More and more people are working from home. Telecommuting allows them to strike a better balance between their work and personal life, providing more flexible hours and greater autonomy to organise their day. It avoids unnecessary commuting that saves precious time and it can increase productivity, reduce distractions and increase the level of job satisfaction.

There are lots of different options work wise too, from mystery shopping to online tutoring. You could even try a remote position of a live chat agent.

However, it can also become a great challenge for those who have never done remote work, since it involves taking on new responsibilities and demands being able to efficiently self-manage. However, it can also become a great challenge for those who have never done remote work, since it involves taking on new responsibilities and demands being able to efficiently self-manage. There are also potentially technical issues to overcome, like having a good office set up, a phone line and something like one of the various centurylink internet plans out there to provide you with a reliable internet connection.

Here are Liberty Insurance’s top tips to be productive while working from home!

–        Set office hours

Although it may be tempting not to set the alarm clock, if you want to be productive you need to stick to a schedule. Since you will be working with other people and you will have to respond to emails, be present in the corporate chat or answer video calls, it is important that you adjust your workday to your company’s working hours. Setting office hours will also help protect your personal life and prevent teleworking from ending up consuming every minute of your day.

–        Set up a work-only space

To work productively from home, the best thing to do is to separate work and leisure spaces. If you have an office, it will be easier for you to adapt and focus. It is important that you set up this space so that you feel comfortable. Remember that working in a pleasant and orderly environment will increase your productivity. If you can’t turn a room in your home into an office, at least make sure to use a desk. Avoid lying on the sofa and working because your productivity will plummet as your brain will immediately associate this space with leisure and rest, disconnecting from your work.

–        Establish a work routine

Even if you have a home office, you should follow a routine similar to that which you’d follow if you were going to work. Don’t stay in your pyjamas all day. Getting ready and dressed as if you were going into the office will help your brain prepare to enter “work mode”. Organise a routine like the one you followed in the office: plan short breaks and don’t eat while sitting in front of the computer. These little breaks are very important because they will allow you to get back to work with even more energy and fresh ideas. Avoid doing housework during the office hours that you have set because you will lose your concentration and work rhythm.

–        Plan priority tasks

Working from home is not the same as being in the office, where project managers usually have tighter control over daily tasks to ensure that nothing important has been left undone. To be productive, you must become your own boss, which means learning to manage your time and self-regulating. Before starting to work, spend at least 10 minutes organising your day. Check what tasks you have pending and organise them according to their priority. Try to be objective and don’t plan out more tasks than you can do, because you will end becoming overwhelmed and frustrated.

–        Take advantage of your peaks in productivity

Your energy level, motivation and concentration will change throughout the day. When working remotely, it’s essential to know when these spikes in productivity occur, so that you can plan your schedule based on them. Most people are more productive in the morning, so it’s best to spend those hours on more complex projects that require more focus and energy. You can spend your less productive hours on tasks that are more repetitive or that require less mental effort, such as checking work emails or planning tomorrow’s tasks.

–        Avoid technological distractions

When you work at home, no one controls what you do, so you can end up developing unproductive habits. To meet deadlines, you will have to impose strict discipline: avoid checking personal messages, browsing social networks or reading the news during work hours. Little tricks, like logging out of your accounts, can act as a deterrent and prevent you from logging in automatically. You can also use applications to block access to social networks while you’re working. And if you want to go one step further, there are applications like Strict Workflow that allow you to create a blacklist of websites that you won’t be able to access from Chrome during the period of time that you specify.

–        Use time management tools

If you’ve never worked from home, the first few days you may have a hard time staying focused on a task, or you may find yourself being less productive than you thought. In that case, time management applications can become your allies. Productivity applications, such as RescueTime or Harverst, will help you monitor the amount of time you dedicate to each task, so you can detect the black holes where the minutes seem to disappear into. You can also use timers like TomatoTimer to schedule blocks of time of maximum concentration with rest breaks.

–        Stay in touch with your coworkers

To work from home effectively, you must keep yourself informed about all the changes occurring in the company that may affect your projects. This means that you must keep in constant communication not only with your boss or the project coordinators, but with your closest coworkers as well. This systematic contact will help you to better perform your duties, as well as to alleviate the loneliness and feeling of disconnection that you could end up experiencing when working from home.

How can you stay productive with kids at home?

