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Did you ever do that thing when you were a teenager where you’d just stare at your face in the mirror, really close up, for ages and ages?

It’s the kind of thing you have time for when you’re 15. It’s all measuring at that age isn’t it? How many friends do you have? How wide apart are your eyes? What’s the circumference of your calves?

(I had a disagreement with Belle the other night, who is 15 now, the same height as me, and about four stone lighter. She was insistent that she her thighs were just as chubby as mine. Even when I made her measure them and could show her that mine were EIGHT INCHES rounder than hers, she still seemed fairly cynical.)

At 39 I spend a lot less time staring at my face.

This is what it looks like:

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

It’s weird, because on the one hand if I try to remember looking at my face as a teenager, I just see my face now, not looking any different. At the same time though, what I actually see now also looks different to the version of myself in my head. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is – it’s perhaps a softening, a blurring of well defined lines. My once precise jaw line is less clear.

It’s also strange for me because for so long people have been saying things like ‘you don’t look old enough to have a grown up daughter!’ that I’ve begun to get a sense of being immortal, like I’m just destined to never look any older. In reality, it has definitely crept up on me over the last couple of years, and because of the whole fake immortality thing, it has come as quite a shock.

It’s around my age – late thirties and early forties – that a lot of the signs of ageing start to appear and although I’m definitely not the kind of person to feel the pressure to conform to some kind of age-defying eternal youth look, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look and feel the best I possibly can.

The trouble is, I don’t think I really know HOW. I have lots of different moisturises and face masks but I don’t really know what any of them DO, or if they are doing any good at all.

Come in The No7 Face study.

What is The No7 Face Study?

The No7 Face Study is an online tool from No7, designed to remove the confusion around skincare and ageing and to educate women about their skin. It launched yesterday – February 4th.


Because I am VERY IMPORTANT, I got a sneaky peek before the site went live.

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

When you arrive at The No7 Face Study you’re met by the face of a woman, probably around my age. She’s animated rather than a still image. I don’t mean like a cartoon, it’s just natural movement, like she’s looking in a mirror and seeing her reflection.

If there is a particular part of the face that you want to find out more about, you simply click on it for more expert information about how you can look after that area of your skin. Depending on your personal skincare issues, No7 skincare can help you shop for specific, targeted products.

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

It’s ten years now since No7 revealed the first ever clinically proven serum and since then they’ve been continuously working to deepen understanding of the process of skin ageing. All No7 serums are developed to intensively target specific age concerns, giving women tailored skincare solutions that really work for them. They contain the highest concentration of active ingredients in a super-fast absorbing formulation so they can penetrate the skin.

The No7 Face Study shows exactly how No7 serums can improve your own skin:

No7 Face Study anti-ageing serums

If you’re one of those people whose dressing table is awash with lotions and potions, none of which you’re really sure about, then you should definitely check out The No7 Face Study. It could help you streamline your skincare regime with targeted, effective solutions to help you look the very best you can, whatever your age.


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