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Coffee is something I’ve come to a bit later in life. I’ve always been a weak and milky tea drinker, (the tea being weak and milky, not me, although I’m not strong exactly), but over the last year or two I’ve developed a bit of a taste for something stronger.

What I am discovering is that, just like tea, there is a lot of variety in coffee, and a huge gap between a good and a bad cup of the black stuff. (Do people call coffee ‘the black stuff’ or did I just make that up? I think it’s real.)

Anyway, today I’m giving away a bundle of coffee related goodies that definitely fall on the good end of the coffee spectrum. Spiller and Tait is a company local to me, based down on a farm near the Devon coast in Budleigh Salterton. They’re a small company, not looking for world domination – all they want is to make decent, fresh coffee that tastes good and doesn’t spend ages sitting in packets on supermarket shelves. All of their coffee is delivered to your door within seven days of roasting, so you get a fantastic, fresh coffee flavour, plus parcels are letterbox friendly, so you don’t have to worry if you’re out.

To introduce new people to what they do, Spiller and Tait has very kindly offered to give one lucky winner a bundle of coffee making goodies. You can win: View Post

I have two questions for you:

  1. Do you like cheese?
  2. Do you like it when someone offers to pay your electricity bill for you forever?

If you answered yes to both these questions then read on.

Wyke Farms has teamed up with Good Energy to offer one lucky person the chance to win an entire lifetime’s supply of renewable electricity. Wyke Farms is big on sustainability and both brands share a passion for food and energy provenance. Wyke Farms also make ace cheese.

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When I was younger I was never really a coffee drinker. I thought that whole ‘first coffee of the day’ thing was totally blown out of proportion and, if I’m honest, I probably looked down a little bit on the kind of people who were all like ‘Oooh, let me just get a coffee and then I can think about it!’ Jeez, can you not just think on your own without some kind of stimulant?

(I do still hate this approach from a PR mentioning flat whites mind.)

In the last few years though I have become something of a convert. Perhaps it’s age. Perhaps I can’t just leap out of bed in the morning now and feel instantly excited about life. Most mornings I wake up feeling a teeny bit bleurgh about the world, and have to remind myself that it’s really okay, and that once I get out of bed, get moving, and have a coffee, I’ll be fine.

God, I’ve become one of those people.

Ah well, best embrace it I figure, so I’ve got a month’s supply of coffee to give away!

Cold brew from Minor Figures

The coffee I have for you is rather special. It’s a cold brew coffee from a small company called Minor Figures and having tried it, I can confirm that it’s amazing. The chocolate is especially ace, but I think my favourite is the milk. It has this wonderful smoothness to it that doesn’t give you any of that shuddery feeling that bad coffee can. It packs just the right punch to get me going without making my face twitchy.

Basically I love it, and I want you to share the coffee joy.

Oh and they look great too. Very Instagrammable, if that affects your coffee choices. (And why would it not?)

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7 books that could change your life

If you’re anything like me then you’re going to be very excited about this competition. I love books, and especially books that are aimed at teaching you something about yourself or helping you to improve your life. (Apart from that AWFUL one I ranted about earlier this week of course. Damn that woman.)

None of the books in my competition are hideous like that one.

These seven books all come from one of my very favourite websites of all time, The Book People. What that means is that technically, although the RRP of the collection comes to more than £89, you could buy them all from The Book People for less than £30. Now you see why I like The Book People so much.

So this is what I’ve got in the collection: View Post

How perfect a competition is this for me to promote?!

You know I love front doors. Here are a few of my favourites:

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January blues, post-Christmas depression, SAD, Blue Monday – whatever you call it, January is a bit crap isn’t it? It’s light for about 47 minutes a day, you’re broke and tired… I know what you need!

A competition!

This competition comes courtesy of the lovely people at Get Fruity. January isn’t crap for them – they’re celebrating because they’ve just started selling their Cornish made fruity oat bars in Tesco.


I’ve been munching my way through a couple of their mixed boxes over the last few weeks and they really are tasty. Get Fruity bars are made with fruit, oats and virgin coconut oil, contain absolutely no refined sugars, and are gluten free, dairy free and vegan certified. They have really interesting flavours too, like juicy apricot, orange and ginger.

Basically they’re pretty ace. 

Because they’re so tasty and wholesome, they’re perfect for packed lunches. With this in mind, Get Fruity have put together a fantastic prize bundle, consisting of a month’s supply of their mixed boxes, a choice of either a Frozen or an Avengers lunch box and drinks bottle, and a £50 voucher to spend at one of their stockists – either Ocado, Waitrose or Tesco – it’s up to you which you’d prefer.

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