If you have kids, working from home can be twice as challenging, as children are noisy and easily bored. Accordingly, you should rely on your partner to share the burden of childcare-related tasks. Consider a daily schedule, realistic and adjusted to your needs. Remember that it’s better to work fewer hours, but without interruptions to get the most out of them, rather than getting frustrated because you need to stop what you’re doing to continuously look after your children.

A good option is to wake up earlier to take advantage of those hours when your children may still be sleeping. If your kids are already in school, they will likely have online classes and will need to do their homework. You can take advantage of those hours to complete your job’s most complex tasks. Technology and video games can also become your allies. Don’t feel guilty for allowing your children to use them while you work.

If you live with other people, including siblings, parents or flatmates, it’s important that they respect your work schedule and don’t constantly interrupt you. Keep in mind that your brain takes an average of 23 minutes to re-focus and work at peak capacity after a distraction. So just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’re available at home.

Remember that working from home can be an excellent opportunity to develop new professional skills that could be very useful in the future, as well as demonstrating your commitment, worth and dedication to your company.

Discover home insurance plans ready for the real world from Liberty Insurance Ireland.


red boots

Are you one of those fashionistas who’d like to match dresses with your favorite pair of boots? Or are you one of those people who wear boots to feel more empowered? Then this post is for you! You will love this post since this will give you inspiration on what boots to pair with your dresses.

There are various types of boots – classic boots, trendy ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee boots, over the knee and thigh-high boots. And these boots are dynamic in the fashion world; your ankle boots may be matched with your form-fitting or loose dresses. Even your sweater dress or chambray dress can be paired with your mid-calf boots.

However, there is a general rule in putting together these two: remember balance and style coordination. The goal is to coordinate your boots with the dress and achieve the style that you want to pull off at the end of the day.


If you pair your form-fitting dress with ankle boots, it will look daring and too bare legged. Spice it up with a long sleeve dress or a leather jacket to add more dimension to your outfit. A black leather jacket looks good with the black leather boots.

The color scheme of this outfit is pretty dark and will add more personality to the ankle boots. Even some of the best Cruiser motorcycle boots will look fashionable with an all-leather outfit.


Flat embellished ankle boots look perfect with your loose casual fall dresses. This way, it will look more trendy and so fashionable! You can even pair a black dress with a long sweater and a scarf. To add more spice, put on some stylish hats to complete the style.


You can never go wrong with this combination! Knee-high suede boots with tights can go irresistibly fashionable with your sweater dress. A neutral-colored dress is perfect with dark-colored tights and boots. To add more layers, you can put on a long cardigan over your sweater dress. It’s an ideal fashionable fall outfit.


Prairie dresses are the one with sheer, chiffon, and flowery prints that are best worn during cold seasons. This dress looks admirable when worn in your office or even in a party, but putting on mid-height leather boots with it are god-tier! Go try it on to achieve a goddess-like style.


Slip dresses never go out of style, so it is just practical to buy one and pair it with any boots! It can even be worn with winter jackets. One loose rule about this style is never to be afraid of playing with prints.


Who said you could not pull off these two? Get your oversized white dress from the closet and make it look more fashionable with your rain boots. This combination is pure sartorial perfection!

There are many more fashionable ideas in combining your favorite pair of boots with your dresses. Never be afraid of going out of your comfort zone, as long as it looks good on you and the form seems coordinated and fab, then go with it! You do you.


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Not a real panda I hasten to add – a toy version. A really lovely toy panda actually, silky soft and with a very cute face. I’m a bit of a sucker for a cute animal face, as you will have noticed recently if you follow me on Instagram and saw my latest charity shop find. (Those rosy cheeks!)

You can win this panda plus a cute badge and sticker as part of a new fundraising campaign from Sudocrem and premature baby charity Ickle Pickles – Soothing The Smallest.

Ickle Pickles

Every year, 1 in 8 babies are born prematurely or unwell, that’s 100,000 babies every single year. These babies need to spend weeks, sometimes months, in neonatal care units before they are strong enough to leave. 

This summer, Sudocrem and premature baby charity Ickle Pickles are teaming up to raise funds for the vital neonatal equipment premature babies so desperately need. In honour of the partnership a new, limited edition pot of ‘My Ickle Sudocrem’ has been created and will be sold in Boots and Tesco stores across the UK for six weeks from the 26th of August.

