Don’t make out like you don’t have them too.

We all have little voices in our head from time to time. Not in a worrying ‘the vicar called Tony told me to paint the cat red’ sort of way – I just mean that ongoing internal monologue. We tell ourselves we can’t do things, or that we’re going to make a fool of ourselves, or that we’re looking a bit chubby today. That sort of thing.

Except I don’t really.

I was thinking about this the other day, and I reckon I have my internal monologue pretty well trained. It’s taken effort, and I think a lot of it is to do with age, (I’ve always thought my forties were going to be awesome and I’m building up to that), but on the whole my head voices seem to generally be on my team. They are cheerleading rather than criticising, and I’m grateful for that.

Let’s imagine I look in the mirror.

Here I am:


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Coming up to Christmas, one of the things I love most about the season is snuggling up in some amazing pjs with a cheesy Christmas film or an episode of Death in Paradise, some nice biscuits Belle has baked earlier that day and of course, a cup of tea. Total Christmassy bliss. 

Recently however I realised that while a lot of pyjamas may be cosy and nice enough, it’s really hard to come by those pairs that really make you feel special and look amazing too. I thought this might be a gap in the market, and as your pyjama choices during this season of ‘lying around on the sofa a bit more than usual’ are very important, (first world problems), then I have put together this list to give you a bit of Christmas pyjama inspiration and show you some of what I, basically a pyjama connoisseur, think makes for some spectacular nightwear.

(Or at least a bit better than the big purple fleece nightie with a bunny on it I wore for about 10 years.)

Desmond & Dempsey – basically everything from this range

I love this range because as soon as you look at it it OOZES class. (Like me.) Even people like me who are hopeless at knowing if things are supposed to be expensive or not can just tell that these are good quality. I picked out this shirt especially because the style is unlike everything I’ve ever seen before and is cute as well as cool, so right up my street, as I am both obviously. All of the patterns are really nice too.

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Have you seen the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert? 

The theme is family, togetherness, that sort of thing. It’s been made using stop frame animation and it apparently took 420 hours to film the stop frame part, with another eight weeks post production time on top of this. You can watch it here if you’ve not seen it already:

As part of their Christmas activity this year, Sainsbury’s is also supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital through the sale of stop frame animation kits and gingerbread ‘Daves’. All the profits from the sale of these items will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Sainsbury's Christmas advert Great Ormond Street

Sainsbury’s sent me and Belle one of their animation kits to have a look at, along with a couple of gingerbread Daves, which we sort of accidentally ate straight away. (Just in case you’re wondering why these don’t appear in the animation.) The kit is really well put together and comes in a sturdy box that folds out to create two different sets. You get a well-written film-maker’s guide, a few props and some cardboard characters. View Full Post

How well do you know your children?

Reasonably well, I’d hope, but they can still surprise you. Yesterday afternoon, while Bee was visiting, I made mine fill out these 20 questions to ask your children from Shepherds Friendly. Have a look at the link and you can download and print off the list to do with your own children.

Here are our results:

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Do you remember a little while ago I tried out Everdine? It’s a food delivery service where everything is wonderfully wholesome and delicious. Imagine what it’s like being at my house for tea. (We had fish fingers, mini potato waffles and baked beans last night.)

Everdine is the opposite of that.

In yet another fantabulous Christmas competition, I’m giving away a month of clean eating meals from Everdine. It’s two, eight meal boxes, spread over a month, so 16 meals in total. That’s enough to make sure that you’re nicely balancing out all the Christmas excess and don’t have to feel quite as bad about yourself as if you were having mince pies and mulled wine for every meal. 

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