4 reasons (that aren’t about Instagram) to keep more houseplants

Some of the plants mentioned in this post were gifts from Tree2MyDoor

I bloody love houseplants. Some women have shoes, I have houseplants. I just did a little count around the house and I currently have 42, about a third of which I’ve cultivated from cuttings, which I feel rather smug about. I have everything from tiny pilea babies, newly separated from their mummy, to huge Swiss cheese plants, the largest of which is currently sat in my old cat litter tray (litter removed) until I find a pot big enough for it.

My oldest houseplant is a peace lily that I bought when Bee was small and we lived alone for the first time, making it about 23 years old now and I even got an avocado stone to sprout recently in a jar of water after about four years of trying. NEWSFLASH.

My two newest additions were gifts from a lovely company called Tree2MyDoor – a fiddle leaf fig tree and a pineapple plant. And when I say pineapple plant, I mean it has an actual pineapple growing out of the top. (Ornamental not edible.) I’ve never seen one before but it’s AMAZING. Love love love the pineapple plant.

pineapple plant

Tree2MyDoor specialises in outdoor plants really, but has expanded recently to include indoor plants too. Their thing is plants as gifts – rather than sending someone a bouquet of cut flowers for a birthday or special occasion, only to have them die in a couple of weeks, (the flowers not the friend hopefully), send a tree or a rose bush or a houseplant instead and you’re got the gift that keeps on giving AND growing. It’s such a lovely idea and way better for the planet than a huge bunch of plastic wrapped cuts flowers.

While not everyone loves houseplants quite as much as me, (I had a boyfriend once who threatened to throw them out the window if I grew any more spider babies), houseplants are more than just pretty accessories for your next Instagram shot. Houseplants have all kinds of important health benefits, meaning that really it’s your DUTY to buy a houseplant. It’s basically self-care. Best go to Tree2MyDoor right now and tell them I sent you.

If you’re not sure that you’re up to caring for a real life houseplant but still want something pretty to look at, you can always try your hand at making some DIY paper plants. They can look as impressive as real plants, if not more so because you actually had to put the effort into making them. Plus they staying looking just as good even if you forget to water them.

In case you’re thinking ‘what is this crazy plant lady blabbering about? How on earth are houseplants good for you?’ then READ ON.

Plants improve your mental wellbeing

I’m biased I know but honestly, can you imagine adding a houseplant to your bookcase and feeling WORSE about life?  Studies have shown that being around plants can help improve your mood and reduce stress, which is always a good thing. It’s not just about plants being a ‘nice thing’ either, being around plants can actually have a significant impact on your mental health and can even help hospital patients manage pain.

A recent MORI poll found that 80% of people who garden say it has a positive impact on their mental health and The Royal Horticultural Society has an ongoing campaign where every year it donates a Chelsea Flower show garden to an NHS mental health hospital.

Office plants can increase productivity

Whenever I’ve worked in offices in the past one of the first things I’ve always done is to take in a plant. I might have attracted a bit of eye rolling at times but my bosses should really have been encouraging me as plants in offices, particularly windowless ones, have actually been shown to increase worker productivity. Office plants can also increase reaction speeds in computer tasks, improve memory and increase attention span, all of which are things we could all benefit from.

I have a lovely string of hearts plant that tumbles down the side of the shelves just above my desk and (another) spider plant at my feet because I’ve run out of places to put them, so fingers crossed that’s enough on the productivity front.

string of hearts plant

Houseplants can help to purify the air

One of the key physical health benefits of keeping houseplants is that they can help to purify your air. This is especially important in the colder months as you tend to have windows and doors open less. Indoor air pollution can come from all kinds of things, including nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide and substances called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are emitted from things like furnishings, paints, detergents, perfumes, printers and lots more.

Mother In Law’s tongue (also known as the snake plant) is a brilliant air purifier and particularly good in a bedroom at absorbing carbon dioxide at night. The Boston fern, fiddle leaf fig and the peace lily are also excellent air purifiers and are all fairly low maintenance.

fiddle fig leaf

Plants in the bedroom can reduce snoring

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? It’s true though! The pineapple plant releases an enzyme that helps to keep airways clear and snoring noises to a minimum. If you have a partner who snores a lot, you could get them one of these for Christmas, casually suggest you keep it in the bedroom, and they’ll be none the wiser.

I hope that’s convinced you that you need more indoor plants in your life. Check out the full range at Tree2MyDoor or contact me for all your spider baby needs.

benefits of houseplants


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