The 2016 account of Lane Graves, a two-year-old seized by a gator from a lagoon neighboring the Grand Floridian Hotel is tragic. A parent lost a child and no amount of ‘should or could have’ will change this fact.

Such occurrences spark public outcry and create divisions more so on social media.

A similar incident occurred at the Cincinnati Zoo where Harambe – a gorilla mauled a young boy after he fell into its enclosure. The Zoo came under scrutiny while the boy’s mother was taken sued but later absolved. Unfortunately, Harambe was killed for acting on his animal instincts. Fortunately, the boy survived.

Risk is part of life, at home or outdoors. However, in the aftermath of such vacation horror stories, we saw the need to share a few tips on keeping your kids safe while traveling.

1. Take it easy on flights

Flying takes a toll on our bodies – even grownups battle cramped conditions dilapidating boredom. Treat trips as a special time – notably long-haul flights – and letting up parenting control is one way to keep everyone sane, including fellow passengers. Your usual routine is left at home, why fight it?

A horde of kid-friendly games and movies on personal screens help a great deal. Airport playgrounds afford the opportunity to burn built-up energy. Pack a bag of special treats, since airlines got stingy with them – dished out over time helps a lot. You may resume your healthy eating routine once back on the ground.

2. Update your medical kit

Pre-kids, your medical bag may have been sufficient but needs a shake-up. You can’t afford to miss your child’s medication on foreign land, and they run a fever at night.

Similar to an adult travel medical kit, your child’s version must contain things your kid might require if sickness strikes while on a trip. Among the items to carry include;

  •         Cold and cough medicine
  •         Antihistamine for possible allergic reactions
  •         A sufficient supply of medication your kid takes regularly
  •         Fever fighting or pain relief medication like acetaminophen and ibuprofen
  •         Medical equipment used periodically like an inhaler for an asthmatic child

Supposing your kid requires specific drug or medical equipment, get to understand how to pass them through security. A physician’s note is necessary for injection needles.

3. Know your child

No trip, as short as it may be, will succeed if you fail to understand your child’s particulars. Travel stretches comfort zones and if your kid operates on a strict bedtime to avert meltdowns, do whatever necessary to get the child get sufficient sleep.

4. Take it easy on your itinerary

Traveling sans kids might have had you wake up early, eat fast and visit numerous sites in a day. Such a packed schedule may prove disastrous while going with kids.

Kids take a little bit of time to acclimatize to new environs, mostly owing to inexperience. A packed schedule will leave all feeling tired and cranky to have a great time.

5. Travel insurance

It’s good to know your child can access medical attention if they break a leg in Mongolia. Your insurance must cater for evacuation to a major city.  


Happy New Year!

I love a bit of new year. I love setting goals and fresh starts and spring cleans and all the things that typically come with a new year. I’ve already washed the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathroom today, and I’ve not eaten a sausage roll in about 20 hours.

Although I do love Christmas, December felt a little bit overwhelming. I had a little knot in my stomach of anxiety that came and went throughout the month and I found it hard to get as excited as I usually would about list making.

(Horror! What is life without the joy of a list?)

I knew that once Christmas ticked over though, that I would feel better, and I did. I do. I have a new diary, a cool calendar, a fist-full of lists for all occasions and I’m ready for 2019, whatever it may bring.

One of the things that 2019 is set to bring is this:

grandparent blog


No, it’s not mine, at least not entirely. It’s 25% me though. Come July, Bee is going to be a Mummy, and my blog is going to become, at least in spirit, Slummy Single (Grand)Mummy. View Post

Are you at that point where you feel your relationship with your partner is harming you more than it is benefiting you? Do you feel that despite the harm you still want to hold on? Well, holding on may be a bad option.

Here are some of the benefits you will get from ridding yourself of a harmful relationship in the New Year.

  1. Have Strong Emotional and Physical Health

Being in a harmful relationship denies you the opportunity of having good physical and emotional health. You may find yourself in a state of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and have physical deterioration of the body. In the end, it becomes expensive as you will be forced to undergo counseling and purchase medication.

However, ridding yourself of a harmful relationship gives you the opportunity to develop a strong emotional and positive connection with yourself and those around you. Moreover, you will not have to worry about suffering from physical illness, going for therapy sessions or buying medications. You will be able to invest that money in meaningful ventures.

  1. You Are Able To Recreate Your Social Life

Harmful relationships can affect someone to a point that you disconnect from your social life. Normally, it comes about when your partner dictates how you spend your time with the people within your social circles. In the end, you can lose friends, family, and colleagues.

