I’ve done quite a lot of STUFF in my life.

By ‘stuff’ I mean the kind of things that you normally see on people’s bucket lists, like flying in a hot air balloon, riding in a helicopter, or jumping out of a plane. (True story – when I jumped out of a plane I passed out mid air and woke up on the ground. Oops.)

never have I ever ideas

I have a list of 40 things I want to do before I’m 40, which helps, but generally I like to try things, even if it’s only once. Like skiing.

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While I was stuck inside last week hiding from the snow I developed a new hobby – making biscuits that look a bit like biscuits you might see in the shops.

It’s fun.

Basically you think up a biscuit you like, and then you try to make your own. I started with the Jaffa cakes, which were super fun and very tasty, especially on the second day when the jelly had soaked into the sponge a little bit and made it lovely and moist.

Next up I had a go at homemade Jammie Dodgers.

homemade jammie dodgers

Check out those bad boys!

Now although I do like a Jammie Dodger in real life, I do find they can sometimes be a bit MUCH. Do you know what I mean? They’re pretty thick and full on. (Like some boyfriends I’ve had.) For my homemade Jammie Dodgers then I wanted to make something a little bit more delicate, so I used a simple shortbread style recipe for the biscuits and made them thinner than regular Jammie Dodgers. View Post

In association with McDonald’s

Ever since I went to McDonald’s in Exeter recently to make a Big Mac live on Twitter, (as you do), I’ve been trying to remember the first time I ever ate a McDonald’s.

I know that we didn’t have a McDonald’s in our town when I was young, but I couldn’t remember when it did open. I asked my sister Annabel, who is four years younger than me but has a much better memory. She reckons it was the early 1990s, which would have meant I was probably at least 14 or 15.

‘I remember being very excited it was opening!’ she told me. ‘I also remember the smell of the chips being so irresistible that Grandad (Eric) had taken me to the drive-thru after school once for some reason and actually asked if he could have a chip WITHOUT CUTLERY AND WHILST DRIVING.’

Our family WhatsApp group did NOT know what to do with this information. My Grandad (Eric) was not the sort of man to do anything whilst driving, let alone eat a chip.

‘MY LIFE IS A LIE,’ wrote Bee, unable to process the information.

Needless to say that I can’t remember a time when a cheeky Big Mac has not been a part of my life.

Big Mac close up

McDonald’s has changed a lot however since I used to take Bee in as a toddler. View Post

Post in association with Princes

I know! They go together like bread and butter right? John Lewis and canned mackerel.

But think about it like this – you go to John Lewis, you wander around for ages, gazing at all the things you’d have in your house if you won the lottery and didn’t have children/a partner who spoilt everything by leaving dirty cups on your carefully Instagram styled vintage sideboard, and then you come home, exhausted, and whip yourself up my mackerel salad nicoise and eat it on your fancy new John Lewis plates!

Job’s a good ‘un, as we say in our family, fondly mocking my mum’s partner Mitch.

Canned mackerel salad

As you almost 100% definitely read my mackerel recipe post earlier this week, I expect we’re already on the same page. View Post

homemade Jaffa cake recipe

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Homemade Jaffa cakes? WTF? Why on earth would you go to the effort to make your own Jaffa cakes when you could just crack open a packet of McVities?’

Well yes, I can see your point, but making your own Jaffa cakes is more something you do for the activity than for the end product.

It’s like any kind of cooking really, or gosh, anything in life at all when you start to think about it. It’s satisfying making things for yourself from scratch, and fun in the process. (Sometimes. Unless it’s a complicated pastry or something.)

It’s the journey not the destination and all that.

PLUS, when you make your own Jaffa cakes you get to do things along the way like eat a casual square or two of Bournville and lick the cake bowl. View Post

Post in association with Wayfair

I used to have a bit of a blind spot when it came to interior lighting. My friend Lucy was always coming over and bemoaning my lack of flattering lighting.

‘It’s just these God awful centre lights!’ she would say. ‘You need some strategic lamps to stop me looking so ancient.’

She was right.

I took heed though, and if anything I’ve gone the other way – I have lamps everywhere, even in the kitchen, and candles galore for when you’re feeling like you really do need a darker corner to hide in. Lamps are lovely too for creating little areas of interest, highlighting areas of the room you particular like, or making cosy yet well lit corners for reading or crafts.

A well placed light can totally change the feel of a room – the warmth, the colours, the tone. You can give the whole place a lift without actually having to spend too much money.

This week I’ve been looking for a home for my new lamp from the Endon Lighting range at Wayfair. Endon Lighting has been around for over 75 years and has a focus on well designed, trend-led lighting. The range is definitely worth a look.

At the moment it’s next to my bed like this:

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