3 Reasons Cleaning Can Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing

Self-love and positivity are two things everyone needs right now, with so much uncertainty surrounding our daily lives it is important we feel relaxed and comfortable in our own homes. Cleaning is a great way to improve mental health and wellbeing, decluttering and creating a tidy environment can go a long way towards positive mental health. Below are three reasons cleaning can support your mental health, according to the expert team at Super Cleaning Service Louisville.


With so much going on in the world, one thing we can control is the cleanliness of our homes. If you are struggling to focus a tidy environment can reset the mind and put you back on track.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a long or tenuous task, instead you can split the tasks into smaller timeframes to make them more manageable. Start with simple changes such as finding a place for things or getting rid of old books, DVD’s and paperwork. Once you have decluttered you will start to feel better already.

Choose the Right Scent

Another element of cleaning that can support mental health is that of scents. Ensuring your home smells clean and fresh can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. One of the worst things about cleaning is the smell of chemicals but certain cleaning products have been developed with scent in mind.

When choosing your scent think about the affect you want it to have on you and your household. If you are looking for a relaxing scent, try rosemary, jasmine or vanilla, or if you’d prefer an anxiety reducing scent try lavender, lemon, ylang-ylang or rose.

Another thing to consider is changing scents per room, for example in the bedroom try relaxing scents and, in the kitchen, the smell of fresh fruit is always nice.

Cleaning Endorphins

Cleaning is much like exercise – when done correctly – this is the reason that cleaning releases endorphins. To explain it in a short and sweet way when cleaning endorphins interact with receptors which trigger positive feelings, and this is what helps reduce negative emotions of stress and anxiety.

When cleaning be mindful not to become obsessive, this can have the opposite effect you are looking to achieve. Set yourself a time limit to ensure you have a break and don’t over work yourself. If you have any top tips or stories to share about cleaning and mental health share them in the comments below.


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