Yesterday we had one of those days that doesn’t really turn out how you expect it to. We were planning on doing a car boot sale, as I am ‘gently encouraging’ other members of the household to think about downsizing things a little before we move, but then rain was forecast, and then Belle didn’t feel well, and then it all got a bit complicated and we ended up going to Devon instead to a barbecue restaurant.

You know, one of THOSE days.

(I wonder if I mention that it was the Pig and Pallet in Topsham, whether than means I can include the journey their as a business expense? Probably not.)

Anyway, I happened to be wearing by new bird dress from Lily & Me, and there was a casual boat leaning against the wall outside the restaurant, as we were by the water, so I thought I would pose for a picture. Birds, water etc.

Lily & Me competition discount code

That’s me doing an ‘aye aye captain’ kind of a pose. You know, because of the boat? (Sorry it’s a bit blurry. I asked Fiancé to take a couple of pictures and so of course he took a random burst of 125. Boys eh?) View Post

I’m not one of those people that’s massively into new clothes, shoes and handbags, but I DO love it when I discover a brand that’s not afraid of colour and pattern. If you were to open my wardrobe you’d see what I mean – I’m not even sure I own a plain black dress. Inside the wardrobe is just a mass of floral prints.

My new bits and pieces from Alice’s Pig fit right in.

Alice’s Pig creates vintage inspired clothes and statement pieces that have a lit bit of magic to them – think Alice in Wonderland, with an edge of sassiness. Dressed in something from Alice’s Pig, I feel you’d always be ready for an adventure.

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Read on to find out how to win £50 to spend on luxury Bramley Products for your bathroom.

Do you remember, a little while ago*, when I went to spend the night in a treehouse?

If you do, you may remember the amazing copper bath. The bath and the shower were actually two of my favourite bits about the trip, as the treehouse came with the whole range of Bramley Products. I’d never come across Bramley Products before, but I totally fell in love with them. They are made with all these wonderful smelling natural ingredients, so that when you’re washing your hair and you take a deep breath you get this wave of loveliness through your whole body.

Bramley Products do not contain harmful or unethical ingredients, they’re produced in small batches for freshness and quality and all their essential oils are fair trade, wild crafted and grown sustainably.

Since the treehouse, as you can imagine, I have coveted all things Bramley.

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Loaf crockery competition

About 15 years ago a friend gave me a set of four dinner plates from a shop called The Pier. They were really beautiful – a dark red colour covered in swirly floral patterns. I loved them and was terrified of breaking them, so inevitably the first time I used them I chipped one. A white chip really shows up on a red plate.

After that first chip though, they seemed to take on an indescruitble quality – we used them every single day, they moved house with us often, and all four remined intact. Until one day just before Christmas. Belle was washing up, and accidentally dropped one into the sink, where it promptly broke in two.

She was horrified, terrified that I was going to be cross. (I wasn’t, it was just an accident.)

It got worse when we discovered that the plate had actually fallen onto a second one, hidden below the surface of the water, and that that one had broken in half two. All those years and there we were, half of our plates taken out in one soapy hand incident.

It felt like the end of an era.


Still, you can’t let yourself get down in the dumps really can you? They were just plates after all, it wasn’t like one had dropped on the floor and chopped off Belle’s foot. Perhaps it was a sign. A sign that it was time to move on, and take the next step on our crockery journey. View Post

So, Easter holidays. Are you excited?

The school holidays are a bit of a double edged sword for me. I love that I don’t have to spend an hour trying to motivate Belle out of bed every day, but is it really any better if she just stays in bed until 2pm watching make-up tutorials on YouTube?

Leaving the Internet in charge of babysitting is handy, but the Internet is well known for NOT having an up to date CRB check. Even if you do your best to set up parental controls, you’ve still got viruses and hackers to worry about. Cyber security becomes increasingly important during school holidays as internet usage goes up and children and teens become a prime target.

Today’s competition could help on that front.

I’m working with a company called PureVPN to help you to keep yourself and your kids safe online, plus they’ve offered me some very cool prizes to give away. I know you love a competition.


Do you remember a while ago when I showed you that amazing bangle I had that looked like a sparkly nail?? You should go back and have a look if you don’t remember. The company that makes said bangle – Infinity & Co – is back today with another competition.

Hoorah for sparkly things!

The competition is to celebrate their new range – LOVE X INFINITY. It’s a lovely collection of more affordable pieces, designed to be given as gifts. They have some really sweet bits and pieces, including this gorgeous jigsaw puzzle necklace and a wishbone bracelet, which are two of my favourites items in the range:

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