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Things to do in Bristol

Bristol is a fantastic, vibrant city with so much on. It’s a blessing and a curse – there’s always something exciting to get stuck into, but so much on you might not even know where to begin.

If you’ve been wondering what’s on in Bristol, especially with the holidays coming up, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find thrilling, educational, and exciting family events. But also events for those moments when you need to let your hair down and indulge in some well-deserved me-time. Let’s have a look…

The Outdoor Cinema in Clifton Downs

When: Friday 5th – Sunday 7th August

Where: Clifton Downs, BS9 1FG, Bristol

As the sun sets on the stunning Clifton Downs, leaving the sky a pastel pink, nothing will beat the feeling of a great film starting as you tuck into a hot snack, sip a glass of wine, and cuddle with the kids under a blanket. Or you could go alone, your shout.

This August, The Downs will see showings of classic films such as Encanto, Rocketman, Mamma Mia!, Pulp Fiction, and West Side Story. Complete with a food and drinks bar, camping chairs, and a specially curated playlist of songs to get you pumped for the film, this outdoor cinema experience will naturally go down a treat.

The Henge Family Show

When: Sunday 30th October

Where: Lost Horizon HQ, BS2 9EH, Bristol

Stick a sieve on your littluns head, paint them green and wrap them in tin foil, because alien fancy dress is essential at The Henge Family Show. Amusing and fun in equal measures, this alien electronic/rock crossover band have extensive experience touring and has captivated audiences far and wide on many festival stages. Running from 2 ‘til 4 pm, it’s a superb afternoon out that’ll get you home in time for bathtime and your favourite show.

The Gin To My Tonic Festival

When: Saturday 3rd September

Where: St George’s Hall, Great George St, BS1 5RR, Bristol

Here’s one for when the kids are with a friend. In September, St George’s Hall will be filled with over 120 gins, including classic G&T, and luscious berry and perky citrus infusions. Drinks will be served in measures of 35ml (more than the standard 25ml) because… well, you deserve it!

Your ticket will also include a gin glass, a stainless steel straw, a gin guide, Fever-Tree mixers, live entertainment, access to rum and vodka, and so much more – a cracking deal. And with two types of tickets – one for the afternoon and the other for the evening – it’s flexible and perfect for busy mums!

Funderworld Theme Park 

When: Friday 8th – Sunday 31st July

Where: Hengrove Park, BS14 0BZ, Bristol

You just can’t go wrong with a theme park, can you? Expect the classics, such as bungee trampolines, dodgems, waltzers, and a funhouse. And what would a theme park be without staple snacks such as hot dogs, slush puppies, and doughnuts? We’ve barely even touched on half the rides that’ll be coming to Hengrove Park, and as UK’s largest mobile theme park, there’s enough to keep you and the kids busy for hours.

Bristol Harbour Festival

When: Friday 15th – Sunday 17th July

Where: Bristol Harbourside

Back for its 50th anniversary, the Bristol Harbour Festival has lots on over three days and is completely free! The range of entertainment on offer that weekend includes live music from a huge range of genres, dance, poetry, activism and more. Celebrating the various cultures of the city, the Bristol Harbour Festival is a cracking day out and a great way to celebrate our differences and learn more about each other.

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

When: Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th August

Where: Ashton Court, Bristol

“What’s on in Bristol”, you wonder. Well, only Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloons! If you think watching hot air balloons drift through the sky isn’t your idea of fun, we get it, it’s somewhat of an acquired taste. But don’t let that put you off because there will also be five bars, over 100 street food stalls and trader stands, live entertainment and family activities to get stuck into. And in the evening, there’ll be fireworks! It’s a solid weekend full of fun for you and the family. Oh, and it’s completely free!

Waste Not Want Not! Future Leap’s Sustainable Food and Drink Evening

When: Tuesday 19th July

Where: Future Leap Bishopston, Gloucester Road, BS7 8AA, Bristol

It’s never a bad time to learn how to be more sustainable and taste test a few delicious foods and drinks! This early evening event opens with drinks, music, and some product testing before moving on to a panel discussion and ending on a high with more drinks, music and product testing.

Answering questions such as “how can bread make chocolate?” and “how can local community groups and food stores work together?”, this event will not only leave your stomach full of tasty treats but teach you how to live more sustainably.

