10 Useful Gifts For Your Favorite Authors

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Shopping for gifts is already hard enough. But, the challenge is doubled when you’re gifting the favorite authors of your life. Given that they’re writers, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is gifting them with notebooks and pens. However, most of these writers may have already received lots of notebooks and pens in their entire lives. Thankfully, you can still do better than that. 

Aside from notebooks, you can still give other valuable gifts to pleasantly surprise them or show them how much you understand their passion for writing. The gift ideas listed below are applicable for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. To begin, here are ten useful writing gifts you can wrap for your favorite authors:

Books About Writing 

There’s no doubt that authors love books, especially if they’re about writing. Most writers and authors would love to grab every opportunity to improve their craft and gain more knowledge about their passion. You can search for some of the best books about writing online or ask the help of your local librarian for book recommendations.  

Post-It Sticky Notes And Page Markers 

Authors are like songwriters. When songwriters get an idea for a song, they usually use their phones’ voice recorder and record the initial tune they have in mind, and, then, come back to it later. Meanwhile, when authors get an idea for their book or article, they write it down and come back to it later. However, taking a notebook with them anywhere they go can be a hassle. With sticky notes or page markers, on the one hand, they can simply write down ideas on those, and just paste them on their walls as soon as they get home. 

Digital Voice Recorder 

If you wish to give them something more modern compared to the traditional sticky notes, you can gift your favorite author with their very own digital voice recorder. Having one will definitely come in handy for them if they’re recording interviews, or researching for noises and sounds for book inspiration. A digital voice recorder is very slim and lightweight, making them easy on the pockets.

Don’t worry if your favorite author has their own recorder, as every writer needs a backup recorder in case of emergencies. 

Pencil Sharpener 

A dull pencil can slow down your author’s writing progress, and no writer wants that. So, it’s a good idea to gift them with their own pencil sharpener to keep their pencils sharp and pointed at any point in time. With a sharp and pointed pencil comes pleasurable writing experience.

 Adult Coloring Books 

Like other jobs, writing can also be stressful, especially when aiming to finish multiple articles or chapters for the book. It can even be more taxing if someone’s experiencing writer’s block. To boost their writing focus and ease their anxiety, you can gift them with an adult coloring book. It can offer them with a non-writing activity that’ll help declutter and reset their brain. For best results, invest in coloring books specifically designed for writers. 

Jewel-Like Desk Lamp 

Another way to impress your favorite author with your gift is by wrapping them with a jewel-like desk lamp. It won’t only give light to their writing table, but it’ll also improve the aesthetic of their workspace. Go for a desk lamp with real brass to make it look like a jewel-like addition to their writing table. 

Coffee Mug 

You’ve may have already seen some Internet photos showing some authors and writers working on their desks with their own coffee mugs on the side. That’s because most writers love to work while sipping a cup of coffee to keep their thoughts and ideas alive. For additional boost during their writing sessions, gift them with a coffee mug, with a personalized motivational quote, like, “Write Epic Stories,” “The Best Writer In the World,” or, “Do Not Disturb: Book Under Writing.”

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Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Often, authors can only work in a quiet environment that’s free from any distraction. To help promote a peaceful and tranquil setting for your favorite author, you can gift them with some noise-canceling headphones. This way, your author loved one can work and write whenever they want to, without worrying about the noise of the surroundings. Whether they’d prefer to work in a café, park, or inside the library, these headphones will surely keep their workspace quiet and peaceful.  

Literary Perfumes 

One of the reasons that inspire authors to pursue a writing career is their love for the smell of old books in the library. Imagine if they bring the same scent with them wherever they go: the more inspired they’ll be to keep writing. With that said, you can gift your favorite authors with literary perfumes. Most of these perfumes are made from the scents of tobacco, clove, and black tea to emit a similar smell of old books. 

Back Support Cushions 

Just like how you’d gift a gamer with a comfortable gaming chair to boost their gaming experience, you can also gift a writer with back support cushions to keep them comfortable while knocking out long chapters or articles. Go for back support cushions with thick memory foam for a cozy writing experience. 

Wrap Up 

Being an author isn’t easy. They may be sitting for long hours, but their hands and minds are way busier than what you see with your naked eyes. Thankfully, with these gift ideas, you can improve their writing experience and, at the same time, elevate their love and passion for writing.  


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