Why staying in is the new going out – loungewear from Glamify

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If you could sum up the pandemic in one word, what would it be?

Maybe you’d chose something serious like ‘tragedy’ or ‘loneliness’ – both very valid – or maybe for you it’s ‘banana bread‘ or ‘Netflix’.

For us it’s ‘loungewear’.

I haven’t been keeping a spreadsheet exactly, but I reckon a good 43% of our time since March last year has been spent in loungewear, and a significant proportion of that has additionally been under a blanket. Right at the end of December, when we knew we’d be going into a new lockdown the next day, we spent the afternoon on an emergency shopping trip, stocking up on coordinating pyjamas and matching silky blankets. (Belle has pink and I have cream, which is honestly a disaster waiting to happen every time I eat dinner on my lap.)

When Glamify asked if we’d be up for a bit of twinning then in the loungewear department, well, I can’t think of anything we’d be better suited for.

loungewear for mums and kids

Belle will only let me use pictures where she’s completely happy with her face, so obviously then I always look weird because we can’t co-ordinate both looking normal at the same time.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to live in comfy, stretchy loungewear all of the time if they could? I’m no economist, (apart from the economics degree), but I’m going to guess that sales of anything with an elasticated waist have soared over the last 14 months, and I reckon it will be a while before we want (or are able) to squeeze ourselves back into jeans or suits every day.

And why would you when you could stay home in your loungewear playing with your cats?

Glamify loungewear

Endeavour not really feeling the photoshoot vibe

Glamify don’t just do adult sizes – they also have a whole section dedicated to mother daughter loungewear twinning. If you’re the kind of parent (me) who likes to match clothes with your children then it’s definitely worth checking out. (I’ve actually bought Joey and me matching t-shirts for his second birthday next month with rainbows on the front that both say JOEY. Don’t tell him.)

I know most teenagers might not think twinning with their mum was very cool, but Belle is not most teenagers, and appreciates what a style icon I am.


This is completely not true but she does think it’s cute if we have matching pyjamas and blankets, so long as no one knows and it’s not outside the house. I know I’m really lucky not to have a teenager who spends all her time in her bedroom thinking about how embarrassing and awful I am – I like that after I’ve been out walking or working all day, we get to spend our evenings watching films together.

Glamify loungewear set

Belle being funny

Now you might be thinking ‘yeah yeah but stuff is opening up now, so we’re going to be way too busy in pub gardens for loungewear surely?’

ARE YOU though? I mean yes, you COULD go and sit in a pub garden in the rain, and it’s nice to meet up with people now and again for sure, but if you’re anything like me then you’ve realised you quite like staying home and reading books in bed thank you very much.

I don’t feel like the loungewear trend is going anywhere soon. Plus you could totally wear at least the top half of this Glamify set in a pub garden and get away with it as a hoodie.

Matching loungewear sets

If this post has made you want to head off and change into your pyjamas,* then I can’t say I blame you. Staying in is the post-pandemic going out so I’ve heard. Forget the pub – I say get your loungewear on, text your friends that you’re busy with self care, and get cosy.

Check out Glamify for their full range of loungewear.

*Who are we kidding, you’re already in them right?

Glamify loungewear

A PS on sizing with our loungewear – you can easily size down, as everything is so lovely and oversized. I’m normally a size 14 – sometimes a 16 depending on the shop and whether or not I want to be able to breathe – but I have the 10/12 in this set and there is masses of room. The waist is a drawstring, so very adjustable too.


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