REVIEW: Glamping at Tractors and Cream

A few weeks ago, Belle and I went on a mini break. Mini breaks have previously ranked amongst our top hobbies, alongside going for drives, escape rooms and trying to get the dog to do dance routines. Over the last few years, what with the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, they’ve got fewer and farther between, so we were really looking forward to this one.

This mini break was going to be two nights at Tractors And Cream glamping site.

I say ‘was going to be’ as though some elaborate chain of events meant that we ended up accidentally going to New Zealand for three months to volunteer in a goat rehabilitation centre. We didn’t, we actually went to Tractors And Cream, it was just poor sentence construction.

tractors and cream glamping review

We’ve done a lot of yurt holidays before but never stayed in a geodome like they have at Tractors and Cream. Ours was one of the biggest, with a double bed, bunk beds, outdoor seating, hammocks and even an outdoor jacuzzi bath. We certainly didn’t feel cramped and the huge windows make the domes feel very light and spacious.

Tractors And Cream is only about 40 minutes down the road for us, but we embraced the ‘change is as good as a rest’ ethos. We even went to a Tesco that we’d never been to before for our holiday provisions, that’s how rock and roll we are. You can watch my little video on Instagram for more of a nose at the outdoor cooking and kitchen areas.

tractors and cream

There were two things I was particularly looking forward to about the mini break – outdoors wine and outdoors bath. (I like things outdoors). The wine isn’t compulsory at Tractors And Cream, and unfortunately not provided, but it’s just a vibe of camping isn’t it? You have to drink outside. What you normally also expect with glamping is having to go to the toilet outdoors, meaning I usually stop the outdoors wine at about 7pm so that I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night.

At Tractors And Cream though we had an ensuite bathroom. I know! An ensuite bathroom! I think that officially makes it the glamest glamping we’ve ever done. You certainly can’t call it camping if you’ve got a tiled splashback. It meant I could drink all of the wine, take all of the baths and basically have a lovely time. You can have a look at me using the bath over on Instagram.

We spent most of our time lounging around, playing cards and cooking, (when I wasn’t in the bath with the wine), but we did make time for a couple of brunches, as brunch is also one of my favourite hobbies. I was concerned that I would already have tried all of the local brunch spots – the pastries from The Bridge and breakfast on the terrace at Kitchen at the Wharf are already favourites – but I managed to find us two new places to try. Neither disappointed, so I can definitely recommend Pitney Farm Cafe and Middlewick Farm Shop, pictured below.

(Top tip: If the satnav tries to direct you down a dubious-looking road on the way to Pitney Farm Cafe they DO NOT TAKE IT unless you want to have a small/medium-sized nervous breakdown).

Middlewick farm shop review

All that remained to complete the mini break glamping experience was to make ourselves a little fire and toast some marshmallows to squish between digestive biscuits. This task we completed with aplomb.

The site is well set up for families, with play areas and a little camp shop for essentials. Each dome is in its own secluded spot too, so you’re not overlooked or crowded in at all – ideal if you are glamping with neuro-diverse children who value quiet and privacy.

Tractors and Cream still have some availability in their domes for September and October, so if you fancy a cosy autumnal mini-break then check out their website now.

Is tractors and cream glamping site good

We stayed free of charge in return for this review. All thoughts my own.


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