Peppa Pig: My First Concert

When: Monday 25th – Tuesday 26th July

Where: St George’s Hall, Great George St, BS1 5RR, Bristol

What better way to kick off the holidays than with an interactive concert that both you and the kids can enjoy? This Peppa-themed concert will feature songs from the show as well as pieces by Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. Educational too, the concert will teach the littluns about different instruments and how they sound. Finally, the kiddos will be encouraged to join in and make their own music. You might find out you have a little virtuoso on your hands!

Bristol Comedy Cabaret

When: Multiple dates spanning Saturday 9th July – Saturday 24th September

Where: Pryzm, Bristol

If you’re in need of a relaxing night out alone, with your other half, or with the girls, the Bristol Comedy Cabaret is a brilliant choice. Laughter is the best medicine, as they say! At least three top comedians will take to the stage, leaving you laughing so hard you’ll be clapping your hands like an excited seal. As you leave with a new six-pack from constant laughter, you’ll wonder why you didn’t give it a go sooner. And with multiple Saturday dates to choose from, it’s easy to fit into your schedule.

Velociraptor Show

When: Monday 8th August

Where: Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol

Can you go wrong with dinosaurs? (The answer’s “no”, by the way.) Effortlessly combining entertainment and education, The Velociraptor Show teaches audiences about the lives of dinosaurs, one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures. With effects, music, a dino booklet, and a dino meet and greet, learning has never been more fun or engaging. Whatsmore, the show has proven to be popular among adults who often leave having learned a thing or two! And thanks to multiple showtimes, you can choose the slot that best suits you.

As always, Bristol is overflowing with cracking events that are perfect for that all-important “me time” but also for fun days out with the family.

Visit Skiddle for more Bristol events, event guides, and inspiration for how to spend that precious free time.


paper plane

When travelling, whether it’s individually or as a group, there will be times when unexpected costs or excursions will burn a hole in your budget, causing you to cut back more than you had expected.

Fortunately, there are some small changes you can make to help reduce your expenditure and ensure you’re able to travel more comfortably rather than having to scrape by.

Choose your destinations carefully 

As with anywhere you go, you could be in the UK or Thailand, there will be some locations that are more expensive than others, especially if you go to the tourist spots.

One of the easiest ways to save some additional money is to choose the less popular areas. However, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere when you’re travelling, so do some research before you go. You might be able to find a happy medium where things aren’t as expensive but there are other travellers about.

Keep track 

If budgeting is required – which will be the case for most who are travelling – you need to ensure you stay on track. You will need to keep tabs on your spending so you don’t go over your budget on anything, be that food, travel or accommodation. One really simple way to do this is to get a budgeting app and set up categories for your spending so that you can track it and see where you’re going over budget. There are loads of budgeting apps available in the UK, including plenty of free ones.

Get the right cover 

It will cost some additional money upfront, but travel insurance is an absolute must because it will protect you if anything goes wrong and you have to pay for something like medical treatment or to replace lost, stolen or damaged items.

Before you go, make sure you research the different types of travel insurance available and pick the one that is best for you. Don’t go cheap and cheerful as it usually means they cover a lot less and the excess is a lot more!

Work when available 

What you can also do if you’re travelling on a budget is look at getting a job or working when you need to. If you don’t need to work all year round, try to pick the times that work best for you. There are plenty of jobs available once you get travelling, whether it’s working in a hostel, behind a bar or at a restaurant.

If you’d rather not work for someone else, you could look into ways to make some additional money via the internet.

Trading is becoming increasingly popular among travellers as some of the tools that make it easier to track and follow trades, such as MT4 web, have become much more accessible. If you’d rather not spend time learning something new, you could use the skills you already have and teach online, complete surveys or blog. There are plenty of ways to make money, so find what’s best for you!

Make sure you research and come up with a plan before travelling so your budget goes as far as possible and you get the most out of your experience.



Do you remember back in January when I wrote about five things I wanted to do after lockdown?

