Budget friendly gifts to give your friends this year

Christmas presentsThis year everyone needs a little distraction. Staying at home all the time is a pain, leisure activities are very limited and daily life has basically turned upside down. Keep all this in mind when you are thinking of the next gift you wish to get your friends. To lighten up the atmosphere, it might be better to buy nothing too serious. What really matters is that your present is thoughtful: your friends will highly appreciate it if they feel you haven’t made just a random choice. If you are on a budget, Typo could be the right spot to check out. They have all sorts of quirky stuff that your friends are likely to enjoy. And it will all be a lot easier with this fantastic Typo discount code.

If you have a friend with a good sense of humour and you would like to be original, you could consider a mini vending machine. It’s tiny, it can be placed on a desk and it can be filled with sweets, nuts and anything you really wish. It doesn’t have to be food! Initially your friend might be looking at you with a stunned face, but ultimately he or she will be bursting into a laugh. Before you know, they will be picking out candies all the time.

Most people love lights. Lamps and candles can be very attractive because they tend to produce a soothing and warm effect in a room. You can bring it to another level by getting curtain lantern lights. They will be hanging all over the place and they will be creating the right ambiance in your pal’s bedroom or living room. They would fill the background for future parties, but they would also be suitable for a cosy chilling evening at home.

If your buddy is one of those who likes challenges, you may have to think harder on how to test his or her abilities. It may be a bit old fashioned, but the Rubik cube still requires a big brain to be solved. Time passes by, but it’s just as difficult as it used to be on day one. The cool thing is that by now you can find one that is printed with exclusive colours, which add some innovation to the pattern. Your friend will spend hours to prove he or she has what it takes to return each face to have only one colour.

Each group of friends includes a person that is constantly daydreaming about traveling. The pandemic has temporarily thwarted trip plans, but you know perfectly well that your chum is ready to board a plane to who knows where as soon as all the restrictions are lifted and traveling can be done safely. Well, a nice gift could be a recycled backpack. It would be good for the environment and it would inflame straight away your mate’s imagination on the next adventure. To add an extra touch, you could slip a few silicon straws or an on the move drink bottle inside the outer pockets.

If instead your friend is more the creative type of person, perhaps you could try and encourage this quality. You could get a notebook, even better if it has a funny cover. It could easily turn into a journal where all the notes and clippings are kept. If your pal is more into art, you could think of a watercolour set including a sketch book and a brush. Your friends don’t have to be Virginia Woolf or Pablo Picasso, but it might be good for them to get it all out on paper. The Guardian has also pointed out how writing and painting during lockdown has helped many people throughout these troubled times.

Whatever you get, your friend will be happy to know that you have given great thought to pick the right gift.


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