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I count myself incredibly lucky that I have my Mum. She’s not perfect, nobody is, but the older I get and the more I come across people* who’ve not had good relationships with their mothers, or not had them around, the more I see how positive an impact she has had on me.

The key thing is that with both my Mum and Dad I’ve always felt loved, and I’ve always felt good enough. 

That sounds like such a simple thing, and I think I’ve taken it for granted over the years, but I was talking to my sister a while ago about it and we realised that a lot of people don’t have it. Lots of people feel like they’re constantly living up to some set of expectations or ideals, that they’ve disappointed their parents, or they feel obliged to follow a certain career or family path.

So I’m a very lucky woman. I’m lucky too that my Mum has been my support bubble during the virus and so I’ve been able to spend time with her. I do feel like I’ve run out of things to say a little bit, with nothing much else going on in life, but I know she doesn’t really mind if I just kind of sit there. It’s just nice to see different faces isn’t it?

Not everyone has their mum in their life but, even if you don’t, chances are there is someone who takes on that maternal role – an aunt, an older sister, a good friend – anyone who knows you well, who you love and trust, can be that mother figure for you, and wouldn’t it be nice to acknowledge that and show that person some love on Mother’s Day this year? We could all do with a bit of cheering up right now.

This is where Moonpig comes in.

While we might not be able to visit our loved ones in person, thanks to Moonpig you can still show someone you are thinking of them, whether that’s sending them a personalised Mother’s Day card, chocolates, or something a little fancier. View Post



Men have been gambling more than women in all types of gambling. However, this trend is changing. Over the years, more women have started to participate in gambling. While this can be attributed to the growing number of online gambling sites, other factors also play a huge role. According to recent statistics, women make up 18% of the gambling population. To break this down further, younger women aged 16 to 34 years participate in gambling more than the other age groups. The data also suggests that women in this age group participate in gambling during a “night out” with friends. Read on to discover the most common types of gambling among women.

The Female Slot Empire

Recent data shows that women enjoy playing slots more than men do. Let’s face it, our women already have their plates full working and keeping their families in order. That is one of the reasons why they will appreciate a distraction from their normal schedule. Slots provide the best distraction from boring routine. Moreover, slots allow women to unwind and relax in a fun and unpressured manner. They have a wide range of options to choose from, making it easy to find a slot they will love. The large payouts and exciting bonuses are also attractive features that motivate women to enjoy slots.

Women also love slots because they are relaxing and don’t require a specific skill set, unlike men who often look for games that need a strategy. Slot games are designed to entertain. That is why experts describe slots as a mental massage. Since slots are easily available at various online sites like Platin live casino, women can access them at any time of the day, or night. What is more, women can access these games using their smartphones, tablets, and personal computers while attending to their daily duties.

Social Gambling and Bingo

Women love social games, which may account for the rise in social gambling on social networks. This is not surprising because when it comes to gambling, women are not looking to display their prowess at the table but rather have a good time. Recent studies have shown that women prefer to hit up a casino with a group of friends. Social gambling, therefore, especially through social media, offers a platform where women can play with other players, share results and post their awards on their profiles.

Bingo has long been associated with female players. Traditional bingo halls attract older women while online bingo is accessible to all. The rules of the games are quite easy to master, and it does not require high stakes to play. This provides a fun environment that does not put unnecessary pressure on the players.

Additionally, most game providers have tried to replicate traditional bingo halls by introducing chat rooms for the purpose of socializing. With such thoughtful inclusions Bingo will continue to be an appealing gaming option for women.

The Future of Female Gambling

Online gambling has experienced huge changes over the years. In the past, gamblers had no choice but to travel to brick-and-mortar casinos to play their favourite casino games. However, the development of online casinos meant that players could easily access their favourite games from the comfort of home. Despite the fact that land-based casinos offer a platform for socializing as well as gambling, more women are switching to online gaming. However, with technological advancements such as smartphones and continuous innovations such as gaming apps, online gambling sites are now easily accessible while out and about. This means that women can meet up with friends and enjoy some social gaming at the same time.

