Simplifying Your Home Cleaning Routine: A Guide

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Do you have pets, kids, or a significant other that always seems to leave you with a mess? Do procrastinate cleaning your house until you can’t stand it–only to find the task is completely overwhelming? 

This is relatable and for people who can’t afford a cleaning service, it often turns into a way of life. We understand that there is no way for you to clean every room, every day–and you shouldn’t have to! Instead of spending too much time, effort, or letting the mess grow, we’re going to tell you how to simplify your cleaning routine. 

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Get Rid of Clutter

People hate cleaning around clutter because it means organizing items and putting them away. However, an uncluttered room is far easier to clean than one filled with random items. This means you should get rid of things you aren’t using. 

Create a ‘throw-away’ pile and a ‘donate’ pile and clear the clutter from one room per day or per week–whatever fits your routine best. Consider calling an honest friend to help you. They will ask you if you truly need your 18th scarf or those knickknacks that collect dust.

Once you have your piles, place them in the car and drive directly to your organization of choice. This is important because otherwise, you will just be transferring your clutter from your house to your vehicle! 

Having fewer clothes will also allow you to better keep up with your laundry. And yes, you really should fold or hang clothes the day you launder them! 

Pick a Day to Clean Your Bathrooms

Scrubbing toilets isn’t fun but looking down to see old waste or that black ring of mold is GROSS! Pick one day per week to scrub your toilets and wipe your mirrors down. If you have a guest bathroom, this won’t take long and the counters probably only need to be wiped every other week. 

In your personal bathroom, opt to wipe the counters with an anti-bacterial wipe regularly. When you use hair products, makeup, or perfume, this tends to collect on surfaces making for a nasty film! 

Also, consider wiping out your sinks as wet sinks and drains will collect bacteria like salmonella, E. Coli, and other illness-causing germs.

If you stay on top of your bathrooms on a regular basis, they don’t become a biohazard for you or your guests and won’t take long at all to clean. 

The Least Favorite: Your Floors

The first time you clean your floors after a long period of time will always be rough. You will need to sweep, and maybe sweep again. Then you will have to mop–if the water is grey or black, dump it and start over–if you don’t, you are just spreading dirt.

Once your floors are sparkling clean, you need to keep them that way. Instead of breaking your back sweeping all the time, consider investing in one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. Doing so will allow you to vacuum dirt and dust as you see it; you will be amazed at how much better your floors look with simple touch-ups!

Dust Top To Bottom

When you choose to dust your home, opt to dust your fans, every quarter. They can spread dust throughout your home and make it seem dirtier than it is. After dusting fans, dust higher surfaces like mantles and chests of drawers. Be sure to clean all items that are left after your decluttering session as well. 

As you move your way down, dust smaller tables desks, and coffee tables. This should be done monthly or when you begin to see dust collecting. 

Finally, work your way to the baseboards. If it has been a while since you’ve cleaned them, you may want to hand wash them to remove the debris. Otherwise, you can typically get away with running a quick vacuum.

Keeping up with the dusting will also allow you more time between cleaning your floors. In addition to keeping up with the dusting, be sure to change your air filters as recommended. A dirty air filter will make your home fill with dust (and cause your electric bills to rise!)

Quick Cleans

Part of keeping your home cleaning routine simple is by cleaning as you go. Place shoes in the closet when you take them off and toss dirty clothes in the hamper. 

When you cook, put items away, wipe counters, and try to rinse dishes as you go. This will make the final part of the meal a breeze and the chances of going to bed with a dirty kitchen slim. 

Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink–either wash them by hand, let them dry, and put them away–or place them in the dishwasher and start the cycle! Be sure to unload the clean dishes when it is done.

It comes down to this: if you see something that can be cleaned or wiped down within just a few seconds, don’t put it off! Putting off these small tasks will lead you right back to a messy house that you dread cleaning. 

Get Help From Professional Cleaning Services

On the other hand, if you find that your schedule is tight and you’re unable to clean your home, another option is hiring professional cleaning services. They make cleaning easy by using effective methods, solutions, and equipment for your house. Plus, they offer flexible scheduling. Apart from regular cleaning, they also offer deep cleaning, which is essential for your house. Based on the experience of UrbanMop’s professional cleaners, deep cleaning is recommended approximately 4-5 times a year, which is generally suitable for most cases. Overall, getting help from cleaning services will simplify your routine and free up time for your hobbies or loved ones.

Final Thoughts on Simplifying Home Cleaning

The idea behind breaking down your cleaning schedule into manageable tasks is to ensure your home never gets overwhelmingly dirty. By keeping up with smaller cleaning chores, you will see the bigger cleaning issues and be able to attend to them as needed.

Aside from your home being clean for the unexpected guests, you will find that your stress levels and anxiety may decrease as well

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