Five Fun Activities to Enjoy Poolside on Your Summer Holiday

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Summer holidays are the perfect excuse to lounge around by the pool and feel absolutely no guilt about it. But, let’s be honest, lying there all day can get a bit dull, so whether you’re looking spice up your poolside routine with some online slots or explore your creative side, here are five fun activities to try out.

1. Dive into a Good Book

Is there anything better than lounging poolside with a juicy novel? The sound of the water, the smell of sun cream, the occasional splash from someone else’s poorly aimed cannonball—pure bliss. If you’re into thrillers, romance, or even something a bit more scandalous, now’s the time to dive in. Pack a few books in your beach bag or download some e-books (pre-order mine if you like), if you’re fancy like that. Just make sure it’s engaging enough to make you forget that you’re slowly turning into a lobster.

2. Binge Watch Your Favourite TV Shows

Why not bring your telly addiction poolside? Binge-watching your favourite shows is a brilliant way to enjoy your downtime. Whether you’re catching up on the latest drama or re-watching classics, it’s the perfect way to spend a lazy day. Load up your tablet with episodes or download them to watch offline. Just don’t forget your headphones and make sure your device is safely away from any splashes. You wouldn’t want a rogue cannonball to ruin your Netflix session.

3. Get Creative with Poolside Crafts

Yes, you can be crafty while working on your tan. Whether it’s knitting, making jewellery, or even some poolside painting, there’s something quite satisfying about being creative with a cocktail in hand. In fact, we consider the cocktail a must to help get the creative juices flowing and let go of any silly thoughts about not being good enough. Here are some ideas:

  • Knitting or crochet: Channel your inner granny and whip up a scarf. It’s not like you’ll need it now, but future you will thank you.
  • Jewellery Making: Create some bracelets or necklaces. Perfect for when you want to look boho-chic but on a budget.
  • Painting: Set up a mini easel and channel your inner Picasso. Or Bob Ross if you’re into happy little accidents.

Plus, you’ll have a homemade souvenir to remember your holiday by. Or at least to show off on Instagram.

4. Play Fun Games on Your Phone

Our phones are basically mini-entertainment centres. So why not make the most of them? There’s a game for everyone, whether you’re into online casinos, puzzles, strategy, or just mindless tapping. (No judgment here, it’s your holidays after all.) Here are some poolside favourites:

  • Candy Crush Saga: Perfect for when you need something to do while ignoring your sunburn.
  • Among Us: If you’re up for some multiplayer fun and love accusing friends of being “sus.”
  • Monument Valley: For when you want to feel artsy while solving puzzles.

Just keep your phone safe from any accidental dips in the pool. Trust me, water damage is no joke.

5. Organise a Poolside Casino Night

Why not bring a bit of Vegas glam to your poolside? Organising a mini casino night can be a blast. Set up a few tables with card games like poker or blackjack, or bring some dice for a game of craps. Encourage martinis all round (shaken not stirred) and don’t forget to drink and gamble responsibly. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cards: Obviously.
  • Chips: To keep track of all your winnings. Or losings. Who’s counting?
  • Dice: Essential for a proper casino feel.
  • Prizes: Small tokens or treats. Or just bragging rights.

You can even create a fun theme and dress code to make the evening extra special. Just remember, the house always wins. Or in this case, you. Because it’s your holiday.


So there you have it—five fabulous ways to keep entertained by the pool this summer. Whether you’re into books, binge-watching TV shows, crafts, phone games, or a bit of casino action, there’s something to keep everyone happy. So slather on that sun cream, find a comfy spot, and make the most of your poolside paradise. Cheers to lazy summer days and not having to do anything remotely productive!


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