Furthermore, online casinos such as Platin Live Casino also offer interactive platforms on their sites, where women can still enjoy a social experience chatting with other players while gaming. Overall, the future of female gaming looks promising as long as game providers continue to provide interesting and interactive gaming options.


Although gambling has become popular among women, significant differences exist in their gambling habits compared to those of men. Women are much more social in their gambling, hence the popularity of games like bingo and social games. Many women prefer to catch up with friends when playing their favourite games. In contrast, men prefer to focus on the game. In general, women are more focused on fun, instead of playing for huge wins. This is also demonstrated by differences in their reactions to losses. While men tend to display anger and frustrations, women tend to be sad and depressed and may seek sympathy.

Therefore, when it comes to gambling, men and women clearly have different approaches. Women, generally, play for relaxation whereas men often play to sharpen their strategies. This type of information is vital for game providers as they will understand better what women want and can therefore produce more games tailored for women.


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They say life is about balance. A little of what you fancy, some moderate exercise, getting your vitamins, having a small glass of wine at the weekends. Fine, I get it. I even conducted a little experiment into balance, from which I can only conclude that I’m allowed six bourbons every I eat a satsuma.

AvaCare supplements review

You can’t argue with science guys.

But blimey, this last twelve months has been tough balancing act hasn’t it? For so many of us, the bigger picture balance wise means a night out with friends on Saturday after a week a work or a weekend away mid-winter to escape the monotony of the rain. It means jumping in the car on your day off and driving to the coast to paddle in the sea even though it’s freezing, just for the change of scene, just to FEEL.

So what does balance mean in a global pandemic? How do we take care of ourselves and maintain some semblance of sanity when the scales always seem to be weighed down on one side by homeschooling, homeworking, home bloody everything?

I guess when your life feels small, one thing you can do is to come down to its level and take care of the small things. The small things like eating well, getting enough sleep, trying not to become an alcoholic and getting outside just for half an hour, even if it is with your coat on over your pyjamas. (It’s leisurewear remember.) View Post


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World book day costume ideas

World Book Day is fast approaching, and in the days leading up to Thursday 4th March, parents will be debating whether to buy or make that elaborate costume for their kids. So, will you be scouring the internet for an Elsa costume or frantically sewing a Gryffindor jumper?

A recent survey by nursery chain Kiddi Caru, conducted with over 750 parents, discovered that majority of opinions about World Book Day 2021, were equally divided. It found that 60% of people tend to buy a costume, rather than making it, for the book-themed day, with nearly the same number saying they do not enjoy making costumes. Understandably, as that means the costume is easily sorted, and who wants to be up to god knows what hour in the morning making one anyways. But, surprisingly, out of those who do opt for creating the World Book Day look themselves, only 20% of parents said that they make the costume the night before, with majority (52%) saying they spend on average one to two hours on the piece.

So, as the conflict between handmade and bought costumes continues, let’s look a little further into the advantages of either.

Benefits of a handmade costume

There is an element of fun that comes with a handmade costume of a book character, and also the chance to get your children involved in the making process, with roughly half of parents doing this. As the survey also found that a huge 81% of parents aren’t fussed by having an impressive costume for their kids, a handmade costume can be more about the fun of making it rather than the end result. Plus, with lots of suggestions, hacks and print-outs now available online, it has been made easier for us parents to create a costume from scratch.

Benefits of a bought costume

If you don’t want to be getting into it with your child at ten past eight in the morning, about whether they no longer like their costume or if they even look like the character they want to be (this is more so for teenagers you’ll find), then at least with a store-bought costume you can guarantee that all the elements are in place to fit the persona of the desired book character. And, if there are tears and tantrums, or a quick change of costume choice – as kids tend to do – at least you didn’t spend hours and hours on a costume that they no longer want to wear.

Plus, a bought costume usually means a better-quality costume (depending on your sewing skills) which means it’s likely to last longer and can be re-used for all those fancy-dress birthday parties your child is invited to attend.

