Review: The Prince of Egypt

Do you remember back in January when I wrote about five things I wanted to do after lockdown?

No me neither to be honest, but one of them was apparently to go to the theatre, (which does sound like something I’d say), and I was reminded of it recently when I was invited to make the theatre dream come true with a trip to London to see The Prince of Egypt at the Dominion Theatre.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to see a proper musical, and needless to say I was excited. I was excited more generally too for going to London and doing fun things like having lunch in a restaurant in Covent Garden that I’d seen in a magazine. I wouldn’t want to live in London, but there is something magical about a day out there. I really felt that last weekend. People travel hundreds and thousands of miles to visit London, and here I am able to pop there for the day on the train. I really am very lucky.

It was particularly magical visiting at Christmas and getting to see all of the Christmas lights and soak up some ‘Christmas in the capital’ vibes with a trip to see The Prince of Egypt.

Here I am, posing for a not at all awkward selfie before the start of the show:

The Prince of Egypt review

It was lovely to see so many children at the show – the family sat on the opposite side of the aisle from me consisted of what looked like a little boy of about eight years old, a dad and a granny, highlighting very neatly for me the fact that The Prince of Egypt appeals to all ages and is the ideal musical to see as a family this Christmas.

The show itself was spectacular – very immersive and fantastic sets and costumes. During the interval I spoke to a women who was sitting nearby and was the most excited I’ve seen a grown up in quite some time. ‘I just want to be closer and closer!’ she practically squealed. ‘It’s just so good, I want to be on the stage!’

While the soundtrack for The Prince of Egypt is fantastic, and includes the Academy Award®-winning song ‘When You Believe’, the real highlight for me was the dancing. There were multiple moments where I audibly gasped at some of the dance moves, (like the splits in this section), and the energy and commitment was visible from every single member of the cast. I loved that the dancers switched so quickly between roles and dance styles – it made the whole show so captivating and I had such huge admiration for the whole cast by the end.

An extra nice touch from the theatre is the in-seat ordering service. Rather than have to get involved with crowds at the bar, your ticket is linked up to an online ordering system. Drinks and snacks can be ordered and paid for on your phone, for either pre-show or during the interval, and they’re brought to you in your seat. This made the experience feel like more of a treat as well as being a great Covid safety measure to avoid too much mingling.

The Prince of Egypt has extended it’s run until January 8th, so if you’re looking for a musical that the whole family will enjoy this Christmas then I can definitely recommend it. Book tickets here now with no fees and prices starting from £19.50.


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  1. emilymbaird
    15 December, 2021 / 6:24 pm

    Thank you so much for posting!!! I am a former dancer living in London, and seeing a show is definitely on my bucket list for this amazing city! I used to watch the movie with my son, and when I was a teacher, a lot of my pupils loved the move, so I was definitely curious about what the live show was like. Great recommendation! :)

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