What types of home improvement franchises are available?

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Home improvements are an extremely popular industry in the current day and age. In the past year, people have been spending more time in their homes, prompting many of them to want to improve its appearance, quality and condition. Therefore, now is an excellent time to invest in a home improvement franchise, considering the soaring demand.

There are many different types of home improvement franchises UK and globally. So, whatever your business ambitions, a global franchise directory could help you to find the type of franchise that will provide you with a rewarding and stable investment.

What are home improvement franchises?

Home improvement franchises encompass a wide range of different businesses. They can include construction, cleaning, damp mitigation, pest control, and several other types of business that provide services to improve people’s domestic environments. In some cases, this can include extending their homes, while in other cases it can simply entail making the environment cleaner and healthier. Here is an insight into what is available.


The construction industry has experienced a surge in demand over the past year. People are looking to extend their homes or refurbish them. Many people are considering loft conversions or simply want to improve their house with a new garage or a conservatory. Construction franchises are therefore a fantastic investment for any investors who want to ensure that their profits can continue to grow.

Some of the most popular types of construction franchises include:

  • Loft conversion, insulation or boarding
  • Home renovations
  • Extensions

Experts predict that the global construction industry will increase in size to 8 trillion US dollars by 2030showing how much potential for profit there is in a home improvement franchise.


Cleaning and home maintenance franchises are an exceptionally popular choice as more people value high standards of hygiene in their homes. With so many people turning to professionals to keep their homes clean and tidy, now is a great time to invest in a domestic cleaning franchise.

Damp mitigation

Damp and mould can be extremely unpleasant to live with and they can also pose serious health risks to a home’s inhabitants. Damp is often linked to severe respiratory diseases and other health conditions. These can affect children even more seriously than adults.

As a result, buying a damp mitigation franchise not only offers excellent scope to generate custom but also provides a rewarding and helpful service. When you are running this kind of franchise, you can enjoy job satisfaction from knowing that you are helping people and may even be improving their health thanks to your company’s services.

Pest control

Rats, cockroaches and other pests affect many homes across the world. They often spread disease and can be a horrible housemate to have. As many pests often seek warmth and shelter inside people’s homes, there is always a constant demand for pest control services. This means that if you choose to invest in a pest control business, then you will be assured of regular business and continual profits.

Pest control franchises are a low-risk investment. In some cases, they can also be run from anywhere, including your home. That means that you would be able to cut your overheads as you would not need to pay rent on business premises. In the end, that can result in a larger profit margin and better returns on your initial investment.

Aesthetic improvements

There is a large industry for people to improve the look of their homes and these kinds of franchises can be extremely popular. For example, there are many different franchises that specialise in blinds or even modern sofa beds. Not only can this be a great option for modernising a room, but it also gives people improved levels of privacy and a feeling of safety and security in their homes.

Therefore, it is no surprise that these are extremely popular when it comes to home improvements across the world. People want to live in trendy and fashionable homes. As trends are always changing and updating, this is great for your investment potential because you will always find new customers who want to keep up with the latest fashions in home appearances.

What are the benefits of a home improvement franchise investment?

Franchises can be highly profitable, low-risk investments. They are a long-term investment that can provide you with a secure and stable income to support yourself and your family. They are extremely flexible with a variety of different levels of investment available. They also provide flexibility once you have invested because you can often work from home or vary your hours around other commitments.

Many home improvement franchises also provide essential services to your customers, allowing them to live in better conditions and to enjoy an improved quality of life.


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