Of course, a bought World Book Day costume takes out most of the hassle surrounding the day, without the faff of a stitch or glue gun in sight, especially if you’re not in to arts and crafts. But shop-bought outfit also may be the go-to option for those parents that feel that the standard of their child’s costume will be judged by other parents, with one in four admitting to having these feelings.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a costume for your child this World Book Day, but don’t want to be aimlessly searching online, check out these ready-made World Book Day costume ideas, with lots of costumes available that should fit the bill.

What costume to choose?

The other issue is the idea of what can be classed as a World Book Day costume. Usually, they should be based on a book character, with some schools even issuing a policy that they should be a ‘recognisable’ character, in previous years. So where do superheroes and Disney princesses fall into all of this? The survey results showed that majority of parents (68%) believe superheroes are an acceptable World Book Day idea – arguably they did originate from comics after all.

Whilst there’s an ever-increasing number of themed days and events happening at our kids’ schools, and a pressure for us to remember them all, majority of parents believe that it is easier to let their child go as whatever they please on World Book Day, princesses and superheroes included. Nowadays, you can pretty much find a book out there about any of these kinds of characters anyways. And after all, it should be a day to be enjoyed, with 74% of those asked saying that they’re actually looking forward to World Book Day!


I got something out of the garage yesterday and was quite frankly appalled with myself. I don’t know what’s happened during the last year but my clutter levels have reached new heights and it’s time to do something about it.

I looked around the garage when I opened the door and honestly I wasn’t even sure what half of the stuff was. There are a couple of bikes, that’s fine, a couple of pieces of furniture that I don’t have room for but do want to keep, but the rest of it? A deep fat fryer, a load of dirty tarpaulin, a mermaid tail for an eight year old?? I really feel like a lot of this is stuff I absolutely do not need.

I’ve never been a person to carry around clutter. In fact, having moved house nearly 30 times in my life, my hoarding has always been non-existent, simply because I don’t want to lug it all around from one house to another. But then about four years ago I bought my first house of my own. It had an attic and a garage, neither of which I’ve had before, and suddenly BOOM – I have all this crap that I never knew I needed or wanted and it’s getting out of control.

I guess you could call it putting down roots, and on the one hand I like the security that owning a house brings, how you feel safe in filling the attic with things you ‘might need one day’, secure in the knowledge that no one can ask you to move if you don’t want to. On the other hand though, clutter drags me down. I feel it like a weight around my neck, just knowing how full the garage is.

So this is my plan – I’m going to have a proper clear out over the next couple of months so that come the end of virus restrictions, the freedom I will feel will be emotional as well as physical. I’ll ship it all off to Now Storage self storage in Swindon if I have to, I just don’t want to know that it’s all sat just above me in the loft, or around the corner in the garage.

It feels odd really that lockdown has done this to me. So many other people I know have used the time productively to empty cupboards and organise their homes, but I guess I’ve been struck down by the lockdown lethargy, unable to concentrate for long enough on actually doing anything useful and instead just baking endless batches of banana bread and watching back to back episodes of Married At First Sight Australia.

The end is in sight though, and I don’t intend to rest on my laurels. I’m going to do it, I’m going to get up in that attic, I’m going to tackle the garage, and I’m going to get my clutter under control.

I’ll just make one more banana loaf and then I’m on it, I promise.


age related health conditions

With age comes wisdom, as the saying goes. However, age also brings a host of potential health conditions as the body begins to slow down. While these are largely dependent on genetics, diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices, ill health can occur at any time and without warning.

By keeping our physical, emotional, and mental health in check, we can help avert the chances of these conditions from developing. Below are some of the more common age-related conditions and how you can manage or prevent them.


More than 10 million people are affected by arthritis in the UK alone, which is a painful condition that results when the tissue inside the joints breaks down. This restricts movements and results in inflammation, pain, joint stiffness, and tenderness.

The two main types are rheumatoid arthritis (a chronic auto-immune condition) and osteoarthritis, which is more common in older people. There is no cure for osteoarthritis, at present, but it can be alleviated with pain medication and alternative therapies like acupuncture, hot/cold therapy, and some forms of exercise.


Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bone and is often referred to as ‘brittle bone disease’. The chance of developing this disease does increase with age, especially in Caucasian and Asian women or those from northern areas of the planet where Vitamin D levels are lower.

