What to consider when you’re renovating your house

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Renovating your house can be an exciting time, but the dizzying array of choices you have can be overwhelming. The best way to approach it, is by splitting your renovations into different areas before planning each section. Below, we explore what to consider when you’re renovating your house.

Colour pallet

When you’re redesigning your house, the colours you choose make a huge difference. For your walls and overall pallet, the choice is often between rich colours and clean, light colours. Deep rich reds can make your house feel more vibrant and psychology experts say it can help provide you with motivation in the day. Partnering it with other rich shades can give you a home that looks colourful even during the dark winter months. At the same time, you could go for lighter colours. Light greys and pristine whites can help make a room feel brighter and can give it a clean, tidy aesthetic. Ultimately, your pallet will depend on how you want your house to feel.


Once you’ve worked out your colour pallet, it’s key to come up with a lighting style to complement your scheme. For the best results, you’ll want natural sunlight to be streaming through and bouncing off your walls. Part of this involves installing the right windows. A skylight, for instance, can subtly allow plenty of sunlight to stream through from above. Once you have your windows sorted, you just need to fit curtains that don’t obstruct sunlight when not in use.

Storage space

Storage space is central to any renovation project. The more storage space you have available, the tidier and more relaxing your home will be. Finding the right cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and shelves is therefore very important. One popular way to achieve this is by installing fitted wardrobes to make the most of the space you have available.


At this stage in your renovations, you’re at the exciting point where you can think about the furnishings to finish off your home. This refers to the chairs, bean bags, bar stools and sofas to rest on. One way to sort your furnishings is to come up with a style for each room. From there, you can purchase furnishings to fit together coherently to help tie each room together. For instance, a rich lounge would benefit from lavish, colourful u shaped sofa. Meanwhile, a light kitchen would work well with clean, elegant metal bar stools.

Renovating your home can be a lot of fun if you plan it carefully. From your colour pallet to light and storage, there are all sorts of different aspects to consider and experiment with when you redesign your house.


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