Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Painter and Decorator

It can be very tempted to feel like you can do all the painting and decorating in the home. While there will certainly be a number of jobs within the home that should definitely be within the remit of most people, there are a few that should, ideally, be carried out by a professional if you have the resources to hire one. There are many advantages to hiring a professional painter and decorator, which we will look at within this article.

You’ll Benefit from Their Professional Expertise

You might think that paint is paint, but you would be wrong. There are actually a lot of different forms of paint that provide different finishes and are better suited to different jobs and even different rooms of the house. The different paints may also require different methods to prime the surfaces before application. Truthfully, this is a lot to navigate if you have other responsibilities or even just a timeframe that you want to work towards. By hiring a local painter and decorator – that you can find on MyBuilder – they do all of the hard work for you, and they know what form of paint to use and how to achieve the best finish.

They Prepare the Walls

Often, a lot of people just get right down to the painting immediately without having prepared the walls properly, but this really does affect the finish. When you hire a painter and decorator, they know how to prep the space to achieve the best finish. This often means filling any holes or cracks, cleaning the walls, priming them and smoothing them down. This prep work takes time itself, which is why if you are short on time, it will make sense to hire someone who can take this off your plate.

They Have All of the Best Tools

You would be forgiven for thinking that a roller or a paintbrush is enough to get the job done; for the most part, it is likely to be adequate, but again, it is all about achieving the best possible finish, and you need the right tools to do this. A professional has all of the best tools and the knowledge on how to use them correctly. If you were to do the painting and decorating yourself, you would need to purchase all of these tools, which would then languish unused after the job, which isn’t necessarily cost-effective.

You Don’t Have to Do it

Realistically, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a painter and decorator to do your painting for you is simply that you don’t have to do it. Most people today have a number of personal and professional obligations which take precedent. This means that a lot of people don’t have the spare time to dedicate to their redecorating efforts, which often then leads to jobs being half finished for weeks on end while people try to find the spare time to do the next step. By hiring a professional, you get to just sit back, relax and let them do the work, and they are also likely to get it done far quicker than you would.


You would be forgiven for thinking that it is hard to go wrong with painting; surely, it is pretty straightforward and, therefore, difficult to mess up. However, this is not always the case. Without the proper knowledge and technical skill, you could find that the paint cracks or chips or that any wallpaper that you have put up starts to peel back within a few weeks or months. This just doesn’t happen when you hire a painter to do it for you. They usually offer guarantees for the standard of the work and how long it will last.

Saves You Money in the Long Run

While you will need to pay someone to do this service for you, it will likely be cheaper in the long run compared to if you had done it yourself. If you are a total novice and you need to buy all of the paint samples, the paint you want to use, the prep equipment, and the painting instruments, not to mention the cost of fuel from running all over town to get these things, in short, paying a painter and decorator will likely work out to be cheaper. You do still need to pay for the cost of the materials as well as pay them for their labour, but this is likely to be at least comparable.

To Sum Up

You will achieve a much better finish, and it is just far less hassle too, if you hire a painter/decorator to do the hard work for you. There are a number of benefits to hiring someone to do your painting for you; obviously, in the end, it is your decision, but it is definitely worth considering if you have the budget, of course.


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