Bone breaks such as hip fractures are very common with this condition, but activities such as weight-bearing exercise and not smoking can help manage and prevent osteoporosis. You should also eat foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D,


This is also known as high blood pressure. Hypertension is a very common condition in older people. It can be difficult to spot without a test; however, as symptoms are rare until the condition reaches critical levels. When left unmanaged, hypertension can be life-threatening due to the strain it puts on the blood vessels and heart.

The best way to manage and treat hypertension is to lead an active lifestyle and avoid smoking and alcohol. You should also eat plenty of fruit and veg and limit foods that are high in saturated fat.


Often, Cataracts occur when protein builds up on the lens of the eye, causing cloudiness and impaired vision. This is often due to ageing; however, cataracts can also be caused by other factors such as smoking, illness, exposure to UV light, or genetics. Cataracts can appear on different areas of the eye’s lens, resulting in various forms of vision impairment. Treatment for cataracts usually involves surgery and replacing the clouded lens with a new cataract lens.


Strokes occur for one simple reason: when blood stops flowing to a part of the brain — usually due to a blockage. As brain cells require oxygenated blood to survive, any kind of blockage results in serious damage. There are two types of strokes:

  • Ischemic

Ischemic strokes occur when there is any lack of blood flow to the brain due to a clot or blockage.

  • Hemorrhagic

Hemorrhagic strokes occur when a blood vessel bursts in the brain.

In serious cases, strokes can cause paralysis or death, but they can also be treated with medications or surgery, which removes the clot or reduces swelling.


Tyres on the drive honest review

When it comes to  travelling with family, safety is one of the most important aspects we look at. No one wants to end up being stranded on the road with their kids, hence having a proper look on the vehicle maintenance checklist is very important.

The post will highlight main vehicle maintenance checks that you can carry out on your own before leaving your home for a long trip.

Look at the battery

You should always look at the car battery before planning to go on any long journey. While driving it is always better to use less  electric components that are not required like air conditioning, seat warming facility and even heated rear screen. All these electric facilities put extra load on your battery taking its energy away and putting excessive pressure causing it to flatten. Therefore use only required electric components while driving. Another thing to note is that it is always recommended to start your car for a few minutes if it is used less frequently especially during winters, so that it gets proper electric charge to run.

Don’t Neglect the tyres 

Many motorists ignore inspecting their tyres before leaving which is a major mistake they make as tyres play a very important part when it comes to vehicle performance, fuel efficiency and its speed. Taking a look at tyre tread depth and tyre pressure comes as a major tyre inspection check. If you want your tyres to have a strong grip on road and not to slip you need to have a tread depth that protects the outer layer of tyre from any damage, between 2mm-3mm. This level will make your tyre stronger and will help you have a smoother drive on the way. Another very important thing is checking the tyre pressure levels. If you do not want your tyres flattening, you need to make sure that they have proper air pressure in them. You can easily check pressure level in tyres through a portable measuring pressure gauge that will tell you whether the pressure in tyres is up to adequate level or not. If your tyres are worn out, you should quit using them and get them replaced. Let’s say if you are in Yorkshire and you are looking to get new tyres in Dunfermline, there are many options available. For example, a good recommendation to get tyres in Dunfermline is Fife Autocentre.

Look at your Windscreen

While travelling it is very important that your road vision remains clear, for that your windshield should be chip free. Scraps and scratches might damage your windshield especially in winters during hailstorm heavy rain or snow. You might not notice it early but visible signs of damage will get more prominent while you are driving the car. To avoid this situation and have a clear road view you need to carefully check if you need your windscreen fixed or replaced, if that is the case then you should fix it earliest possible time to avoid any driving halt during a trip with your family.


Notting Hill colourful houses London

Moving to a new city is always scary. It’s always hard to start a new life from scratch, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting! They say that the only constant in life is the process of changing. Our jobs change. Our social circles change. Our hopes, dreams, and aspirations change. Even our personalities gradually change over time. With the dynamic nature of life, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise if you have to move to live in a completely new city to start all over again. It could be a new job. It might just be time for a change in your life. Or it’s a move to the city of your dreams, so you’ve taken your chance.

