass of suitable wine. Below you will find the most popular wines to combine with your favorite Asian dish, as suggested by sommeliers.

Wine to Avoid with Asian Food

But first, let`s see which wine to avoid:

  • Chardonnay, especially the New World Chardonnay with typical oaky and buttery notes is not the smartest choice to combine with Asian spices and seasonings.
  • Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon due to their intense tannic structure and strong flavors would make an unpleasant and awkward combination with Chinese, Thai, or Indian dishes. It would result in too many flavors in one bite.

What are the Best Wines to Combine with Asian Food then?

You can start with Sauvignon Blanc. Delightful freshness that will clean the palate after a spicy mouthfeel is a true match. The citrusy and tropical fruits will complement perfectly with the complex Thai food and its flavors of chili peppers, citrusy herbs, and coconut hints. Pleasant acidity is what you are looking for when combining Asian dishes with wine.

The fresh, spicy flavors of the French Pinot Gris, followed by citrus and tropical fruit notes are an excellent match with the spicy Asian and Indian cuisine. Here we can also add Spanish Albarino or the remarkable bubblies.

For those who are a fan of Japanese food, they can enjoy a glass of light Rieslings with their favorite dish. This wine has a natural sugar/acid balance that makes a perfect match with the sweet and salty dishes of Japanese delights. This nuance-rich food also pairs well with Rose wine.

The complex and spicy Indian food can make a heavenly match with aromatic wines which are classified as spicy or fruity. Depending on your taste, you can pair chicken or seafood with a sparkling rose, Riesling, or Pinot Grigio. On the other hand, if you prefer full-flavored beef, lamb, or chicken dishes, you should opt for Zinfandel or Syrah.

Chinese cuisine lovers may face a real challenge when choosing the best wine option to complement their meal since it is highly versatile and diverse. Here, you can follow the classic wine and food “rules”, or choose a crisp, refreshing wine like Riesling or dry Rose with a light and delicate meal, and red with more complex dishes. Sparkling wines are always an option as well. When choosing a red wine, you should opt for lower tannins and juicy options, like Shiraz or Pinot Noir.

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, you can find more delicate flavors and scented herbaceous aromas that are a great match with wine. The classic recommendation is white wine, but light red like Gamay (Beaujolais)is also an option. Here, you can also try Grenache if you are looking for a more full-bodied wine. Mineral white wine like Sancerre is highly recommended for Vietnamese dishes.

Delightful Rose wines are rapidly finding their way to the Asian food tables. You can go with an extra dry or sparkling rose.

Many wine enthusiasts recommended Southern French wines for Asian food complements. Moreover, Syrah has a characteristic complex structure, along with floral and spicy notes, while Grenache offers a soft peppery fruitiness. Both are perfect choices for balancing the extremely broad Asian cooking style. South French blends have moderate tannins, perfect for hot, sweet and sour, or spicy sauces, yet strong enough to balance the meat fats and improve digestion. So, in this combination, the wine will have a milder taste while the meal more savory.

Another popular combination is round Italian red wines with Asian cuisine. Italy has the magnificent Dolcetta with the lively black fruit flavors, then Barbera with more vibrant and intense fruitiness, and then it comes Sangiovese with their mild zest cherry-based fruitiness. These wines have certain things in common, including uplifted acidity, low to medium tannins, and earthy notes like smoked leaves and licorice or leathery hints.

Moreover, another class of Italian wines makes a perfect match with the Chinese or Southeast Asian cuisine, including hot beef or pork dishes, spiced with garlic, peppercorns, and the magical smell of star anise, basil, coriander, or cilantro. These wines are crafted by blending two popular varietals, including Barbera with Nebbiolo, Barbera with Zinfandel, Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sangiovese with Tempranillo.

In conclusion, the food and wine pairing depend on people`s tastes and preferences. So, there is no wrong combination as long as you find it delicious and enjoyable!



Belle before she had to think about money

When planning and booking a holiday with children, it is important to know the area you are traveling to and the activities that you can complete while you are there. There is nothing worse than bored children while on holiday. Bored children will find mischief while they wait for entertainment. 

If you do not plan in advance, you can end up spending considerably more money to keep your children occupied. And, if you are traveling during peak tourist season, you may find that a lot of activities will be fully booked. 

We have gathered some tips for a successful family vacation below. 

Research Potential Vacation Venues

Before you begin the process of booking your family vacation, you must research the city or area you are planning to visit. The place you are visiting should have age-appropriate activities to keep your children entertained. This will depend on the age of your children but anywhere that you want to visit while on vacation should be within a reasonable distance. 

If you have a long journey to your vacation place, it is often best not to spend each day traveling a considerable distance for daily activities. It is helpful to find somewhere to vacation where you can take part in a mix of new and familiar activities. Mixing new activities with tested favorites can be a brilliant way to introduce new things to your children.

If you are unsure of what is on offer in a particular city or area, you can use a local travel guide site or simply complete an internet search. A search similar to ‘some of the best things to do in Salt Lake City with kids‘ will give you a substantial list to review and decide if the area suits your family.

Plan Before you Book

The best thing to do before booking your family vacation is to make a plan. After deciding which city or area you wish to visit and the type of activities you want to do while you are there, you should plan where you will visit to decide where the best place to stay is. 

It would be best if you looked for accommodation in a location that is relatively central to the places you will visit while there. This will help to keep your traveling times minimal, so you have more time to enjoy your plans. 

It is best to build in some relaxation time when on vacation, something like a local park or activity center where your kids can play while you have some time off your feet. This will help your children burn off excess energy while ensuring you do not burn out. 

Book your Vacation and Enjoy

When you are sure that you have found the perfect vacation for your family, it is time to book. It is always best to shop around to ensure that you find the best deal. Any savings you can find when booking the vacation will give you extra funds while you are on vacation. 

Once booked, set your countdown and enjoy your vacation.