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What have been the small changes that you’ve noticed about yourself during the pandemic? I’m not talking the obvious stuff, like missing your friends and family, (or not), or accidentally starting an interior design degree and just doing one module, but the little things – the stuff that’s surprised you.

I surprised myself with how much I’ve enjoyed spending time alone, like REALLY enjoyed it. I’ve explored so many new places, been on so many walks, and I never get bored. It’s wonderful being able to go at your own pace and stop for ice creams as many times as you want. (If you like cute outings then go and check out my Instagram highlights, where I save my favourites.) As a teenager I always loved it when the whole family went out for the day and I was allowed to stay at home by myself, reorganising my bedroom and listening to recordings of the top 40. I’ve always known I didn’t mind spending time alone, but being a parent for the last 25 years hasn’t lent itself to solitude. Now though I’ve remembered how much I love it.

I’ve been surprised too by the things I’ve held on to and the things I’ve let go of. I haven’t plucked my eyebrows in over a year for example – it turns out I just don’t care about that – but I have continued to wear perfume. I wear the same perfume as my Gran – Chanel No 5 – and the smell of it every morning always reminds me of her. It feels significant, a reminder of my roots maybe.

On the flipside, I’ve hardly worn any jewellery and the dress side of my wardrobe has barely been opened. On the one hand I’ve enjoyed thinking less about what I wear, but I have missed the excuse to get a little bit more dressed up. It was why I was really quite excited when Rellery got in touch to see if I wanted to try a few pieces from their collection.

Rellery has a wide range of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets to choose from, and there are collections across different pieces if you like your jewellery to co-ordinate. The quality of their jewellery is fantastic – they only use precious metals, (sterling silver, 18K gold over sterling silver, and 14K solid gold), plus their chains are designed with tighter links to withstand up to 6lb of force. They also offer personalisation on a lot of their pieces, so you can make them extra special.

I used the excuse of a trip to the seaside to visit some friends last weekend to show off a couple of my new pieces.

First up I chose one of their 18K gold over sterling silver anklets. I haven’t owned an anklet in years but I am so happy with it – there is just something about an anklet isn’t there that makes you feel kind of young and free, like you should be strolling barefoot along an empty beach or dancing at a festival?

Rellery anklets

I also chose one of the Rellery zodiac necklaces.

I’m a Taurus, and although I’m not convinced that one random twelfth of the population can share the exact same personality traits, I DO like generally being comfy and eating and and drinking and loafing about at home. That’s basically a Taurus isn’t it?

Rellery necklace

Can you spot it behind the pineapple split? I know, strawberry split it the classic, but we all know that pineapple splits are really the best kind so let’s not get into an argument about that.

One thing I would recommend if you’re going to get yourself a zodiac necklace is to make sure you are always wearing sunscreen. I did not, and now I am going to have to wear the neckalce forever, which isn’t such a bad thing really.

(Also, you see how my glasses cover all the unplucked eyebrows?)

I know that jewellery might seem like a small thing, but even just wearing these pieces made me feel good about myself, like I was taking that little bit of extra effort. I liked being barefoot on the beach and catching little glimpses of gold on my ankle. I really was living the anklet dream, even if it was Bournemouth and not Malibu, as it always is in my head.

Have you done small things like wear less jewellery during the pandemic, or made a bottle of Chanel No5 last two years? Leave a comment and let me know.




  1. 12 June, 2021 / 1:27 pm

    This was such a lovely blog post to read sweetie!

    Danielle |

    • Jo Middleton
      14 June, 2021 / 5:19 pm

      Thank you! :-D

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