The COVID 19 global pandemic has brought with it unnerving uncertainty. You may feel as though your job is not secure and that you need to do more in order to keep things on the straight and narrow. Of course, it wouldn’t harm to make a bit more money every month either. If you want to do that then take a look below.

Asset Shop

Housing prices might be down, but that means that now it is a good time for you to invest in real estate. The shutdown has also meant that people are doing less shopping too. If you want to take advantage of this then you need to buy some cheap assets. When you do, you will soon find that the value of each asset rises over time and that you are able to make a small fortune when the pandemic is over. In 2009 after the crash, people were still buying houses and assets and they did really well when the market bounced back.

Start a Business

This may sound somewhat counter-intuitive but right now, it’s not a bad idea to start a business. There have been a lot of changes made in the last few weeks and this has also brought about a brand-new demand for products that were previously not required. If you are able to fill this need then you can certainly benefit as well as giving yourself the chance to capitalise on a very valuable business opportunity. If you need a loan during this time to secure your new business funding then are still offering loans.

Waive your Debt

A lot of banks and utility companies are now offering their customers a certain degree of relief because of the pandemic. In a lot of cases, this means that they are not charging interest or giving penalties on bills that are not paid by the due date. Flexible payment plans may be an option but you still need to make sure that you put in the legwork. If you are able to capitalise on this, then you may end up coming out of this pandemic a bit more financially secure.

Sell Items Online

Now is a fantastic time for you to have a good clear-out. Consider getting rid of as many items as you can and sell them online. When you do, you will soon find that you can make a small fortune. If you are not quite sure if your items are worth anything then do a quick search online. When you do, you will soon find that other people are selling similar items, and this will give you a guideline price.

So, making money during the pandemic doesn’t need to be difficult and this is especially the case if you know the steps you need to take. If you utilise the above tips, then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to make a small fortune without having to worry about a thing.


kitchen planning

It often happens that when arranging the kitchen, we did not make sure that the lighting was good. This means that you cannot see well when cooking. Therefore, the kitchen should be well lit. This will avoid accidents, e.g. when cutting meat or vegetables, and will also make the kitchen look very nice. Below you will find several ways to illuminate the kitchen.

We are very lucky when our kitchen has a lot of windows that provide us with huge amounts of sunlight. However, this is not the rule. If our kitchen has no window, then its light works practically for the day. In such cases, it is worth taking care of the kitchen lighting, which is adapted for longer work and does not wear out too quickly. It’s best to use several different light sources. Main lighting for the entire room and directional lighting illuminating a specific space. The use of mixed lighting will allow the optimal lighting of the space that we currently need. Such light in the kitchen will also allow us to avoid having to illuminate the entire interior every time. A soft light will be useful to us at night or in the morning. Thanks to it, we will not stimulate the rest of the household. However, during the preparation of lunch or dinner, we can turn on all the lights, both the main and illuminating worktops, or the kitchenette.

Traditional lighting

The traditional way of lighting the kitchen is a lamp placed in a central point in the ceiling, thanks to which we obtain an even distribution of light throughout the room. However, this type of lighting has minuses, namely, it consumes a lot of energy and therefore is quite expensive. In addition, kitchen furniture is usually placed against the walls, so when preparing meals at the worktop we will have light behind us. This can cause accidents due to poor lighting in the workplace. Central lighting in the kitchen is not very effective, it adversely affects the eyesight. In many nooks, such as e.g. under hanging cabinets, shadows are created that make work difficult. Therefore, in addition to general lighting, an additional light source should be provided in the kitchen.

The reflected light is one way of lighting the general kitchen. It uses the effect of light reflection. This type of lighting is based on the fact that the light beam is directed upwards to the ceiling and not directly downwards to the illuminated surfaces. Then the light is scattered into the room. This guarantees shadowless and soft lighting.

When planning the arrangement of lights in the kitchen, you can think of kitchen floor lights. This will add an excellent effect and fulfill the role of small lights, which can be turned on when we just want to pour a glass of water at night, while not waking up the household.

In the kitchen, a worktop is a special place that requires additional lighting. The tabletop should be illuminated with evenly spaced fittings directed directly at its surface. There are several possible ways to illuminate the worktop. The first way is available if there are hanging cabinets above the top. You can then mount small halogen lamps under low cabinets. Another option for lighting the kitchen worktop is to use halogen systems stretched over or mounted above the upper cabinets.

