A Whirlwind Tour of Manchester – Top Sights to See

I said maybe, your gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, you’re my Wonderwall”, and if you know that banger, there’s no doubt you’ll be familiar with Manchester City.

However, it isn’t just the home of Oasis. Located in northwest England, UK, it’s a dynamic and diverse city known for its creativity and business prowess, boasting a captivating history and a friendly ambience. Whether your passions lie in history or contemporary culture, Manchester offers many attractions and activities to cater to all interests. With countless opportunities to explore and uncover the essence of this vibrant and forward-thinking city, Manchester is sure to leave a lasting impression.

In today’s article, we’ve highlighted some of the must-see locations and sights to see in Manchester, thus creating the perfect resource to utilise before making your itinerary for “Queen City”.

The Liquorists

Location: Liverpool Rd, Bowl M3 4JR

Good for: Relaxation & cocktails

Name a better way to start your Manchester exploration than by having a few riverside drinks. I’ll wait…

The Liquorists who are experts in cocktails, have ingeniously merged their passion for mixology with the scenic waterways of Manchester. This unique concept of boozy cruises has been pleasing partygoers for almost a decade as they sail along the River Irwell, exploring MediaCityUK and Castlefield. Exciting upcoming events on their roster include a delightful cheese and wine cruise, the thrilling “rum runners’ revenge,” and the immensely popular and quickly sold-out “Gincident” gin cruise.

Oxford Road

Location: Oxford Rd, M14

Good for: Bar hopping

More drinks, you say? Why not?

Brimming with prestigious educational institutions, Oxford Road presents an ideal destination for affordable, student and senior-friendly, enjoyable nights of bar-hopping. This lively thoroughfare is renowned for its pub crawls, although it must be acknowledged that they can become a bit disorderly; yet, this is all part of the excitement.

Commence your evening with some refreshing craft beers at Sandbar before making your way to the trendy pub, The Thirsty Scholar, conveniently tucked beneath an archway. The Font offers inexpensive and delightful beverages for those seeking to continue their bar-hopping adventure. If you desire a clubbing experience, consider visiting The Deaf Institute or Joshua Brooks. Further up the road, in Rusholme, lies the notorious Antwerp Mansion—a club situated within a dilapidated mansion. Ensuring an economical visit, numerous budget-friendly hotels can be found in close proximity to Oxford Road in the city centre.

Manchester Art Gallery

Location: Mosley Street & Princess Street, M2 3JL

Good for: Inspiration & hangovers

Let’s reel it back and stop drinking ourselves into oblivion, shall we? Nursing a hangover is never easy, but the power of art unquestionably presents healing properties.

The Manchester Art Gallery boasts an impressive collection of over 25,000 artworks for visitors to enjoy. Recognised as one of the world’s most stunning art galleries, it was established in 1824 and remains under public ownership. As a result, entrance to the gallery is completely free, allowing everyone to appreciate the masterpieces created by renowned artists.

Manchester 235

Location: Great Northern Warehouse, Watson St, M3 4LP

Good for: Socialising & Gambling

Have you ever wanted to visit Las Vegas? Fear not; the Manchester 235 casino effortlessly emulates the bright lights of Nevada’s gambling scene.

And yes, we understand how no deposit bonus offers available offered by online casinos are the most popular and tempting methods for spinning the roulette wheel, slot machines and playing a hand of poker or blackjack. But trust us, the vibrant atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino is an unmatchable experience.

Located within the esteemed Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester235 presents an exceptional assortment of casino games, the acclaimed James Martin restaurant, and sophisticated bars and recurring events to ensure a delightful experience for all patrons.

China Town

Location: Faulkner Street, M1 4FH

Good for: Sightseeing, food & shopping

You’ve visited Las Vegas in Manchester, but how about Asia?

Manchester’s Chinatown is the country’s second-largest after London. If you make your way down Faulkner Street, you will inevitably come across the stunning wooden “Paifang” archway. Erected in 1987, it serves as a generous gift from the city council.

This vibrant area has a diverse range of Chinese establishments, including businesses, restaurants, and supermarkets. Additionally, you can also explore Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai establishments. Situated in the city’s core, Chinatown is flanked by Piccadilly Gardens to the North and the Gay Village to the East.

The Comedy Store

Location: Arches Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St W, M1 5LH

Good for: Laughter

Laughter, food, live music, and drinks? Is there a better combination?

Manchester’s renowned stand-up comedy club continues to be a highly sought-after venue, having welcomed virtually every notable figure in comedy within the last 19 years.

The Comedy Store Manchester presents an exclusive combination of stand-up comedy, exquisite dining, and live music. Each week, from Thursday to Sunday, the most talented comedians in the industry perform on stage. Additionally, they host a distinct comedy night every Sunday to conclude the weekend.

The Gay Village

Location: Canal Street, M1

Good for: Restaurants, bars, pubs & clubs

The Gay Village revolves around Canal Street and presents a vibrant LGBT community, teeming with bars, clubs, eateries, and various nocturnal establishments. The ambience in this area is cheerful and relaxed, often leading to engaging conversations with friendly bartenders that can last longer than your entire trip. On sunny days, this neighbourhood truly thrives, with people enjoying the canal-side seating on the charming, tree-lined cobblestone street.

Explore the many restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs this area has to offer. Whether it’s a day or nighttime visit, you’re guaranteed to find a suitable activity.


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