Limos and buses are so far the most preferred means of road transportation for weddings, parties, birthdays, and even prom events. These vehicles can carry more people, which makes it convenient for group travel.

Renting a bus or limousine is a fun and cool way to travel with loved ones or colleagues to special events and takes stress off of the attendees. You get a chauffeur so you will not have to worry about who has the key or your driver getting drunk. This article will highlight some tips that will guide you in renting a limo or bus in any of the 50 states:

1) Inquire About the Renting Costs

While making a limo or bus reservation, you need to understand the rental fees on offer. Each company comes with personalized packages. They may charge on a per-hour basis or a flat rate. Also, they can also charge the renting fee separate from fuel, drinks, and snacks. Inquire about this first before making the reservation.

Also, put into consideration the distance and number of people who will be traveling with you to get the exact cost. Your travel experience should be fun. However, it should not leave you in debt. Budget appropriately and pay for what you can afford. For affordable rates, check out Price 4 Limo & Bus Rental. They have many limousines and buses that you can choose from. They have branches spread out nationwide.

2) Confirm the Type and Size of the Limo Rental or Bus

There are party buses, sprinters, charter buses, sedans, shuttle buses, and SUV’s. You need to pick a limo or bus that is suited for the occasion. Limousines offer the needed elegance and luxury for weddings and prom. For parties, you can find a party bus that comes with drinks, music and is party themed. Also, pick a vehicle with enough seats for all the people traveling. Charter buses are best for large groups since they have more seats (36-60 seats). Mini Buses can only carry less than 35 passengers.

3) Check The Vehicle’s Physical State

The condition of the vehicle you hire is important. The outlook matters because some party buses have crazy themed exteriors and interior. If possible, find time to physically look for the vehicle that pleases you before paying. Also, look out for features like restrooms, leg space, reclining seats, AC, TV, and the music systems installed. Pick one that is comfortable for you and your travel mates.

4) Know the Refreshments Available

Starting the party on a bus or limo is the best way to get into the party mood. Some renting companies allow drinking in the car while others do not. Therefore, inquire before making the reservation. Find a bus or limo that caters for drinks and snacks that are included in the renting expense. However, the stipulated age restriction should be followed. No one under 21 should be allowed to drink alcohol.

I was reading something in The Guardian this week about a new concept called ‘refridgerdating’. It’s basically a ridiculous gimmick being used by Samsung to flog their smart fridges, where you get paired with potential lovers based on a shared love of halloumi, a lactose intolerance, or an obsession with Chinese cabbage.

The fridge has a browse at your shelves, notices that both you AND Arthur from the next town seem to buy a particular brand of beer every single week, and sends you out for dinner together and to have babies and live happily ever after. Something like that.

Okay, so it’s stupid.


I can actually see some sense in it. Not in a ‘your fridge makes a match for you’ way, but in the sense that perhaps a peek into someone’s fridge could actually tell you a lot more about them than a Tinder profile. If anyone read my ‘what weird crap is in your freezer?‘ post for example, and saw that I had three different kinds of chips, they may well make some judgements about me that would be more useful than reading that I ‘love sushi and French martinis.’

In case you’ve never used Tinder, or other, similar apps, it’s TOUGH, because essentially 95% of people’s profile pictures look the same. For men, they normally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Mid-air shot of a skydive (can’t see face because of goggles)
  • Gym selfie, top pulled up slightly (to tempt me???)
  • Selfie from below, enhancing chins. Face looks sad, as though questioning existence.
  • Holding large fish
  • Posing with one leg on the rock at the top of Pen Y Fan
  • Giving camera the finger (WHY???)

If you could cut through all this crap and get a look in someone’s fridge instead, now THAT would be revealing wouldn’t it?

To make the point, I’ve taken some pictures of my fridge, right now, me having resisted the urge to rearrange things to make them look neater/take out the mini-pasties.

First up, the door, which is home to some of my collection of ‘ugly fridge magnets from around the world’. I’m imagining several people have turned their lights off already. (‘She’s clearly a weirdo.’)

