UK travel review – Glamping West Midlands

A couple of weeks ago Belle and I went to stay at Glamping West Midlands. As the very informative name suggests, it was glamping, in the West Midlands. Dur. It’s part of a smallholding, and has a very relaxed, homely feel.

We’ve done quite a few glamping style holidays, in yurts and vintage caravans and what not, so we’d consider ourselves seasoned glampers. Glamping West Midlands, as I’m sure owner Chris won’t mind us saying, is probably slightly further down the ‘glam’ end of the spectrum, but the lack of fancy vintage touches or local pork sausages for sale is balanced out by a very real, unforced connection with nature and the surroundings. If you love the idea of being woken every morning by a persistent cockerel, (sniggers), or have children who love the outdoors and getting hands on with animals, then Glamping West Midlands is definitely the place for you.

Glamping West Midlands

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Country living interiors

Did you see my botanical interiors post earlier this week? It was good. You should. (If you like plants).

I really enjoyed doing it. Pinterest is really fun isn’t it? Well dur, I know it is, that’s the point of it, but I do tend to come to these things a bit late. Bee and I call it ‘having a beach holiday moment’ because of the time I said ‘Gosh, do you know what would be lovely? A holiday somewhere really peaceful, perhaps near the sea, where I don’t have to do anything at all. Maybe I’d just lie on a beach all day’, as if no one had ever thought of that before.

She humours me though. 

This time I went for more of a country living vibe. I like a good country living inspired interior because it still has an element of nature, but it has a bit more of a solid, traditional feel to it too. There are still a lot of natural materials, but there is something very secure and safe feeling about it. Safe in a ‘returning to your family home’ way rather than in a ‘magnolia wall’ way.


If you go down to the woods today… a sneak peak of the #AW16 woodland inspired collection from @georgeatasda #georgepressday

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An honest post about chocolate brownies and self control

Last night I ate three chocolate brownies.

Okay, even that’s a lie. I think I actually ate four, but somehow three sounds just a little less disgusting. They were about two inches square, so that’s quite a lot of brownie. Belle made them for me because I was hormonal and tired and they were delicious and chocolatey. I enjoyed eating them, but I also didn’t, because at the same time I was thinking about my thighs, and that took the edge off the fun of it a little bit.

To be honest, it scares me a little bit – my complete lack of self-control when it comes to food. I worry a lot about my complete inability to discipline myself, and what this is going to mean for me and my body over the coming years. That sounds very dramatic I know, but it definitely feels like an addiction. I have never taken drugs, and never been a smoker, because I just know that I wouldn’t be able to give up – I have no will power.

chocolate brownies self control over eating

I tested myself this morning. I had a bag of brazil nuts on my desk, and was eating them without really even thinking about it. I realised that that was probably a bad idea as it said there were 692 calories per 100g and it was a 200g bag, so I took our four and lined them up on my desk. I told myself that I would leave them there, and see how long I could make them last, that I would only eat them when I really wanted one.

Within two minutes I had eaten all four.

That’s not really okay is it?

(At this point I thought about taking four more brazil nuts out of the bag, lining them up on my desk, and taking a picture. I couldn’t take the risk though – no way would those brazil nuts go back in the bag – so instead I had to find a calorie-free stock image.)

brazil nuts self control over eating

I blame mindfulness. I’m so damn busy living in the moment that I find it hard to picture the future or make decisions based on long term consequences. All I can think about is how the brownie will feel in my mouth for those few seconds. And then afterwards of course I feel wracked with guilt and spend the half hour in bed before falling asleep fantasising about liposuction. 

I’ve even gone as far as to say that if I had one wish, I would wish that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted, without it ever having any negative consequences on my health or body. World peace? Pah! An end to child poverty? Nope. Calorie free brownies for me please.

Does anyone else feel like this about food? Does anyone else scare themselves with their complete lack of self-control?

Images – Igors Rusakovs and P-fotography from shutterstock

Botanical interiors

I have a thing about plants.

Spider babies, you know, are a bit of a favourite, but it’s other plants too. For me, a house just isn’t a home without plants. They add something that no amount of stylish furniture or accessorising can – a sense of calm, and connection with the world. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a huge, plush green velvet sofa and a wall of solid oak bookcases too, but you have to have the plants. Lucky for me then that botanical interiors are big at the moment – if I wait long enough, something I like normally comes into fashion eventually, even if only briefly.

This is my desk at the moment, to give you an idea of what I mean. Note the obligatory spider babies in giant gold and silver thimbles. (These are from Red Candy if you like them.)

botanical interiors desk workspace

I had a quiet half hour at work this morning, so I thought I’d put together a botanical living room Pinterest board. As you do. Because there is so much colour in plants and botanical inspired accessories, I think they tend to work well against plain white backgrounds and natural materials.

If you’re just too jazzy for white walls, how about a botanical wallpaper? I particularly love Justina Blakeney’s range for Hygge and West. Personally I would use these sparingly though, and they would need to be the focal point – I don’t think you’d want to go super crazy with botanical accessories if you had something bold like this on your wall:

Anywho, if you’re a fan of botanical interiors, do have a browse through my botanical inspired living room pins below. (I figured out how to embed the whole board into the post, so you can scroll through it here without even having to go to Pinterest. Aren’t you a lucky sausage?)

What are your favourite interiors trends at the moment?

The magic of doors

Did you ever do that thing at primary school where you picked a postcard at random from a pack and had to write a story about the picture? I remember doing it once and getting a picture of a broken sofa on a rubbish dump. I don’t remember being inspired to create a work of literary genius, but I can hear the collective groan that went up around the class when the teacher pulled the cards out, and the fidgety quiet and chewing of pencils for the next twenty minutes or so, while we all made up stories.

It’s been a long time since I did anything like that, so I thought I would give it a go. I’ve been wanting to write something for a few days now, but I’ve been lacking in inspiration, so I picked out a photo at random from shutterstock.

This is what I got:


Credit – Artens

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