Don’t eat in the dark

For lighting the kitchen table, the lamp hanging centrally above the table is most often used. It is best to use a lamp with a lampshade so that the light does not blind the people sitting at the table. In small kitchens, just hang the sconce above the table. If the kitchen has a kitchen island, a good solution is to lower the ceiling above the table and illuminate it with halogen inlets.

Decorative lighting

The lighting above kitchen cabinets plays a decorative role and is used to illuminate the interior of cabinets after they are opened. Halogen lamps are used for such lighting, which is mounted on special brackets or plates placed above the cabinets. These lamps are installed in the middle of the cabinet width.

This is an additional type of lighting that is optional, but it gives the kitchen a vibe. Under-cabinet lighting can act as decorative lighting. If we have glass cabinets in the kitchen, we can also highlight their contents. You can use bulbs or LED strips that consume much less energy than traditional ones and have excellent decorative qualities.

Remember that apart from the fact that the light in the kitchen looks good, it also fulfills the task of lighting places. Therefore, when arranging the kitchen, make sure that all places are well lit. Meanwhile, get to work and design a beautiful and practical kitchen.


Interior design ideas

Buying a home is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your life. This purchase will require you to save money for years and adjust your spending habits. However, regardless of how expensive your home is, there will come a time when the property will look and feel old.  

If the idea of stepping inside your humble abode and spending time indoors no longer excites you, it might be time for you to change the interiors of your home. No matter what your interior design budget is, there will always be ways to revamp the look of your home.  

If you’re out of ideas, listed below are some tips on how you can change the interior look of your home without breaking the bank: 


  • Update Your Lighting Fixtures 


Most homeowners disregard the importance of choosing the right lighting fixtures. They think that as long as their space is well-lit with their current fixtures, there’s no need to update or change any of them. Make sure that you don’t commit the same mistake. Your home’s lighting fixture is important because it doesn’t only provide illumination indoors; it also affects the mood of the people living inside, as well as the overall ambiance of the space.  

If you have been using the same lighting fixtures for years, consider investing in newer ones. You can enjoy a wide selection of lighting fixtures in second-hand stores and flea markets, so make sure that you visit these first.  

When choosing lighting fixtures for your home, assess how the space is used and how large the space is. Sconces and rope lighting work well in bedrooms, while close-to-ceiling light fixtures and chandeliers will look great when installed in your living area.  


  • Paint Your Interiors 


One of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform your home is to paint it with another color. You can simply buy a can of paint from your local hardware store, buy a brush (if you don’t have any yet), and roll up your sleeves to start painting. Depending on the layout and size of your home, you can complete painting its interiors within hours or several days.  

For you to achieve the best results from painting your home, be careful in choosing colors. Using dark colors can make your home feel cramped, while lighter hues can make the space look more spacious. If you don’t want to color your interiors with one color only, be careful with your color combinations as too many colors can make the space look cluttered and can possibly cause stress to the household.  


  • Create Your Own Decors 


Decors are a must in every home. Using the right décor can set the tone in your home and create a positive mood indoors. Although beneficial for your home’s interior, decors sold in online and retail stores can be very expensive. Buying these items will surely put a hole in your pocket since you will not only need one.  

If you want to improve how your home looks through different decors, opt to make them instead. There are countless DIY projects, which you can do within hours, that work as excellent home decors.  

For example, you can recycle some of your old plastic bottles, paint them in bright colors, and put fresh flowers in them. This will work as a very colorful and unique centerpiece in any room of your house. As for your wall decors, you can hang different shells or dried flowers using a made-up wooden mobile.  


  • Look For Dual-Purpose Items 


Just because your home is small doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve its interiors. Sure, you might have limited options, but as long as you are resourceful, you can still change the appearance of your home even if you have limited space.  

For starters, you can invest in items that are both functional and decorative. If you want to change how your living area looks, consider looking for a cheap ottoman. This piece works well as a seat and can be used to store small items, such as books and extra linens. You can also look for beds that come with built-in drawers for storage or seats that also work as bookshelves.  

Aside from making your interiors look new, dual-purpose items are actually cost-effective investments as these can also make your space more functional. These items will surely bring more convenience and comfort to the entire household! 