How do I quickly get settled in a new city?

If you’re moving to a new city and you don’t know how or where to start your life because you’re used to living in the routine you’ve existed in for so long, don’t worry. There are some really easy ways to get settled in quickly.

Join a gym

When you attend a gym, not only do you start to get to know the regulars, but you also get to meet new people. Of course, at first, it will be frustrating to go there alone, but once you start working on your fitness, there will be a gap in your life. You’ll even feel guilty if you miss a single workout.

Try visiting dating sites

If you’re starting a new life in a new city, you won’t immediately have friends to just chat to. That’s why you should check out the dating sites! You’re not necessarily looking for a long-lost prince or wife-to-be; it’s just a great way to get out and about, visit new restaurants and see the sights your new city has to offer. And if you do fall in love, it will be a great bonus!

Find a hobby

If you’ve always thought about taking a pottery class or attending a cooking class, go for it! One of the easiest ways to start settling into a new city and make new friends easily is to identify a hobby you are passionate about. Moving to a new city is a great way to try new things, and you have every right to do so! The best options to try in a new city are to visit all the new restaurants and local parties. In addition, you may rent a luxury car ( to make an impression. A great way to dip into your new life is to visit a restaurant of some kind once a week. If, while walking around town, you come across a cute restaurant or café, be sure to check it out. Who cares if you’ll be without a date? You’re in a new city and need to eat well!

Get a part-time job

Depending on your schedule, a great way to meet new people and learn about the city you’ve just moved to is to get a part-time job. This could be something like part-time work on Saturdays or every other weekend. When you have a job, you have colleagues and sometimes employees and even customers can become your friends. You can also try to learn a new profession!


If you’re really passionate about animals, check out local shelters in your area and see if they need volunteers. If you’re great with kids, research all the local groups and organizations nearby. However you are passionate, channel your passion in the right way. Not only will you meet other people who share your passion, but you’ll also feel like you have a lot in common. Another added benefit of volunteering is that it can help heal the homesickness that is inevitable when moving to a new city. Many people know how sad it is to return to an empty house that you are not yet used to. So by reaching out, you are helping others, and they in turn are helping you! When you move to a new city, you have a lot on your plate and it’s always difficult. New people, a new address, lots of things to learn and remember. But moving also opens up a lot of new opportunities that will change your life for the better! Most importantly, don’t get discouraged, make friends, visit new places and find hobbies. Soon, you won’t even notice that you’re no longer homesick and you’re engrossed in a new and



What do you love most about yourself? That’s a good question isn’t it? Today I explore the idea and come up with three things which could be perceived as weaknesses, but that I consider strengths.


What with life being completely tedious lately, I’ve been struggling to think about things to write on my blog. I did the whole banana bread thing, then I did MINI banana breads… there’s not really anywhere to go after that is there?

‘Wow guess what guys? I sat about at home today! It was so inspiring!’


Instead I thought perhaps the time had come to start thinking about STUFF. You know, STUFF. The inside bits, the big questions. My word of the year is SELF after all, and as this hasn’t been able to translate itself yet into spa days, maybe for now it needs to be a bit more introspective.

To spur me on, I bought a pack of ‘Questions to Empower‘ cards from Mål Paper. It’s 52 cards, each with a different question on it, designed to encourage self reflection. Perfect, just what I need to save me having to come up with original ideas. The cards arrived. I opened them. I gave them a shuffle and turned over the top card.

What do you love most about yourself?

‘What do I love most about myself?’

I felt relieved, like the cards were easing me in gently, because to be completely honest there are a lot of things I love about myself. I know the done thing if someone asks ‘what do you love most about yourself?’ is to point out your flaws and be secretly full of self loathing but I generally think I’m pretty great. I’m nearly 43, I’ve been a parent since I was 17, I’m kind, generous, smart, funny, modest… I’m a solid 9/10. (You have to keep something back otherwise you get lazy.)

