Botanical interiors

I have a thing about plants.

Spider babies, you know, are a bit of a favourite, but it’s other plants too. For me, a house just isn’t a home without plants. They add something that no amount of stylish furniture or accessorising can – a sense of calm, and connection with the world. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a huge, plush green velvet sofa and a wall of solid oak bookcases too, but you have to have the plants. Lucky for me then that botanical interiors are big at the moment – if I wait long enough, something I like normally comes into fashion eventually, even if only briefly.

This is my desk at the moment, to give you an idea of what I mean. Note the obligatory spider babies in giant gold and silver thimbles. (These are from Red Candy if you like them.)

botanical interiors desk workspace

I had a quiet half hour at work this morning, so I thought I’d put together a botanical living room Pinterest board. As you do. Because there is so much colour in plants and botanical inspired accessories, I think they tend to work well against plain white backgrounds and natural materials.

If you’re just too jazzy for white walls, how about a botanical wallpaper? I particularly love Justina Blakeney’s range for Hygge and West. Personally I would use these sparingly though, and they would need to be the focal point – I don’t think you’d want to go super crazy with botanical accessories if you had something bold like this on your wall:

Anywho, if you’re a fan of botanical interiors, do have a browse through my botanical inspired living room pins below. (I figured out how to embed the whole board into the post, so you can scroll through it here without even having to go to Pinterest. Aren’t you a lucky sausage?)

What are your favourite interiors trends at the moment?



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