Choose Carefully  

There are a lot of ways on how you can change your home’s appearance. You just have to pick a handful that truly fits your needs and allows your personality to stand out. Carefully choosing from your options will make it very easy for you to transform your home without spending thousands of dollars!  

white bedroom


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I have to admit that after the whole car dashboard/satsuma incident, which resulted in my car refusing to turn left at a junction one day, despite my best efforts with the steering wheel, I was pretty nervous about owning my own house. It’s probably one of the main reasons why until buying our house three years ago, I’d always rented. You know where you are with renting – you avoid too much blutac and keep the lawn vaguely under control and in return you absolve yourself of all responsibility for anything relating to drains, electrics or plumbing. Easy.

Despite managing to navigate my way through a leaky roof last year, (by going and knocking on the door of a maintenance man around the corner whose van I’d seen parked outside his house), I haven’t yet got that confidence about me that means I’m happy casually calling up a plumber. For a start, how do you know if they’re a good one? And then how do you know if they’re giving you a good price and good advice if all you’ve ever had to do in the past is call your letting agent and then be on hand to let someone in and make them a cup of tea? How much do plumbers even cost?

Plumbers scare me is what I think I’m basically saying, which is a bit pathetic and I’m not proud of myself as a 42 year old woman, but there we go. The facts remain.

When rusty coloured water started appearing in a small puddle underneath my kitchen radiator at the end of last year then, my first instinct obviously was to reach for the fruit bowl and strategically place a satsuma. Unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere obvious to put a piece of fruit that would cover up the problem, so instead I chose just to wipe up the splotch every time I noticed it and pretend nothing was happening.

This worked for a time, until the more rusty water I wiped away the more I had to accept that I needed to do something more responsible. I started Googling ‘rusty radiator water leak’ and came up with all kinds of horrendous scenarios that involved pipes bursting spontaneously. I imagined myself innocently cooking dinner and listening to The Archers, only to find myself drenched in foul radiator water with bits of metal piping embedded in the walls.

I did what any sensible grown up would do – I turned the radiator off and condemned myself to cooking forever in a cold kitchen.

Plumb Doctor Live review

The offending radiator, looking so innocent…

Two months later and cue Plumb Doctor Live, enter stage left. View Post


All the couples would like their marriages to be happy, fulfilling and to last forever. Sadly, in many cases it turns out to be impossible and a lot of problems occur. However, they don’t always need to lead to a divorce – sometimes the differences strengthen the relationship. It doesn’t mean, though, that every dispute can be overlooked. There are many factors that indicate the possibility of a divorce in a relationship. What are they and when do they end up in a divorce most often?


The beginnings of a relationships, so around the first year of marriage or engagement, are usually satisfying for both partners. This is the time of fascination, affection and happiness. In this time partners rarely decide to end their relationship, unless something really unexpected happens.

The most important period

Psychologists say that couples are most likely to divorce within the first few years after they get married. Why? It’s probably the time when the routine kicks in, partners lack mutual fascination, or they simply have some financial or other down-to-earth problems. This is also a time when many people think of having a baby, which can be problematic for some people, either in biological or mental terms. All these things lead to quarrels and really often end up in a divorce. What’s more, partners may not have their own methods of going through conflicts yet. If you feel that it’s a right moment to end your marriage, but you’re still scared of the whole process, take a look at Survive Divorce to get some valuable tips on that.

Later years

It’s often said that if a marriage survives the first five years, it will last forever. Of course, problems and misunderstandings can always happen, but along with the time spent together, the couples usually work out their coping mechanisms, compromise methods and simply know each other better. It all facilitates solving the problems and minimises the risk of a divorce.  To find some tips on how to improve your marriage life, have a look here.

It turns out that the first few years of a marriage are the most crucial period for the couple. It is the time when they learn to help each other, understand mutual needs and if this time is used properly, it can strengthen the relationship. If not – it is likely to end up in court.

when is divorce most likely



coronavirus Gwyneth Paltrow

People who have been through emotionally challenging or traumatic events are faced with a difficult situation. Some of them find it hard to deal with such events emotionally, which can often hinder their ability to cope with daily life. What’s more, there are accounts of people who started to feel physical pain after experiencing a traumatic event. Psychologists and medical professionals are constantly researching the topic of the connection between the condition of body and mind. Even though there are no conclusive results, there are some facts related to this issue. Here’s what you need to know if you’re experiencing physical pain along with the emotional one:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

One of the conditions associated with chronic pain is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). A person with CRPS experiences severe, long-lasting pain rating higher in the McGill Pain index than childbirth or amputation of a limb. While the pain usually affects one limb, it can spread to other parts of the body. Some people report they experience pain for many years. However, this condition is known to improve over time, especially with treatment. If the pain prevents you from carrying out daily activities, you should seek medical advice.

