Child’s education is one of the most important goals to all parents but this goal can be hard to carry out. Learning progress represents the steps that you make to learn a certain thing – therefore parental care is not always ensuring that your children learn how to calculate numbers, etc. It is instead a responsibility so the monitoring of your children’s progress should be at the top of priority list, among other activities you need to perform. You will find below few tips on monitoring your children’s education process.

You Must Be Present At School

Committing to this task is not easy since you have your job and you need to do your work. However, it is proven that parents can influence their children’s progress in a positive way by paying the visit to the classroom during the lectures. This step is fantastic since you will be around your kid while it is with other kids in the learning environment. You don’t have to be in school every day, but once a month will be just fine to progress monitoring. By observing, you will be able to see if there is anything that your children is not good at.

Show Your Interest In The Learning

As soon as your children come home from school, stop with your work or whatever you do and ask the child about the day in school. The earlier you start with this routine, the more familiar the kid will become with that and the child will not hide anything from you. The ultimate goal is to make your children feel eager to share their school day with you. Prepare weekly discussions – these are meant to be the main tool for igniting the wish for an achievement. Every time they fulfill a goal/milestone, praise the effort so they could know that they are valued and recognized for their effort.


Get Familiar With Your Child’s Teacher

Since we live in the world we live in, a communication with the teacher is a must. You could see the teacher as your partner and the support in child’s education so direct communication, whether by visiting the school or phone calls, is something that must stand as a strong anchor. Ask the teacher if there is anything that your child has a problem with or anything similar so you could work on your problem and eventually solve it.

Let Them Understand A Homework Routine

First of all, your child needs to comprehend the importance of school and overall education, so he could have that in mind when becomes a student. After you manage to explain it so it is comprehensible to them, you should establish a daily homework routine. A defined schedule that has no exception will definitely teach your kid work ethics which will result in developing a strong feeling for work and task-accomplishing. When they have free time, show them the results of a regular homework routine – show them companies that work efficiently, like essay writing services for example, so they could understand the point of learning, doing homework and time sacrificing.

Know The Grades

The worst thing that can happen is that your children lie about the grades he received in school. To avoid this, talk to your children like you would talk to a grown man – ask them what problems they have, are they receiving enough attention in the classroom but never ask why they are lying. You need to determine the root of the problem so you could know how to eliminate it. There many methods that you can use to deal with the poor academic grades but always talk to your children in a calm way.


Work With Other Parents

Talking to other parents enables you insight into the overall problems the kids have in school. This way, you can build a community that is open and ready to work with your children by exchanging the experiences with the parents. Try to establish a constant communication with the parents of your children’s friends and maintain the contact so you could solve any problems in case they persist.

Be A Friend To Your Children

Your children need a good and reliable friend that will not scream on them because they have few bad grades. Your children’s progress directly depends on you, and only then on school. The children’s success is not only a set of good academic grades but also a set of positive guidelines they follow. They can become good people with a great educational background, but you must talk to them and be patient. No one likes a friend that is angry and ready to blame you for a bad thing you did. Be to your kids someone whom they can trust even when they start a trouble; only this way they will truly believe everything you say, even when they need to go learn math instead of going out.



This year I popped my Love Island cherry. As far as cherry popping experiences go, it has been a good one – I certainly haven’t been left underwhelmed. In fact, Love Island has become an integral part of my evening. I even found myself giving relationship advice to a friend yesterday based on the exploits of the Love Island contestants.

‘If you’re finding yourself thinking too much about it,’ I said to a friend who has been seeing a new man for a couple of months, ‘maybe it just isn’t meant to be? It’s like Wes and Megan,’ I said, getting into my stride. ‘Wes was perfectly happy with Laura, but still at the back of his mind he felt like he could potentially be happiER.’ (Who doesn’t want to hear that from someone you’re dating?)

‘But then he got with Megan and he just KNEW,’ I said. ‘Maybe if he was right for you you would just KNOW?’

I feel like this total acceptance of everything that happens on Love Island as FACT probably says a lot about my approach to relationships generally, but we will brush over that bit for now.

What I want to talk about today is how sad I am that Sam and Georgia finally made the decision to leave the villa together. Aside from the fact that Sam is the only one of the boys who I could ever begin to vaguely imagine myself having sex with, (‘he’s relatively kind of small and like a weasel’ I wrote in my family WhatsApp group, ‘so pretty much my type’), I have developed something of a soft spot for Georgia.

I think it’s because she reminds me a bit of myself. View Post

Whether you want to get away for action and adventure or to see different cultures there are endless opportunities for families to try something new. Here are some to get you started.

family holiday ideas

Photo by David Straight on Unsplash


Italy is one of the top cookery destinations. Nothing is more inspiring than being taught to toss pizza dough in the air by an Italian chef.

