How to set fitness goals

As we bid adieu to the colder days and stow away our winter clothing, most of us turn our attention to the perennial pursuit of the elusive summer “beach body”. This may be partly because we can no longer rely on the extra layers of winter clothes to hide the fluff that we put on during the winter or the way we severely lost track, as it so often happens, of all the food we ate during the winter festivities. Either way, it’s time to get back into shape, and this year, do it the proper way. This year, instead of getting sucked into the vicious cycle that is crash-dieting and binge-eating, make way for a more sustainable fitness philosophy to not only help you reach your goals but surpass them.

Set yourself up for success from the get-go:

The number one rule to effectively get fit is to have a fixed goal in mind. And the first step towards setting a goal is to ascertain what it is one hopes and expects to achieve. In fitness terms this could mean running that 5k marathon, losing body fat, toning up, gaining muscle to chisel out your body or even focusing on strength and cranking out a 100 Kg deadlift.

However, it is imperative to establish an achievable target. The last thing one wants is to lose their incentive just because what they sought after was unattainable in the given time frame. It is pertinent to note here that this does not mean one should not push themselves: on the contrary, it is advised to set targets that inspire you to push your boundaries. To avoid the ‘lose 15 Kgs in 1-week’ fad, keep your objectives lofty but realistic, and watch yourself accomplish everything you set your mind to!

One step at a time:

The importance of breaking your main goal down into mini-goals or milestones cannot be overemphasised. It is human nature to seek gratification, and a lack thereof can result in wavering motivation which eventually results in falling off the wagon. Having set milestones leading up to one’s final objective can allow the satisfaction of enjoying the small victories and helps to stay on course in the long run. As they say, a fitness journey is not a 100-meter sprint, it is a marathon: you should be in it for the long haul. The setting, and keeping track of these mini-goals is a habit-forming technique that will make fitness a permanent part of your life and keep you continually motivated with every successive moment of triumph.

Fuel yourself:

It is essential to feed your body the best nutrition to enable it to perform at its highest level. Getting fit is 20% exercise and 80% diet. Staying active on a poor diet can cause one to feel sluggish and hamper progress. On the other hand, it is also easy to jeopardise your goals by unwittingly over-eating. Ideally, one should consult with a registered dietitian and nutritionist to come up with a personalised nutritional plan for the correct amounts of macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micro-nutrients (including sodium levels, potassium, vitamin requirements etc.) required. Signing up for macro-tracking services (like MyFitnessPal or My Macros +) allows users to track exactly how much they are eating by providing a comprehensive database of food items that makes it easy to ‘count calories’.

It must be stated that crash-dieting or severely restricting one’s calorie intake will only do more harm to the body. In fact, studies show that prolonged dietary restriction slows down metabolism and causes stagnation in weight loss, along with a multitude of other physiological problems. Hence, while one should avoid exceeding their calorific limit as set by the nutritionist, it is absolutely necessary to eat enough to provide sufficient energy to help one’s body continue to function optimally.

Exercise regularly:

A well-rounded training program with wholesome nutrition is ideally supplemented by both cardio and strength training and allowances for flexibility and rest days. Where cardio workouts burn more calories per session than strength training ones, strength training elevates your metabolism and subsequently burns calories for more extended periods after the session is over. On average, three days of strength or resistance exercises and two days of cardio intensive activity is recommended, but this may vary depending on your fitness goals and your normal activity levels.

Making sure to increase your base level of activity during the day will also help boost your metabolism. This could mean taking the stairs more often, parking your car farther away from your destination, and cycling or even walking to work and back.

Stay accountable:

It is essential to have a way to hold yourself accountable, especially for those off-days when leaving the enticing comfort of a bed or couch to get moving seems like the most arduous task. Start small by dedicating a diary to log in your necessary measurements to help gauge progress (record weight, tape measurements of size and photos). We would recommend going beyond this and involving others in your pursuit of fitness- this could be in the form of having a dedicated workout partner, informing close family or friends of your progress or sharing your journey on social media. Human psychology works in a way that while some people put in the hours on their own, many others require a support group to help them on their way.

Consider supplements:

Some people may require more than just proper nutrition and an active lifestyle to achieve their targets. Those who are on the heavier side of the scale, or have specific dietary requirements, should consider using the right supplements to avoid the slew of medical problems that can arise due to being overweight. Services such as Click Pharmacy have a range of weight loss supplements that can elevate one’s progress when taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Keep in mind that it is never advisable to self-prescribe any supplement without consulting the relevant professional expert.

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, you need to have the earnest desire and mental courage to do what is required to be healthier and stronger. With a well-formed fitness plan, proper nutrition and an exercise regime catered to your specific needs, you will have worked your way to the summer body you desire in no time.