Other symptoms

Whenever you’re experiencing emotional pain, other emotional and physical symptoms are likely to follow. You may experience feelings of anger, shame, guilt, or sadness. Dealing with these emotions can be difficult, so it’s important to learn containment and self-soothing skills.

Additionally, people who experience emotional pain often report feeling physical pain in other parts of their bodies. Pain is usually experienced in one limb or body part, and can sometimes spread to other areas in your body. Some psychologists believe that various emotional problems may be indicated by certain body pains, i.e. headaches and migraines may indicate stress and tension. Even though the lack of conclusive evidence can’t determine whether this statement is true, such symptoms should not be underestimated. Whenever you experience chronic pain that you think is a result of a difficult emotional situation, treat your condition seriously and look for ways to solve this problem.

Pain and your daily routine

Even though it’s difficult to determine whether emotional pain really translates to physical pain, it can still affect your life in a number of ways. In case you feel emotional pain and emotional symptoms follow, such strong, negative feelings can impact your daily routine. You may develop other conditions related to mental health, such as depression or anxiety, preventing you from living your life you were used to before.

As for physical symptoms, such as limb pain, headaches, or migraines, chronic pain can negatively interfere with your personal and professional life. It can also have a detrimental effect on your family and social life. What’s more, a prolonged feeling of physical pain can damage your sleep patterns and interfere with your mood.


Whether it’s related to your emotional state or not, chronic pain can significantly interfere with your life, and neglecting your symptoms can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Due to the severity of this condition, you should seek professional help as soon as possible.

If you experience chronic pain or suffer from CRPS, there’s no treatment that can cure your symptoms right away. However, a number of treatments can help you manage them. Antidepressants or anticonvulsants can help reduce your pain. Physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises can help you reduce the risk of long-term physical problems. Psychological support can also be helpful in your situation, due to the fact that you’ll be given useful information about your condition and you’ll learn self-management and coping skills that can help you manage it yourself.

How to cope with emotional pain?

Reaching out for professional help is an important step in your recovery. However, besides physical rehabilitation and psychological treatment, there are some ways that can help you deal with emotional pain. These require small but substantial changes in your behavior and the way of thinking.

So, what kind of things can you try? Some people find keeping a journal therapeutic. You can try writing down your thoughts and daily events but don’t feel pressured to do it regularly. You can also try exercising – among several health-related benefits, physical activity improves your mood and boosts your energy. What’s more, crying and talking about your emotions can make you more open and at ease. If you can, pick up a new hobby or engage in activities that will prevent you from dwelling on negative emotions.

Feel free to test out different strategies and look for other ways that can make you feel better. Remember that contacting a therapist and discussing your problems with a trained professional is likely to produce the best results and help you in the long run.

The bottom line

Not all kinds of pain can be associated with emotional pain or trauma. Due to its psychological nature, it’s not easy to come up with conclusive results and answers. Nevertheless, emotional pain should be taken seriously. If you experience symptoms that are detrimental to your wellbeing and hinder your daily routine, don’t wait! Reach out for professional help and try to implement strategies that can help you cope with it.


visit los angeles


There is something about the idea of visiting Los Angeles, and particularly about traveling around the LA area in a luxury RV with your friends and family, that makes it seem like the ultimate holiday destination. This city has always held an air of excitement, ever since the early days of movies, where young hopefuls would flock to LA dreaming of a better life.

Today things are different for most people, although some do still go there to be ‘in the movies’, and it is much more of a tourist destination, and one that, if you get the chance, you should enjoy to the utmost. Here are some reasons to go there and to stay in a gorgeous RV at the same time.

The Beaches

Although the first thing you might think of when Los Angeles comes to mind is the city itself, it has several highly regarded beaches to enjoy as well. They include Venice Beach, which is one of the most popular and is always full of people relaxing, meeting up with friends, working out, and sunbathing.

