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Belle is a big fan of crafts. Whereas I might decide I need some kind of storage solution and immediately order it from Amazon, Belle will take the time to think up an ingenious homemade solution, probably inspired by an Instagram video.

She’s made some really cool stuff recently, including ombre make up brush jars out of old baked bean tins and leftover paint and a very clever makeup storage board using Velcro, with spaces for each of her eyeshadow palettes.

When Sugru asked if I wanted to have a go at a craft activity using their new family-safe, skin-friendly formula, my first thought was ‘I’m definitely going to get Belle to do that…’

For ages she has wanted to make one of those things where you fix mason jars to a bit of wood with hose clamps. I bought some bits for it but to be quite honest I had absolutely no idea how you go about fitting a hose clamp together. I ended up with a length of metal in one hand and a clip thing in the other, staring at both in a baffled way, like an old lady looking at a Sky remote.

Cue the Sugru!

Sugru is, as Mr Shev so nicely summed up on Twitter, amazing stuff:

Imagine getting some plasticine, moulding it into whatever shape you want, and it setting into a super strong but flexible rubber. Or imagine you need to stick something to something else, but you want to use a material that’s easy to use, simple to remove, and brightly coloured too.

That’s Sugru.

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This post, as you may have guessed from the title, comes courtesy of Bee. It was inspired by the recent launch in the UK of Lottoz, an online lottery platform that lets you play lotteries from around the world from the comfort of your own home, or potentially in Bee’s case, you’re own library.

Lately I have been thinking about playing the lottery. I know that the chances of winning are basically zero, or 14 million to one or something, but there’s always this little part of me that thinks I really could win. I mean, someone has to win, right? And it’s never going to be me if I don’t actually play.

I just find it frustrating how much money limits us in what we want to do. I don’t really want much. I really enjoy my job so I don’t ever feel like if only I won the lottery I would finally be able to throw my apron to the ground and just walk out. In fact, even if I was a millionaire I would probably still do it, just because I love it. I wouldn’t even have to win that much money for it to make a big difference to my life, just enough to buy a one-bedroom flat with a bit of cash leftover would really be all I would need to keep me happy and put my money worries to one side.

But that’s thinking about it seriously. If I really did win millions of pounds, here are the things I would definitely consider buying, even if only for a fleeting moment.

A house with its own heated indoor pool, gym and library

I do have a gym membership for a gym that’s really easy and convenient to get to, but even so, I feel like I would definitely get up and go more if it was in my own house and I didn’t even have to get dressed before I went. The same with the pool. I really love swimming but hate swimming with other people around me peeing in the water and stuff. The same goes for a library. I feel like I would read a lot more if only I just had somewhere to keep all my books and a quiet place to read them in. Obviously I don’t think this would actually make any difference to whether I used them or not, and the pool and library would start collecting dust, but it would be nice to at least have the OPTION to better myself in my own home.

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In association with Princes

So go on, tell me, what did you think of my overnight slippy peach pancakes?

I mean presumably as soon as you saw the post this week you whipped up a batch ready for breakfast the next day? Good. Glad to hear it.

In case your tinned fruit stocks are running low, and you’re getting worried about your next batch, then I’ve teamed up with Princes again today to offer you a super cool prize – a week’s shopping at Morrisons and a Princes tinned fruit hamper! Specifically, the lucky winner will get an £80 Morrisons voucher, plus a selection of 14 different tins of Princes tinned fruit, which you’ll know from my pancake recipe post counts towards your five a day. Tinned fruit is packed fresh at source, and helps to cut down on waste – no more festering bananas in the fruit bowl for you.

And then THIS can be your breakfast every day:

tinned peach recipe


They were REALLY good.

If you’d like to win an £80 Morrisons voucher and hamper of Princes tinned fruit then it couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is complete as many of the entries in the widget below as possible. The more you do, the greater your chances of getting to go to Morrisons, supermarket sweep style.

The competition will close at 11.59pm on 1st December 2017 and is open to UK residents only. Full T&Cs apply.

Good luck!


In association with Princes

We all have those tinned staples that are always in the cupboard. For us it’s kidney beans*, tinned tomatoes, baked beans and slippy peaches.

Slippy peaches, just to clarify, are tinned peach slices, so named by our family because when they come out of the tin they are slippy. Dur.

tinned peach recipe

I always buy tinned fruit in juice because then it properly counts as fruit doesn’t it? Genuine fact there – a tin of slippy peaches like these count as two of your five a day. And tinned peaches are so GOOOOD.

Let’s face it, how often do you buy fresh peaches and get them just at the right level of ripeness, and THEN be bothered to cut them into slices to go on top of a pancake? Never. What’s more likely to happen in my house is that I buy a load of fresh fruit because Belle has watched some kind of ‘how to peel a mango with a pint glass’ life hack video on Instagram, and then two weeks later it’s sat in a mouldy pile in the fruit bowl.

For me, tinned peaches are like the frozen pea of the fruit world – why would you even bother with the faff of fresh when they taste so good and are so easy to prepare?

For the last week Belle and I have been experimenting, in partnership with Princes, switching fresh fruit for tinned. Princes tinned fruit is packed from fresh, counts towards your five a day, and means you always have fruit handy at perfect ripeness, with no waste. What’s not to love about that? As part of our challenge we’ve been making some simple breakfast recipes using tinned fruit, including slippy peach pancakes.

A weekend style breakfast for weekdays

Now when you think of homemade pancakes and fruit, you’re probably picturing a leisurely Sunday rather than a hectic weekday morning. I mean weekdays, it’s all about the school run, trying to juggle everyone leaving the house on time – no way you’d have time to make slippy peach pancakes right?

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Although the general vibe of my house is cosy and colourful, since I had the wardrobes fitted and had to clear the entire contents of the room, my bedroom has been decidedly minimalist.

You might remember I shared some pictures after I’d done a little makeover and all I had was my newly spray painted pink bed, a rose gold coloured floor lamp and a plain, white bedside table. (Check out the post if you want a nose.)

Not a huge amount has changed, although I do now have a matching bedside table on the other side, complete with Swiss cheese plant. I love the architectural style of these, and feel like they’re perfect for adding a soft touch whilst keeping that sparse style.

Apart from that, I’m still open to ideas.

Essentially I don’t think I want to add too much at all as I love how clean and tranquil it feels. I want the bedroom to be an escape from the physical and emotional clutter of day to day life – somewhere clean and clear and beautiful.

white bedroom makeover tips

I love fresh flowers in the room, for a little injection of colour and a connection with the outside world, so this is something I want to incorporate. View Post