8 Naughty Gifts For Your Nerdy Boyfriend

Dating a geeky guy is the best. However, for many years geeks and nerds were stereotyped as inadequate or unsatisfying partners for women, which is obviously not true. They are as open to learning new techniques as any other guys. Sometimes they are even more eager to show their commitment than most.

Nevertheless, dating a geek guy when you don’t know anything about these comic books or video games he is talking about can be challenging. Fortunately, you can find many stores on the Internet that offer customized naughty gifts that will surprise every guy. Here, you will find the eight best ideas for sexy gifts for your geeky boyfriend (and yourself at the same time).

Personalized Sex Dice

Sex dice is a perfectly naughty gift for people who want to spice up and diversify their sex life. Moreover, this gift will help you surprise your geek boyfriend and make both of you open up about your fantasies and feel more confident in bed. Sex dice will help you both to playfully imagine each other’s desires and make them come true. Intrigued by the idea? This might be an excellent present for the two of you.

Remote Control Vibrator

You may think it is more of a gift for yourself than for your boyfriend, and party it is true. However, do not underestimate the level of excitement your boyfriend can experience from using a remote control vibrator on you! Besides, a bullet vibrator, due to the size and materials, is much more convenient to use both in bed and when going out than a suction cup dildo or a glass dildo. Yet another fun idea for celebration!

Condom Holder

This accessory will make sure that your boyfriend won’t forget about protection ever again. Condom holders come as keychains that he can easily attach to his keys or leather cases that look like smaller wallets, so he can always carry a condom with himself without even thinking about it. Or, you can find a stainless steel condom dispenser that may become an excellent addition to his bedside table.

A Sexy Cosplay Costume

Cosplay is a culture that mixes comic books, video games, and movies. It’s a great way to show off your nerdiness. If your boyfriend loves dressing up as his favorite superhero, you can surprise him with a sexy costume that he can wear with you at home or a party. You can opt for a Deadpool costume for him only, or choose paired costumes to match – for example, Superman and Lois Lane.

And if your boyfriend isn’t keen on cosplay parties, acquiring a costume can still be a good idea. For example, using it for roleplaying will help you spice up things in bed and diversify your sex life.

Personalized Customized Cufflinks

Cufflinks are perfect for every geeky guy who wants to add some cute and personal details to his wardrobe. Since cufflinks can be customized according to his needs and preferences, they will suit every man who’s into comics, video games, movies, music, etc.

Besides, they are easy to use – he just has to stick them together using the metal clips on both sides. Maybe it isn’t a straightforward sex-related gift, but it will definitely make your boyfriend even more attractive than ever.

A Sexy Lingerie to Wear at Home

If you know your dream guy is a bit shy when it comes to taking off his clothes, then it’s just right to surprise him with sexy lingerie that both of you can wear only at home. There are many stores online that offer various lingerie pieces made to refer to authentic superhero costumes. This is great if your guy has a thing for superheroes such as Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman.

A Clock with a Sense of Humor

Intelligence is the new sexy, and every geek knows how to appreciate a good joke. So, if you are not sure about what to give to your boyfriend for a special day, we recommend getting him a clock that shows the time in the binary system. It is an excellent way to show him that you appreciate his sense of humor and remember his hobbies and interests.

A Sexy Calendar

You can never go wrong with buying a calendar for your boyfriend, especially if it’s a sexy calendar with photos of beautiful women wearing almost nothing. This is something he can look at every time he uses his desk or goes to bed.

However, you can make this gift extremely personal by creating a DIY calendar with your own photos – not necessarily wholly naked, but not fully clothed either – something in between to get him excited and intrigued for more.


Choosing gifts can be challenging, but guiding yourself by the preferences and interests of your significant other is always a sure option. Fortunately, pop culture offers you tons of merch items to choose from, and you can find even some naughty and steamy presents if you want to get your geek boyfriend even more excited. And do not hesitate to choose something that will bring pleasure to you as well – in some cases, it can be even more intriguing for him.


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