Another popular spot for people to visit is Muscle Beach. We mentioned working out when talking about Venice Beach, but if you’re serious about it or want to watch those who are, then Muscle Beach is the place to go.

Plus, there is Santa Monica Beach and its famous pier. The pier itself is a whole day out, offering incredible views, lots of restaurant choices, a roller coaster, and even shops. This is one of the largest piers in America, and it is an iconic structure that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in LA.

There are several beaches all around the coastline, and when you have organized Los Angeles RV rental, you can easily travel from one to the next, checking them all out before deciding on which one (or ones) you might want to spend more time at.

Beverly Hills

One of the most famous districts of Los Angeles is Beverly Hills; it has the zip code 90210, which may be one of the most well known in the world. It is possible to take a walking tour of Beverly Hills. When you do, you can see some of the stars’ homes, possibly spot a film star, and even see the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, which was one of the most well remember locations in the movie Pretty Woman.

Although the walking tours are a lot of fun, you must remember that it gets very hot in Los Angeles, and therefore staying in your air-conditioned RV and traveling around in that way can be much more comfortable. You’ll still be able to see the famous sites, but you’ll do it in a much more relaxed and enjoyable way.

Location Spotting

Los Angeles has been used as the backdrop to many a movie, and something else you can do is look out for the most recognized and well know movie locations that are still dotted around the town. This is great fun, and you can download maps that will take you from place to place. You will definitely enjoy making the most of your RV at this point – trying to take in all the sights on foot would be impossible since there are so many, and you won’t want to have to pick and choose when you have the chance to see everything on offer.

Another fun thing to do when it LA is to book onto a studio tour. Universal Studios, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Brothers all offer this exciting opportunity to fans of the films. Although you must book in advance if you want to guarantee a space, it’s well worth doing so.


Something that LA is less famous for is its hiking trails, but if you are an active person and you want to explore the less tourist-filled parts of LA, then you should head out a little further in your RV and try some of the trails that crisscross the countryside. Whether you choose to run, walk, or jog is up to you, and the good news is that the trails are well maintained and well set out.

Ideally, you will want to take something with you for safety, and if you’re concerned about heading into the hiking areas alone, then you can join a group of others who will be good company for you, and who will make sure everything is safe. Seeing a different side to LA is exciting and a great way to contrast the more well-known town with the little-seen one.

The Cost

We’ve been talking about how much fun it is to visit Los Angeles, but we should also mention the cost. It’s not a cheap place to visit, and the hotels can be hugely expensive, especially the ones near the center of town and the ones in which the rich and famous stay. The problem is, these are also the best hotels for tourists since they are the most luxurious and comfortable. You can spend less, but you might regret it when you have a lumpy mattress and old pillows.

The luxury RV is a great alternative. There are lots of spots just outside the town where you can park your RV in complete safety, ready to drive back in the next day. Or you can leave your RV in the special camping ground and take a bus or taxi back to LA, depending on what you are planning to do.

Either way, you know you can enjoy your day and come back ‘home’ to a fully stocked RV, which is less expensive, but just as comfortable as a great hotel is a good thing. You can also head into Los Angeles in the evening to experience some of its iconic nightlife and visit clubs, bars, and restaurants before heading back to your RV in which you have everything you need. You’ll be glad of it and happy to rest your tired feet in great surroundings.


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Have you had to cancel a summer holiday this year?

I have, and it’s not fun. I’ve pretty much stopped looking at my calendar at all because the days and days stretching ahead with nothing to look forward to are a bit much sometimes.

Perhaps you’re looking on the bright side – at least you won’t have to have to spend hours in the car with kids who apparently have bladders the size of actual peas, and you can save some money at least, including on all those extras like endless ice creams, all the overpriced cocktails you have to buy to make a holiday with kids bearable, and litres of sunscreen.

HOLD UP THOUGH. Not so fast.

Just because you’re not going on a summer holiday doesn’t mean you’re off the hook with the sun protection. I know it can feel like we don’t need it most of the time in the UK but that’s just not the case. More people in the UK are now killed by skin cancer than in Australia, and a scary 60% of us damaged our skin in the sun just last year. (Statistic from 2019 SunSense survey.)

That’s not cool is it? Especially when according the Cancer Research UK, 86% of melanoma skin cancers cases in the UK are preventable. Just by regularly using a high SPF 50+ sunscreen you can reduce your chances of developing the disease.