I gave the question time to settle though, and mulled it over a bit. I wanted to think about some of the things I loved about myself that could be perceived by other people as flaws – the less obvious things that nonetheless make me who I am. Here are a few of the things that I came up with. View Post


Homemade vegan hot cross bun recipe

When spring is here, it comes with the celebration. Whether it is about celebrating love with your partner or enjoying delicious homemade hot cross buns at Easter with the whole family, spring gives reasons to have a great time after a long cold winter. On Valentine’s day lovers flock to show and express their love for their special ones and Easter allows spending lovely time with family and friends. When it is about to come, many people start preparing surprises in many ways which help them to exhibit their unrelenting love for their special ones.  They have many things to decide, ranging from giving presents and surprises, deciding what to eat, and what to wear.

To celebrate Valentine’s day or Easter, you should think something out of the box and do something that can be memorable not only for you but for the family as well. Many people go out to fancy restaurants to celebrate, but what could be more romantic than preparing or ordering your favorite dishes online ( from Sun Basket for example ) and surprising your loved ones with the beautiful set up at your home. Well, this will not only be simple and doable but also memorable. Here are a few tips to strengthen the family bond you have, to find new love, to rekindle an old flame.

  1.       What should you have on your menu?

Well, when it’s about spring season, the menu must consist of the favorite food of your close ones. It should reflect how you feel for them. You should put together an elegant and sumptuous dinner to entice your significant other’s taste buds. When it comes to a celebration like an Easter party, don’t hold back, buy delicious and good value pre-cooked meals from Sun Basket or ingredients from Sun Basket to prepare dinner on your own. Do everything that you don’t do on a normal basis. Choose something that can show your significant ones that you put a lot of effort and time into them that is special and well planned out.

You can even serve different finger foods instead of dinner. It would be a unique idea and will allow you to enjoy a good time being in each other’s presence. To get in the mood for enjoyment in spring, almonds, chocolates, strawberries, avocados, asparagus, etc. can be the best choices.

But be cautious while choosing food as it is a spring celebration where you will sit, talk, and spend time together. Make sure to stay away from food that sends hauling for the breath mints.

  1.       How to prepare dinner

If you have decided on preparing a meal for dinner, you will find many Easter Dinner Menu Ideas. But to make this celebration spesh, nothing can go past Italian cuisine which is truly scrumptious. There are a variety of options from Lasagna to tiramisu, cannolis to cannelloni.

Below are the instructions to prepare Lasagna:

  •         Gather ingredients including Lasagna noodles, marinara sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese, a small tub of ricotta cheese, minced cottage cheese or mushroom, and vegetables of your choice.
  •         Soften the noodles by boiling them in a pan.
  •         Create layers out of the softened noodles, cheese, and minced cottage cheese or mushroom, and vegetables like spinach.
  •         Now bake your dish at 350 degrees for half an hour or just wait for the cheese to turn golden brown on top.
  •         Prime the dish with sauce and cover the noodles. Your Lasagna is ready to serve.

When you have a proper meal, there should be something as dessert to complete your dinner date. Cannolis would be the best dessert after delicious Lasagna. There are options available for this dessert, you can go for one that contains ricotta, goat cheese, sugar, orange peel, and pistachios or another including vanilla or chocolate custard, or ricotta cheese mixed with coffee liqueur.

And that’s how you will end up having a great dinner that fits your tastes and shows your affection for your significant ones in your efforts.

  1.       Communicate while sipping wine together

We all know, communication is vital for maintaining a good relationship. When you are sitting with your family and communicating at a dinner table, good wine can make it more special. Go for classic wines like Port and sherry when there are white chocolates to enjoy with. You can even find a myriad of unique and traditional wines customized for Valentine’s day. If you choose this amazing combination of chocolate and wine, then your dinner with family or friends will certainly be thrilled, and your night will become the gastronomic pleasure you have indulged in.

  1.       How to make it a healthy surprise

If your buddies are health-conscious people or fitness enthusiasts, you would want to ensure that they get the best surprise as per their likes and dislikes. We have healthy ideas for spring foods. A little bit of knowledge of food alternatives and preparing them can make you enjoy this festivity to the fullest. When there is a problem with baked and fried snacks, replace it with a tray of fruits and salad topped with your peer’s favorite cream cheese for good flavor.