Each sale of the ‘ickle pot will mean 50p donated to Ickle Pickles. It’s an historic event for the brand, Sudocrem have never before adapted their classic packaging for a charity campaign such as this. View Post


can you get an injury from a vaccine

If the coronavirus pandemic got your mom brain working overtime you should probably cover all your bases when it comes to health insurance. There is no need to panic as institutions such as the NHS offer free health coverage, however, there are many ways in which having private health insurance can provide you that extra layer of protection that will help you sleep more peacefully.

Pros and Cons of a Private Health Insurance

There are many health benefits when it comes to private health care insurance that are more than convenient in the time of need. Those benefits include bypassing long waiting lists that are not uncommon when you’re covered only by the NHS, so you can get your treatment faster. You also have more options to choose from when provided with several treatment options, as well as an opportunity to choose from a treatment or a drug that is not available under the NHS coverage.

You can opt for being treated in a private hospital of your own choosing with your own bathroom, or choose a doctor. The drawback of these benefits is that none of the convenient options described above are guaranteed. Sometimes, hospital capacities can be filled up even in private hospitals. The price of private health insurance should also be an important factor in anyone’s pros and cons list. Depending on the insurance provider, you can pay for private insurance monthly or annually. Many factors may affect the price of the insurance policy.

The Cost of a Private Health Insurance

The cost of private health care depends on several factors such as age. Usually, the younger you are, the cheaper it will be. If you live in the capital, it will cost more. If you have any pre-existing conditions, it can also cost more. Before deciding on injuries and illnesses that you want to cover with insurance, you should know that every item is important to determine the cost. When it comes to cost, there are two types you have to pay attention to, the cost of your policy and your excess. Excess is usually charged when you’re making a claim. You should choose your policy in accordance with your budget. There are many options to choose from when deciding to buy private health care insurance. You should take into account your needs when comparing different policies. Compare Health Insurance gives you a chance to check out different possibilities and see which of the insurance plans works the best for you. You can do it online, without any additional paperwork, by answering a few simple questions about yourself and what type of insurance you need.

What’s Covered under Private Health Insurance and What Isn’t

When deciding on which private health care insurance is right for you, you should think about what you want to be covered. If you have pre-existing conditions, for instance asthma or physiotherapy that you would like to cover under your policy, that could drive up the initial cost of the insurance.

In addition to pre-existing conditions, serious diseases such as cancer can be another factor in adding to the initial cost of the insurance. The more diseases you want to cover, the more it’s going to cost. Private health care insurance can be beneficial in a variety of different scenarios, for instance, if you need surgery and have to stay in hospital overnight, if you need consultations that do not require staying overnight and any other appointments.

In most instances private health care insurance does not cover emergencies, or the treatment you undergo but don’t need, such as cosmetic surgery, organ transplant, drug or alcohol abuse, injuries sustained in high-risk sports, pregnancy care, and self-inflicted injuries.

Private insurance is generally used for curable, short-term conditions. Investing in private health care insurance is investing in our mental health. Moms worry about a million things a day. Having to worry about one less thing means that that investment pays off. What type of insurance do you have and would you recommend it? Tell us all about your experience in the comment section below.


The best travel statements can be ground-breaking. Through helpful statements, we have been propelled to take risks, we’ve been enlivened to travel, to make a move, and to endeavor to carry on with a superior life.

From persuasive travel cites or inspirational statements about voyaging, we locate that others frequently state the words better than we can.

Dave and I have been gathering cites about movement for a considerable length of time, and these are our preferred voyaging cites we’ve posted on social. in the course of recent long periods of venturing to the far corners of the planet.

Regardless of whether you appreciate short travel cites or the more extended ones, we promise one of these will address your adoration for movement and life.

These significant travel cites are totally placed into our preferred travel photographs for you to appreciate.

Acclaimed Travel Quotes

These are our preferred travel cites that we feel have stood the trial of time.

THE WORLD IS A BOOK AND THOSE WHO DO NOT TRAVEL READ ONLY A PAGE.” ~ SAINT AUGUSTINE Travel has helped us to comprehend the significance of life and it has helped us become better individuals. Each time we travel, we see the world with new eyes Mister Bet.


For the duration of our lives, individuals have believed that since we continue voyaging and looking for new activities, we are not engaged. They have frequently thought we are flaky or unfocused.But travel helped us discover our motivation and put center into our lives. The more we lost all sense of direction in our movements, the more extravagant our lives became.


