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Did you see my botanical interiors post earlier this week? It was good. You should. (If you like plants).

I really enjoyed doing it. Pinterest is really fun isn’t it? Well dur, I know it is, that’s the point of it, but I do tend to come to these things a bit late. Bee and I call it ‘having a beach holiday moment’ because of the time I said ‘Gosh, do you know what would be lovely? A holiday somewhere really peaceful, perhaps near the sea, where I don’t have to do anything at all. Maybe I’d just lie on a beach all day’, as if no one had ever thought of that before.

She humours me though.

This time I went for more of a country living vibe. I like a good country living inspired interior because it still has an element of nature, but it has a bit more of a solid, traditional feel to it too. There are still a lot of natural materials, but there is something very secure and safe feeling about it. Safe in a ‘returning to your family home’ way rather than in a ‘magnolia wall’ way.

If you go down to the woods today… a sneak peak of the #AW16 woodland inspired collection from @georgeatasda #georgepressday

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There’s a beautiful detail to be found no matter what corner you turn in this house #homedecor #homesweethome

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Oak is my favourite kind of wood for a country living interior as it reflects this solidity perfectly. It has a beautiful grain, and I love the way it develops over time, changing colour and deepening in intensity. I’ve including some pieces in my board from the Quercus Living rustic oak range as I think these would fit very nicely with a country living look – good, sturdy pieces of furniture that really could be in that family home for life.

Quercus rustic oak furniture, country living interiors

Have a browse through my country living interiors Pinterest board, and see what you think – do let me know what catches your eye!

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