How to sleep better by changing your bedroom design

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Sleep is incredibly important to me. I’m like a toddler – if I don’t get the sleep I need I just don’t function properly the next day. Lack of sleep makes me grumpy, I feel tired and my brain just doesn’t work as well. After 9pm my knees start to get twitchy and I’m really only staying up at this point because 9pm feels like too early a bedtime for a grown-up. Sometimes I sleep well, sometimes I thrash about having wild dreams, overheating or getting too cold. How to sleep better is a question never far from my mind.

When I moved house a couple of years ago I paid special attention to my bedroom. I decided the best way to sleep well would be to create a very tranquil, calm space that would be free from clutter and generally a chill place to sleep. It ended up being a bit like a minimalist hotel room, with just the bed and two side tables, (and the cats obviously), but I liked it. It definitely had the tranquil vibe I was looking for. It made me really appreciate how important it is in your bedroom to pay attention to details like temperature, lighting, colours and how to choose the best mattress and bed sheets.

flowers in the bedroom

If you always find yourself wondering how to sleep better then I’ve put together some tips for you to hopefully help you get a better night’s rest and not let lack of sleep spoil your days.

Choose your colours carefully

It’s probably common sense that for most people at least, cool, soft colours are more conducive to sleep than dark or bright colours like blood reds or bright yellows. If you do want to use colour then soft, sage greens are very restful in a bedroom, or something like a pale lavender, (which you can see is what I have in mine.)

Alternatively just keep the walls plain and then any time you do want to add colours you can do it with accents like bedding or plants. If you are wondering about how to sleep better then houseplants in the bedroom might be a good idea as they help to oxygenate the air and can purify it by removing toxic substances. The pineapple plant even produces an enzyme that’s said to help keep airways clear and reduce snoring!

white bedroom

Choose the best mattress you can afford

You spend probably more of your life in your bed than any other place so invest in the best mattress you can afford and make sure it suits you. I have a memory foam mattress and love the support it gives me. If you’re not sure, try going into a showroom to try out some different mattress types or, even better, use a company like Puffy Mattresses, who offer a sleep trial period so you can really get a feel of whether or not it’s the best mattress for you. If you suffer with sweating while sleeping, look for a very breathable mattress that has built in temperature control.

It’s just me at home so I only have a queen sized bed frame and mattress, but if I was sharing a bed with someone permanently then I’d definitely want a kind sized bed and king sized mattress – being able to have my own space, even just for brief periods during the night, is really important, especially if I’m overheating. You could even consider an adjustable bed frame to really tune into the best way to sleep for you.

Choose the bedroom lighting carefully

The time before sleep should be an opportunity to wind down and relax, so definitely keep mobile phones out of the bedroom if you can. Opt for soft or dim lighting rather than a bright, overhead light and choose bulbs that have a more natural, yellow hue rather than bright white. If you can, you might like to invest in smart bulbs, where you can preset different lighting options and schemes for things like reading in bed.

bedroom lighting

Don’t skimp on bed sheets

Once you’ve found the best mattress, finish off your good night’s sleep with some really good quality bed sheets. Go for natural fibres like cotton or bamboo, rather than cheaper fabrics, as these will be more comfortable and keep you cooler if you tend to find yourself sweating while sleeping. Bamboo sheets are great for this as they are naturally very soft and absorbent and contain natural antibacterial properties. Always opt for a fitted sheet if you’re a wriggler – no one wants to be waking up every night to tuck the bed sheets back in.

Choose white bed sheets if you like a clean, crisp look or go for prints if you want to use your bed sheets to inject a bit of colour into your bedroom design.

While there is obviously no such thing as the ‘best way to sleep’ – no right or wrong miracle sleep solution – hopefully this has given you some ideas at least to try if you’re suffering from lack of sleep. If you have any of your own tips for how to sleep better then do leave a comment.

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