In the event that Helen Keller can take a gander at life as an incredible experience, what reason do we have?

Take a risk and make every moment count. At the point when we are at our most brave is the point at which we feel the most satisfaction.


This statement rings so valid for explorers. Individuals regularly feel they can bring home a trophy, or sneak a bit of stone from a notable site or take something from nature.It isn’t tied in with taking, it is tied in with retaining the excellence of the world.


Travel opens our psyches and heart and improves us individuals.


Voyaging cites frequently notice the reality of how travel makes you humble and how beneficial encounters are a higher priority than aggregating things.

Author – – Nick Chong.  


When I became a teenage pregnancy statistic aged 16 and then a parent a second time around at 24, (I felt so old and wise!), I had a very clear narrative around what was going to happen with the rest of my life.

I watched as my peers went through their twenties building careers, buying houses, living alone, taking exotic holidays, while I went to parks and took holidays in cheap caravans and worked several part time, poorly paid jobs to fit around childcare. I stayed in a relationship until literally a few weeks before my 30th birthday because I lacked the conviction to leave.

This paints a rather sorry picture but actually I enjoyed myself most of the time. I didn’t have much money but I had lots of friends and plenty of energy and to be honest I’ve never really minded a cheap caravan.

And besides, behind it all I had the narrative that gave it all context.

‘Oh you might be enjoying your twenties’, I would say to my friends, ‘but just think, by the time I’m just 40 years old Bee will be grown up and Belle will be 16 and I’ll basically be able to do what I like! Parenting will be over and I’ll get my independence when I’ll really appreciate it, and have disposable income. You lot will all have young kids and I’ll be on a cruise, sipping a martini!’

It was a powerful image and without even realising it I made it my story. It was simple – I put in the work and I got the ‘rewards’. The rewards being the child free cruise, in perpetuity. (It’s worth noting here that I have never actually been on a cruise and have no idea if I’d even enjoy it. I do like martinis though.) View Post


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Finding the right therapist is a bit like finding the right partner – it might not always be easy, but the right person can make such a difference. Finding a therapist that you trust is crucial to making therapy work for you as they can help you open up and work through your problems.

If you don’t like your therapist, or just don’t feel like you gel with them, then it makes the process of therapy that bit trickier as you may feel like you can never really let your guard down, or like they don’t get you and so don’t know what’s best for you.

So how do you find the best therapist for you?

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule to help you pick a good therapist – sometimes you have to take a suck it and see approach – but there are definitely things to keep in mind that will help.

Face to face or online therapy?

With the current restrictions in place due to coronavirus, more and more people are having to look for therapy online as an alternative to meeting someone face to face. While it can be harder to develop a relationship as quickly this way there are certainly benefits, especially if you feel uncomfortable about leaving the house or are restricted by family or work commitments.

A service like BetterHelp might be a good option if you are looking for online therapy as they offer a mix of support via text message, phone and video calls. Find out more about what they do here:

Ask friends for recommendations

I’ve certainly used recommendations from friends before when looking for a therapist, especially if the friend has a similar approach to life or way of thinking to me, as this can mean we would be looking for similar things in a therapist. Just like if you’re looking for a plumber or builder, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or to read reviews.

Have an exploratory meeting before you commit

Most therapists will let you have an initial consultation, often at a lower price or for free, before you commit to an ongoing relationship. Partly this is for them to gauge whether or not they are the right person to help you, but also so that you can get a sense of them and how they work. Use this opportunity to ask questions and help you get a feel for your potential new therapist.

Don’t be afraid to call it quits

If you’ve given therapy a decent go and you’re still not feeling the love for your therapist then that’s okay. Just like dating it can take time sometimes to know if someone is right for you and if you genuinely feel like it’s not the right person for you then it’s much better to be honest.

BetterHelp understands this and offers the option to switch therapists if you find that your initial match doesn’t suit you.

What do you look for in a good therapist? What are your top tips for making therapy work for you?


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Okay, that sounds a bit strict – ‘need therapy’ is perhaps not the expression. Benefit from therapy perhaps? Because to be honest I’m sure plenty of us could benefit from therapy now and again. Despite what it said in this awful self-help book, I don’t think depression is ‘comfortable’ and I don’t think anyone should feel ashamed about getting help with difficult feelings or situations.