I’m not honestly sure why I added ‘read a Mills and Boon’ to my list of 50 things to do before 50. I guess because I would consider myself a wide reader, and yet here was a massive chunk of writing that I had completely ignored. I may as well admit that it was pure snobbery – I imagined they’d be bad, and I didn’t want to waste my time with them.

I didn’t want to be that person though, dismissing something without even giving it a try, so I did a bit of research, (i.e. spent three minutes Googling ‘best Mills and Boon writers’), and settled on this second hand Regency Christmas trilogy. (I love Christmas.)

Mills and Boon reviews

As you may have deduced from the title, these are historical romances, which I’m imagining basically means a lot less sex that the modern ones. In one of these stories the hero has to marry the heroine simply because he’s caught touching her leg in a medical, if unorthodox, capacity.

I was okay with this though, as I’m not massively into reading erotic fiction. I think it’s REALLY hard, (pun intended), to make sex sound sexy when you’re describing the nuts (again, intended) and bolts of it. I’d much rather something a bit subtler – sexiness implied – and use my imagination. I do think too that there can be just as much erotic charge in a meaningful exchange of looks as in a throbbing member being thrust vigorously anywhere – in real life as well as in writing.

So there I was, Regency Mills and Boon trilogy in hand, ready to be unimpressed. View Post

As you may have noticed, but probably haven’t because, let’s face it, you have more important things to think about, I’ve been pretty quiet on the old blog front over the last few weeks.

It’s because last week – Thursday to be precise – was the paperback launch of my novel, Playgroups and Prosecco. For a month or so beforehand I’d been feeling a bit weird, kind of unmotivated and despondent and like I wasn’t really sure what I was doing with my life. I was spending quite a bit of time imagining myself dying alone, surrounded by cats, and was worrying that I didn’t have a LIFE PLAN.

It turns out that this was just pre-book launch stress, because as soon as that was done, suddenly I didn’t care any more that I didn’t have a 5 year plan or an investment portfolio or anything – it was enough again just to have pretty hanging plants in the garden and nice shaped mugs. (I am quite particular about the shape of my mugs, but I take a lot of pleasure in that, so it’s fine.)

You’d have thought really that the book launch anxiety dreams would have given it away, but I am rubbish as REALISING things, even when they seem obvious. I’m like it every month with my period – ‘oh THAT’S why I wanted to kill somebody yesterday’ – and have even been surprised in the past a couple of times by people telling me they loved me, like I was apparently meant to know we were anything but friends.

Anyway, basically I’m kind of slow on the uptake, and I was worried, but then loads of people turned up to the book launch event and Waterstones sold out and had to dismantle the window display to get more copies, and everything was okay again.


So, I just wanted to say thank you really. Thank you to everyone who came along and made me realise that I probably won’t end up actually getting eaten by my cats after my death, and thank you to everyone who has bought the book or posted pictures of it spotted in supermarkets and bookshops, or said nice things on Amazon. Or any things at all actually, because I don’t expect everyone to think it’s amazing, and I appreciate people just taking a chance on it, and the time to share their thoughts.

Thank you to Mandy and Keiran at Waterstones in Taunton for hosting us and making it such an enjoyable occasion, even though we overwhelmed them slightly with the amount of prosecco we were able to get through in such a short amount of time. Thank you to I Heart Wines for the prosecco, thanks to Ebury for publishing me.

Thanks for coming guys!

(That was basically the full extent of my ‘speech’ in case you were worrying that you’d missed some kind of Olivia Colman style extravaganza.)

Here are some photos so that even if you couldn’t make it, you can imagine me mingling, clutching a glass nervously, trying to look glamorous.

And no, no sponsorship deal with McVities, but believe me it’s not for want of trying.

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I was gifted these products for the purposes of this post

I seem to spend most of my life vacuuming.

Okay, that’s a lie, I spend most of my life thinking about vacuuming – looking at the cat hair collecting on the carpet, the dust building up on the skirting boards, and thinking ‘God I really should do something about that.’ And then I don’t, because I can’t honestly be bothered to wrestle the vacuum cleaner out from under the pile of shoes in the understairs cupboard and anyway, almost as soon as you do it you stroke a cat and POOF, everything is fluffy again.

What I really need is a series of upright and handheld vacuum cleaners that I can leave strategically around the house, ready to suck up the fluff.

Oh HELLO there new range of Beldray electrical cleaning appliances, now available exclusively at Wilko.

Beldray Quick Vac Lite review

(This is the Quick Vac Cordless Lite and is my favourite because you can arrange the nozzles to make it look like a pet.)

I have VERY generously been given a bundle of THREE Beldray products to give away, worth £95 in total, so I’m going to tell you a little bit about each of them and then you’ll have the chance to win the lot. The range is designed to be easy to use and affordable, so have a read and see what you think. View Post

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