Today’s post has not one but THREE parts to it! First up, I have a review from Bee of her planner from Unique Planner from Pirongs. Then we have a competition so you can win your own, PLUS we have a discount code, in case you just can’t wait. Woohoo!

First up, Bee..

Hey Youtubers!!!! 

Welcome to my new blog post all about plannerzzzzz. 

So recently I absolutely totally am OBSESSED with planners! Like seriously oh my god guys. 

No but in all seriousness, I did get a new planner and it is really good. I got it quite a while ago but then I went on holiday and then I moved house so I haven’t got round to writing about it but basically it’s a great planner and especially useful for me because I am a freelancer so I have to make sure I’m planning my time and remembering to do everything. 

Sure, you might be thinking, planners, yeah, great. But what is really special about this Unique Planner from Pirongs is that you get to completely design it yourself! Here’s a little video to get you in the mood before I show you mine:

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This morning I got out of bed and punched myself in the stomach, all in the name of the Hayo’u method.

Okay, so I’m dramatising to get your attention, but it worked didn’t it? You’re still reading. (Don’t stop now, just to make a point.)

I’ve actually been giving myself a good pummelling every day now for about two weeks, ever since I went to visit Katie Brindle. Katie is an expert in Chinese medicine and creator of the Hayo’u method. 

Katie Brindle Hayo'u method

So here’s the deal. Just follow me for a bit, because I know some people will be a bit sceptical about Chinese medicine, but even if you can’t get your head around the idea of Qi, (pronounced ‘chee’), then you can still benefit from Katie’s experience and get something out of her one minute rituals.  View Full Post

It’s the last day of term for us.

How can July 15th be the last day of term?! To say I’m freaking out would be a bit of an understatement. Belle is refusing to go to any kind of camp or club, so I’m stuck with working full time and somehow trying to stop her from spending ten hours a day on Snapchat. 

*eye twitches*

It’s weird, because you’d think that with her turning 14 this summer, childcare would be easier, and of course in some ways it is, but then at the same time it almost feels like she needs more supervision, partly because she’s the only child at home, and partly because of the technology thing. If I had a couple of them, say 7 and 5, they could amuse themselves for an hour or so building a den or punching each other, or something wholesome like that, but Belle isn’t me, she’s not going to turn around on the first day of the holidays and say ‘you know what Mummy? I think I might do a project about badgers today.’

(I did once do a project about badgers. Things like that were more fun before the Internet, when you had to trace pictures from books and what not.)

I had an interesting chat with fiancé a few days ago. He’s properly into the whole parenting thing now, and I think he’d had a bit of a moment. ‘So parenting,’ he said, ‘it seems to me that it’s 95% guilt?’

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Today I’m reviewing hoolio – the online fitness app.

Last week I faced a challenge. A very tough and serious challenge. Fiancé asked me to take a picture of myself, high fiving myself, without using the timer. 

(Oaky, this is a lie, he didn’t say ‘without using the timer’, but I didn’t realise until afterwards that my phone camera has a timer, and then I felt a bit stupid, so I’m pretending that that was the challenge all along.)

It was tricky. Try it now if you don’t believe me. I tried various methods that involved propping my phone against things and trying to take the picture with my nose, but none of them worked. In the end, I had to take off my shoes and tights, and hold the phone between my toes, whilst twisting my body to get my hands around in front of the camera, and pressing the button with my toe.

I ended up with this, as well as a feeling that I probably have too much time on my hands:


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A few weekends ago I spent the night in the Mercure Bristol Holland House hotel and spa.  It wasn’t any kind of illicit rendezvous, I was just checking out their new Bristol inspired room. It was designed by Laura Withers, the hotel’s Assistant Spa and Leisure Manager, as part of the Accor Hotels My Room project.  Laura has lived in Bristol for nearly 30 years and loves the city, so created the room to reflect Bristol’s culture of street art, with particular reference to Banksy.

Arriving at the Mercure Bristol Holland House hotel and spa, I have to confess that I had my reservations. (See what I did there? Hotels? Reservations? Sorry…) Having lived in Bristol for a few years, I’ve driven past it plenty of times, and always thought that from the outside it looked a little bit dated. Because I’d only ever driven around that part of Bristol, I couldn’t really place it in my mind either in terms of how close it was to anything. I know it’s handy for Bristol Temple Meads station, but other than that, I was in the dark.

I’m pleased to report that stepping into the hotel lobby banished any concerns I might have had about the decor and design. The reception area was very smart and spacious, and I could see that the bar and restaurant area looked pretty smart too. I was soon checked in, and heading up to my room.

The Bristol theme struck me as soon as I put my little plastic key in the lock and opened the door. It was very well put together, with a bold pattern over the bed, and then little touches throughout the room. it could have easily been over the top, but it wasn’t – there was just enough of it to make a cohesive theme without the feeling like you were in Dismaland. 

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