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Choosing which airline you’re going to travel on can be much more of a hassle than most people think, especially in Europe. There’s much to take into consideration when choosing the airline you’re going to deal with. Which has better service on the plane? Who has more professional and friendlier hosts? Inflight entertainment is another factor you need to consider; going on an 18-hour flight with just a magazine to read on the plane can be a tad cumbersome. Food is the jackpot for many; the kind of food an airline serves is an excellent indicator of their quality.

These are some of the airlines you could use to travel within Europe:

1. British Airways

With the largest fleet in the UK, British Airways has been going strong for the better part of 45 years. It’s renowned for an excellent cabin crew and outstanding service during flights.

2. Lufthansa

If you’ve traveled to Europe before, then you probably know Lufthansa. The German carrier is the largest in the country, and if you add in its subsidiaries, it’s the largest in Europe as well. Lufthansa happens to also be one of the oldest in the world, with origins dating back as far as the 20s!

3. Virgin Atlantic

In case you didn’t know, yes, they carry the same name as Virgin Megastores because, well, they’re part of the same mother company. They’re known for their stylish uniforms and excellent, unique service, as is the trademark of all things associated with Sir Richard Branson.

4. Aegean Airlines

Greece’s very own carrier and biggest airline, Aegean Airlines is the best way to travel from the country and probably into it as well. You can book Aegean Airlines tickets from

5. Air France

You can’t talk airlines in Europe without mentioning France’s crown jewel, Air France. For decades the airline has been known for excellent standards, outstanding service, and highest quality.

6. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Netherland’s KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest carrier in the world, and it has been operating under the same name since it was founded way back in 1919. They also have a large fleet and travel to over 145 destinations over the world. Their service is supposed to be magnificent.

7. Finnair

Considered to be one of the best airlines in North Europe, if not the best, Finnair is Finland’s largest airline and its most renowned one. It’s one of the oldest airlines in the world as well, and it’s also known to be one of the safest airlines you could travel on, with no accidents or a hull-problems for the better part of the past 50 something years.

Take your time

Making the decision regarding which airline to use is not easy. You’ll want to take your sweet time to weigh and balance all the options. Go online and search for your potential candidates to read reviews about each of them. Customer reviews are an excellent way to learn which airline does what’s right and what needs to be done better. It’ll also help you narrow down your search a bit, and after you have 2 or 3 candidates, it’s time to narrow it down to just the one. Price will probably be your final deciding factor in such a case as, at the end of the day, the cheaper the ticket is, the better it is for you.

I was offered the chance to review the new Aparthotels Adagio Brentford, so I sent my daughter Bee for a cheeky babymoon. The night’s stay was a gift – all opinions are Bee’s.

Adagio London Brentford A697

The one baby magazine that I read about 4 months ago told me to go on a babymoon with my ‘partner’, (he’s my boyfriend because I’m 23 years old), before the baby comes so we could appreciate having some nice quiet alone time together before our lives are filled with eternal screaming and we lose all feelings we ever had for one another. Or something like that.

Now I don’t really have a job, and the spare time my boyfriend has I basically force him to spend with me anyway, so I didn’t really feel like a romance needed to be rekindled, but it is always nice to have a change of scenery. The place I mainly always wish I was rather than here in dreary old Bath is London, so we decided to go there for the night.

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Being the caring and protective parent you are, perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting an insurance policy for your child. On the other hand, maybe there’s a small voice inside you discouraging from going ahead and buying the cover. Just hold on before you throw in the towel as far as pursuing the idea is concerned. Take just a few minutes of your time and see the following reasons as to why it is essential to buy a life insurance policy for your kids. It may make perfect sense to you after you read these points.

life insurance for kids

Let’s start with the first one.

1. It caters for funeral expenses, among  other costs, when a child dies

No parent would want to imagine about losing their children to the cruel hands of death. However, considering that sometimes nature has to take its course, by all means, it is important to be open-minded and accept realities. In as much as you care a lot for your kid, death can be inevitable.

