I started this page a while ago after a bit of feedback from a client that I thought summed me up pretty nicely:

“You are hilarious/awesome.” – Shaun, Talented Talkers.

Thanks Shaun!

I then decided I would add things now and again as I went along, so probably best to bookmark this page and check back regularly so as not to miss anything.

Some great feedback from a partnership with EDF Energy which shows how working with bloggers can have really tangible results:

“I wanted to let you know some great news! Your blog post was the 2nd highest referrer to the EDF Energy Smart Store last week – this means your blog post was one of the best pieces of content that resulted in people visiting the store, which is amazing! Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you, the client is super happy with the result.” – Stephanie, Brilliant Noise.

In response to my work with Iceland:

“It’s wonderful – I love your content, it always has me chuckling. Literally perfect.” – Zoe, The 7 Stars.


Some feedback on a very moving interview I did with a woman who conceived twins after twenty years of trying:

“We shared your post on Facebook earlier yesterday and we’ve had almost record levels of engagement since, and this is just the organic reach. We’ve decided to boost the post as well, so who knows how far this will go! We’re delighted with the reaction and really hope we can work together again soon.” – Rachel, CARE Fertility.

An extra bit of feedback via Twitter, which was just so generous I couldn’t leave it out:

“Jo is the only blogger from Taunton I would ever consider working with.” – Jon, The Money Shed.

I think that says a lot.

And this is my favourite ever bit of reader feedback, from Media Mummy:

“Jo is such an inspiration – she can write a post on paint drying and I’d read it through twice, and watch the video if there was one.”

The above is reassuring, as I often do write about quite boring things.

George jeans Asda

Me pretending to be in an Adele video as part of a blog post for Shaun for George at Asda.