Just lately, I’ve decided to embark on a tissue mission. (It’s not as creepy as it sounds.)

You know how much I hate sniffing? I mean, all parents do, but it really grates with me. Remember that time I sat next to that man on the bus who sniffed 104 times? I do. Even though it was nearly three years ago.

Well, I decided that instead of just complaining to you about it, I would take matters into my own hands. Who knows, that sniffing bus man might have been sat there, helpless, just waiting for someone like me to come along and offer him a Kleenex, and instead, all I did was write about him in a mocking way.

That’s not the spirit of kindness we need to be promoting in the world is it?

Instead then, I’ve started carrying around those cute little packets of Kleenex around with me, and offering them to people who seem a bit sniffly. (Yes, I am that crazy lady, hovering next to people with colds.)

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Today I have a cool competition to win a tea delivery from Piacha, in celebration of their new tea subscription service. Hooray for tea!

I have developed a bit of a subscription habit.

It all started a year or so ago, when I signed up to Cardnest, and then cranked up a notch this year when I bought an Odeon Limitless subscription, asked for a subscription to Living Etc magazine for my birthday and then signed up to Papergang. Oh, and Pact coffee. And last night I accidentally subscribed to the V Gd Fun Club. Gosh, it really IS a thing isn’t it? I’ll be joining the gym before we know it.

(Haha! That will never happen obviously.)

There is something though about that feeling of being part of a club, and of knowing you’re going to get a little treat every month, that’s very seductive. It’s why I’ve added one more subscription to my list this month – the new tea subscription service from Piacha.

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Belle and I have been on a lot of mini-breaks on our own. They’re fun. We have our little rituals, which mainly involve planning our snacks and which village-based murder mystery we are going to watch in the evening, and we rub along perfectly fine. Here we are in fact, looking adorable as always, outside our Hoburne Naish cabin a couple of weekends ago:

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A couple of new signs have appeared recently on my little stretch of the M5 – the bit between Taunton and Bristol. They are identical, at about a ten mile interval? They annoy me every time I drive past them, to the point where this weekend I made fiancé drive past extra slowly so that I could take a picture and rant about them.

This is it:

motorway petrol price sign M5

This sign tells me three things:

One – someone, somewhere, had a massively underspent motorway road sign budget. How else can you justify it? How much must it cost to have made this sign, connected it up with the petrol stations, get it set up, and then maintain it? And to what end?? (See points two and three.)

Two – petrol on the motorway is a complete rip off. If you have been foolish enough to leave your refuelling until you’re on the M5, (which is me obviously), this sign acts as a helpful reminder of what an idiot you are. 

Three – just in case you weren’t now depressed enough, it then goes on to let you know that there’s no point even hanging on a bit longer, as you will be ripped off by exactly the same amount for the next 39 miles. Haha! You feel really stupid now don’t you? View Full Post

We all love a bargain don’t we? I don’t know about you, but I very rarely pay full price for anything online – I always do a search for a voucher code, free postage, cash back offer – anything that will save me a few pounds. The few pounds I save can then go staright into my savings account.


That’s a lie obviously. Any money I save just gets spent on more treats. YOLO and all that.

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