I’ve had at least half a dozen batches of therapy over the years, all at times in my life where I’ve felt the need of some outside support. It’s always been beneficial, whether it’s just somewhere to go for an hour a week to cry and offload, or to help me focus on more specific outcomes.

I’ve been considering therapy again recently and have been trying to think about the triggers that make me realise it’s something I could benefit from, in the hope that it might help other people to recognise when it might be a good time to find a therapist. If you’re worried about the impact of coronavirus on therapy, don’t be – there are plenty of great online therapy services like BetterHelp that can offer support via text messages, phone and video calls.

For me personally, these are four of the key signs that I need therapy:

I feel overwhelmed over a long period of time

Overwhelm is one of the key signs for me that I need some extra support or to offload some worries. As a single parent particularly this is a biggie as you don’t have another adult around to share responsibility with – all of the parenting decisions are down to you. All of the care is down to you. It’s okay if this feels a bit much on certain days, but if this goes on for a period of time it can really get me down.

I’m reluctant to talk to friends or family

This can be a subtler one, but if I find myself withdrawing from loved ones it’s often because subliminally I feel like I’ve already put too much on them and that they won’t want to hear me moaning anymore. Often this means I see less of people, for fear that I’ll bring too much negative energy to a meet up.

When I start to feel like I’m putting too much pressure on others, it’s a sure sign I could benefit from having an outsider to share my feelings with instead.

I lose motivation for the things I normally love

It’s so sad isn’t it when the things that normally bring you joy just don’t? If I’m out for brunch and the poached eggs aren’t doing anything to lift my spirits then I know something is wrong. I can also find I lose motivation for things generally, like work or taking care of the house.

I feel trapped

I think this is part of the feeling of overwhelm, but it’s a general feeling of being stuck in a certain situation or trapped by circumstances that feel outside of my control. Often this manifests itself as resentment towards whoever or whatever I feel is trapping me, and an urge to run away. Coronavirus has brought out a lot of these feelings for me, making me feel restricted and under pressure.

I recently spent quite a long time thinking about the logistics of going off grid and becoming untraceable, which is absolutely a sign that I could do with some therapy, or at least a holiday!

Do any of these sound familiar? What are the things that you notice in yourself when you need some extra support?

do I need therapy?

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We’re all a lot more health-conscious these days, which is why we’re aiming to pass this knowledge onto our children too. As parents, we want them to live the best, most healthy life possible, and what they put into their body will help determine that.

It isn’t easy, though. We’ve all been there when a young child kicks off because they don’t fancy eating their greens, but as parents, we have to hold firm, safe in the knowledge that it’ll help them both physically and mentally in the long run. Child obesity is on the rise around the world, too, so keeping on top of your child’s weight and, ultimately, their health is vitally important. It is easy to lose sight of it, though. We’ve all been too busy to cook up a healthy meal before heading off to a girls night or lost track of time while trying online roulette in the UK, so opting for the easier (and usually unhealthier option) appeals. But, in most cases, it’s actually no trouble at all cooking up a healthy, balanced meal.

So, to help provide you with some inspiration and to remind us all of some of the healthy foods out there for our kids, we thought we’d go through some of them. Get these foods into your child’s diet, and they’ll thank you for it in later life.


Regarded as a humble superfood and a favourite for so many people, beans are not only incredibly healthy, but they’re also damn tasty. Black beans, chickpeas or kidney beans are full of fibre and protein, and will go a long way in terms of making your child feel fuller for longer and providing them with the bundles of energy they tend to use up. A quesadilla or pasta dish usually goes down a treat.


health benefits of eggs

Eggs help aid a kid’s development in various different ways. Not only do they deliver vital vitamins such as D, B12 and other nutrients such as iron, but eggs also aid a child’s brain development thanks to their omega-3 fatty acids. Skip the likes of bacon and sausages for breakfast, and serve up a tasty plate of scrambled eggs on toast to give your child the best start to the day. Egg salads or egg casseroles also tend to be well-received, too.


An ideal option for breakfast, lunch or dessert, yoghurt is incredibly healthy for our children, although make sure it doesn’t contain too much sugar. Yoghurt contains protein, vitamin D and good bacteria to help aid digestion and maintain a healthy gut. As mentioned, with so many commercial yoghurts containing shedloads of sugar, be sure to try plain Greek yoghurt and add any berries or nuts to spruce it up a bit. Alternatively, frozen yoghurt pops usually get kids excited.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is adored by so many, but little do they know that it’s actually pretty good for you too. Not only are they sweet and delicious, but they’re easy to prepare too, be it in wedges form or mashed. Sweet potato is packed with vitamin A, fibre and potassium, which all helps towards keeping a child’s heart and bloody pressure healthy.


