I had a bit of an embarrassing moment about 12 years ago when a man came to the door of my house at about 1am, thinking I was a prostitute.

His English wasn’t good, so there was some confusion while he tried to invite himself in and I wondered what on earth was going on.

‘For sex?’ he kept saying, much to my utter bemusement.

‘What?’ I replied, unhelpfully.

‘I come in for sex?’ he kept repeating.

It was all a bit awkward.

Finally he pointed up to Bee’s bedroom window, where I could see that she had left her light on. She was about nine years old and had bought this red light bulb from B&Q for some reason, and had gone to sleep with it on. We lived in a family terraced house in a nice part of a small Somerset town, off the main road, but apparently the logical conclusion to jump to was that I was running a brothel.

So that was a lesson learnt for everyone.

Technology has come a long way since my light bulb/sex worker incident, so I wasn’t deterred when TP-Link got in touch to see if I fancied trying some of their smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs.

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking: light bulbs, that’s hardly the sexiest of topics is it? Well you’re wrong, because these bulbs are AWESOME.

The first one we tried was the smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with colour changing hue.

TP-Link smart bulb colour changing

I’m not sure how it works exactly – I think it’s actual magic – but all you have to do is pop it into your light socket, as you would a normal bulb, follow the instructions to connect it to an app on your phone and TADA! View Post

‘Sandra is always putting stuff on Facebook about what a good stepdad Pete is,’ Fiance said to me the other day. ‘Why don’t you do that?’

‘What, do you want one of those weird poems about dancing between the raindrops?’ I replied, ever the kind and compassionate girlfriend.

‘No,’ he said, looking a bit sulky, ‘just a bit of praise now and then?’

And so I showed my love and appreciation through the only medium I know – GIFTS!

I arranged for him to try out the Cornerstone shaving kit, and here’s what he thought…

Cornerstone shaving review View Post

Advertorial in association with Quaker Oats

Following on from my Quaker Oats recipe for PB & J overnight oats, I’ve got a great giveaway for you today, so that you can create an aspirational breakfast to make your family proud! Read on to find out more…

There are plenty of moments that, as a parent, have not been my proudest.

For example, Belle seems completely unable to forget the one time I made her a tea that consisted simply of four burnt fish fingers. I can’t remember the context – I’m sure there was some – but of course, that will be the one thing she remembers forever and ever. Will she care that I have built myself an entire career around school hours, just so I can be there for her in the morning and after school?


She will remember the fish fingers.

Very occasionally though, I have one of those amazing parenting moments, where I actually do something that the mums on Pinterest do. Like when I made those pink doughnut helium balloons, or the time I made these Pingu cupcakes for Bee’s birthday. (And by ‘made’ I mean ‘paid someone else to make’.)

#vegan Pingu #birthday #cupcakes 🐧🍰☺️❤️

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That was a very proud day for me.

I had another of those aspirational parenting moments this week when I tried my hand at making some overnight oats using one of the new Quaker Oats MissPrint mason jars. I actually made PB & J overnight oats with a home made raspberry and chia seed jam, so bonus points to me. Skip back a few days and you’ll find the recipe post. View Post

Belle has ALWAYS wanted a beanbag.

You know how kids sometimes get a thing stuck in their mind and they just can’t let it go? Bee was the same with a mini fridge. She wanted a mini fridge in her room for ages – roughly from about birth until her mid-teens when my sister gave in and bought her one.

But with Belle it was a beanbag.

I don’t really know why, during all this time, we haven’t ever actually bought a beanbag. Perhaps because it reminds me of when Bee and I first lived by ourselves when she was three and I was 20 and we didn’t have any chairs, only a beanbag that we took turns on?

big bertha beanbag competition

Isn’t she a cutie?

Anyway, much to Belle’s delight we have one now. A huge, snuggly, furry thing from Big Bertha Original Beanbags. Belle has it in her room and seems very happy with it. It’s very sweet actually.

‘I think I might sit in my beanbag for a bit before bed,’ she said last night as we were saying goodnight, which almost bought a little tear to me eye. View Post

Today I’m reviewing the Danish designed Obaku watch. Read on to find out how you could win your own Obaku watch, and to get an Obaku discount code.

It must be over ten years ago now that I stopped wearing a watch.

I loved wearing a watch as a child (Snoopy – classic), and as a teenager I had one of those AWESOME watches from Argos that had a huge face with Roman numerals on. Pretty sure that was definitely cool in the 90s. (Although having just read it back to myself I’m now not so sure…)

And then in my early twenties I started to get twitchy about it. I found myself looking at the time a lot and worrying about not getting enough done, so I just stopped wearing one.

The Obaku ethos is pretty much the opposite of this.

Obaku watch review

The designers and creators behind the Obaku range of watches agree that time is precious, but their philosophy is all about living in the moment, being aware of your surroundings, and appreciating the beauty around you. (And on your wrist.) They are a Danish company, so think Hygge but for watches. Their watches are simple but beautiful – sleek and sophisticated. View Post

Yesterday we had one of those days that doesn’t really turn out how you expect it to. We were planning on doing a car boot sale, as I am ‘gently encouraging’ other members of the household to think about downsizing things a little before we move, but then rain was forecast, and then Belle didn’t feel well, and then it all got a bit complicated and we ended up going to Devon instead to a barbecue restaurant.

You know, one of THOSE days.

(I wonder if I mention that it was the Pig and Pallet in Topsham, whether than means I can include the journey their as a business expense? Probably not.)

Anyway, I happened to be wearing by new bird dress from Lily & Me, and there was a casual boat leaning against the wall outside the restaurant, as we were by the water, so I thought I would pose for a picture. Birds, water etc.

Lily & Me competition discount code

That’s me doing an ‘aye aye captain’ kind of a pose. You know, because of the boat? (Sorry it’s a bit blurry. I asked Fiancé to take a couple of pictures and so of course he took a random burst of 125. Boys eh?) View Post