Super cool security ideas for students

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I have to be honest, everything about this post thrills me.

I am easily thrilled, that’s probably fair, but the process of writing this post has actually fulfilled a childhood dream of mine, similar to always wanting a Mr Frosty but never getting one.

No, I don’t finally own Mousetrap, and I’ve not been allowed to join the Secret Seven, so what could it be?

Here’s a clue in the form of a photo.

Safecan student security

Can you spot my family jewels in my kitchen cupboard?

No, I didn’t think so.

How about on this bookcase – can you spot where I’ve hidden all my very important family documents, like the deeds to the family mansion and the government bonds worth millions?

Safecan student security ideas


(I don’t actually have any of those things, but that’s not the point.)

What these two photos actually demonstrate are two of a range of security products that are ideal for students heading off to university this month. It’s called SafeCan and is a range of household objects that are ACTUALLY secret hiding places for cash, cards, keys and other important small items.


When I was little I ALWAYS wanted a hollowed out book where I could hide special secrets! They’d probably be clues to mysteries I was in the middle of solving or keys to the clubhouse of my top secret gang.

In the pictures you can spot a can of Heinz baked beans and a Collins dictionary but the SafeCan range also includes an aerosol can, a rock and a candle. Both are very well made and I honestly wouldn’t know that they were fakes unless I was looking for them. The baked bean can in particular is excellent, so good that I worry I might forget and try to open the ring pull for beans on toast.

Both items have a false base, which is how you get things in and out:

Safecan fake baked bean can

For a lot of students, university is the first time they take sole responsibility for locking and securing their belongings, so you may need to give them a bit of a talking to and equip them with some basic security tips and products. Phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches soon add up to a lot of expensive tech sitting around unsecured, and I’d put money on them coming running to you for replacements should things get stolen.

As well as SafeCans, simple security products like padlocks can be very useful. Family run company BURG-WÄCHTER do a wide range of security products including padlocks and bike locks, that are ideal for students. Combination padlocks work well for rucksacks and lockers, and for cupboards consider a combination locking bolt, (but ask the landlord’s permission to fit them.)

If you’re living in a shared student house then an outside KeySafe could prove VERY handy for when someone inevitably locks themselves out or gets home late at night and has forgotten or lost their keys. Rather than having to resort to waking everyone up or, worse still, having to break in, spare keys can simply be kept in the KeySafe and accessed via a four digit pin code.

Getting everyone on the same page when it comes to security is also really important in a shared house, so having a set locking up routine that everyone understands and takes responsibility for is vital. If in doubt, put it in writing and stick copies up around the house as reminders – this could be just a simple checklist to remind everyone what needs locking and checking each night, but it could make all the difference.

If you’ve got kids at university OR simply want to channel your own inner Secret Seven member then do go and check out BURG-WÄCHTER.



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