7 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol


Let’s be honest, everyone enjoys a nice alcoholic beverage from time to time. However, there are some people that enjoy it so much that one isn’t satisfying enough. One becomes two and two becomes three. If a person allows this kind of cycle to continue, eventually, drinking is going to become an addiction. In fact, alcohol addictions have been known to ruin people’s lives. But what causes people to drink?

Many people drink for three reasons; boredom, depression and stress. They use alcohol to escape themselves and whatever struggles they don’t want to face. However, even though that sounds luxurious, it can be further detrimental to your wellbeing.

If you feel like you can’t stop drinking, take a look at these seven reasons:

1. Saves You Money

Aside from affecting your health, alcohol also affects your finances. Depending on the amount and frequency in which you drink, you could easily spend hundreds just to feed your alcohol addiction. Furthermore, you don’t have to go out to drink; you can also purchase alcohol from a store and drink it at home.

Try thinking of what you could be spending that money on. You could spend that money on bills, a planned vacation, that one big item you’ve had your eyes on or even save for that dream vacation. Long story short, there are other things you could be spending your money on than just alcohol.

2. Fixes Your Relationships

Constantly indulging on alcohol can have a serious negative impact on your relationships, especially with people you hold in high regard. For example, your friends may get fed up with constantly having to worry whether or not you got home safely. Loved ones may get tired of the person you become when intoxicated because you say or do hurtful things to them. Either way, alcohol can push away friends and even destroy families.

Regardless of the circumstances, realizing that the alcohol is what’s causing the problem between you, friends and family is a step in the right direction. It can help you make the decision to stop drinking and work on fixing your broken relationships.

3. Keeps You Healthy

We mentioned before that alcohol can affect your health. And we don’t mean the occasional feelings of nausea and headaches caused by hangovers. Alcohol affects three of the most important organs in your body; the liver, heart and brain. The muscles on your heart will begin to sag and weaken from all of the strain alcohol puts on it. This can lead to blood clots, high blood pressure and possibly a stroke.

The liver is actually the organ that alcohol affects the most. This is because the liver is where all of the alcohol is metabolized. Heavy drinking can cause the liver to have a fat build-up, which can lead to conditions like cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Several areas of the brain that are affected by alcohol are responsible for memory, coordination, to a problem and learn and keeping their emotions in check. Furthermore, the liver breaks down two toxins known as ammonia and acetaldehyde, which make their way towards the brain. These two chemicals are known for increasing the risk of cancer and killing important brain cells.

Other Reasons to Take Into Consideration

Aside from the three main reasons we’ve talked about, there are other reasons as to why you should stop drinking.

These reasons include:

  • If catch yourself lying to people about your drinking problem
  • If your career is starting to suffer due to the lack of performance, being on time and failure to keep promises
  • If you have an increase in anxiety
  • If your face starts to become puffier than usual

Hopefully, this article helped you realize how damaging alcohol can be if you let it control your life. If find yourself unable to stop, seek out help immediately.

If you want to learn more about alcohol addiction, please visit The Recovery Village website.


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