Top 18 Tips When Saving Money While Pregnant

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Saving for a baby can be a hard task. We realise raising a child can be really expensive but there are ways to save money and enjoy the benefits that come with that. Whether you find awesome free baby stuff UK  deals online or find other ways to save, you can worry less about money saving issues with our tips saving money while pregnant. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, saving money is a possibility.

When you have a child for the first time, we come to realisation that every penny we have goes. Whether that’s for a prescription, clothing, baby food and so on. It can become quite overwhelming when realising that we may need to look for baby freebies or other discounts to keep our money worries in check.

With a newborn baby, it’s vital to find free baby stuff or a baby box as every little bit helps. In the first year we’re likely to spend on average around £10,000 on our babies needs. With this list of how to save money with a newborn baby you will become savvier than you ever thought, having more money to things you want with your loved one.

1. Shop in charity or vintage stores for baby discounts

Charity shops can be a fantastic place to find discounted baby clothing products and in some instances – free baby stuff. Some of the items in these stores have been worn just once, if that. So this is definitely worth a shot.

2. Breastfeed more often than not to save money on your baby

We know that milk for your baby from mum is really healthy so breastfeeding for longer can save money as well as keeping your newborn strong. Formula also adds up over time.  Using a breast pump along with breastfeeding is also a way to keep the costs down. In case you’re having trouble producing enough milk, you can try some lactation supplements.

3. Hold off on buying all the typical baby products

Babies prefer some products over other in terms of diapers, bottles and even pacifiers. It’s best to get the minimum at the start to find out your babies preferences. This is a good way to save money while pregnant. So you don’t over spend.

4. Crib & Toddler Bed

A crib that converts into a little toddler bed will save money down the years and can be used again for your next baby.

5. Ask for Formula samples

When leaving the hospital if you are giving your newborn formula, ask for samples. This can save money on costs again. Upon each visit ask for more samples. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

6. Skip the bassinet part

Bassinets are used only for a limited time. Until a baby roles over. So instead of buying one either skip this part all together or borrow one. You’re essentially shopping smart with this type of free baby product.

7. Get help from family or friends

The costs of child care can skyrocket once matt leave is over. Try and get help from family and friends to babysit as this can keep costs down.

8. Get crafty with free baby food made at home

When the little one starts eating solids, you can save on baby food by throwing in veg with water into a blender and freezing it in ice trays. Less effort and moneys saved.

9. Hold back on the diapers

Your baby may take a while to fit into diapers so start off with only a small pack of newborn diapers till they grow more.

10. Do background research to get the best baby discounts

It’s important to do a lot of research on what are the best products that give you the most for your money. The products need to be of a certain quality but you can find gems and other things.

11. Learn how to get free baby stuff

It’s good to have the knowledge of where to find free baby samples and other discounts. Check the web and blogging sites for all the best places.

12. No need for the expensive toys

A newborn baby doesn’t need all the expensive gear and toys.  Your baby enjoys the simpler things and your purse will thank you for it.

13. Stop dining out

We all love to eat out but we can save so much money by cooking more at home. With a new baby saving money should be a priority.

14. Don’t go crazy on the shoe front

It will be a while before your baby is walking so there isn’t a need to have more than a few sets of shoes as they will be crawling and falling over in the meantime. Even on branded wear. He will only be wearing a onesie for a few months so a none branded version still does the trick.

15. Take care of your own health

It’s vital that both mummy and daddy are at peak physical health to take care of baby and family in general. So, remember to take time for yourself and look after each other to avoid unwanted medical expenses.

16. Baby proof some, baby proof some more

Making sure that the house is baby proof makes sense not just from a safety perspective. It’s important so no accidents happen that may cost down the line.

17. Go against the grain and keep some baby clothes they barely wore

Another way to save money while pregnant is to keep some clothes your baby never wore in the early years. Saves going out and buying the same outfit again.

18 Keep a track of your budget

Keeping track of the budget means you will always stay in check. It also means if the budget is low you will look for other baby discounts.

We know it’s stressful when pregnant but these money saving tips will take some of that stuff away. Whether you decide to find free baby stuff or baby discounts or cut other corners, these strategies will help to save money when pregnant.



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