In case of a tragic event of the death of a covered kid, life insurance can pay out for funeral expenses, medical bill, family counseling expenses, among other death-related expenses. If your kid has passed on and you aren’t sure what you are entitled to, just hit up a life insurance beneficiary lawyer  to review the terms and provisions of the insurance policy. The legal expert will be able to determine the exact coverage as well as the exclusions of the cover.

2. It gives you time to grieve

Losing a kid is one of the most difficult situations that nearly any parent can come to terms with. In case of such a loss, you need time to mourn at home.  However, this grieving time might result in a significant loss of income, whether you are employed or run your own business. Fortunately, a life insurance cover on your deceased kid can offset the income loss.  

3. For uncompromised insurability of the kid in the future

People with chronic illnesses such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and cancer prevent people from getting insurance cover. However, if your child has life insurance right from their childhood with all the premiums paid appropriately, he/she will be able to obtain any other insurance cover later in life even when diagnosed with any or some of these illnesses.

4. It can give a financial perk

Some whole life insurance policies allow the insured persons to withdraw a certain amount of money at a particular period.  If you buy such a cover to your children while they are still young, particularly 1-5 years old, upon reaching 18 years, they can borrow off of the policy to do other stuff like buying a car or paying college fees.

5. You may opt for a rider

Besides having a life cover, you might want to give your kid another insurance cover that they can’t buy independently until they turn 18 for a different benefit.  In as such, a rider on their life insurance policy will be very convenient. In case you don’t know, an insurance rider is just an extra coverage on top of a main policy, to insure something else apart from the primary insured thing (your kid’s life in this case)

Do you see why you need to buy a life insurance policy for your children as soon as possible?  However, before you purchase the cover, it is important that you consult a fee-only financial advisor for impartial guidance on the best option according to your needs and financial status.  

It is becoming increasingly popular for children to grow up learning a foreign language. And I love that! Knowing a foreign language is such a gift that parents can give their children, and with some dedication to supporting your child’s language learning, they can be fluent within only a matter of time. The earlier you get your child started with learning a foreign language, the more natural it will be and the quicker they will gain new language skills.

That being said, to actually learn a foreign language requires gaining exposure whenever possible.

how to teach kids a language

Here are 5 ways to teach your children a foreign language while still keeping it fun for them:

1. Watch a show

I know children love to watch a fun shows, so why not put it in the language they are learning? There are plenty of children’s TV shows and films (Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street) that you can set to the language to the one your child is learning. Children’s shows are a great way to teach basic vocabulary and to make TV time still be fun, but also educational.

2. Use foreign language resources available online

There are so many resources available online that you can use to aid you in your language learning. You can play games, take a structured course, use applications with daily check-ins, etc. Let’s say you’re looking to learn the French language with your kids, you can use interactive apps like Babbel for example. I’m a big fan of Babbel – remember how I used it to learn Spanish and go on that date with a Spanish man?

3. Play and learn

Bilingual toys and games, such as “Sing & Learn French with Professor Toto” make learning fun while your child gets to do and play games like they normally would.

how to teach kids a language

4. Take a class

Taking a class offers your child with a structured and organized environment for them to be surrounded by a new language. There are even “Mommy & Me” courses that you can take with kids starting at age 2, where you can have fun and learn together! Taking a class taught by a native speaker gives your child the opportunity to be immersed in a language and repeat words and phrases with a natural focus pronunciation. Plus, it is a great way for your child to meet other kids who are learning the same language!

5. Join social groups with people who speak the language

With all the games, entertainment and active learning, it is crucial that your child uses their language skills. Check your local area for speaking groups and set up play dates with other kids who speak the language your child is trying to learn. That way they can practice in a relaxed setting, have fun, and their language skills will sink in and strengthen. 

Learning a second language is a way to open your imagination, become more flexible in your way of thinking, and open the door to understanding other cultures. It is a wonderful thing to do at any age, though at an early age kids get a head start and have a greater sensitivity to language and learning while they are young and absorbing things so rapidly.

how to teach kids a language