Not only can you make your friends jealous on Facebook whilst you’re away, but you can also use your new skills when you’re back home!

Make sure that your culinary holiday caters for little ones. You don’t want your lessons in a busy industrial kitchen!

Many Airbnb hosts offer individual cookery lessons. There is no one better than a local to teach you in your own, albeit temporary, home, avoiding travelling and the need to join a group of strangers. And if making sweet pastries isn’t for the children, at least you can carry on in the kitchen whilst they watch TV or play close by.


One of the greatest things to do on holiday, learn the language!

There is no easier place to learn a language than in the country. All of the locals will love you for trying to speak in their language. Cactuslanguage offer holidays for single parents and children aged 6 – 18.

You will usually get a bit more attention, from waiters and shop owners if you are going out of your way to speak in their language.

This is another holiday that you will take home with you. Learning a new language with the whole family will also help you continue speaking it.

Volunteering abroad

An unusual way travel and get off the beaten track with your family. Giving back and helping the local communities that you are visiting, enjoying a more meaningful holiday.

Many charities and community projects welcome families volunteering together from teaching to playwork in nurseries and even lighter building projects, depending on the age of your children.

Culture isn’t the only thing that your children will learn about when volunteering. They will get a first hand experience of life in another country. It is also a chance as parents to demonstrate the importance of helping others.

Many volunteer-sending organisations can be pricey but there are some affordable alternatives. Original Volunteers offer programmes on flexible dates typically from £95 per week including accommodation. View Post

A couple of years ago Belle and I told my mum that Bee’s favourite thing was flamingos. My mum loves to jump on a theme for birthdays and Christmas and we thought it would be funny if Bee ended up with a succession of flamingo themed gifts.

And we were right. It WAS funny.

Do you know what though flamingos? We’re done now. You’ve had your moment, we’ve had enough. It’s time for flamingos to get in the bin.

I’m sick of going into EVERY SHOP IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and finding some kind of novelty flamingo merchandise. It seems that flamingos have become the new salted caramel and you know how I feel about that.

Yes you’re cool with you’re crazy pink feathers and your bendy backwards legs, but you’ve made your point. We get it. We don’t need all of our umbrellas from now on the have a flamingo head as a handle.

Yes you, you heard me.

flamingo gift ideas

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

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I’ve got a lot of time for Barry M.

I’m not massively into make-up personally, but when I do wear it I want something fun and colourful, especially on my nails. Barry M nail varnishes are WAY more exciting than a lot of make-up brands, with loads of different colours and finishes. How cool are these Under The Sea nail varnishes? I wore one of these when I went to visit that aquarium in Boulogne, just to get into the spirit of things.

Barry M Under the sea nail varnish

Belle is HUGELY into make-up and she loves creating new looks and experimenting with different products. British company Barry M is perfect for her as it’s good quality but affordable, meaning her she can add new things to her collection without bankrupting me.

Also, fun fact: Did you know that all Barry M products are cruelty free? None of their finished products or individual ingredients have been tested on animals since the company began back in 1982. Most Barry M products are also suitable for vegans. Vegan friendly products all have a green ‘vegan’ symbol on the ingredients page so you can be sure. View Post

Many students choose to pay for a writing service when they see that the whole situation at college gets overwhelming and they cannot handle the pressure anymore. Or simply their writing is just not that good, and they don’t want this to stand between them and a good grade.

An excellent writing service is going to give you your paper in no time and will impress your teacher. But you need to keep in mind that not all the services will meet your requirements or will be that good to actually write one in the first place.

We’ve written this article to make sure you understand the criteria from which you have to choose an essay writing service.

Their website should be flawless

We all know how the website is the image of a company, the basis, actually. When a site looks bad, it’s safe to say that the work is bad, too. However, there are not many sites which can afford to have a neat design, to this should not be your only criteria when choosing a service.

Are the clients happy?

A happy customer means a happy company. If the business has been in the domain for more than two years, look for reviews. Every respectable service has a page for reviews. They are written by real people who’ve worked with them in the past, so it’s the best way to see if they’re any good or not. If the reviews are not good, you should find another essay help.

Make sure the customer support is available 24/7

Be it online or by phone; your company needs to be available 24/7. You should be able to ask at any times how’s the writing going and they should give you exact, clear answers or explanations to your questions. If you spot a delay in their answers, or not at all, it’s a no-go. Remember that they work for you, not the other way around.

Are their writer’s professionals?

Many services choose to hire amateurs. This means that the service will not provide an essay that was written by a professional, and that’s not a good idea. Not all the people can write an essay properly. The writers should be competent. You can always ask the company to give you some resumes of their writers – this way you’ll make sure personally if they’re any good or not.

Ask for samples

Always ask to see some sample essays before hiring the company. If they say no, it’s most likely that their services are not any good. Some services tell you from the start that they have a sample for you. Read it and then decide if you want to hire them or not.