A rainbow paradise cocktail for pride month

Happy Pride Month!

To show my support I thought I’d do what I do best and make a drink and laze about in the garden with it. Huzzah! Obviously it’s a rainbow themed drink – a rainbow paradise cocktail in fact – because what kind of ally would I be otherwise?

The ‘effort versus impressing your friends’ ratio is excellent, it honestly hardly takes any time at all, which is perfect if you’re a lazy bones like me – all the more time for lounging in the sun scrolling through Instagram and doing word puzzles.

To make your own rainbow cocktail for Pride Month here’s what you need to do:

  • Pour a splosh of grenadine into the bottom of a large glass
  • Add a big handful of ice
  • Fill half the remaining glass with a mix of white rum and pineapple juice (and pretend you’re 19 again)
  • Top up with a mix of half and half water and blue curacao. You might want to pour this in carefully over the back of a spoon
  • Garnish with something suitably jazzy

Ideally you’ll have just painted your garden walls half white and half yellow and with a set of three swirly pink stripes as this will really set your rainbow cocktail off in the sunshine.

Oh wait, what now? I just happen to have done exactly that?? Well, almost, I have about half of the darkest pink stripe left to paint because the cats have adopted one particular flowerbed as their litter tray and the smell was too repulsive to stand next to for too long. I’m very pleased with it though, as is the little girl next door who has been climbing up to look over my fence at regular intervals to check on my progress.

‘Hello Jo!’ she said today, appearing over the fence as I took in the washing. ‘Your painting looks beautiful! Have you finished? Mummy told me not to bother you.’

(If you are reading this Mummy then I honestly don’t mind at all, it’s nice to be appreciated.)

I digress.

Rainbow cocktails are fun, but this post is really a reminder to support and celebrate all of your LGBTQ+ friends, colleagues, and anyone else for that matter, not just for Pride Month but for always. Whether it’s making changes at work to create a more supportive environment, getting involved in campaigning or even just putting a sticker in the window of your car, here are some ways to Take Pride in supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

Cheers to that.

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