REVIEW: Golf at The Point at Polzeath

Having shared my own thoughts on The Point at Polzeath last week, you can now read my fiancé’s version of events.

Golf at The Point at Polzeath

I’m rather wary of coming across as smug at the moment.

There is nothing worse than watching couples on social media gloating about how chuffed they are with their relationship, especially after they’ve got engaged. It doesn’t help either when they throw in how great the rest of their lives are, so it is with a certain amount of apprehension that I drop into conversation that so far this year, Jo and I have had no fewer than seven mini breaks.

I should point out that this is purely through good fortune and is circumstantial. The ‘me’ twelve months ago would have ranted about how nice it would have been to have a day off, let alone a series of mini breaks. Going away that much does start to get tricky. Don’t get me wrong, I’m utterly grateful that fate has dealt the holidaying equivalent of the royal flush, but the more time you spend away in lovely locations, the greater the expectations and higher your standards are for the next destination.

I have to admit to having done no forward research on The Point before we got there. For all I knew, we could have been going to another campsite, the previous weekend having been spent listening to the familiar and moral-sappingly English sound of rain on canvas. View Full Post

43 ways to get more blog traffic

increase blog traffic

First of all, let’s get one thing clear, content really is the key here. You can do every single thing on this list but if what you’re writing is essentially shite then it’s pointless. What are you playing at? Just take some time to write something decent.

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.

So, you’ve written something ace. Maybe you have an amazing product to tell me about. Perhaps you’ve taken the best picture of a pig in wellies that anyone has ever seen. Good work. Now comes the tricky bit – getting people interested.

Unfortunately there isn’t one easy peasy way to get millions of people visiting your website or blog, but there are lots of little things that you can do, that if done regularly and as a package of activity, can help boost traffic.

Here ‘s a by no means comprehensive list of 43 ideas to get you started, in no particular order: View Full Post

5 things to think about when planning a living room makeover

I’ve had a bit of a realisation over the last couple of weeks. As I’ve started thinking about wedding planning it occurred to me that I very rarely spend any sort of money on anything. That sounds a bit silly, because I do spend quite a bit of money generally, but it’s always on little things like books or magazines or meals out; impulse buys rather than projects.

Thinking about a wedding though I’ve realised how enjoyable it is to actually plan to spend money, to research things you like and don’t like, to consider colours and themes. It’s jolly good fun and has opened up a whole new avenue of cutting and sticking to me – now, at last, I understand why people get excited about interiors and renovations rather than just adopting my approach of buying cushions randomly.

It’s got me thinking then about my home, the bits of it I like and the bits that make me curl my mouth up and quickly look away. If I can potentially plan a wedding, revamping a room in my house is going to be a piece of cake surely?

Here are five things I think it’s important to consider when planning a living room makeover: View Full Post

COMPETITON – Win £100 to spend on children’s clothes at

We had a big clearout of Belle’s room this month. If you have ever seen Belle’s room you will understand why this is a big deal.

Picture a bric-a-brac shop, run by one of the those people from the programme about obsessive compulsive hoarding. Then take a tray of old cups and place them at strategic intervals around the room. Now mix everything up, as though you are playing a game where you try to get people to remember what was there in the first place.

There you go, that’s it.

The tally of things we took out of her room in the end stands at:

  • Two items of furniture
  • One bin liner of clothes
  • Four bags of books
  • Two bin liners of rubbish and recycling
  • Six bags for the charity shop

You’d not imagine a child would have that much stuff in the first place, but even with all of that gone her room is still nicely full. View Full Post

The one where I start calling my boyfriend my fiancé

As you know, I recently got engaged. You might not have noticed, perhaps I didn’t mention it? Oh no, hang on, I did. A MILLION TIMES.

I’ve actually had the ring on my finger for nearly a month now, I just didn’t tell the internet straight away as I wanted to milk the whole ‘face to face announcement’ thing. I wanted to be able to turn up at book group and shove my hand in people’s faces and have them be actually excited rather than just saying ‘oh yeah, I saw on Facebook’. That’s definitely not as much fun.

Engagement ring

Oh whoops, how did that get there? I must have accidentally taken a picture of my own hand while typing this post.

