The New Face of Travel Blogging in 2021

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2020 certainly caused a great deal of disruption to livelihoods across a staggering number of industries. Very few of us were able to continue on as though nothing had happened and, for the most part, the interruptions far outweighed those experiences and moments that enabled us to forget about the state of the world, and its billions of inhabitants.

It is only inevitable, then, that with the world beginning to open up, welcome old habits, and encourage a renewed sense of community and sociableness, the entire travel and tourism industry is preparing to take that first bold step into the future, and welcome old and new ways in equal measure.

Of course, the transition into this new period will not be completed in one go – it will take months, or even years, for us to feel as though the past has been overwritten by the present. Still, the time for us to feel buried beneath it all is decidedly over, and plenty of new opportunities for development are assuredly on the horizon.

Travel blogging has, under various guises, long represented a mainstay for tourism. For one thing, influencers offer a great new source of promotion for countries looking to boost their tourism industry. only that, but it has also offered a highly creative and personal outlet for anyone – whether they make a six figure salary from it, or a little pocket money – and one that, like a bucket-list destination, we can all explore at our own leisure.

So, what will the new face of travel blogging be as we move toward a ‘new normal’? Read more below.

Accessible and Inclusive

This first entry pertains to a much wider trend taking place across the web – one that leans toward a more authenticity and diversity from influencers, rather than one that adheres to a limiting and oft unattainable set of standards.

While many of us defer the dream of travel blogging based on any number of excuses – ‘I’m not interesting enough’ or ‘I wouldn’t know how to get started’ – it remains true that a budding travel blogger requires only a few basic tools – all of which are attainable. For instance, the ability to create a website that truly speaks to our unique tastes, temperament and philosophies is easier than ever. The roads, skies, and seas are once again opening up to travelers, and, with the rising interest in staycations, there is an option for almost any budget.

Other than that, a sturdy notebook and a reliable pen can always be found at the airport – and cell phone photography is something any traveler can master.

Fueled by Sustainability

Fortunately for all of us, the travel industry is in no way immune to the mounting call for sustainability, and establishing a future of sustainable travel is something that many companies and individuals alike are focusing on in this interim period between tragedy and regeneration.

Travel bloggers, by virtue of their direct links with a global market of fellow travelers – and, of course, their growing influence over travel trends and habits – will hold a vital position in furthering the incentive toward a much more sustainable, respectful approach to travel.

Already, ‘sustainable travel blogs’ are popping up across the web – and, as a result of our growing concern for our carbon footprint, and the impact it has on the planet, many of us are already intentionally seeking them out.

The ‘Workation’

Travel trends are always going to be dictated, to a certain extent, by wider trends that impact the rest of our professional and personal lives. It is no wonder, then, that as we enter into a new chapter post-2020, and remote working continues to represent the new normal for more people around the world than ever before, that creatives are looking for new ways to take advantage of this setup, and make the most of officeless work.

Workations are, as the name would suggest, essentially vacations for work. Rather than booking time off, employees can simply book a new environment in which to continue their remote work setup.

Of course, this is certainly something that promises to be a ‘love it or hate it’ travel trend. Still, it already looks to be gaining significant popularity, with OOO, or Out of Office travel, ranking at the very top of CN Traveler’s Top 10 Travel Trends for 2021.

As a result, it seems to be inevitable that the two disparate worlds of corporate and travel blogging will soon collide, and plenty more niches will begin to open up for creative and proactive new bloggers to explore in the coming months and years.

There are, no doubt, plenty more travel trends for 2021 that will continue to reshape the ways in which new and existing travel bloggers engage with their hobby – and of course their audiences. Some things will inevitably stay the same, but we can all look forward to a new landscape, complete with new opportunities, as the clouds of 2020 continue to shift.


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