Therefore, staying away from such relationships will give you the opportunity to develop a strong social life, besides your relationship with your spouse. You will be able to go out with friends and family and have a worthy time with them.

For consultation on domestic violence it could be helpful to book an appointment with a trusted lawyer at Anaya McKedy P.C.

get out of a toxic relationship

  1. Achieve Personal Growth

Breaking from harmful relationships gives you the opportunity to grow yourself at a personal level. For instance, if your partner kept denying you the chance to grab the opportunities that came your way due to his or her insecurities, then you will be free to take them up.

You will now be able to take up that promotion or take up that leadership class you have been postponing. Remember, a good partner should be at the forefront in aiding you to achieve your life goals and ambitions.

  1. Rebuild Self-Image

Do you feel that your relationship with your better half has stripped you of your dignity? Then it is time to ship out of that relationship. Harmful relationships only serve to make you feel worthless, dependent, and self-critical.

However, staying clear of such relationships gives you the opportunity to redeem yourself, to rebuild your dignity, to rebuild your self-confidence and to rebuild your personality.

  1. Live Without Fear

Are you in constant fear of doing something to set your partner off? Or worried you might disagree and a fight breaks out. This should not be the case if you are in a relationship. A good relationship should be built on mutual respect, and love: not fear.

By breaking off from harmful relationships, you will be able to regain your voice back. You will be able to do things without having to feel guilty, afraid or victimized. A good partner should be able to accept you the way you are and value the role you play in the relationship.

In relation to the wildly growing popularity of the gambling industry in the modern world, the question of how to play slot machines for free is becoming ever more relevant. Players of past generations, who have reached the heyday of real casinos, were forced to gain experience on their mistakes, spending real money. Visit casino of because is one of the best gaming platforms, offering customers a huge variety of slots for every taste. You can try your hand in demo mode, or win real money.

Modern online casinos offer users to mastered technique in demo mode. You can play in this format for free, and you do not even need to register. Virtual money is used as credits.

For some customers, such demos are just a hobby, for others – a way to get really good, etc. Some players do not see the point in the free mode, but others simply enjoy the process without losing money.

Depending on the conditions of a particular slot machine the user is given a certain number of attempts, or they may not be limited. After using them, the client can register and continue playing for real money.
The advantages of free online gambling
Most of the modern online casinos offer a vast selection of various games. Even the most experienced player cannot boast of having tried them all. For novice user at first glance at this wealthy choice, they must be like a kid in a candy store. Playing a completely unfamiliar game for real money is risky for several reasons:

-you may simply not like it, and as a result, the money will simply be wasted;
-you cannot immediately understand the rules, and lose money by ignorance of certain nuances.

For such cases, a demonstration mode is needed, which allows professional players to constantly try something new, as well as test new tactics and strategies. For novice users, this is a great opportunity to learn the terms and conditions of the casino, as well as the presented range.

Besides, the statistics say that players who start investing real money right away lose it much faster without understanding all the nuances of the process. Some free game machines do not require an Internet connection, and they are installed and stored in the computer’s memory. Also, in addition to ordinary browser versions, casinos offer installation of mobile apps.

Thus, the main advantages of the free game mode are:

-no need to make real bets;
-lack of even minimal risks;
-the ability to select the most promising games and develop optimal strategies;
-an opportunity to experience the atmosphere, get aesthetic pleasure from colorful animation, feel the excitement.

What is the difference between a paid game mode and a free one?

Of course, the main difference between paid slots and demo versions is in the game for real money. For many players, they act as a good opportunity to gain money. However, this requires finding a reliable and secure casino, characterized by a high percentage of payments.

The cash game has the following characteristics:

-requires mandatory registration with the indication of real personal data (this is verified by the casino security service);
-you have to deposit the balance through electronic payment systems;
-when depositing money, the casino often offers players various advantageous bonus programs;
-the player gets the right to participate in the drawing of various prizes and the jackpot.

How to play slot machines for free?

Free to play online slot machines is extremely simple. The demo version is a kind of slot machine simulator, adapted for playing online in the form of a Flash application.

For example, for a free game on the website, you should follow these steps:

-enter the online casino site;
-open the section “Game Hall”;
-choose your favorite game and click on the image;
-you will be offered two options for the game – “Money” and “Demo”;
-select the “Demo” mode, wait for the download to complete and enjoy the process.

You do not need to register or enter personal data. You can also take advantage of the free game using a mobile device. Games are adapted for correct display on various portable devices.