So, a month in, and I have yet to have that moment where I refer to my ‘fiancé’ in a random conversation with a stranger OR on a blog post. Boyfriend is easy to say, but somehow I feel like fiancé doesn’t fit as casually into a sentence. Especially as I know I would put way to much emphasis on the last syllable and end up just sounding a bit of a knob. View Full Post

Top tips for travelling with kids

When I asked the lovely people of Twitter for their top tip for travelling with kids, several people advised that the best thing to do was to leave them at home. This may often feel like the sensible option, but actually there are a lot of benefits to travelling with children.

  • You get to pack lots of fun snacks, take regular toilet breaks and go to bed early, all with the excuse that it’s ‘for the kids’.
  • You can do fun things like ride on steam trains, build sandcastles, play crazy golf and eat candy floss, because you’re selfless like that, and always thinking of the children.
  • Travelling with children actually gives you a completely new and fascinating view of the world because they notice all the little, fun things that grown-ups always miss.

travelling with kids

Travelling with kids also means you end up at some really weird places. Would I ever have visited the Portreath Bee Centre for example if I hadn’t been looking for something to keep us amused in the rain? Or the National Wool Museum? I don’t even want to think about how my life might have turned out differently had I never visited Williton’s Bakelite Museum. View Full Post

The one where I receive a proposal of marriage

I received my first ever proposal when I was ten years old from a boy in my class called Richard Gibson. In our school we had these white plastic 30cm rulers that were ideal for passing messages on; you could write on the back with pencil and rub it out when you were done, then when you wanted to pass a note to someone it jut looked like you were helpfully passing them a ruler.

One day I had a ruler passed to me from Richard Gibson.

“Will you marry me?” it said in pencil on the back.

I wrote back. “Which school?” At ten, your choice of secondary school was a life defining thing.

“Stanchester,” he wrote back.

“Huish Episcopi,” I wrote back, “sorry.”

And that was that.

I then went through a bit of a dry spell proposal wise, a 27 year dry spell in fact, which was broken on my birthday in April this year when I received my second ever marriage proposal.

HOORAH! View Full Post

6 things to buy for a new baby

I have been a parent for nearly 20 years now. Sometimes I forget, and then remember that Bee is 20 this year and come over all funny. How has it happened that I’ve had children for more than half of my life? When did Bee stop looking like this?

Baby Bee(Also, when did I stop being that slim?)

The very act of having those thoughts then makes me feel even older. Young people don’t sigh to themselves and lament the passing of time do they? And then I catch a glimpse of my hair in a mirror and it’s downhill from there. View Full Post

Review: The Point at Polzeath – a family weekend in Cornwall

It’s Sunday morning, about 9am, and I’m lying in what may be the biggest bed in the world. If I sit forward just a tiny bit and look out of the window I can see the sea. I starfish, enjoying the space and the feel of the lovely fresh linen. I’m on my own as my boyfriend has taken Belle out with him to play a round of golf, teeing off from just next door to our apartment. One of the things on Belle’s bucket list, alongside ‘be in a car crash’,* is to drive a golf buggy.

We are staying for the weekend at The Point at Polzeath, down on the north coast of Cornwall. We are in one of their new luxury three bedroom apartments – Fitzroy – and luxury is about the right word for it. Designed as a holiday home, it’s at least twice the size of our non-holiday home and far better equipped – the finish is impeccable and the attention to detail superb, something that always makes a holiday so much more enjoyable.

The Point review View Full Post

5 things my mum told me that probably aren’t actually true

Travelling up the motorway in the rain this morning I found myself trying not to look at the windscreen wipers, a tricky thing to do when you are the driver. In the back of my mind though was the fear of hypnosis.

I blame my mother.

As a parent, you say a lot of things that aren’t really true, I appreciate this now I have my own children. Most of the time you don’t even mean to lie, it might only be a joke or an exaggeration, but it’s amazing the weird things that stick in a child’s mind.

Here are five things my mum told me that stuck with me but that I suspect may not really be true:

Myth: you can get hypnotised by windscreen wipers

Truth: you cannot. At least it has never happened to me, even though I have tried hard sometimes. I can’t even remember how this one came about, I just remember being in the back of the car on a rainy journey one day and being told it might happen. View Full Post