When talking about the main course, you can cut calories by choosing healthy ingredients and that mostly means low-fat ones. There is no harm in sacrificing a bit of taste by going for some light cream instead of heavy. Apart from this, you can avoid using much salt in your dishes if you add just a little bit of seasoning to highlight the flavors.

  1.       Celebration with little ones

Those who have kids can add their little ones to the celebration as well. Just let them help you cook food for the evening, you should cook some pizzas and fries for kids too. It would be a memorable event for each member, and they will always remember that preparation was very much fun. This way you will get the opportunity to express your love to the whole family. Easter preparation and party can keep the love growing within your family.

There is no denying that making a meal that you and your family enjoy is important, but it is not as important as cherishing the great memories you create and the lovely time you spend together. 


One of the first signs you’re putting on weight is when you start seeing your belly popping out of your jeans. Don’t avoid the fact that it exists because belly fat is more than a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight. 

It can be incredibly harmful and dangerous for your health because it may cause diabetes, heart disease, and sometimes even cancer. One type of belly fat, referred to as visceral fat, is a considerable risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

how to lose belly fat

Naturally, you start thinking about renewing your gym membership, going for exhaustive fitness sessions, and burning some excess fat. However, sweating out your extra weight and belly fat sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Why? Well, you can burn regular fat in your body with the speed of light, but burning belly fat can be a real deal-breaker as this process usually takes longer.

Be that as it may, there are plenty of natural ways in which you can lose your excess weight and keep your belly fat under control. All you need to do is change your unhealthy lifestyle and add an adequate fitness diet to your everyday schedule and eating regime.

Most people that have problems with their weight are in a rush and expect to burn fat quickly. And while most of them succeed, the question remains, how long can they keep the diet and exercising on? In many cases, people become slim and forget about their diet and fitness regime, which causes a massive relapse. They tend to munch at all that comes their way, and as a result, they end up from where they began.

So, can you lose weight and burn your belly fat naturally using home remedies and avoid relapse? The answer is yes, given that you follow your strict fitness diet and not deviate. Though losing weight and belly fat can be difficult, here are five natural ways you can implement in your lifestyle and reduce excess weight and fat immediately. 

Add Black Tea To Your Diet  

This tea type undergoes more oxidation than other tea types like green, white, or oolong teas. Oxidation is a chemical reaction when the tea leaves are exposed to the air, resulting in that characteristic dark color of black tea.

A couple of studies have found that black tea could be extremely beneficial for weight control and burning belly fat. One research performed on 111 people found that drinking three cups of black tea every day for three months considerably increased weight loss and reduced waist circumference, compared to people drinking a caffeine-matched beverage.

Black tea is a kind of tea with a powerful flavor and is regarded as one of the most popular teas worldwide. Black tea’s antioxidants can indeed help regulate cholesterol levels, improve heart health, boost energy levels and immunity, and control weight loss. 

Scientists suggest that black tea’s weight loss effects are tightly connected to the fact that this type of tea is exceptionally high in flavones, a type of plant pigment with antioxidant properties. The same group of studies showed that people with a higher flavone consumption from foods and drinks like black tea had a lower body mass index than those with a lower flavone intake.

get rid of belly fat

One cup of black tea consists of approximately two calories, and it has zero percent saturated fat and cholesterol. Two cups of black tea per day, steeped in nothing but hot water is the best way to get it’s best weight loss benefits.

Convert To A High Protein Diet 

We can’t stress out enough how vital proteins are for efficient weight management. High protein intake increases the discharge of the fullness hormone PYY, a hormone that decreases appetite and promotes fullness. 

Eating a high protein diet leads to a significant reduction in hunger and is the primary reason how proteins help you lose weight. They make you eat fewer calories automatically. Besides, proteins raise your metabolic rate and help you retain muscle mass during weight loss. 

