Lighting trends for 2018

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I used to have a bit of a blind spot when it came to interior lighting. My friend Lucy was always coming over and bemoaning my lack of flattering lighting.

‘It’s just these God awful centre lights!’ she would say. ‘You need some strategic lamps to stop me looking so ancient.’

She was right.

I took heed though, and if anything I’ve gone the other way – I have lamps everywhere, even in the kitchen, and candles galore for when you’re feeling like you really do need a darker corner to hide in. Lamps are lovely too for creating little areas of interest, highlighting areas of the room you particular like, or making cosy yet well lit corners for reading or crafts.

A well placed light can totally change the feel of a room – the warmth, the colours, the tone. You can give the whole place a lift without actually having to spend too much money.

This week I’ve been looking for a home for my new lamp from the Endon Lighting range at Wayfair. Endon Lighting has been around for over 75 years and has a focus on well designed, trend-led lighting. The range is definitely worth a look.

At the moment it’s next to my bed like this:

endon lighting at wayfairIt looks pretty nice here to be fair, and makes a rather stylish reading light. I mean sure, you can’t quite open the wardrobe door, but who needs clothes if you’re just lying in bed reading?

endon lighting at wayfair

I definitely did NOT choose it just because it is called Josephine and that’s MY NAME.

(Total lie – I absolutely did.)

It’s great quality – a proper weighty bottom (me) and a very chic faux silk shade.

endon josephine light

Because, like Endon Lighting, I am a very design conscious, trend-led kind of a girl, (HONESTLY), I thought I’d do a bit of research for you and pick out a few key lighting trends to help you make better use of the light and space in your home.

Mid century vibes

Who doesn’t love a bit of mid-century? It’s all about lovely clean, smooth lines, which makes it very versatile in terms of interior design. You might think that mid-century is old news as far as interiors are concerned, but despite there being a huge surge in popularity of the period over the last few years, lighting has been slow to the plate.

Industrial chic

We’re still loving that industrial look, but we want it softer and more chic. Forget about exposed pipework and cement floors and think sleek metals, modern retro and soft golds.

Size matters

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A great way to make your lighting a central part of your design scheme is to go for large, elaborate pieces that create an instant focal point in the room.

And finally

Don’t forget about the bulbs. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few months you won’t have failed to notice that beautiful vintage style bulbs are BIG NEWS. Even the most basic of light fitting can be transformed with a good bulb – the devil is in the detail don’t forget.



  1. Iris Tilley
    28 February, 2018 / 11:51 pm

    Great post

  2. Lucy
    3 April, 2018 / 12:11 pm

    This is excellent and I will look less ancient with this new tasteful lighting. :)

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