5 Must-Try Male Sex Toys That Will Save Your Marriage

If you’re in a long-term relationship or a marriage, you know that it’s not always easy to keep the fires burning. People from all walks of life can suffer from dry spells or inactive sex life, but what you need to know is that your sex life is not always indicative of the quality of your relationship.

Many outside influences such as work-related stress and daily chores can disrupt your intimacy. Sometimes, all it takes to change up the game and reignite the spark is an open mind! In this article, I want to show you the best male sex toys to use for solo masturbation or partnered sex to improve your sex life and eventually transform your relationship!

Why male sex toys, you may ask? Well, we all know that standard dildos and vibrators made for women are fantastic tools for masturbation and partnered sex. But, the sex toy market has grown so much in the past decade, and you don’t have to limit yourself to the classic choices.

There are tons of exciting options for male toys out there. They can fulfill your biggest fantasies and improve orgasms for both partners! So check out the best male sex toys you can try to spice up your sex life!

Pleasure Ring

Pleasure rings or C-rings are some of the most popular male toys. They are affordable, easy to use, and they provide tons of pleasure for you and your partner. These toys wrap around the base of a penis and use tension to safely restrict the blood flow during an erection.

The primary purpose of C-rings is to help with erectile dysfunction, but anyone can use them for wild and exciting sexual acts. For one, they make the penis look bigger and harder, and they also maximize all of the sensations. Plus, they can also delay your orgasm. This is especially useful if your receiving partner has trouble climaxing during penetration and needs more time.

There are many different types of pleasure rings available, from those that wrap around your penis and testicles to those that provide various vibration patterns. If you don’t know where to start, a vibrating cock ring is one of the best couples toys for ultra-tingly mutual pleasure!

Male Masturbator

Masturbators are some of the oldest sex toys for men, but they’ve come a long way from their cheap and non-functioning pocket vagina variants. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of vaginal, oral, and anal masturbation sleeves that perfectly replicate the experience of actual sex. They are some of the best toys for realistic solo fun!

If you have a high sex drive or your partner doesn’t share your appetite for kinky sex acts, a masturbator can fulfill all of your desires. Usually, these toys look like hollow tubes, and they have a life-like orifice. They are precision crafted to replicate the look and feel of a real vagina, mouth, or anus. Some of them even have warming features, vibration, automatic thrusting, and even remote control.

Also, you can even find masturbators that replicate the look of a porn star’s orifices. This could be just the thing if you’re looking to fulfill your porn star fantasy! And aside from giving you intense pleasure during masturbation, they can improve partnered sex. You can use them to increase your stamina and learn to last longer in bed!

Blowjob Machine

Who doesn’t love a good blowjob? While a deep and long BJ is one of the best pleasures a guy could ever get, not everyone likes to give them, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Fortunately, the sex toy masterminds have come up with a next-gen solution: blowjob machines!

If you’re confused, blowjob machines are automated robots that resemble classic masturbators. But, they utilize advanced technology and unique internal textures to give you the best hands-free blowjob out there.

Some of these machines, like the Autoblow AI, even use machine learning and artificial intelligence to simulate real-life oral sex movements and techniques. From slow and intense to fast, deep, and rough, a blowjob machine can give you your dream BJ whenever and wherever you want! It’s the perfect gift for you or your male partner!

Butt Plug

If you want to experiment with your backdoor for the first time, a butt plug is always a good idea. These anal toys can be used by men of any sexual orientation during masturbation, foreplay, and penetrative sex.

Typically, butt plugs have a conical shape that is specifically designed for easy insertion. They also have a small neck at the base and a stopper that prevents them from entering the anus fully. This keeps you safe and also enables you to wear a plug for a long time. Most commonly, anal plugs are made of high-quality silicone or steel. Many guys love them for the extra weight they provide. Plus, they’ll give you a unique feeling of fullness, even if you don’t like conventional in-out anal penetration.

The reason why they feel so pleasant is that their round shapes can target a lot of pleasure nerves outside and inside your anal canal. They can maximize the fun during oral sex, foreplay, penetration, and so on. Butt plugs also look kinky, and they can allow you to spice up your love life by trying new activities such as roleplay or even bondage.

Prostate Stimulator

A prostate massager is designed to directly target your prostate gland and give you unique P-spot orgasms. Also known as prostate milking, P-spot stimulation is quickly becoming one of the most popular sex acts for men. Many men enjoy the unusual yet immensely powerful full-body orgasm that’s possible only through prostate massage. The best tool for that is a prostate massager. This toy looks similar to an anal dildo, but it’s anatomically designed to hit the male G-spot just right.

This toy will give you an ergonomic shape with a finely crafted tip for direct P-spot stimulation. Depending on the model, you’ll also get a variety of vibration settings and patterns to play with for ultimate hands-free orgasms. You can also use these toys during sex with your partner to maximize your pleasure.

Let’s Play!

So which toy is your favorite? Is it a naughty C-ring or a high-tech blowjob machine that can give you the ultimate sloppy BJ? Buy a sex toy today, and you’ll change your sex life and your relationship forever! Just remember to use lots of lube!



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