Observational studies have shown that people who eat more protein tend to have less belly fat than those who eat a weaker protein diet. For that reason, make sure to include a good protein source at every meal like eggs, meat, fish, dairy, beans, or whey protein.

Avoid Food Products That Include Trans Fats 

To get the whole point of how much trans fats are dangerous for your weight and health overall, you should know that they are created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats, like soybean oil, for example. Trans fats are found in kinds of margarine, spreads and are often added to packaged foods.

Trans fats are linked to inflammation, insulin resistance, heart disease, and abdominal fat gain. To help reduce weight, your belly fat, and protect your health, make sure to carefully read ingredient labels and steer away from food products that contain trans fats.

Consume Fatty Fish At Least Once Per Week

Fatty fish are incredibly healthy as they’re rich in high-quality protein and omega-3 fats that protect your body from various diseases. Besides, evidence shows that omega-3 fats also help reduce visceral fat. Try to consume fatty fish at least once per week, or in the best-case scenario, aim to get two to three servings of fatty fish per week. Good choices of fatty fish include: 

  • herring;
  • salmon;
  • sardines;
  • anchovies;
  • mackerel.

Drink A Lot Of Water 

Consuming a lot of water can do you good in multiple ways. Nevertheless, the universal solvent is one of the best natural ways to burn excess belly fat. Water will help your body to flush out harmful toxins and maintain a healthy appetite. 

It’s also the most affordable belly fat extinguisher available on the market. All you have to do is keep sipping water in your big water glass every time you feel like it. Besides burning fat, it will help you feel energized, refreshed, and overall better.

In Conclusion 

Losing weight and keeping your belly fat under control know no magic solutions. Weight loss requires persistent effort, dedicated commitment, and perseverance on your behalf. By adopting all or some of the ways to lose weight discussed in this article, you can help yourself lose the extra weight around your waist and better your overall health.


house renovations

If you’re a single mother — trapped in close quarters with your children and juggling parental duties with working duties — then you, like many others, may be feeling the itch to relocate.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have shifted toward a permanent work-from-home environment, causing many to opt to relocate in order to be closer to family or to profit from lower housing costs now that commuting isn’t a factor. In fact, 14.5% of realtors believe remote work will be the biggest influence on the housing market in 2021.

Not to mention, the whole country is doing their best to quarantine at home, which means families are feeling trapped in close quarters, desperately seeking more space. If you’re a single mother, you may already be feeling a calling to move and give your family a bit more room.

The result? Buyers are surging to the market. Before joining in to reap the perks of buying in the new year, you might want to consider some minor renovations in order to profit favourable in this ever-adapting market.

What renovation projects to avoid or take on

As a rule of thumb, don’t take on more than you can chew. Many people aim too high in their home renovations and often don’t receive an appropriate return on investment.

For example, top real estate agents saw many people taking on huge projects in 2020 — like installing a new pool, creating a home gym, or converting a room into a home office. These huge renovations may seem appealing, especially now that buyers are looking for similar entertainment-driving amenities, but the investment will ultimately outweigh the return.

Instead, focus on the kitchen and baths. Kitchen renovations normally have a very high return on investment, and real estates agents dub kitchen islands, walk-in pantries, and kitchen storage space as the top 3 amenities buyers are looking for in 2021. For baths, something as simple as adding a double vanity will attract plenty of buyer attention.

Another place to focus your renovations? Outside. Now that people feel locked away in their own homes, buyers are seeking desirable outdoor spaces. Adding a fire pit, privacy fence, patio space, or outdoor kitchen will have buyers knocking on your door when it comes time to sell.

Home improvements that won’t break the bank

As a single mother, you might not have the savings for huge renovations, nor the time. Updating your curb appeal is a relatively cheap endeavor that’ll give buyers a great first impression of your home. Tasks as simple as repainting the front door, buying prominent house numbers, planting some flowers, and mowing the lawn will surely have potential buyers looking twice.

In addition — if you decide to do nothing else inside — make sure to deep clean, declutter, and depersonalize. On average, deep cleaning and decluttering your home adds $1,728 and $2,584 in value respectively. The best part? All of this can be done free of cost so long as you have the time and motivation!