To help us all stay safe in the sun, we’ve been trying out the range of sunscreens from SunSense, an iconic Australian sunscreen brand that’s been a favourite with Australians for over 30 years.

SunSense sunscreen for kids

Those chubby little fingers!

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Quiz clothes review

Many people have taken this time stuck in quarantine to be super productive around their homes or to learn a new skill, or something noteworthy. I don’t know where they get all that motivation, I prefer to stay snuggled up reading a book, divulging my sweet tooth.

You can only read and snack for so long before getting a bit stir-crazy though. So, I decided it was finally time to tackle my to-do pile. Yes, it was a literal pile actually. I resolved to work on something that I have been putting off for a long time: repairing some clothes I had stacked on a pile in my closet for years. If a button popped off a shirt, or a zipper got stuck on a purse, I would set it on this pile to fix “on a rainy day” because I liked the pieces too much to get rid of. Apparently, I was not waiting for a rainy day to fix them as it has rained quite a few times in the last few years and well… The pile was still there, staring at me every day I’d walk into my closet.

As I said in a previous post, any time is a great time to work on reducing clutter. This pile of clothes was definitely taking up space and also, I want to be able to wear these items again one day! I had kept them for a reason after all.

So, I finally (forcefully?) made time to work on the pile. Most notably, I sewed on a few shirt buttons, repaired the zipper on a pair of pants, patched a hole ripped in a skirt and reattached the sole on a pair of favourite shoes. Resoling shoes? That sounds like a lot of work and very complicated. Actually, it was super easy (and I’m angry at myself for just now finding the time to do it. Imagine all the shoe-wearing I have missed out on just because of laziness…). But, with a simple trick I was able to fix this shoe problem stat! Just some leather glue that dries in a minute and – bam – a renewed pair of shoes, ready for a night out on the town again.

Now, I’m no seamstress, but it felt good to finally have this pile of ‘to-dos’ ticked off and some space gained in my closet. And it only took about two hours to get through it all. Best of all – my wardrobe has been updated with a few new pieces. So, once quarantine is over, I will have some ‘new’ outfits just waiting to be worn.

Even though I would rather have done something else, tackling these clothes woes turned out to be a bit therapeutic – who knew! Patching a hole, mending a seam, or fixing a hem doesn’t have to be as laborious as we make it out to be sometimes. Take some time this quarantine or this summer to organize, mend, or reduce your clutter with simple tricks!


untold stories slummy single mummy

I feel like Untold Stories has been pretty sad lately – the woman who regrets having children and the new mother who hates her husband – it’s perhaps a bit heavy going right now isn’t it? I do want this feature to be a place of honesty, but I’m tempering it a little today with a story that blends authenticity with positivity. Becoming a parent can be shocking and difficult and exhausting but also wonderful and surprising and beautiful. Today I’m celebrating both sides. Get in touch if you have a story you’d like to share anonymously.

By Anon

When my baby is seven months old and I am starting to emerge, blinking, into the daylight, I go for lunch with a work friend who has a toddler.

“How have you found it?” she asks, innocently.

My only reply is a wide-eyed stare.

“I know,” she says, nodding sagely.

Nobody tells you what sublime bliss and utter tyranny it is to have a baby. Parents apparently take a vow of silence about the total surrender that comes with the territory. Through school, university, work, we are taught to analyse, to be rational, to put things in order. Then babies come along and don’t so much challenge your now hard-wired rationality as throw it out the window and stamp on it, chuckling gummily.

Pregnancy is a good preparation. Suffer from hayfever? Tough, you can’t take antihistamines. Stay indoors. Chest infection? Mmm, better if you can muddle through on honey and lemon. Used to rushing about town in a constant whirl of activity? Two words: slow down. Your body will give you no choice.

Towards the end, I felt like my body was turning inside out. I had expected my baby to be like me: early or on time to all appointments. Instead, she was lingering cosily, and my body was protesting in every way it knew how. View Post


office yoga

Have you ever wondered about spirituality? Spirituality is a word that’s thrown around a lot, with more and more people identifying themselves as spiritual. Even if you don’t have the slightest religious affiliations, you can still explore spirituality. Rather than praying to a God or following a holy book, it’s more about being kind, empathetic, and open-hearted.

