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When I say ‘Christmas survival kit’, I’m not talking here about Kendal mint cake, stout boots or water purification tablets, I’m talking about the things you need to survive Christmas, like foil, ibuprofen, and emergency gifts for the people you’d forgotten were coming over.

(Not that that ever happens to me.)

This particular survival kit has been generously put together for us by a retailer called HiHouse. HiHouse sells all of those non-glamorous but nonetheless essential things like bin liners and kitchen cleaners – the kind of thing you try to remember to go to a town centre discount shop for, but never quite get round to because you can’t be bothered to lug it all home.

HiHouse offers an alternative – great value prices on essentials, but delivered to your door, so that you don’t have to drag a nine pack of toilet paper around town with you.

(Not a sexy look.)

HiHouse has written some fun product descriptions too, which goes a long way to making boring shopping more fun. It’s worth having a browse just for those. View Post


You’d be pretty popular if you gave someone a Fire tablet for Christmas wouldn’t you? Well read on, and I’ll let you know how you could win it.

First up though, I need to tell you a little bit about the company who have very generously donated the prize. They are called Poki, and they offer masses of different online games, including educational ones. I’m always up for doing anything at work that isn’t actually work, so I thought I’d have a play. Geography is not a strong point for me, so I had a look first at the geography games. There’s a USA game, where you have to figure out which states go where, and a European one.

Europe – well I live in that don’t I? (Just about.) I should really know my own continent shouldn’t I?

You’d think. 

poki logo

Europe is HARD. A little plane flies across the screen with the name of a country and you have to click to show where it is. As you can see, I managed Italy, Germany and Iceland. But Slovakia?? Honestly, who knows where that is? Well, most people apart from me probably. As you can see from my score I am not a natural geographer. All the more reasons to play.

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Last week I was sent the rarest bar of chocolate in the world.

That’s a claim isn’t it?

It was made by Ritter Sport and only 50 were made, sent to a select group of super special people. (i.e. ME!)

How cool is that?

Temptation was just to scoff it immediately, obviously, but I restrained myself. This chocolate was special. Instead I decided to do something uncharacteristically maternal – I decided to set up a treasure her for Belle and her friends. If you want to find a real unicorn, you would have to hunt for it after all.

I really loved doing treasure hunts as a child. I still love them now to be honest. As a teenager, there was a bit of a trend in our town for car treasure hunts – the sort where you meet in a supermarket car park and get sent off at five minute intervals to scour the countryside for clues on phone boxes and obscure road signs and end up in the garden of a second rate pub for a cheap barbecue.

I loved those. 

I started by getting myself some pretty coloured card and stickers, and coming up with some riddles.

ritter sport unicorn chocolate bar

(That’s a towel in case you’re wondering.) View Post


Just before we start – and bear with me because I know you’re excited – I just want to say that I have LOADS of competitions coming up in the run up to Christmas. Good ones too, not ‘win a box of teabags’ or anything like that. I’ve got a Fire tablet, a MASSIVE Christmas essentials pack – all sorts. To make sure you don’t miss them, you may want to sign up for my updates, if you haven’t already.

Just saying. I don’t want you to get left behind or anything. Pop your email address in here and don’t forget to confirm your subscription when you get the email:


All done?

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But be quick! You’ve only got four days to enter, starting now, so go! Here’s the competition in case you’re just so excited that you can’t bear it and have to go and enter right away. Or read the post first. You know, whatever.

*awkward pause while some people leave*

Okay, thanks for staying!

So, blogging. It’s a funny old game. Often I find myself wondering just how it happened that I came to get paid for doing things like videoing myself ironing and visiting chocolate factories. Surely someone at some point will cotton on to the fact that I’m actually just having loads of fun, and shut me down?! Not so far though, so fingers crossed!

This post is a prime example of what I mean.

I got an email a couple of weeks ago that went something like this:

‘Hi Jo! We’d really like to send you a new Slumberdown duvet and a box of treats so that you can have a duvet day!’

Let me think about it for a minute…