No me neither to be honest, but one of them was apparently to go to the theatre, (which does sound like something I’d say), and I was reminded of it recently when I was invited to make the theatre dream come true with a trip to London to see The Prince of Egypt at the Dominion Theatre.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to see a proper musical, and needless to say I was excited. I was excited more generally too for going to London and doing fun things like having lunch in a restaurant in Covent Garden that I’d seen in a magazine. I wouldn’t want to live in London, but there is something magical about a day out there. I really felt that last weekend. People travel hundreds and thousands of miles to visit London, and here I am able to pop there for the day on the train. I really am very lucky.

It was particularly magical visiting at Christmas and getting to see all of the Christmas lights and soak up some ‘Christmas in the capital’ vibes with a trip to see The Prince of Egypt.

Here I am, posing for a not at all awkward selfie before the start of the show: View Post


It’s been two weeks now since we got the new puppy and honestly time has warped into this sort of new baby speed, where individual days seem to take weeks to pass but you’re not sure what day it is or when you last ate. What I do know is that it’s three weeks now since we went away for the weekend in a motorhome from Goboony and it’s about time I told you about it.

Our motorhome weekend was designed to be a last hoorah before the puppy arrived, a final slurp at the cup of freedom, before we realised exactly what we’d done to our lives i.e. changed them completely forever.

It was brilliant, as we expected it to be, because we love motorhome holidays – they make me want to sell the house and train the cats to sleep in bunk beds and take to the road. We’ve done two motorhome holidays before, both longer trips and both with loans from Bailey. For the first one we went around the UK ticking off all the counties I’ve never visited before and the second was a tour of Ireland. (Some parts more interesting than others.)

This was only a short break – three nights – but it still felt like an adventure. I was nervous beforehand as the motorhome we’d chosen was seven metres long, but I also knew that once I got behind the wheel I’d feel like a badass bitch and want to become a truck driver. Honestly, driving anything sizable makes me feel so powerful. I especially love it when you get surprised looks from men. ‘A woman? Driving something larger than a Fiat Punto? Whatever is the world coming to?’

Goboony motorhome hire

What is Goboony?

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In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, we are getting a puppy at the end of the month. It will be Belle’s puppy, so I’m under strict instructions about the use of things like the term ‘pupdate’ in Instagram captions, much to my regret.

Before the puppy arrives and takes over our lives in the best, fluffiest possible way, we’ve been making the most of our freedom by having days out and weekends away and going to IKEA. One such outing recently was an overnight stay in Windsor.

I think I may have been to Windsor once before, but I’ve never been to Windsor Castle, and to be honest if you go to Windsor and don’t go to the castle, have you even been? It would be like going to Cheddar and not eating some cheese. (I think I’ve done this too to be honest.) During our 24 hours in Windsor then I was definitely going to visit the castle, just to prove I existed. I think that’s how it works.

Windsor Castle

Our accommodation in Windsor

We were put up for the night in Windsor, very generously, by the aptly named Accommodation Windsor.

Accommodation Windsor has a wide range of self catering accommodation throughout the town – 45 properties in fact – ranging from small. serviced apartments through to a 5-bedroom guest house right in the town centre. They’re nearly all walking distance into Windsor, and their vibe is clean, modern home away from home. View Post


In collaboration with, but all views are my own.

Cornwall hotels

What are your holiday plans for 2021? With international travel still complicated and expensive, chances are you’re staying in the UK this year. We certainly won’t be doing anything exotic. No American road trips or cruising the Caribbean for us. We have already had a fabulous few days in Pembrokeshire in May, and we have some time mid-July set aside for a weekend in a hired motorhome, but aside from that we will be keeping things pretty relaxed. Partly this is also because we’re planning on getting a dog this year – puppy training and settling in is going to be taking precedent in 2021.

One thing I would really like to do though, before our lives are taken over by pets, is to take a trip down to Cornwall to see my Dad and family there. We were lucky enough to see each other in January last year, before everything went pear shaped, but that’s still nearly a year and a half ago now – an awfully long time to not see people.

We live in Somerset, so we can just about get to Cornwall in a (very long) day, but we much prefer to make a mini break out of it and find a hotel in Cornwall for a night or two. Let’s be honest, we’ll make a mini break out of literally anything given half the chance. I bloody love a mini break.

Catching up with family is the perfect excuse for a bit of time away though, whether that’s a hotel, camping or airbeds on the floor. They say a change is as good as a rest after all don’t they? (Although I’m not convinced an airbed ever counts as a rest.)

