Why coffee makes a great alternative Easter gift

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I am very much the sort of person who takes pleasure in the small things. I will often go to bed and find myself actively looking forward to having a coffee in the garden the next morning, I spot and look at buds on tree branches, I love it when the dog wags her tail in her sleep – that’s the sort of level we’re talking here. It’s one of the things I love about myself as it means I’m very easily pleased and basically a cheap date, which is no bad thing what with the cost of living crisis.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised how many of my small pleasures revolve around food and drink, especially coffee. As a nation we’ve definitely embraced the ‘coffee as a treat’ phenomenon, which is why I think coffee would make an excellent gift this Easter instead of boring old chocolate.

I’m not suggesting just handing over a jar of Tesco’s finest freeze-dried, I’m talking about something a little bit special from The Brew Company.

The Brew Company make premium, speciality coffee, with a focus on sustainability, provenance and an authentic connection with coffee farmers. They choose specialty coffee beans from small independent farm-holders from all over the globe, hand-roasting and slow-crafting them in small batches in their artisan micro-roastery in Middelfart, Denmark.

(And yes, I admit I laughed at the name Middelfart, because Small Pleasures remember.)

The great thing about coffee from The Brew Company is that you can take it anywhere. Their premium coffees come in individual coffeebrewers – patented, portable bags that make your coffee for you, creating an experience somewhere between a cafetiere and a French press. All you have to do is pour hot water into the bag, and bish bash bosh, give it a few minutes for your coffee to brew and you’ve got a premium coffee wherever you happen to be, whether that’s at work or in the middle of a field.

Brew Company coffee bags

The coffeebrewer bags are designed to be light and flat enough to be easily popped into a camping bag or rucksack, but sturdy enough to stand up while you fill them and your coffee is brewing. They’re designed with sustainability in mind too – you can reuse the bags multiple times by rinsing and refilling with your choice of ground coffee, and once you’re done they are recyclable in the same way as tetrapak milk cartons.

best portable coffee bags

As you know, I spend a lot of time outdoors with the dog. She is a fan of sitting on benches watching birds, which the perfect opportunity for me to break out the provisions, make myself a little cup of coffee and perhaps have a rich tea finger or four. The coffee really is good too – so much nicer than spending all of that money on a takeaway coffee in a throwaway cup.

Brew Company coffee

If you’re thinking a box of coffeebrewer bags from The Brew Company could make a nice alternative Easter gift, (or honestly a gift for anything at all), then how about giving them with the promise of a walk to go with them? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a friend say ‘I’ve bought you some coffee, but let’s go out for a walk together soon and enjoy it together.’

Head on over the The Brew Company to check out the full range of coffeebrewers and to explore the different types of coffee from around the world. If you’re looking for coffee for a special occasion, like Easter or a birthday, they have a range of tea and coffee gift boxes, plus tea and coffee cards, which fit through the letterbox and contain a card and two coffeebrewers – ideal for the promise of a catch up over a coffee.

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