Useful Cleaning Tips and Tricks from the Professionals


Let’s be honest. Except for a very few people, no one really likes to clean. But we all like our homes clean and tidy. So, the question is: how to keep your home meticulously clean with minimum effort (and time!) spent doing cleaning? Yes, you can always call a professional cleaning company such as London Cleaning System and they will be more than happy to help with any cleaning chore including end of tenancy cleaning. Or, if you want office cleaning, check out CHOR.

With a little bit of help and insight from the professionals, you can achieve professional level cleanliness yourself. With minimum time and effort!

cleaning tips

1. Create a cleaning routine. Instead of waiting for your home to turn into one big mess, try to create a cleaning routine and stick to it even if “it’s no so bad” not to be able to wait for another day or two. By doing so you will firstly, prevent things getting from out of control and secondly, reduce the time spent cleaning.

2. Try not to get everything done in one day. Instead, split up cleaning chores over two or more days over the week. For example, do the hoovering on Monday, clean the bathroom on Tuesday, dust the shelves on Wednesday, etc. Why? Because in case you find yourself running out of time to do cleaning on one day, you can easily catch on the next as opposed to skipping cleaning of the entire house.

3. Don’t save on quality cleaning products. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive cleaning products out there or not to pay attention to special deals and discounts allowing you to get more for less. But it’s definitely worth spending a pound or two extra if it means it will make cleaning more effective, easier and less time consuming.

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4. Try to get the entire family involved. Yes, they won’t be thrilled about it and you will probably experience some resistance. Also, don’t expect it to be perfect. However, don’t make any comments and resist the temptation to do a re-clean. Instead, praise everyone for helping you out, especially the youngest ones.

5. Little things can help a lot. If you want your home to be clean without spending much time and effort for cleaning, take simple measures such as taking off shoes when entering the door, cleaning your dog’s paws when returning from a walk, rinse dirty dishes rather than leaving the food remnants to dry on it, deal with stains on the carpet immediately, etc. After all, the less your home is dirty, the less time you will need to clean it.


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