Berries offer antioxidants and a high dose of vitamin C and fibre, which will go a long way towards aiding your child’s overall health. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are also lower in sugar than many other fruits and usually go down a storm, especially in a smoothie or yoghurt.

Other healthy foods for kids are vegetables, milk, avocado, whole grains, and nuts and seeds.

health benefits of berries


Decorating your garden can be a hugely rewarding experience. There are so many different looks and finishes which can be achieved. From a minimalist modern vibe to cottage core, to Japanese and even tropical. There are so many delicious choices to make regarding landscaping, sculptures, flowerbeds, water features and play and sports equipment.

Once you’ve spent lots of time, money, and care to get it just right you want to get as much use out of it as possible. Well, the last cherry on top is picking out the perfect shade. Come rain or shine, having an option for shade is always a good idea and will increase the use of your garden year-round. Here are some fashionable and practical ideas for creating that perfected shaded area in your garden.

Shade Sail

How to create shade in the garden

This option is a good idea for larger gardens in particular. It is essentially a canopy with a twist, as it is a suspended piece of fabric floating over the top of the garden. It looks rather like a sail from a boat, with angular edges and crisp lines, thus gaining its name.

A shade sail needs strong anchor points from walls or poles. One benefit is that they can create coverage without taking up any ground space and are great at creating modern styles. They can be taken up and down when required and are visually very impressive. Shade sails are usually for those who want to have a shaded area without having to worry about any bulky bases or ground points taking up room.


How to create shade in the garden gazebo

The lovely gazebo! These can be a grand feature piece, a simple affair, or the focal point of a garden gathering. Gazebos are very good for creating structure and order in the garden. They can create the illusion of separate areas, and so are great for BBQs, parties, fitness areas, and or even a spot for afternoon tea. These can vary greatly on expense and function, depending on need. If you want your gazebo to have a longer lifespan and to be a statement piece, then it may be worth taking your time to invest in a high-quality model and have it built professionally. For events or seasonal needs, there are cheaper pop-up gazebos available in all sorts of different sizes and styles.


How to create shade in the garden parasol

You can’t go wrong with a good parasol. A tried and tested favourite over the years, parasols come in many varieties of forms and sizes, so you are guaranteed to always find one that fits your garden perfectly. They are easy to put up and take down, move around and simple to store. If you invest in a sturdy base, then you can move them around the garden wherever shade is required no matter the time of day or season. This is especially good for those with children, as when the paddling pool comes out in the summer the parasol can keep the area shaded as they splash and play!


How to create shade in the garden pergola

For those who are looking for a little bit of shade while also making the most of natural sunlight and the sight of the big blue sky, then a pergola may be a good choice. Pergolas can be built either freestanding or attached to the side of a building. And like a gazebo, they have a large coverage area underneath. However, instead of a solid roof, they are slatted. This allows for a medium zone between sunlight and shade. For those with green fingers, you can also create some fairy-tale magic by growing vines up the sides, or hanging decorations and bunting along the slats.


How to create shade in the garden awning

One of the most popular choices for a shaded area in the garden is the beloved awning. These are attached along the back of buildings, usually above the back door or conservatory, to create a shaded area underneath. There is a great range of choices with these, as they come in varieties of size, shape, design and can be either electric or manual powered. Awnings are often waterproof, provide great UV protection and are typically installed by professionals. A classic favourite for garden design, these have strong favourites for both personal use and commercial businesses alike.

With a little thought and imagination, there are many different ways to create beautiful and practical shaded areas in your garden. From whimsical pergolas to cute parasols, or great shade sails to buzzing gazebos, there is no lack of choice. Creating the optimal shaded area can extend the use of your garden in all weather conditions and all seasons. Which one do you like best?



jobs for work at home mums

Getting your website set up is just the first step on to the ladder towards online greatness. It’s what you do with your website after ad how you improve it that will be the making or breaking of your chance at success.

The smallest of changes can make the greatest difference online, which is why it’s important to make sure that every element of your website is being formed with your audience in mind. Let’s explore some simple ways to make your website perform to the maximum.

