Women’s Favourite Casino Games in 2021

Thanks to online gambling, more women are playing casino games than ever before.

Men and women have always had slightly different preferences when it comes to casino games. Furthermore, women tend to have very different views on gambling in general when compared to their male counterparts. Games such as Blackjack and Video Poker require a large amount of strategy and memorization, something that many women believe takes all the fun out of gambling in the first place.

Women’s habits do seem to be changing over the years though, and it seems that it will only be a matter of time before the current disparity is eliminated. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the game’s women chose to play the most over the last twelve months.

Slot Machines & Online Slots

Women have always been the biggest fans of slot machines, ever since the first mechanical versions appeared in the bars and pubs of San Francisco at the start of the 20th century. According to some statistics, almost 12 times more women currently play slots than men.

Some women have reportedly said they find many of the table games quite intimidating – the action is very fast and you are expected to make your decisions quickly to keep the game moving. In the case of blackjack, making a “wrong” decision – that is, one which goes against basic strategy – can occasionally cause the dealer not to bust when he otherwise would have. Situations like this can often lead to trouble at the table, and many women would much rather just play casino slots on their own than have to deal with any of these issues.


This is the perfect non-slot game for the beginner to casino gaming, and is massively popular with women. After asking several female friends why they like roulette so much, the main that came up each time was the games simplicity. You only need place your chips on the layout once and can then spend the remainder of that “spin” chatting with friends, enjoying your drink, and crossing your fingers hoping that your number comes in!

Each spin of the wheel completes all of the bets at the table, which means far less waiting around compared to some other table games. Interestingly, women also seem very keen on the red/black type bets, as they like the fact these bets give them a roughly 50/50 shot at doubling their money instantly. It was interesting to hear the roulette strategies that women prefer too, which sounded very different to those used by men.

Live Poker

Poker was strictly the preserve of men for decades and in the early 2000’s poker began to be shown on TV. The use of hole card cameras made this an exciting form of entertainment, which appealed to both men and women.

Many women were shocked to see other women playing poker on TV alongside the male “pros”. A handful of these women then decided to learn to play the game themselves, and today there is a much healthier mix of men and women participating in all of the large high-stakes poker tournaments.


This one probably goes without saying, but women absolutely adore bingo – some have been playing the game for as long as they can remember, and the advent of online bingo has undoubtedly served to remind many more women of their love for this classic game. Whilst playing online lacks much of the atmosphere of playing in a real bingo hall, the ability to play many cards at once without worrying about finding and stamping all of your matching numbers make the online version much easier to play.


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