It’s lovely just have a change of scene, to see the sea, to eat in new places – simple pleasures like fish and chips on the beach can be so joyous when we really appreciate them. We’ve all been stuck in our own homes for so long now, any opportunity to regain that sense of freedom, to gain a different perspective, has to be a good thing.

If you have family that you haven’t seen for a while then I really hope you get to see them this summer. Fingers crossed for some summer sunshine too.


Okay, I’m going to jump right in and say it, even if it makes me look stupid… PUFFINS – who knew they were so small??

I’d never seen a puffin in real life until we stayed at Point Farm for a few days and took a boat out to Skomer Island, but seriously, in all the pictures I’ve ever seen they look about the size of a penguin? All I can say is that those pictures must be VERY close up, because puffins are actually more like pigeons. Pigeons with big heads and colourful beaks, but pigeons nonetheless.

Also, they live UNDERGROUND?? In actual burrows.

Honestly, my mind was blown. I felt like a right idiot having spent 43 years imagining these penguin type birds, nesting on rocks and beaches, when all the time there they were, using their tiny beaks to burrow underground.

Spoiler: this is not an accurate representation of a puffin:

Skomer Island

If you do want the chance to see puffins in real life, which I absolutely recommend, then Point Farm on the Pembrokeshire coast is the ideal base for a holiday as it’s just a 15 minute drive from the campsite to catch the boat over the Skomer Island.

It’s also a really lovely campsite, puffins aside. Point Farm is small, (just like the puffins), so perfect if you like a bit more of a quiet, intimate camping experience without a lot of noise or kerfuffle. Point Farm is an eco site, dog friendly, with great facilities and amazing sunsets. There are just six camping pitches, plus two fully equipped shepherd’s huts if glamping is more your thing.

Glamping is definitely more my thing – I will quite happily go to my grave never putting up another tent – and so we stayed in the very cosy Tawny shepherd’s hut. View Post


How okay is it to go somewhere for a night away just to have more Deliveroo options?

I ask this in a purely rhetorical sense, because I’ve already done it, and it was amazing. It’s one of the downsides of living in an otherwise very lovely part of the country – that when you want a takeaway your choice is limited primarily to pizzas, kebabs, curries and Chinese food. That’s not to say I wouldn’t happily eat all of those things, but sometimes what you really want is just to have some sashimi delivered to your door.

When Your Apartment offered me and Belle a night in one of their serviced apartments in Bristol then, our first thought wasn’t ‘oh how lovely, the chance to enjoy the culture of a big city’, it was ‘yaassss! More Deliveroo options!’

In fairness, we did live in Bristol for about three years, so we have already seen plenty of what Bristol has to offer. It’s a fantastic city – small enough to feel manageable but with a vibrant food and arts scene. When we stayed for my birthday weekend at the end of April it was a little restricted in terms of what was open, but from our apartment in Cotham I was still able to walk down into the city centre and around the harbourside, which is always buzzing with people.

The premise behind Your Apartment is simple – serviced apartments that feel like home. They’re bright, colourful, clean and fully equipped with everything you need to create a home away from home vibe, including all the techy stuff like superfast Wi-Fi and smart TVs. They have apartments all around Bristol as well as in Cardiff and Liverpool, and Your Apartment Clifton Village even has its own exclusive co-working space – ideal for business travel to Bristol.

Your Apartment review

We stayed on the top floor of Rowan Tree in Cotham, so we had that sloppy ceiling penthouse apartment feel that always makes me feel kind of metropolitan and sophisticated. View Post


As you will know by now, Belle and I love a mini break. Whether it’s a wet and windy December weekend in a vintage VW camper van on the Cornish coast* or a luxury boutique hotel in the Cotswolds, the theme is normally the same – some nice food, outings in the day that I generally enjoy more than Belle, and then snuggly evenings with a film or a murder mystery.

It’s not a bad format really, especially the outings, where I normally get to sneak in something like a model village or obscure wool museum. I imagine some parents of teenagers don’t manage to have quite as relaxed breaks as we do.

