5 ways to Create a Cosy Home this Autumn

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Autumn is the perfect excuse to snuggle up, get warm, and do absolutely nothing through the weekend. The cold mornings and wet evenings just make you want to make a hot drink and watch some good movies.

If your struggling to think of ways to get cosy, here are some top tips to get into that Autumn vibe.

Add Warmth to your Interior

Warm Colours

First things first, think colour. You wouldn’t feel warm and cosy with dark or colourless decor, so think of warm colours;  yellows, oranges or reds. This will brighten up your interior and make for a much more welcoming space.

Carpets Add Warmth

Carpets are a must for adding warmth to your interior. They can add so much character to whatever room you choose to add them to. They also look very inviting for guests to kick off their shoes and get comfy. A soft carpet can really capture that Autumn feel.

The colour of your carpet is an equally important factor to consider. For a cosy interior, think cream, light brown, maybe a hint of orange – any colour you find warm and attractive. Colours like grey or black can feel a little colder, but if that’s the colour your after there’s nothing stopping you. You can always brighten these up with a stylish coloured rug.

The pile height of your carpet has a huge impact on how soft your carpet feels. High pile heights make for a super-soft surface. Underlay also adds to the comfort level of the carpet you choose. For that cushioned feel underfoot, be sure to add underlay to your floor.

Get the Fire On

You can’t escape the cold weather outside, but in your home it’s a different story. Nothing gets the Autumn vibes going like a cosy fire in the log burner during the evenings. Why not treat yourself to a film and some snacks, you deserve it!

The light from the fire is enough to keep you nice and cosy. Something as simple as keeping your lights on can offset the relaxing setting a warm fire creates. Also, you’d be surprised at just how effective having your curtains drawn is for creating a cosy, intimate feel. It can act as a barrier between you and the rest of the outside world.

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Set the Scene


Cosy blankets are essential during Autumn. It makes your nights in so much more relaxing. It can really be the icing on the cake when it comes to spending nights in. I know most of you probably know this but it’s always worth mentioning!

Scented Candles

Next in line from blankets are candles; the two go hand in hand every time.  Remember Autumn time usually means new limited edition scented candles for most brands, so keep a lookout. Couple that with a good film and you’ve got yourself a perfect cosy evening in.

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Autumn Scents

Wax melts are all the rage right now. They are really aromatic and absorb heat slowly, which means you get that pleasant cent for longer. If candles are more your thing, seasonal scented candles will keep your home smelling amazing. Yankee Candle offers a wide range of Autumn scents – Autumn Pearl and Ciderhouse are 2 really great options.

A good place to put your candle or wax melt is the living room. Your room will be filled with a welcoming smell and it will spread throughout your home.

Food & Drinks

Make a Broth

Nothing screams Autumn more than a good homemade broth. Even just the smell can take you right back to your childhood. There won’t be many times in the year where you decide to make broth, so now is the perfect time to get cooking.

Home Bakes

Home bakes are another great way to get in the mood. Grab your apron and bring out your best Mary Berry recipes. Try making cakes, scones or tarts – it’s a perfect time to get creative, especially on rainy days spent indoors.

Hot Chocolates

I think it would be a crime not to mention hot chocolate. It’s definitely the go-to option when it comes to a hot drink to have on a cold night. Go a little further with whipped cream and marshmallows if you’re feeling it.

Baileys and Cream

If you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage, Baileys and cream is a great Autumn drink. There would be no shame in having a little drink by the fire while it’s wet and cold outside.


Comfortable clothing is a must. You wouldn’t want to be relaxing at home in a pair of jeans. Go for joggers, hoodies, slippers or leggings. Matching pyjama sets are also great for staying insanely comfortable. Some thick socks do a fab job of keeping your feet toasty too.


Of course, there are so many ways to get yourself cosy for Autumn and these are just a few ways of doing just that. Which ones will you try?


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