Gift ideas for your arty friends

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Having arty friends can be both a blessing and a curse. You are never short of ideas for gifts for your other friends and family. You can give out bespoke gifts that are unique to the person that you give them to. That is to everyone who is not your arty friends. These guys work hard but finding presents for them can be very difficult. You need to appreciate all they do by gifting them something extra special. There are lots of different ideas that you can get for them. Look below to find out some.

Sewing Machine

Depending on what your arty friends do, they may already have one. However, these are great gifts for your friends who have an inclination towards crafts and hobbies. It can allow them to add another string to their bow and even push on their business. Or it may be a great gift for them so that they can make their own clothes. An easy-to-use and reliable machine can be bought from brother. If you are lucky, you may even be gifted something magnificent from this gift.


Art has progressed significantly in the recent past. No longer are they beholden to pens and paper that must be constantly topped up and maintained. In fact, many artists now use computer tablets to create their art. It creates less mess and allows for access to materials that are not readily available for purchase. There now exists technology for sketches on paper with ballpoint pens that can be transferred from your pad to your computer. This means that your friends can rest easy without fear of losing their work.


Finding the time and space to create art can be difficult. Your friends may come off rude if they become irritable at constant interruptions. One way to stop this is to gift them headphones that block out sound. This means that they can indicate that they are busy as well as listen to what they want to without being interrupted by the outside world. They are also a gift that is not solely for work which they may appreciate.


Buying your friend an art workshop almost feels like you are going against them in the art world. However, they will likely appreciate it. Not only will it be a fun day away from their own work but it will grant them the opportunity to experience another side of the artistic world. You can book a range of workshops and classes from pottery to smelting. They will come out of the workshop with great memories, a new appreciation for a different medium of art, and maybe even something to take home. These can be really fun for an arty friend.

Arty Friends

These are some of the most helpful and hard-working people in your life. They provide you with gifts throughout the year that you can give to your other friends and family. It is only right that you give back to them something that they will appreciate. Find out what your friend like and try and get them something that will help them in the future.


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