Our recent weekend away at Haven’s Littlesea Holiday Park on the Dorset coast did not disappoint. In fact, our caravan, if you can even call it that, was one of the nicest I’ve ever stayed in, and I have stayed in a LOT of caravans. I actually went as far as to double check the booking to see if it was actually a lodge, but no, definitely a caravan. It was a platinum caravan with a sea view, which is top of the range, but even so, very impressive.

The living and dining area was incredibly spacious, and had a proper three piece suite and dining table and chairs rather than the usual bench seating you get in a caravan. The kitchen was well equipped with a full-sized oven and fridge freezer, microwave, dishwasher and even a washing machine, which I’m not sure I’ve seen in a caravan before. I would have liked a cafetiere, but you can’t have anything I suppose.

Haven Littlesea View Post


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When I made my list of 50 things I wanted to do before I was 50, I rather ambitiously included ‘visit every country in Europe’. It was pre-Brexit, and pre-global pandemic, and life seemed somehow much more straightforward, like I’d just be able to pop over to a European city every weekend if I felt like it.

I also didn’t really appreciate quite how many countries there actually are in Europe. How many do you reckon? 30 or so maybe?


There are 44 countries in Europe currently recognised by the UN, according to a quick Google, although more if you include states? It’s a bit confusing. It’s a lot basically. A lot of mini breaks.

Some of them I’ve been to already, which is great, I can get some ticks in the boxes, but others I hadn’t even really considered, like Monaco. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, second only to the Vatican City, so I suppose it’s not surprising that it went under my radar a bit. I know it vaguely from the Grand Prix, the gambling and the tax haven status, but I can’t say I’d given it a great deal of thought otherwise.

Still, I’ll have to visit if I’m going to complete the challenge, so I decided to find out a bit more about what Monaco is all about and what a holiday in Monaco might look like.

Holiday in Monaco View Post


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On my bedroom wall, right opposite my bed, I have a big picture of the Amalfi Coast. It’s full of these amazing azure blues and warm pink tones and I absolutely love it. I’ve never been to Italy before, unless you count landing in Turin airport and driving straight to the French Alps, which frankly I don’t, but I dream of a romantic road trip along the Italian coast. Just imagine it, it would be bliss wouldn’t it? And the beauty is that there are so many Italian road trip destinations to chose from, there’s something to suit everyone.

Who wouldn’t if they were waking up to this picture every day?

Amalfi coast print

I think there’s also a part of me that wants to go with either Steve Coogan or Rob Brydon, sampling the best restaurants along the way and listening to their impressions as I sip my Chianti and gaze at the sea.

At the moment, when I’m not even allowed to leave the house, it feels like a bit of a tease, but then I think it’s important to have things to look forward to isn’t it? I mean sure, work has nose dived and I won’t be able to afford an Italian road trip even when I am allowed on the roads, but then I’m sure I read somewhere once that people get as much enjoyment from planning a holiday as from actually going on one, so I’m going to go with that.

I never thought I would actually miss driving, but I definitely have over the last few weeks – I’ve missed that feeling of being able to go anywhere you want, watching the world whizz by. To help me get excited about my fantasy road trip, Sandown Mercedes asked me to stare longingly at pictures on Pinterest for hours and hours* and compile a list of my dream Italian road trip destinations. And, after I go, I can then make my own photo prints to hang on the wall!

(*Okay so they didn’t use these words exactly, but I took it as implied.) View Post


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It’s safe to say that food is a MASSIVE part of my life and I’m normally thinking about my next meal, even when I’m in the middle of eating the current one. I love browsing through cookery books too and I often pick them up cheaply at charity shops, (always fun for the 1980s food photography), or at discount from places like The Works.

Whenever I travel anywhere, one of the things I love to do is try local foods, especially street food or dishes that are specific to a particular location, so in this post I’ve pulled together a few ideas for street foods to try on your next mini-break. The first couple are things I’ve tried already, to ease me in, but the rest are most definitely on the wish list.

Pastéis de Nata in Lisbon

When I was visiting Lisbon a couple of years ago for my solo birthday treat I took a tram across the city to try one of what was alleged to be the best Pastéis de Nata in Portgual. They did not disappoint. In fact I had three – you can’t go all that way and just have one now can you? Pastéis de Nata are basically custard tarts, but fancier.

portuguese custard tarts View Post