Granny Annexe Designs for Small Garden Spaces

granny annex for small garden

If you have ever wished for a versatile and self-contained living space in your back garden, look no further.

Granny annexes offer a practical and efficient solution for maximising the utility of limited garden areas, serving as guest accommodation, home offices, spaces for hobbies, and much more.

This article will explore the various possibilities and benefits of these innovative structures, providing you with inspiration and ideas to make the most of your small garden space.

What is a Granny Annexe?

A garden granny annexe is a self-contained living space that you can use in several different ways, such as a guest bedroom, elderly accommodation, or even a home office. A garden granny annexe sits in your back garden, away from your main house, and tends to include a double bedroom, bathroom, living space, and a small kitchen.

Even is a smaller garden space, a granny annexe can be incredibly useful and versatile and can make great use of what space you do have on offer. They definitely don’t have to be boring spaces either – painting in your favourite colours and decorating with wall art and plants can create a very homely and cosy environment. Don’t be afraid to be bold, even in a small space – wall murals for instance can create a big impact and give your granny annexe the real annEXE factor!

How You Can Utilise a Granny Annexe

Guest accommodation

One excellent and common way granny annexes are used is as guest accommodation for when friends or family members stay from out of town. Rather than asking them to book into a hotel or Airbnb, you can host your guests at the bottom of your garden.

It is important to note that a bedroom granny annexe may require planning permission, so it is always important to check with the local planning authority before purchasing your garden room.

Elderly parents

As you would expect from the name, a granny annexe is also the perfect accommodation for elderly relatives. It offers them all of the amenities of living in their own flat or home, but they are also within walking distance, should they need any additional assistance.

Home office

Aside from using your granny annexe as a form of accommodation, it is also an excellent choice as a home office. Many of us now spend at least some of our time working from home, and having a dedicated space that you can work from ensures you have the privacy and headspace you need to do your very best work.


When it comes to spending time on our hobbies, we all tend to struggle. It might be that we never prioritise our hobbies, or we don’t have the necessary space. With a granny annexe, you have plenty of space that you can dedicate to your hobbies, such as painting or meditation.

Caregiver’s quarters

A granny annexe is also a fantastic option if a family member requires full-time care. By providing a caregiver with their own space to live in, it ensures your house remains private and offers a more lucrative work opportunity for the right applicant.

Storage and organisation

Finally, a garden annexe is an excellent option for storing garden essentials such as summer furniture or gardening tools. The high-quality granny annexes on offer at Summer House 24 will keep your equipment dry and in great condition and will last for many years.

Final Thoughts on Granny Annexes

In conclusion, granny annexe designs offer a flexible and practical solution for maximising the use of small garden spaces.

Whether you need extra accommodation for guests, a comfortable living space for elderly parents, or a dedicated home office, these self-contained structures provide a versatile and convenient option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Annexes

Do you need planning permission for a granny annexe?

In many places, obtaining planning permission is required for any granny annexe, but regulations vary depending on the location and specific circumstances. It is always worth checking the laws in your area before purchasing a granny annex.

How much does it cost to purchase a granny annexe?

The cost of a granny annexe varies significantly depending on where you purchase from, the quality of the garden building, and the size of the building. For example, a granny annexe with a separate bedroom or dressing room is likely more expensive.

Summer House 24 have a range of granny annexes to choose from, so you can find the perfect option for your budget and your elderly relatives.

What other garden rooms can I consider instead of a garden annexe?

When it comes to picking the perfect solution for your garden space, there are several options to choose from, including:

  • Summer houses
  • Home offices
  • Log cabins
  • Garden sauna



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