Why do online casinos provide the opportunity to play for free?

Demonstration versions of games can increase their popularity, which is very profitable for developers. Also, a similar game mode for casinos is one of the ways to attract new customers, as well as to support the interest and excitement of regular players.
According to statistics, games that have a demo version, attract much more willing to try their hand. At the same time, all the indicators obtained during the demonstration mode correspond to the real results of cash games.

Thus, the free mode of the game is suitable for both novice players and those who want to hone their skills, and learn the features of the new slot or develop the most effective winning strategy.

Christmas is such a massive experience these days that it can be hard to know exactly who to get a present for. Your close friends and family always get a look in, but what about that unexpected guest who pops round with a gift? Or that person in your office who you didn’t realise thought you were close enough for present giving with? It can be really stressful getting all of the gifts organised, and it can be awkward and embarrassing when someone hands you a thoughtful gift and you haven’t got one for them in return. Here are some ideas of what you can get for people just in case.

A nice box of chocolates

It’s always a good idea to get in a few nice boxes of chocolates for people who gift to you unexpectedly. Supermarkets usually have deals on festive chocolates at the moment, meaning you can still get a big, good quality box for under £10. A box of chocolates is so easy to wrap that even if someone pops round with a gift last minute you can excuse yourself for a minute while you wrap up a quick box, making it look like you put a lot of thought into it. Most people love an excuse to eat some fancy chocolates, so everyone’s a winner.


Flowers always really say you care, and with so many flower services online these days to order from, you don’t even have to pick out a bunch from the supermarket. Keep some fresh flowers ready to go in a vase at home in case you need a go to gift in a hurry. If no one claims them then you’ve got your own bouquet of beautiful flowers to look at!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Gift cards

Gift cards may not seem like you’ve put a lot of thought in, but they are actually really useful and usually really appreciated. These types of gifts are perfect for secret Santa when you’ve got someone you don’t know well, or teenage kids of friends who are difficult to buy for. Try a One4All card that you can spend in loads of shops, or something universal like a cinema or restaurant gift card so someone can have a nice evening out on you.

Something homemade

If you’re a bit strapped for cash but still want to make the effort, something homemade usually really shows you care and people will love that you’ve put the thought into making their gift. Spend the day making Christmas decorations, cookies, candy canes or anything that takes your fancy. Even if you’re stuck for ideas, there is loads of inspiration on websites like Pinterest that will help you find something easy to make that still looks really special.

Many people struggle to find their purpose in life. Some go through life without understanding why they are on earth. They sleep, wake up, go to work, school or even stay at home, and when time to go to bed comes, the cycle begins all over again. This routine could go on for years. Is this your life? Do you have a void in your life but have no idea what is missing? When you find your purpose, you will view life as a fulfilment, instead of mere existence.

You get to enjoy your life

Have you been in a relationship that left you wondering what you are doing with that person or a job that had you cursing every single day you needed to go to work? This feeling is similar to that of a life without purpose. A life without joy can be a drag. If, however, you know what you are good at, and even get the opportunity to do it, the fulfillment that comes from that may be unmatched.

It is easier to set and attain your goals

Goals are essential in life. The targets may be in connection to your finances, relationships, or personal growth. It is difficult to set goals when you do not have a purpose in life. Do you find yourself with the same resolutions at the beginning of every year? You probably stopped writing the resolutions all together. You merely change the year and even know you will be doing the same thing at the beginning of the following year. It is much more difficult to achieve your goals when you have no purpose in life. However, if you find your purpose, you will have fun ticking off every milestone in your life.

Maintain focus

It is easier to get to where you are going if you indeed know where you are heading. If you have no idea, you will take every route you find along the way, probably hoping it is the shorter road to a destination you do not know. When you know your purpose in life, it is easier to stay the course. You can resist temptation when you know where you are going, why you are going there, and what you need to do to get there.

It is easier to maintain your integrity

When you find your purpose, you establish a solid belief system. If you firmly believe in something, it is difficult, or even impossible for anyone or anything to cause you to deviate from your beliefs and principles.

You find a balance in life

Once you discover your purpose in life, everything in your life will be in place. You will be content in your career, relationships, and with yourself. Your life will be in harmony. This is why people who have found their purpose in life lead a life where everything seems to go perfectly.

Finding one’s purpose in life often seems to be elusive. Many people wish to discover the reason and purpose for their existence. It is through this that they will overcome their limiting beliefs and soar.