5 Amenities to Look for When Booking Your Vacation Accommodations

According to a study, 48% of families are ready to spend on facilitating accommodation, while 55% would pay more for lengthier stays. Moreover, the hybrid working model has also birthed the concept of ‘Flexication,’ where guests work and vacation simultaneously. As a result of this trend, they look for different vacation rental amenities such as indoor pools and fireplaces.

If you’re asking, ‘What amenities to look for to ensure a comfortable experience?’ It depends on the type of hotel you choose, family or friend group size, and their preferences.

For example, if a family travels to one of the most popular family-friendly vacation spots, like Gatlinburg, Tennessee, they would desire accessible locations, roomy accommodations, pet-friendly regulations, free breakfast buffets, indoor and outdoor pools, and whatnot.

Read below to guide yourself about the must-have amenities when booking your vacation accommodation.

1.   Indoor and Outdoor Pools

If your family enjoys taking a dip in pools, go for a hotel with such a facility. Hotels in popular tourist destinations, particularly in Gatlinburg, provide outdoor, indoor, and kid-friendly pools.

  • Indoor Pools: When planning your Gatlinburg trip, especially in the winter, consider staying at hotels with heated indoor pools, which allow you to relax in the water regardless of the weather. So, if you’re looking for a refreshing swim and lounging by the poolside, it’s best to book Gatlinburg hotels with an indoor pool for the ultimate experience. An indoor pool in your hotel provides the perfect blend of outdoor exploration and indoor relaxation during your stay.
  • Outdoor Pool: Who doesn’t like splashing and embracing the pure aquatic bliss in summer? Taking a dip in a large outdoor pool is a perfect way to spend time with your family, partner, or even alone.
  • Children’s Pool: When vacationing with kids, check kid-friendly pools so you can easily watch over them while they splash around in a safe pool.
  • Courtside Outdoor Pool: Enjoy an indulgent soak while basking in the sun in refreshing outdoor pools. Or, if not, you can enjoy soaking up the sun in one of the poolside chairs before taking a dip into the pool to cool off, the perfect remedy for a warm summer’s day.

2.   Convenient locations

The importance of a convenient location cannot be overstated, as your hotel’s location can elevate or lower your overall experience. So, if you’re on vacation, you would probably want to seek accommodations strategically nestled in the heart of your destination, allowing you to easily access top attractions, local eateries, and scenic spots.

Look for lodging close to the destinations or sites you intend to visit. Doing this may reduce travel time while maximizing the pleasure of your location. Or, maybe you can seek accommodations near public transportation hubs or with shuttle services, making it a breeze to explore the surroundings without the fuss of navigating.

3.    Spacious Rooms

Look for accommodations that offer spacious rooms where you can stretch and unwind after a tiring day of sightseeing or wildlife explorations. Ensure to book hotel rooms with enough space for your family along with additional amenities, such as appliances like a mini fridge, coffee maker, hair dryer, or flat-screen TV.

Let’s assume you’re a family of more than three members. In that case, you can pick from either:

  • Double Bed Creekside with Balcony Room: Families will love this accommodation because it can accommodate up to four people and has all the amenities of a house.
  • King Club Level Rooms: This hotel suite provides everything you could need for a relaxing stay, whether traveling alone or with your special someone.
  • Double Queen Courtside with Balcony Rooms: These rooms feature double queen creekside with balcony rooms and two queen beds comfortably accommodating up to four people.

If you’re a person who enjoys picturesque views to wake up to, book a hotel that offers private balconies overlooking the mountain stream. Take in the fresh mountain air, and bask in the tranquility such balconies provide.

4.   Pet-Friendly Policies

Lately, the tourism industry has been observing a rising number of visitors who travel with their furry pals. Around 78% of Americans with pets travel with them at least once a year. If you’re a family that brings their furry friends along on the trip, then book pet-friendly hotels. Opt for accommodations focusing on your pet’s needs, offering pet-friendly rooms and designated play areas.

Some hotels even pamper your pets with welcome treats, fluffy beds, pet-sitting services, and special treats because, let’s admit it, your four-legged guests deserve some TLC too.

5.   Extra Amenities

Elevate your vacation to cloud nine with a heavenly selection of extra amenities that redefine luxury. Here’s a list of extra amenities to look for in your accommodations.

  • Meeting Room for Hotel Guests and Groups: Who doesn’t like throwing parties or planning weddings? Make reservations at such hotels that can house up to 100 guests so that you can host special events for your guests.
  • On-site Hotel Dining Options: Satisfy your cravings with accommodations that boast on-site restaurants serving delectable culinary creations. Feast on local delicacies or indulge in international flavors because vacations are all about treating your taste buds to a delightful adventure.
  • Exercise Room: If you are worried about your weight when vacationing, book accommodations that provide gym facilities to stay fit during your vacations.
  • Free-Wi-Fi: In this age, digital accessibility is one of the significant amenities for vacation home essentials. A stable internet connection will assure consistent connectivity for business and personal use.


Booking your vacation accommodations entails timely decision-making, akin to embarking on a thrilling quest to find the hidden gems of hospitality. With a checklist that includes convenient locations, spacious rooms, pet-friendly policies, extra amenities, and luxurious pools, you’ll be well on your way to crafting the perfect vacation. Nowadays, mountainous regions boast indoor pools and other amenities for travelers seeking a relaxing time after hiking, mountain climbing, or river rafting. Depending on your location, determine the amenities you’ll be needing and those that will make your vacation unforgettable.



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