Spirituality is not just about being a good, decent person. By connecting to your higher self, you’ll feel more centered during hard times and achieve overall wellbeing. We’re sharing a few ways you can start your spiritual journey. Take a look.

Know Your Intentions

Why are you seeking spirituality? It’s important to set your intentions instead of doing it because it’s ‘trendy’. Spirituality has existed for centuries! You don’t have to become an expert immediately, but just having a genuine curiosity is enough. Be willing to learn about spirituality and be open to ways you can implement in your life.

Practice Meditation

Everyone would agree that spending quality time with someone is crucial for developing a healthy relationship. And the same is true for your relationship with your own mind and feelings. Regularly set aside time to meditate and connect to your spiritual side. If you’re not familiar with meditating, download a guided meditation and practice daily mindfulness.

Identify and Validate Your Emotions

There is a reason behind every feeling and emotion you have, so leave behind your habit of putting aside your emotions. You should identify what makes you happy, what inspires you, what challenges you, and so on. Understanding and validation of your emotions is a huge step towards discovering your spiritual self.

Show Gratitude

As a society, we are trained to complain about every inconvenience and hardship in our lives. While these might be genuine concerns, there are good things in your life too. Do you show appreciation as you complain? Identify the ways the universe has blessed you and be grateful for it!

Start Journaling

Journaling is one of the easiest ways to be in tune with yourself. Just pick up a notebook and write down whatever comes to your mind. It could be anything from how you feel to career goals. This will help you understand yourself better. 

Look After Your Body

Spirituality isn’t just connecting with your mind and soul. Find things that feed your thoughts and also make your body happy. Whether it’s dancing to your favorite song, or treating yourself to a massage, look after your physical wellbeing as well.

Talk to a Psychic

If you need some guidance for your spiritual journey, you’ll find a psychic reading useful. You can seek advice for becoming more mindful, healing, and exploring your spirituality. Check out these psychic reviews to get in touch with a reputable psychic in your area.

Choose Positivity

Everything that you surround yourself with has an impact on your spirit, mindset, and mood. So if you want to live a positive life, you should surround yourself with people who are supportive and optimistic. Avoid participating in activities or interactions that make you feel bad about yourself.

Laugh a Lot

Laughter and joy are an essential part of your life. So don’t hold back, laugh some more, laugh at silly things, and sometimes even serious ones! Everything doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

Find a Community

You’re not alone in this endeavor to connect to a higher power. Just like you, there are several other people pursuing spirituality. Sign up for retreats or join online groups to interact with other spirituality seekers.

Final Words

No matter how old you are or what your history is, spirituality is for everyone. It can help you heal and develop a positive outlook, despite all the difficult things life has to offer.


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The world is an uncertain and disconcerting place at the moment. It’s hard to know how we can protect ourselves, our families, and the wider community now that shops and businesses are slowly opening their doors once again. In many areas of the world and parts of the UK, wearing a face covering such as a scarf or mask has been actively encouraged, if not made mandatory, as a step we can all take to slow the spread of Coronavirus. We all have to continue living our lives, albeit differently, so anything that can help shield ourselves and others is invaluable right now.

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Our company, VN Trends, is known for our kaleidoscope of different products, from fitnesswear to construction toys. Our sister brand, TreasureBay, is more established and specialises in fine jewellery for men and women and has been featured in GQ and Vanity Fair. As an entrepreneur with experience of selling such a variety of items, I knew I had the knowledge and contacts to set up manufacture of PPE, specifically face masks.

Colleagues in my native Vietnam were able to quickly and efficiently set up production of high quality face coverings, which most importantly proved effective against the spread of disease under scientific testing, but also provide comfort to the wearer over long periods of time; are washable for multiple use; and remain affordable so that as many people as possible can purchase the masks and protect the people around them.

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Confirming to US standards and Sciessent tested, our breathable 100% cotton masks filters pollen, smoke, dust and other particulates out of the air for full protection. The snug design makes sure the mask stays close to your face, covering nose and mouth, and the ear loops don’t rub or put strain on your ears. The quality fabric retains its shape and integrity when washed, making them economic and reusable rather than disposable. Our personal protective equipment also comes in several different colours depending on your preference.

We now have large quantities of stock here in the UK available to ship immediately from our warehouse, whether that be delivering one pack to your home for family use or multiple boxes for staff at your business. No order too big or small, we can accommodate you. Visit to shop our range. We would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

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