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So go on, tell me, what did you think of my overnight slippy peach pancakes?

I mean presumably as soon as you saw the post this week you whipped up a batch ready for breakfast the next day? Good. Glad to hear it.

In case your tinned fruit stocks are running low, and you’re getting worried about your next batch, then I’ve teamed up with Princes again today to offer you a super cool prize – a week’s shopping at Morrisons and a Princes tinned fruit hamper! Specifically, the lucky winner will get an £80 Morrisons voucher, plus a selection of 14 different tins of Princes tinned fruit, which you’ll know from my pancake recipe post counts towards your five a day. Tinned fruit is packed fresh at source, and helps to cut down on waste – no more festering bananas in the fruit bowl for you.

And then THIS can be your breakfast every day:

tinned peach recipe


They were REALLY good.

If you’d like to win an £80 Morrisons voucher and hamper of Princes tinned fruit then it couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is complete as many of the entries in the widget below as possible. The more you do, the greater your chances of getting to go to Morrisons, supermarket sweep style.

The competition will close at 11.59pm on 1st December 2017 and is open to UK residents only. Full T&Cs apply.

Good luck!


When you read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a child, how desperate were you for the three course meal in one piece of chewing gum to be a reality? I wanted it so badly. As I read it I swear I could feel the hot tomato soup at the back of my throat, followed by the rich, roast beef.

(I stopped imagining before I turned into a blueberry obviously. No one wants that.)

I’ve always been kind of fascinated by the idea of meal replacements. In old school science fiction people of the future were forever knocking back tiny pills as substitutes for entire meals and the principle really appeals to me – I’d never have to worry about ‘accidentally’ eating 14 Oreos ever again. Everything would be so simple. I’d be so slim…

Of course despite what the stories would have us believe, a meal in a pill could never be a thing. You just can’t get the calories you need into such a small thing. Back to the Oreos for me then.

Or is it?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trialling a meal replacement system called Solo. Solo is a vegan, allergen free, dairy and gluten free meal replacement powder that you mix up with water to make a shake. It contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, 100% of your recommended fibre intake, and can in theory entirely replace regular food.

I say ‘regular food’, but Solo IS food. That’s key here. It’s not some kind of artificially produced powder, it’s made with natural whole foods – wholegrain gluten free oats, pea protein, flaxseed, coconut – real food. There are 42g of protein in each serving, so it fills you up too. I’m genuinely not hungry for several hours after a Solo shake, and I can eat pretty much anything, any time. (See above about the Oreos.)

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I cannot tell you how excited I am already. We’re coming into that phase now where I can start drinking mulled wine at lunchtime and having mince pies for tea and it’s all totally fine and acceptable because it’s NEARLY CHRISTMAS!


In case, for some BIZARRE reason, you aren’t immediately filled with Christmas cheer at the very thought of twinkling lights and overpriced Christmas gift packs of toiletries, then this should cheer you up – a competition to win £100 to spend on toys.

You’re welcome.

win christmas toys

This prize comes courtesy of PoundToy.

PoundToy is a website that has all the same toys as your big online retailers, but they’re up to 75% cheaper. They do this by cutting out the expensive high street and store costs and delivering all orders directly to the customer from their family run warehouse. They offer free delivery on all orders over £25 AND they price match against Amazon and eBay.

“The reason we started PoundToy,” they told me, “is because we identified that the big named stores are very expensive and they make incredible margins, taking the money out of families pockets that struggle at times such as Christmas. As a company that was setup by such a family, our values and company ethos is to ensure every family can have a Christmas on any budget by buying toys at more reasonable prices.”

Sounds good right? Plus the bonus here is that your £100 will get you even more toys that you might expect!

To enter, first visit the PoundToy site for a browse, and come back and leave a comment on this post, telling me one thing you’d spend your prize money on if you won. Register your comment in the widget below and do as many of the bonus entries as you can to increase your chances of winning.

The competition will close at 11.59pm on 10th November. UK entries only. Full T&Cs apply.

Good luck!

Like this competition? Enter my other one HERE to win 8 beautiful craft books!

Win £100 to spend on toys for Christmas

Another day of the summer holidays, another competition! (The first one was for all that chocolate remember? Go and enter that now if you haven’t already.)

This one isn’t edible. (Unless you like to chow down on a scooter, which I’m hoping you don’t.)

The prize for this giveaway has been given to me by Poppets – a really lovely independent kids’ clothes, toys and gifts shop based down in Hove. They just got in touch and were all like ‘hey there, wanna give away a scooter?’

And I was like ‘hell yeah I do!’

(I’m paraphrasing but that’s basically what happened.)

So here I am, with a scooter to give away. The winner gets to choose either a Mini Deluxe Micro Scooter, which is suitable for 2-5 year olds, or a Maxi Deluxe Micro Scooter, for 6-12 year olds.

win a Microscooter scooter competition


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How’s everyone getting on with the summer holidays? All good?

Ours are slipping by fairly quickly so far. We’ve still got quite a few things to do in the new house, including hatching plans for turning our patch of gravel into a tropical paradise and getting fancy built in wardrobes in the bedroom. (Post coming about that soon.) We’ve been to Greece too, on our volunteering trip with Blog Authentic, which you can get a flavour of here, and Belle is sometimes getting up before midday, which is nice.

I know that summer holidays can be hard though if you’re juggling work and kids and tropical garden plans, so I thought I would offer a small carrot – a chocolate hamper that I can dangle in front of you on a stick to see you through the summer.


win chocolate

It looks LUSH doesn’t it? Cadbury aren’t sponsoring me or anything, I just thought about what I would like to win if it was me, and then I’m going to buy it for the winner out of my pocket money. View Post

must see kids movies

We didn’t have a video or a computer or anything like that when I was younger. Sometimes though, my Dad, who was a primary school teacher, would get to bring home some bit of equipment from school for the summer holidays, which was VERY EXCITING INDEED.

(Kids nowadays are spoilt really with everything being so instant – the BBC computer arriving home at the end of July was an epic experience.)

When I was about ten years old and my sister was six, we had the video one holidays, so we went to see the slightly dubious man across the road who did dodgy videos, and he lent us E.T. In the opening sequence, where E.T. gets left behind, my Mum put on a baby voice and said ‘Mummy, Mummy, don’t go!’ My sister and I both burst into tears and pretty much cried for the whole of the rest of the film.

(We didn’t often watch films so we may have been a little over sensitive to the whole situation.)

ET must see kids films

Image by 360b/shutterstock

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