Good Communication

Possibly the most frequently overlooked section of the website is the written content and imagery. It’s easy to think that including lots of text about everything you know about your industry will be valuable to your audience when in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Small pieces of informative text spread throughout several pages on your website will help users to have a more satisfying experience using your website. Your audience won’t understand industry terminology as well as you do, so it needs to be relatable to them. How does your product or service benefit them? Where are you located? What are your company ethics?

Panic writing is common when you have so much you want to get across in one go but hiring a copywriter to create audience focussed content can ensure you’re not wasting their time or yours.

An Identity

Giving your audience an honest representation of yourself is the easiest way to attract clients.

This means avoiding stock images because they do not give an accurate or honest representation of your company. Though they are high quality, it shows that you have opted for a quicker option which will make your audience be distrusting of you as a brand and what you represent.

What you need is some professional images taken of your staff, products/services, and your location. Only audiences will be sceptical if you’re a new brand so it’s vital that you make and honest first impression.


You will be astounded to discover the number of competitors you’re going to be up against online.

Most users never get passed the first page on Google before finding what they’re looking for so you either need to have a strategy to link them straight to your website or you need to boost your rankings through organic web development.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be such helpful tools when you need to take the next towards achieving the goals of your website. By creating eye catching graphics and a small amount of content which links to the full article on your website, you can gently nudge your audience where you want them to go.

The alternative is to utilise Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click strategies to give your website the push it needs to be on the first page of Google, and then onto the top rankings. Don’t give your audience a chance to see the competition, be there as soon as hit enter.

Let’s remember you are running a business alongside your website and one of them has to take priority. Stockport website design makes sure that you can continue giving one hundred per cent to your business whilst they give one hundred per cent to making your website perform to its optimum levels and hitting every target you set for your business.

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vinyl floor

With the roaring twenties suddenly feeling more like a state of sluggishness, people have had to adapt to ever changing regimens to their lifestyle with the advent of being at home more than ever before.

Whilst people are changing their lifestyle constantly, the one aspect of their life that doesn’t have to change frequently can be with flooring options. In this case it can be the easy and durable option of Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT).

It is true that vinyl flooring is a very cheap alternative to carpet, laminate, wood or stone options but that does not mean the product is cheap in design and easy at fault. In fact, Vinyl has many properties that provide security, comfort and above all else a professional look that will outlast any other flooring choices.

For one, luxury vinyl flooring does not require a professional body to install, whether its planks or tile you prefer. Simple use of adhesives for tiles or clicking together planks within minutes saves you time and expenditure before anything else.

Cleaning your floor is also a cheap exercise as any household mop, sponge and sweep retains the original charming look of vinyl from the day first installed. Food spillages, dirt or liquids don’t leave a trace when cleaned up straight away and you are protected from any leaking through the boards or tiles with waterproof technologies. Not many carpets can compete with that boast.

For those who have excitable pets and children at home even more these days have extra benefits in anti scratch technologies ensuring that claw and toy marks will not leave a lasting impression and require covering up.

With the times requiring people spending more time at home, including working from home, regular flooring can take a beating from excessive daily traffic. Thankfully, those investing in LVT have found that the cushioned durability has meant that the flooring has remained equal and not come apart from frequent use.

When it comes to sheer wealth of designs, textures and palettes vinyl has your floor covered in more ways than one. Try thousands.

What most people want from luxury vinyl is to have it indistinguishable from the real thing. So if it is light or dark wood, stone or slate or even ceramic in its feel, you can get a product that perfectly resembles its real life counterpart.

When it comes to suppliers for vinyl flooring you have plenty of specialists to choose from with some more popular than others.

Amtico is a market leading brand that specialises in ranges to make your home more contemporary and give a classic feel all year around. From signature woods to spacia stone, Amtico brings you that much closer to full comfort at home.

Luvanto is an increasingly popular brand that brings auras of creativity to any living space with its fantastic and visually inspiring ranges from Click to Endure Pro. Whatever your home requires, Luvanto provides eye catching designs that give character you didn’t know your home could bring about. Invictus knows how to capture the best parts of nature and place them in your home for you to love for many years. Invictus has also made natural elements adaptable with layering and bordering pattern options.

No matter what the future holds and how your lifestyle is affected, you can be sure that Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) brings a stability that your life at home now requires long after the current state ends.