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Planning a holiday that appeals to a whole family is tough. There’s always some chump who thinks that back to basics camping would be ‘fun’*, the younger kids want ‘things to do’, (gross), and the older ones are just annoyed that they have to been seen with you in public and are already on the verge of breakdown in case there isn’t WiFi.

And you? Probably all you want is to lie in a darkened spa with a glass of wine and the latest issue of Good Housekeeping. (Me.)

How do you choose a family holiday then that ticks everyone’s boxes and is still affordable? I think Yelloh! Village might just be the answer.

Yelloh Village yurts

Yelloh! Village got in touch recently to enlist my help to let more people know who they are and what they do, (I’d never heard of them so don’t feel bad), and after having a good look through their website and reading lots of reviews, (they have an excellent Trustpilot rating), I was sold. I definitely want to take baby Joey on a Yelloh! Village holiday next summer when he’s good and chubby and toddling about.

Yelloh! Village is part of the European ‘glamping’ scene – pre-pitched tents and holiday homes on complexes offering a whole wealth of hotel style facilities like indoor and outdoor pools, spa and wellness and loads of outdoor activities for kids and adults. There’s so much choice, you’ll be hard pressed not to find something to suit.

Yellow Village review

I personally love a bit of glamping – that feeling of being outdoorsy without actually having to pitch anything yourself, (ergh) – so here are four reasons why Yelloh! Village could be perfect for your next family holiday:

It might be cheaper than you think

You’ll have heard of a lot of the big names in this market, but what you might not know is that while several different operators may offer accommodation on the same site, they don’t all charge the same prices. If you’re thinking of booking a European family camping holiday with one of the more well known companies, it’s definitely worth checking with Yelloh! Village to see if they operate from the same place. You may find that as well as being cheaper, you have more choice in terms of accommodation and location within the site.

Just saying, it’s worth checking.

Yelloh Village cycling

Yelloh! Village operate from stunning locations

With Yelloh! Village you can choose from over 80 sites across Spain, Portugal and France, depending on where you fancy for your next family trip. The variety really is impressive, plus you have the option to search for your holiday by the type of location – perfect if you particularly want to stay near the sea, by a river, or in the mountains.

You can also choose between authentic campsites, where the emphasis is more on the natural environment, simple pleasures and a slower pace of life, and club campsites, which offer a lot more in the way of daily activities and entertainment and have more of a buzz.

Yelloh Village Europe

Lots of accommodation options

I’m a sucker for unusual accommodation, (remember the gorgeous vintage caravan we stayed in? Or the treehouse with the giant copper bath?), and so was excited to see that Yelloh! Village isn’t just run of the mill holiday homes. In fact, Yelloh! Village have several of their own treehouses, as well as tipis, yurts and brightly coloured cottages. You can even sleep in a bubble at the Chateau de la Foret.

These are all the sites with unusual accommodation. I think my personal favourite might be the houseboat at Saint-Emilion.

Yellow Village houseboat

There’s so much to do at Yelloh! Village

Honestly, SO much. It varies from site to site obviously, but that’s the beauty of Yelloh! Village – just pick the holiday that offers the right mix of activities for you. Whether you want to lie about in the spa with that copy of Good Housekeeping, (when did I get OLD?), lounge around by the pool in the sunshine, or do something a bit more high octane, like canoeing or paddleboarding, Yelloh! Village will have you covered.

Yelloh Village canoeing

To test the theory, I picked a park at random – Camping Port de Plaisance – to see what it had to offer, and was genuinely impressed. I discovered a huge pool complex featuring an aquadome, lagoon, slides and whirlpool, as well as not one but three heated outdoor pools. You can get a spa or hammam, have a go on the tree adventure course, take a fitness class or test yourself on the climbing wall. There’s archery, outdoor laser games, kids’ clubs… It’s all going on.

Hopefully I’ve given you plenty to think about and you’ll be able to have some fun planning your next holiday as it starts to get more wintery here and you need cheering up. Let me know if you decide to book! If you’ve been on a Yelloh! Village holiday before then I’d love to hear what you thought too – please do leave a comment.

Plan your next holiday with Yelloh! Village now.

Yelloh Village indoor pools

*Any holiday where you have to stop drinking fluids by 6pm, just to try and avoid having to get up in the middle of the night to traipse across a damp field in the dark to use a public toilet, is not fun.


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